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Open sheer heart attack || OBSERVATORY BURNING + PITTIAN RAID

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Within the darkness in the night, a plume of smoke hazily rose into the sky above, signaling the Elysium members of something dearly wrong. As they grew closer, the flames that licked the sides of the observatory would come into view. What was once the observatory was now a broken building in ashes, unusable and unrelentingly destroyed. There was no stopping the damage that was done. Simply, they were too late. In the midst of the fire though, they had a chance at defending their clan from the incoming raid.

Not far from the observatory, Jervis stood with several other Pittians by his side. The fox remained on his toes and was ready to attack, but not before a quick reminder of their goal. "Remember," he rasped to his troops. "Grab what leftovers you can and then leave." With a final look towards his members, he turned towards the battlefield before them. "On my word." Thus began his cocky walk into the depths of the Elysium territory, watching a few gather near their burning home. For a moment, he watched with them. A sarcastic frown met his lips.

A golden eye turned to the nearest Elysium member. They jerked back in surprise as The Pitt's gruesome smell met their senses, causing them to shout urgently for help. "Disappointing," the fox reminisced. "Isn't it?" He cackled. While the Elysium member cowardly rushed away to grab assitance, Jervis got in a battle stance and prepared himself for the oncoming storm. The first Elysium member to arrive would be his first target. He would pounce in their direction, aiming to cling onto their side with jagged claws. Dagger-like teeth would then aim to smash their way into the enemy's neck. Whether his attack hit or not, he'd pull his head back and yell out a battle cry.

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Re: sheer heart attack || OBSERVATORY BURNING + PITTIAN RAID
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2019, 02:00:50 PM »
  Rin had been asleep, for once, in a room on the outskirts of town. It wasn't often that her wandering thoughts ceased for long enough for her to black out, but the injuries she had suffered from the Torchbearer had required her to rest more than usual. With some sleep and frequent replacement of her bandages, the burns had begun to heal.

  Fire, though, was never more than a moment away.

  She heard screams, could detect a hint of smoke, and in seconds she was awake, grabbing her quiver, stumbling to her feet and rushing outside. Looking around, though dazed, she heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that the town was not yet on fire. The column of smoke rose from elsewhere, a fair distance away judging from its size. Her eyes lowered to the horizon, where the source of the smoke would be.

  Of course, it had to be the observatory, the one remnant she had left of the Ascendants- the one physically-standing piece of evidence that they had ever existed.

  She bolted, paying no mind to the protests of her burnt skin, towards the observatory. The Pitt's disgusting stench was clear in the air. There was going to be a fight, of that she was certain. Having slain fallen gods, the idea of facing mortals wasn't as intimidating. The Pitt was large, though, almost certainly large enough to outnumber Elysium- if everyone came. The Pitt called to mind another enemy clan she'd faced, one cocky enough to leave most of its members at home when they came calling, and that had done little damage as a result.

  The observatory was already burning, though, and there was no repairing that. All she could do was make the arsonists pay.

  Rin had arrived on the scene all of two seconds before someone came running towards her, closing the distance between them quicker than she would've expected, his claws catching onto her side- the uninjured one, thankfully. Twisting around, her whiskers twitched as his face snapped forward, catching a hold of her scarf. Yanking away from him, she used her telekinesis to take an arrow from her quiver, and attempted to jam the arrowhead into his side.

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Re: sheer heart attack || OBSERVATORY BURNING + PITTIAN RAID
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2019, 03:53:48 PM »
Peace was fleeting in the clans. This was a topic that Killua knew far too well after watching clans rise and fall in front of his very eyes. It was always inevitable for someone to get the wrong idea and try to stop trouble. Before, he had been that animal to stir up issues between clans, whether it was an assassination of a leader that they cared about or leaving a corpse on the border of another group. Killua had left that past behind him, and instead, now he wanted to keep the peace to make sure that those that he cared about would remain fine and not acquire any injuries that he wouldn't be able to fix. London was a major concern along with Stark as he hadn't seen the old man in a good while now. He knew that the dog was still around, it was just a matter of finding him when the man wanted to keep to himself, something that Killua wouldn't allow to have happened. Either way, he wasn't really all that concerned about the other warbound groups in the area, considering that he had never lost a battle in the clans in his life. Also, he always made sure to attack with lethal force, despite trying to change who he was and not become a killer again. The young male had severe training behind his belt, and he was never surprised in the likes of a battle. This time around, Killua had been awake and had come across the burning observatory. Thanks to his insomnia of never really sleeping and constantly being paranoid, he roamed around at night constantly checking the borders in case anyon got cocky and thought it would be smart to go against the Elysium while he was around. With most groups that he joined, the assassin immediately became the protector of those that lived in a place like this. A place where all anyone wanted was a peaceful lifestyle. Killua made sure that there wasn't anyone inside of the observatory as he began to put out the fires in the nearby area using his air elementals to snuff out the flames as best that he could.

If he had water elementals it probably would have made his life easier putting out the spreading flames, but he was going to have to manage with what he had. He couldn't completely put out the fire of the Observatory, but he at least kept it from spreading any further from the observatory. His enhanced senses allowed him to make sure that there wasn't anyone inside of the building, and if they were, they were already dead. To say that he was furious was an understatement. It was during this time that the assassin caught voices off in the distance, and he did not hesitate as he began to make his way over. As he did so, Killua made sure to turn on his invisibility, while keeping his enhanced senses up to track where all the sound was coming from. A familiar smell hit his nose. The Pitt. He was going to kill them. The lack of sleep and constant paranoia did cloud his judgment on not killing those that he would come across, but right now he didn't care. A place that he was just starting to call his home was burning to the ground, and this other small group thought that they could fight against them? He would burn them away till there was nothing left. The invisible serval arrived on the battlefield to see a group of Pittians, along with a familiar face. He quickly spotted the red fox. One that had introduced himself as the leader of the Pitt. Kill the leader, and stop the raid. That's what Killua had in mind, and he would make sure that the fox would stay dead.

He could already see that Rin was dealing with the Pittian leader, and Killua was going to help her in killing the male. His air elementals kept his movement completely silent and kept his scent from being detected. He did end up coming across a domestic cat that belonged in the Pitt, one that didn't necessarily see him. The larger wildcat didn't waste any time in sinking his claws into the Pittians neck and instantly killing the domestic cat, letting it drop onto the ground. There was blood on his claws now, and there was no going back. His eyes shifted to a darker color, almost becoming black as he began to shift his switch on. Eyes trained on the red fox, Killua would aim to use his air elementals and surround the head of the fox, where if that was successful, it would begin to drag all the oxygen out of the foxes lung. It probably wouldn't kill the male, but it would certainly knock him unconscious. He was still a little bit of a distance away from the fox, making sure to attack with ranged attacks as well. While that attack was initiated, the albino serval conjured up a couple throwing knives that hovered around his figure, and he would aim to launch three throwing knives in Jervis's direction, aiming to hit any part of the fox, making sure to have complete control in not to hit Rin in the process. 2v1. This would be the Pittains downfall, and Killua would see to it.

Powers in use: Invisibility, Air elementals, and Conjuration
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★ Killua also uses his Air Elementals to block out his scent from everyone around him. Which means its impossible to find him by scent, as he doesn't like to be associated with any clans despite his ranks he may have.
★ He has a very bad addiction to candy and doesn't share it with anyone no matter who they are.
★ Killua will not respect your character right off the bat. Unless they express how strong they are, or if they are interesting in his opinion, then there is a chance that he might show respect. Meaning that he will show no respect for ranks.
★ Killua has no morals. Meaning that seeing death doesn't affect him, and if someone dies, he just considers the one that did to be too weak and deserved death.
★ He is not afraid to kill your character, as he believes himself to be stronger than everyone else he comes across due to his training and how he knows the clans after living in them for several months.
★ HE WILL NOT TRUST YOUR CHARACTER. Not right off the bat anyway. Which means he won't give any personal information to them unless he deems them to be interesting.
★ Killua is immune to all deadly chemicals/poisons and is also immune to electrical attacks. However, just because he is immune, he still feels the pain from it all, he can just bare the pain. This means that he will get somewhat pissed if poisons are attempted to be used on him or if someone tries to electrocute him.

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— 30 lbs and the size of a full grown domestic cat, Killua belongs to the wildcat species of the serval. Meaning that his body structure consists of his long legs and his large ears that are perched on the top of his head. The most noticeable feature of him though is that his fur, instead of the usual tan and black, is stark white. Unlike most albino servals though, Killua doesn't show the usual spots of an albino serval, his fur being completely white. He has a lean build, meaning that he is built more for speed, yet there will be strengths behind his attacks. He has numerous scars all over his body, but sadly they can't be seen thanks to being hidden underneath his slightly unusually long fur. Compared to a serval's anyway. His eyes express a vibrant electric blue/sapphire hue color to them. Looking at his claws though, the front claws in his front paws are made entirely metal, over inches long meaning that they have a lot of piercing capability. These claws are made out of a light, durable metal that is sharper than even that of swords. So that the claws are capable of slicing through tough hide if need be. The claws on his back legs though are completely normal claws. Due to his front claws being so long though, it means that they can't be fully sheathed, so the tips of the claws always stick out no matter what. This means that if he is to ever spar with someone, there is a likelihood that character will end up getting scratched. Killua can often be seen eating some form of candy when he is talking to someone, except in serious situations.
- major injuries: severe injury on right arm (causes him to limp slightly)
- minor injuries:

Everyone wants to keep Killua on his good side. No one wants him on his bad side because if they do it usually results in their death sometime later. Killua has no problem with killing those that mock him, on the consideration that he doesn't like to be considered weak, and having grown up only being taught how to kill, he has no other morals when it comes to dealing with social situations. Killua is extremely terrible when it comes to social gatherings, actually making quite difficult for him to interact with others without completely pissing them off. This serval doesn't show respect toward those that he doesn't know, and those that he doesn't consider to be capable of doing their job. He believes that most adults that he has come across are idiots compared to him, as despite his young age, he believes that he has a lot more experience than adults could ever have. Right now though, he is trying his best to figure out what he wants with his life after running away from his family and dealing with a clan previous to coming here, hearing a rumor that there were strong creatures here that could be a possible challenge. He has a huge ego as he thinks that he can take anyone on with relative ease. That he can take on anyone no matter what size they are. The assassin doesn't like to follow the rules either, practically a loose canon as he just does whatever the hell he wants to despite the consequences. He can often be seen mocking others, or even teasing if he is in a lighter mood. Killua so far is rarely seen being serious, as he mostly talks with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

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★ Cannot powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions. ALL OPINIONS ARE IC



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Re: sheer heart attack || OBSERVATORY BURNING + PITTIAN RAID
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2019, 12:41:49 PM »

Fourthwall had been born for just this very purpose. Everything to the insatiable fire in his dark soul to the weapon of a body he sported was perfectly suited to war. He was a creature of great size, but not in an overwhelming bulk that would make him slow and bumbling. In fact, thanks to the feline genes this body was born with Fourth found himself quite agile and fast, spending much of his time in the branches of trees to perfect his sense of balance. And while he looked deceivingly canine with his wolfish appearance, the large retractable claws he sported and the many cat-like gestures he was so prone to make were evidence enough that he was not just some oversized dog or wolf. What remained unchanged however, was the thrill of the hunt that had been born into him from day one. No matter what body he came to possess there was never any doubt that he would remain unchanged at it's core, a beast with no rhyme or reason, a monster whose morals and filters hardly existed to begin with. Fourth was as intelligent and cunning as they came, but it was coupled with a blunt way of seeing the world- a world he perceived as fake in the first place, but that was a story for another time. The only important take-away was that he wasn't the sort of guy who was going to pass up on the chance to flex his muscles and draw some blood. A good fight from a solid opponent was worth more than anything else this fucking story had to offer him, that was for sure.

Thus, it wasn't surprising that Fourthwall was among the first to heed their Leaders call, and could be seen flanking Jervis on one side with wine red eyes glinting in the firelight with predatory satisfaction. The only real rule of thumb that Fourth went by in life was that he didn't take pleasure in killing the truly innocent. So it wasn't very likely you'd see him beating on someone that was just cowering or trying to get away. There was no fun in a fight like that, and only cowards took pleasure in preserving their own bodies by wailing on someone that wouldn't fight back. These morals, however, were very ague with complex rule structures. For example, war like this on a clan that was generally peaceful was totally fine- it gave spice to their lives and was a good reminder that they should never be too comfortable or unguarded. And if their were casualties then so be it. They would either wise up and join The Pitt or have to deal with this kind of crap from time to time. And to be honest, he'd been waiting for Jervis to finally get his act together. The Pitt was supposed to be a powerhouse group that hungered for war and struck quickly against those who challenged or wronged them. They were the sort of group who should constantly be in a show of dominance and power, and trying to make friends with other groups went against everything that described them. Jervis was smart to strike out like this against the groups, to remind them of exactly what his clan was created for. Not quiet bystanders, but active antagonists to be respected.

As the fox barked out his orders Fourth would reply with a "Sure thing.", though he knew the recovery of items like herbs would be secondary to the fight for him. He knew there would be a few enemies to go through before they'd be able to scavenge whatever it was they could find, and he'd be happy to be in the first wave to clash against them. Besides, he was more useful in battle. There were other Pittians less suited for war who could dive in to grab what they needed while he and the other larger animals dealt with whatever Elysians remained to defend their burning home.

It didn't take long for things to kick off. As Jervis called out to one of the survivors and they went rushing off for reinforcements, two others appeared and lunged for the fox. Fourth still had no true loyalty to anyone in the Pitt, and he had no intention of playing bodyguard to Jervis here today, but it so happened that the offending pair were the only two available, and so he was quick to retaliate against the second attacker, who he couldn't actually see, but could easily spot the blood that was clinging to somethings paws and protruding claws. Someone was definitely standing there, someone with small paws. He wasn't aware of the elemental attack that was beset on Jervis from them, but he was able to easily spot the glinting daggers that were conjured around the invisible being and flung forward. In a heartbeat Fourth would force a wall of thick dirt up between Jervis and the oncoming blades, expecting to hear the multiples thunks of the daggers as they sunk uselessly into dirt instead of flesh. Without warning he would leap the small barrier he'd just made to attack Killua, a massive paw shooting out with blinding speed at the smaller feline in an attempt to deliver a powerful blow to their side that would hopefully knock them off their feet and send them sliding away from where the other two were fighting, so that he and the seral could have their own fight.

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Re: sheer heart attack || OBSERVATORY BURNING + PITTIAN RAID
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2019, 02:29:30 PM »
Tena Moonspinner
Elysium may not be known as a fighting clan.  Yet the young Demdji at their head was hardly a pacifist.  Indeed, as the days passed with no conflicts against their home, Tena grew only warier.  Restless.  The petite sand cat had spent too much time glancing over her shoulder to ever truly grow comfortable in one place.  Yet now she's made herself a home here.  Now she had a place to fight for.  It wasn't just about her freedom or survival anymore.  It was about fighting for her home and those who shared it with her.

When smoke hit her nostrils, her ears flattened against her skull.  So you pick on us now? Tena huffed in irritation then raced towards the commotion, snatching her bottle of sand first, hellbent on giving the Pittians a fight they'll regret starting.  Without hesitation, she locks on Jervis with a fire in her bright blue eyes.  The oh-so glorious leader of the depurs.

As she skidded to Rin's side, she aimed a sudden blast of sand directly into Jervis' eyes. Immediately after she lunged for his side, intent on raking her razor sharp claws against his flank while Rin defended herself.
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