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The pair were at the treehouse they called home, just on the edge of their camp, when Fourthwall heard Jervis calling the Pittians to arms. His tongue would run along his lips as he got to his paws and shook out his coat before calling down to Glitchhop below. "Hear that, little sister? Sounds like our King is calling." he'd say, jaws parting to taste the wind in a very lionesque way. The Typhoon. Had they come for their bait, at last?

On the ground below was Glitch, large paws playfully battering at a fallen branch, retractable claws easily stripping the bark. At Fourthwalls words she would pause and strain her ears, catching the sounds in the distance. Nervous excitement coursed through her. She could feel the call to battle inside her and she rolled to her paws and strode forward eagerly. "It's Tanglewood, insn't it?" she asked, her tone akin to thaht of an apprentice hearing that an ambassador was coming to visit.

Fourthwall would leap down from his treehouse to the ground below, leading the way to join the ranks with Jervis. "Yup. Don't die. Use the memories I gave you to kick some ass out there."

"Right!" she'd exclaim, running off into the other Pittians to join the fight.

Fourthwall moved toward the front line, pawsteps swift and steady. He spotted the red fur of Jervis calling orders as he ran to front to lead the charge,  and took note of Bai Shi protecting young Aine, and Draekon who was stalking forward. His wine-red eyes would turn to the battlefield, the Tanglers fast approaching. His tail would flick behind him like a cat staring at prey, looking to pick out which one he was going to set his eager fangs on. His gaze had set itself on Red when a sudden outburst from his left caught his attention. "Draekon, what-"

He was cut off as the other suddenly lunged for Jervis, who was snapping and snarling at the flank of a lion. The tiger may have been scrawny due to being underfed, but his teeth were still perfectly sharp, his claws capable. 'Damn it..' Fourth would growl inwardly, annoyance lighting in him like a fire. There was no time to be fighting his own, and yet he couldn't let the Ardent be ripped apart, outnumbered and outsized.

@DRAEKON  - "STOP!" the wolf-lion roared, springing after the other with a snarl. Fourthwall liked the tiger, enjoyed his weird company, but he couldn't allow mutiny among the ranks. Too much was at stake for the Pitt, and aside from that... Fourthwall and Jervis had their own agreement. It wouldn't suit the black and gold canine to lose him in this battle. Aiming to crash into Draekons haunches, Fourth would attempt to dig his claws and fangs into the other felines haunches to drag him down like prey.


Glitchhop had never fought in battle before, but it felt as if she had. Fourthwall had given her memories of his many fights, and in her mind she could feel skin tear beneath her claws and blood gush into her mouth. She was eager to prove herself to her new brother, to show she could be useful to him and his clan. She was thankful that he'd saved her and she knew that aside from her efforts to help, she had nothing else to offer them in return.

And so she took her place int he frontline with the other Pittians, fur standing on end and claws flexing as the masses charged for one another and all hell broke loose. Spotting a hyena who hadn't yet been challenged, Glitch would pad forward with a snarl, golden eyes locking on @Vathmos with determination. "You shouldn't have come here bottomfeeder." she'd growl, tail lashing behind her as she lunged for the other female with claws outstretched, looking to batter her skull with heavy blows that would both stun and rip at her flesh.


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Wormwood's eyes widened in shock as Draeoon came charging into battle, and he watched as his boyfriend lunged at the Pitt's leader, his body flaring up in fiery magma rage as he moved to defend him. He heard the loud snarl of MINE right near his ear, and he stared at Draekon in shock for a moment before he roared happily, "Yes, yes! Fuck yeah, Drae! That's my boyfriend!" There was a grin on his face as he encouraged his lover, before he let out a soft screech of surprise as Fourthwall moved to attack Draekon, rage building in his chest as soon as he saw Fourthwall begin to move toward the tiger.

He roared as his claws and fangs were set ablaze, launching himself towards Fourthwakl in a state of fury and fire, "Get the fuck away from him, you bastard!" He pushed himself off of the ground, his wings spread as he leaped forward and aimed to leap stop Fourthwall's back, attempting to dig his blazing claws into Fourthwall's shoulders to shove him down against the dirt. If he was successful, he would try and lunge forward to dig his fiery fangs into the base of Fourthwall's neck, where his neck and spine met. There was no fucking way he was letting some Pittian bastard hurt his boyfriend.
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Akin to a sweltering kettle, the hound was at his boiling point. The acrimonious resentment boiling throughout his blood veins reached volcanic levels, fueling his soul's inimical flame. All this hate, all this rancor, all of it pinned on the Pitt and its venomous citizenry. Every milligram of his wrath was well-deserved, and little to no satisfaction would come until Jervis and his backslappers experienced an extent of agony equivalent to what he'd felt for the past four months. Every milligram of his wrath towards the Pitt was well-deserved, and he'd take great pleasure in watching his enemies' crumble before Tanglewood's newfound might.

A sudden surge of newcomers sent the swampbound tribe's population skyrocketing, their power only amplifying with every fresh face. Within a fortnight, his group became a powerhouse, the biggest one around. If numbers alone won battles, then Tanglewood already reigned victorious.

His role differed from his clanmates'. Whilst his comrades took the forefront, the canine crept around the battlefield. As much as he yearned to unload a substantial shipment of physical suffering on the jungle's denizens, Leroy's directive fell upon Sam's retrieval. Her safe return was way overdue, and he took partial responsibility for that (of course, it was mostly Crow's fault for caring too much about his proxy's safety). That didn't matter now. What mattered was that the doecat returned home in one piece.

That is, if she hadn't ceased beneath the harsh conditions.

No. Shut up. She's fine. She's alive.

His pace increases with the rising uncertainty. Each leap becomes more wobbly, more unfocused, yet he accelerates to a greater speed with every coming moment.

Lengthy limbs sustained Leroy whilst he recklessly bounded through the tropical wild, narrowly avoiding suspended vines and swerving around boulders by a hair's breadth. The leather attache latched to his waist thumped wildly against muscle and bone, its helpless contents flailing about inside the bag's boundaries. Within the large case was a curved blade, one that he'd used for both Delilah's and Romanempire's amputations; severing someone's leg wasn't exactly on his itinerary for the day, but the blade also made for a great weapon. Also present was a bolt cutter, a tattered packet of matches, and a razor. At least one of the items would prove useful in the next hour or so; yet for now, they proved as an obstacle. The accumulated mass of the articles served as a burdensome weight, draining the hound of his energy reserves in no time flat. Painful, hot exhales rang out of his lungs, like he was a locomotive cascading its noxious fumes into the atmosphere. His shoulders felt as though they were on the very brink of collapsing.

Under immense pressure, his unsteady balance falters even further.

Coming in from an expeditious leap, the canine's leftward paw misses the landing. Initially, the airborne male's noggin crashes into the ground, before he gets propelled into a spin-cycle of rough tumbles. Jaws clenched in an attempt to subdue the pain, he comes to a stop after a good few metres of successive plummeting.

In that moment, there was a chance to black out. Keel over. Call it a day and hit the hay. Pain bounced around the mongrel's skull, soon evolving into a major migraine. A gradually-enlarging vignette had begun encircling Leroy's eyesight, who was en route to the loss of consciousness. Yet, he fought. Fought to stay awake. Fought so that Sam's release was a possibility, not just a goal. Fought so that he'd actually be victorious for once in his damn life.

Shaky breaths soon eased themselves into a steady rhythm. His vision cleared, the darkness which had tried to consume it diminishing completely. He extends his set of shoulders, before leaning downward to stretch his spine. Functional. Shaken, the hound was, but functional.

Golden hues swept the wet earth, searching for any visible path that may lead him towards the captured Tangler's whereabouts. A path wasn't exactly what was found, but the point of interest's existence captivated his attention span. Off in the distance, obscured behind branches and twigs, there lay a multitude of structures of some sort. On closer inspection, after brushing aside the foliage, the cur deduces that they were temples or pyramids. Extremely large buildings of stone. It didn't take a genius to figure out that at least one of the temples harbored something - or someone - that Jervis wished to be left well alone. Hence, his destination was set in stone.

Beginning the trek towards the temples, a paw is raised to take the initial step - that is, until a glimmer caught his eye. It was the blade, buried blade-deep in soppy muck. Odd, it'd been in his attache just a second ago.

The attache. Where was it? He swings his neck frantically, desperately attempting to locate the leather bag that was no longer wrapped around his hips. It must've gotten misplaced when he was spinning out minutes before. But, glancing at the site of his skid-marks, the bag wasn't anywhere to be seen. That couldn't get lost. Not now. Not here.

He spots it dangling from a branch, a nasty hole torn through the fine skin. What pained him more, the wolfhound couldn't decide; seeing his possessions sprawled upon the ground in a messy heap, or seeing such a fine material shredded up like paper.

Well fuck. Some of his shit wasn't coming home.

That didn't matter. Material goods weren't a priority. Even if that shit mattered to him.

Sighing, he shoots his razor a doleful stare, before pressing onward. Teeth clasped around the blade's haft, he makes for the temples.


The smallest one looked the most promising. You only get people to protect stuff that you don't want other people to find.

At the mouth of a moss-blanketed staircase, two adversaries stood guard. Knowing that a fair amount of the Pitt's power was dedicated to repelling the invaders at the territory's nose, one could only assume that these two poor saps were tasked with securing this temple here. By all means, it was a fine temple - probably one of the best he's seen. But the thing is, that there temple probably had his friend locked up, and that wasn't good. And unfortunately for those two guys right there, who were unnarmed, Leroy needed to pay his friend a visit.

It didn't take much to off the both of them. The element of surprise was utilized in taking down the first fellow, who sustained an unsavory laceration to the throat and bled out on the spot. The second guy, however, put up a decent enough fight to leave their mark on the rather pissed-off proxy. He leaves the brawl with a dripping blade in his maw, along with a flashy new cut across his snout; leaving behind two hunched over figures at the foot of the staircase, one still animate. In Leroy's books, killing was far from the best option. No, he preferred to leave a lasting stain on one's character, a reminder to not beset him or his pals. Death was an escape from that punishment. In fact, death was a privilege. When you knew someone who had to suffer from eternal existence, such as Beck for example, you truly understood how awful life can be. Thus, he allowed one of his two opponents to get off with merely a handful of stab wounds.

The climb was treacherous, for he hated stairs. Once inside the temple, the cur soon found his wait into the caves.

Minutes of aimless wandering passed, and he was completely lost within the eerily inactive cave system. Stalagmites were the only identifiable objects in view. His fragile heart starts to sputter, beating faster than a jazz drummer on steroids. "SAM?!" he gravely cries. A reply would be his saving grace. Anything would be a saving grace. The sole thing sparing him from his brittle sanity was the thought of seeing the captured guardsman alive.

"Sam! Please say somethin'! Anythin'!"

so does anybody know if help is on the way?
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The dark. The deep dark, the damn. Filled with the scent of death, fear, and blood, her paws shaking and her body weak. Her lungs hungered for more air, yet she almost always had enough of it. But what kept her the most sane, knowing that she wasn't terribly alone. In fact, Beck was.. gurgling non stop. Beck- her and Beck hadn't had quite super close before. Being stuck together, however, forced through grueling torture without repent?

That had forced them to be close. Sam had remembered the dark, the black, before she had been dragged out to watch Beck be torn apart, carnage in the river. It connected back to that Arena, it always did. Her eye being gone made it a little different, but the hundreds of people dying to eachother, her head being torn free by a Grey Man, being captured, with no rescue? They all felt the same.

Sam wondered if they would ever come for her. Her heart pumped slower and slower everyday. She was starving, thirsty, and bleeding still. Her wounds were more than infected, and her face was gaunt and her one eye dull. But sounds bounced like hallucinations in her head, and Beck was her focus from time to time. But that sound- the sounds he made, sounded.. too close to real. Sam's head slowly lifted towards the sound of Leroy.

Her voice came out raw, hoarse and soft- but it whispered through the caves none the less. Too much screaming and crying led to this demise. "Leroy? L-Leroy.. please.." Sam cried out, her ears flattening against her head. She dragged herself closer to Beck, trying to find him in the dark area.


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She felt like she was late, despite having left with the others from Tanglewood. So much had happened so suddenly that Moth simply felt like she was there and couldn't do anything. Breathing quickened as she looked at the scene before her, eyes shutting for a moment as she tried to calm down. It worked only until she opened them once more, and the icy claws of fear began to hold her once more.

She couldn't let this happen. This wasn't something that she wanted to be known for - despite her already knowing that being a coward was something that was expected of the fox. Shaking her head to clear it, the female would quickly look around, ears pinning to her head as she tried to figure out what she should do, to no avail.

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Vathmos was going to fight beside Wormwood until some other animal she didn't recognize- a tiger, came into the fray. There was too much chaos around her to start asking any questions, and felt her blood begin to boil.
Vathmos turned around, beginning her Bloodrage as a free action, her body cackling and arcing with electricity off her fur, her own blood leaking from her mouth. Sparks ticked off her teeth as she empowered her attacks with electricity. She didn't know what her foe was, but she intended to win.
A high pitch scream came from her, turning into her customary laughing and whooping. Vathmos took the hit- but it seemed to not bother her, as it chinked off her thick skull. Vathmos lunged forward, aiming to bite down on the hellhound's leg with electrified teeth, which would deal extra damage if the bite connected.


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it was not the brightest idea to auggie, participating in whatever clusterfuck was going on above. part of him didn't want to believe it or possibly get his hopes up, but part of him could also not ignore the danger ahead. was it true, the rumors? the hushed whispers between slaves had kept their heads from falling for weeks, now. slaveowners had tried aggressively to shoot them down. nip it at the bud. but they were all hopeful, too hopeful, to let it die so quickly.

instead it became a secret understanding. one day, they would be saved. the enemies to the pitt had outnumbered them, and it would soon enough bite them where it hurt. the terrier had begun to fizzle out slowly as he began to see so many being captured or killed. hot blistering days pass with no word of anything else. when sam had been captured he had felt guilty for just standing there, but knew there was nothing he could do. help? and if they fail, face the consequences?

beck's had happened so fast that the terrier was still unsure of what had entirely happened. one moment there was dark, the next jervis was dragging a cat toward the caves.

the caves was where he had remained for the most part, away from jervis and the others. occasionally he would sneak food where he could, sometimes missing meals himself. when hearing the screeching calls and roars outside, august kept himself close to the caves. it wasn't until he noticed a voice calling out that he began to creep away from the walls, head turning to sam as she answered them.

"leroy.. is that your friend? do you want me to find him?" august glanced to beck before back to sam. "i'll go get him for you..."

you could die if you get caught.

the sudden thought made him hesitant, but he pushed forward instead.

"hello? someone named leroy up there? where are you?" depending on the location he could probably guide leroy to the entrance of the caves from the temple.

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The whir of the wind flew through his ears as Jervis ducked below Wormwood's large wings. Not long after, daggers sunk into the burnt side of his face and an unexpected pair of jaws sink into his back left leg. A howl left him. His golden eye whipped over to see Draekon, one of their newer members, attached to his leg. Furious, the ardent let out a seething screech. "TRAITOR!" Practically foaming from the mouth, he continued on with the battle.

Whether or not Fourthwall had saved him from Draekon's agonizing bite, the vulpine would break free of their grip with a great struggle. Blood poured down their leg. Greatly disadvantaged due to his, he was unable to run off or go for a sudden quick attack like he usually would. Instead he remained close. Using his front claws, he'd attempt to rake them down upon the tiger's neck. If that hit, he would also attempt to launch himself on the tiger's back the best he could (seeing that his back leg was damaged) and proceed to rip at whatever skin he could.

In the meantime, he was unaware of Leroy's rescue mission. Someone had to eventually notice though.
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     He never did mind the darkness that always seemed to engulf him each time he finally adjusted to the warmth of the sun. He might have admitted he preferred the obscuring shroud underneath different circumstances. The gloom of the jungle caverns would never be the same as the tenebrous nights in the forest he loved, with the moonless stars as the only light betraying his presence. Yet this darkness prevented him from examining the grievous wounds delivered by his torture; from cleaning them despite the agony that followed even the slightest movement. The best he could manage was to blindly tuck his entrails back inside their torn cavity and curl in on himself, shivering in pain. There Beck remained, bled out twice over on the grimy floor of the emprisoning caves with his wrists still shackled to a weight.

     But if he was what kept Sam from breaking beneath the strain of this hell on earth, then he was happy. With his windpipe crushed and vocals severed from Jervis' jaws, he couldn't provide her with the comfort of conversation. In fact, he could barely breathe, much less cough forth the water effectively trapped inside his lungs. The boy could only sputter and gasp and gurgle on his own diluted blood. With his underbelly slashed open like a frog on a school desk, it took every ounce of energy he had left in him to remain present. How could he protect Sam if he slipped back behind the veil? There was another figure, but nearsighted vision combined with a gouged socket didn't allow for an identifying glimpse. With each passing day, suffocating hopelessness chipped away at Beck's resolve. Maybe they wouldn't be rescued. Maybe they would only retrieve Sam to teach him a lesson. Or maybe they had forgotten about him already. That was okay with him, he supposed. It's your fault. You deserve this.

     Leroy's distant call silenced his doubts. The wounded cat struggled to prop himself up, exposed ribs heaving with the effort. A whisper of a sound escaped his parted lips, yet only the first syllable of the wolfhound's name could be wheezed. Beck slumped, old blood still trickling down his chin, yet his lambent eyes remained fixated on the shadowed direction he awaited the proxy's figure to emerge from. When Sam pressed against his tattered side, the poltergeist returned the gesture as best he could, the blood-slick chains attached to his cuffs faintly clinking between the exchange of hushed voices.
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Leroy’s moving, which means the plan is in motion. For a brief moment, Red stands his ground, a distraction to attract the nearest fighter and let the proxy cover more ground, unnoticed. If all went well, Leroy would slip into the camp in the midst of chaos, and return Beck and Sam to their medic’s care. At least, that was what they had all hoped. He’d tear apart the nearest slaver that so much as glanced in Leroy’s direction, if only to ensure that their hostages were saved.

He thinks of Beck again. The child had only wished to be recognized - he was hardly given the opportunity to speak his mind, nor was he allowed to roam free without the cautious watch of their leader. The last time he had gotten loose, he had severed Goldie’s head and claimed it was not his doing. As soon as he was tethered down to his home, Arrow had died before the child could say goodbye. In that resulting guilt, Beck was freed, and now he was here. Perhaps Beck was something of a balance that kept their fates in check, one life for another, suffering for suffering. Perhaps he was just immature. They would never truly know.

Red surveys the field and picks out the few Pittians that had come to defend their home - Jervis emerges first, with his roguish followers close behind. He moves forward, rearing up on his hind legs to take a few, lengthy strides in an instinctive display of dominance before dropping back down. He’d wring the ardent’s neck. And he almost does, stone hand clawing at the dirt so that he might charge fast enough to take Jervis by surprise, but a shadow cast over their pitifully small bodies draws his attention upward. And then he sees them.

From the open mouth of a den crawls a massive creature, its golden scales first catching Red’s attention before he is pulled to the face of the dragon. He’s never seen anything quite like it before, not to this magnitude, and the last of his rationale tells him that Good Sam won’t do him much good at all. There's movement in front of him, and Red jerks away in surprise to see another Pittian take his place. Not five feet away Draekon makes quick prey of his own leader, and Wormwood is shouting something but it doesn’t make sense when it hits his ears - and suddenly everything is moving too fast. Pain hits him first, then a surge of something like fury that pulses in his head. Long, curling horns burst forth from his skull and he sinks down with a shout, eyes wide as Draekon’s fire glances over his body and he, too, goes aflame.

There's something distant on his face. Absolution. There is nothing there, as much as there is everything - the whole world condenses itself into two pupils dilating in the sudden explosion of light. He sees fire. He sees blood, yet to be spilled. Skull-splitting pain rips through him and he roars, raw-throated like an animal, and grips the curling horns that don his head. Rising to both feet, a wild look crosses him; something primal buzzes in his chest as another finger on the monkey's paw he'd come to call his fate curled inward. Agony pulls his hand toward the skies, the stone harbinger of doom, as though begging for rain to douse the fire that makes it glow white-hot. He cannot stand the foreign object that stretches its fingers towards the sun and he wants to rip it off, to sever it away like Beck's bloodied organs under Jervis’ claws, but the only thought that thrums between his ears is to kill. He reaches to grip his blade, flexes his fingers around leather-wrapped metal. Narrowed eyes dart after that massive creature he locked eyes with only moments before. He would get his wish.

Red swings his fist to clear the way, uncaring of who or what he'd strike as he passed. Bai Shi is tending a child, and in the back of his head, he thinks himself cruel for putting the much smaller Pittian in danger. But the closer he gets, the farther those thoughts drift away. Aine is but another body in his way. With a guttural snarl, the demon reaches forward to try and grab Aine by the back of the neck, like an mother might take their child by the scruff. Again, like a hollow voice, something tells him that this child is innocent. She is in danger, here. She ought to be taken back to Tanglewood, shown that the world is not so cruel as the Pitt - no, too soon. He is no mother, no nurturer, but with these whispers in his head he aims to throw the pup aside nonetheless. Hopefully she'd make it back to her camp and find somewhere to hide. He wasn't sure he cared, not now.

With the distraction out of his way, Red looks up at the dragon and offers nothing but a bitter, seething grin. He's outmatched, he knows it, but the desire to sink his teeth into something and call it a victory in the name of his broken-bodied family pushes more and more adrenaline into his veins. Red rears back and throws himself at Bai Shi, reckless and vicious, and aims to cleave into the dragon's torso with his serrated blade as he moves to ram his horns into their body. He doesn't care if he fails. The warmth of spilt blood, his or another's, is as good an embrace as death itself.
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When Bai Shi hears her call, she settles for the dragon.  He's dangerous looking, which meant safe, surely.  Yet there's so much happening, so quickly.  Her large eyes struggle keeping up, ears sharply flattened but overwhelmed.  Yelling.  Growling.  Claws on flesh.  Everything in between.  She doesn't like it.

The earth responds to her distress.  Anger? More like fear and confusion.  Desperation.  The dirt beneath her begins to crack.  Quietly.  An incoming storm.  Warning bells.

Someone interrupts.  Teeth in her scruff.  No sound escapes her maw but her body goes rigid.  Not family.  Not friend.  All they do is toss her aside, leaving her to figure herself out in the jungle to pursue an attack on the kindly dragon protecting her.  How dare - !?

Her little paws scramble, pulling herself up.  A little dazed.  She searches a moment for her preferred guardians but they must be caught in the fray or late to battle.  Her father, she knew, would demand she wait.  Wait for him.  Wait for safety.

Her home under attack and she had to wait?  Bai Shi was only protecting her and he gets targeted!  The petite fox but her lip then ran, straight back to camp, straight back to the fray.  Frustration and the desire to protect someone willing to protect her drive her paws deep in the ground, rooting herself.

The jungle is alive.  Flourishing.  Despite the fire that ravaged, plants grew back.  Strong.  With a fierce fire in her golden hues, Aine attacked.  The ground beneath Red would crack and split, as vines attempted to tie around his legs, intent on unbalancing him in his assault.

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While an overly protective father at times, the red and black vulpine happened to be lurking in the shadows close to the caves, observing silently as the Tanglers quickly worked through the guards.  He prepared to pounce when he sees a spot of red nearby, the ground cracking.  His heart leaps promptly into his throat, his only thought becoming Aine.

Nothing else in the Pitt mattered above her.  Two Tanglers that meant nothing to him already certainly did not.  Why bother attempting to hold them? Jervis had his fun.  He is tasting the consequences.

Aine!” Naturally, when she finds herself thrown away from the fight, she dives back in.  Naive child. Without hesitation, Gael skids to her side, watching in surprise as she conducts her own attack.  Plants. Quietly, he releases a breath, then crouches low at her side, teeth bared defensively.

Should the beast confronting Bai Shi turn back on her, he’d make him suffer.  Should anyone threaten her, he’d tear the air from their lungs.  “Fan liom, Aine.
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Leroy hadn't anticipated the calling of a voice not belonging to Sam. Of course, he understood that the presence of another in these caverns sat as a probability, and upon entering the cave system, acknowledged that the forecast called for a chance of danger - yet the terrier's yoo-hoo came as a total surprise for the wolfhound. Tending his shoulders and revving up a low growl, Leroy braces himself for combat. Except it never came. Instead, there came a smaller canine, whose kindness and warmth occurred as alien in comparison to Pittian standards. The stranger offers aid in locating his missing comrade, causing the proxy to raise a brow out of suspicion. He’d hesitate on the proposition for a moment or three, ultimately going with his gut and nodding in agreement. There wasn’t exactly much he could lose if this ended up being a ploy, anyways.

The venture through the rank cavern was short and bitter, and verbally guided by his newfound companion. The minuscule canine's energetic approach heartened the male to some extent, but he remained on edge for the most part. Premonition panged his heart, the sheer uncertainty of Sam's physical condition sending radio waves of fear and anxiety throughout his body. Was she okay? Was she dead? The thoughts bombarded him like artillery fire, and very little proved successful in repelling their deprecation. The trek was torture, nothing had prepared him for the heartache that awaited him on arrival to his destination.

Sam. A bloody, partially-eyed heap, sprawled across the floor in a cell. Bound by rope.

Beck, too. Chained up like a jailbird doing yard work, sliced up like a monkey after a knife fight. And oh yeah, he only had a single eye now as well.

It was as if he’d been socked square in the guts. A minor whine slithered up the cur's esophagus - but crying like a bitch would have to wait. He was on a tight schedule, after all. If someone else was down here with him, then there was a fat likelihood that others would come, too.

Leroy begins with Beck, as the poltergeist's situation was a tad more dire. Dropping the blade, he rushes over to the limp ghost feline. Scars and scratches littered his torso, which was extended by four weakened limbs. The front two limbs were cuffed by the metal shackles that he customarily bore, both of which were lead on by separate chains fastened to a weight. Instinctively, the mutt yanked with ferocity on the metal bonds. This brought no success whatsoever. Along with the debut of distant, angered hollering rebounding off of the cavern’s rocky boundaries, his failure at removing the chains’ grip hit him with the cruel realization that his available options were growing dim. Just as hope began to dwindle, a familiar glisten met the corner of his amber eye. A few paces away lay his blade, its curve specifically designed for amputations.

"Sorry Beck."

Oozing with the black, tar-like bodily fluid that ran through Beck’s veins, the metal edge easily slashed through the rope that restrained Sam. In a quick motion, he scooped her up onto his back. Stiffening his spine so the doecat has at least some leverage, he bounds over to the ex-general’s holding room and does the same. It felt wrong leaving the youth’s severed paws behind, but they were just another addition to the long list of sacrifices made to ensure the captured Tanglers’ survival.

With Beck and Sam slung over his spleen, he shoots the terrier a quick nod, before making his escape. It wouldn’t be long before Selby could patch them both up nice and well. Soon.


//powerplay allowed by all parties involved ;p

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so does anybody know if help is on the way?
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DISOWNED tags - penned by orion DISGRACE
i was told a million times of all the people in my way
how I had to keep on trying and get better every day

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The first thing he feels is a sickly crack. It rivets up his leg and he looks down to see it, his foot - his cleaved hoof, muddied from the jungle trek - twisting at an angle that would make anyone with half their rationale ill. The pain doesn’t quite register, like waking up from a car crash: he sees the damage, but if he feels pain it’s instantly replaced by a steady pulse of adrenaline that makes him feel less than mortal. He can take it. He always has, and he always will. The guilt, the weariness, it will hit him later, at a time that feels unreal in the present moment. All that matters is now, and right now, he feels nothing but a tingling numbness in his ankle that spreads up his nerves as a steady buzz until it reaches his skull.

And then the pain hits.

The sound that escapes him is less of a roar, and more a twisting monster of a vocalization that wrenches itself from his throat like a wild animal. He feels the fire that blazes like a crown above his head, hot on his face, and it only seems to exacerbate the pain rather than soothe. This power that he held was meant to be his savior, his strength, but rather than ground him he only spiraled upwards in a never-ending power trip. In these fleeting moments, he thinks not of his friends and family, nor what they see of him, but of death, of Hell itself.

When he comes to in the morning, he will regret all of this. He’ll numb himself until he cannot see the blood on his hands or the violence wrought by his weapons; then he will force himself to suppress, but never forget. He was doomed to lose his temper again and again, every mistake a step closer to a death sentence. But until then, it just makes him angrier, makes him picture the blood that will spill from the dragon’s chest when he kills them, and the child becomes hardly more than an inconvenience in his blinding rage.

Red staggers, once, and heaves his heavy fist downwards to slash away the vines that bind him. His breath comes out as ragged gasps, wisps of steam rushing from his flared nostrils and hissing out between his bared teeth. Uncaring for the agony it sends up his spine, Red turns around to face Aine - a fatal mistake, perhaps - and slams his injured hoof against the ground to raise himself up once more. The expression on his face twists into something unreadable, a mixture of pain suppressed by a wrathful grin that borders on smug; he drags his hoof through the dirt like a charging bull, kicking up dust and debris that turns to ashen sparks as they meet his flames.

”Run,” The word is barked out into the chaos of the battlefield, to Aine, to her father that attempts to protect her. He won’t hurt them - he can’t. But he won't let them stand in his way, either. ”Leave this place!”

/bai shi can capture him and then ill be out!!


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