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Removal Of Blackguard
« on: July 29, 2019, 07:50:37 PM »
Greetings BoBCats,

We've noticed that the site has been losing activity in some areas. This is due to the small member base, which we've always had, and the summertime coming to an end. Quite simply, we've spread ourselves thin. To raise activity, we will be removing a single group.

The Rosebloods, now known as The Blackguard, has been inactive for awhile now. In an effort to change that, we allowed the clan to be switched up again. Even so, they remained inactive. Thus, the Blackguard will be removed.

When doing so, The Pitt will taking over. They will also be absorbing their members. No members from The Blackguard are obligated to stay and are free to flee during the takeover. By no means is this a merge between the two groups, but instead a hostile approach. The Pitt will be taking on no aspects of The Blackguards besides their members.

You have until August 3rd to transition.

Thank you for understanding,
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