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few crows short of a murder -- Capture the Flag
« on: June 12, 2019, 11:24:44 AM »
  In the midst of the fields was a relatively open area; the grass was scattered with trees, logs, rocks, and other natural obstacles, but there were clear paths in and out of each side of the field. It was perfect for capture the flag. Straw had used some paint from one of the town houses to mark out the rectangular playing field, including a line horizontally down the middle, then put a flag at each end- red on one end, and blue on the other.

  After setting up, she looked up at the sky. The sun was out, but she could spot dark clouds in the distance- there was a possible threat of rain. At the very least, they ought to start soon; she didn't want the field markers to wash away before the game began. "Capture the flag," she called out, more loudly than she had for anything else since she had come to Elysium. "Randomly assigned teams. Touch-tag rules. First to five points wins." She'd explain in more detail once everyone got here.

  -teams will be randomly assigned after at least four people join
  -if you are on the offensive, to get across the other team's side, get the flag, and run back takes one post each, for a total of three posts
  -if you are defending your flag, when you post, you can pick one enemy that is on your side of the field to attack
  -on each post, if you are attacked, roll a six-sided die for each attacker- 3 or greater means you dodge and keep running, 1-2 means you're hit and must go back to your side (without the flag, if you were carrying it)
  -if you make it three posts without being hit, you cross the line back to your side and your team gets a point; after each point, the flags are returned to their original sides, then play starts again
  -I'll probably tweak these later to make them more clear, if you have any questions let me know
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Re: few crows short of a murder -- Capture the Flag
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2019, 06:48:12 PM »
Capture the flag. He never heard those words put together, but the name was probably self-explanatory. His large ears perked as he had a small mouse in his mouth. He rarely seemed to eat anything that was remotely protein, as his diet primarily consisted of candy for the most part. Despite being an assassin and trained to kill, he was still a child and became curious about things that he did not know. Maybe other clanners knew what it was lik to play this game, but he never had the chance. Before making his way over, he threw the mouse he had into the air and caught in it his mouth and chewed the rodent as he made his way over. His albino black mamba companion was not around his neck as he approached the area, quickly looking a the lines that were there. The trees hid some edges of the field lines that were designated, but he was able to get a vague idea of what the area looked like and how large it was. He was slightly elevated on a nearby hill, giving him a bird's eye view of what he would be expecting. The albino serval noted the colors of the flags on each end, one was blue, and the other red. From the looks of it, he was also the first one to arrive for the event, or maybe he was just late. He finished chewing the mouse that was in his mouth, trying hard not to gag at the awful taste that it left.

He raised one of his stark white paws and tried to wipe the taste from his tongue onto his paw. When that didn't work, he simply gave up and conjured up a lollipop, and hummed as the bad aftertaste started to go away. Killua already identified the voice that called for the gathering for the event, and from the looks of it, it was going to take some physical work to actually get the flags. This was going to be fun if the rest of Elysium was going to be a challenge. Maybe he could get Stark to join. Or maybe the old's mans joints were too bad for too much exercise. The thought left a small smirk spread across his facial features as he walked down the small hill, his air elementals making his movements silent as he moved. As he approached, he looked down slightly at Straw as he went through some of the rules. Interesting. The albino serval would sit himself down in the ground and would move the lollipop from one side of his mouth to the next. "Guessing powers aren't allowed?" He would hardly think it was fair as he had yet to see anyone with powers in Elysium, and he had plenty of them. Even without powers, he was fairly certain he was going to be the fastest of any of the other contenders based on species alone. A small grin was plastered on his facial expression when he spoke, making it seem like he already knew the answer to his question.
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★ Killua also uses his Air Elementals to block out his scent from everyone around him. Which means its impossible to find him by scent, as he doesn't like to be associated with any clans despite his ranks he may have.
★ He has a very bad addiction to candy and doesn't share it with anyone no matter who they are.
★ Killua will not respect your character right off the bat. Unless they express how strong they are, or if they are interesting in his opinion, then there is a chance that he might show respect. Meaning that he will show no respect for ranks.
★ Killua has no morals. Meaning that seeing death doesn't affect him, and if someone dies, he just considers the one that did to be too weak and deserved death.
★ He is not afraid to kill your character, as he believes himself to be stronger than everyone else he comes across due to his training and how he knows the clans after living in them for several months.
★ HE WILL NOT TRUST YOUR CHARACTER. Not right off the bat anyway. Which means he won't give any personal information to them unless he deems them to be interesting.
★ Killua is immune to all deadly chemicals/poisons and is also immune to electrical attacks. However, just because he is immune, he still feels the pain from it all, he can just bare the pain. This means that he will get somewhat pissed if poisons are attempted to be used on him or if someone tries to electrocute him.

RECENT EVENTS (oldest-recent):

★ ALBINO SERVAL W/ METAL CLAWS [birth/main] | health: 100% | Reference.
— 30 lbs and the size of a full grown domestic cat, Killua belongs to the wildcat species of the serval. Meaning that his body structure consists of his long legs and his large ears that are perched on the top of his head. The most noticeable feature of him though is that his fur, instead of the usual tan and black, is stark white. Unlike most albino servals though, Killua doesn't show the usual spots of an albino serval, his fur being completely white. He has a lean build, meaning that he is built more for speed, yet there will be strengths behind his attacks. He has numerous scars all over his body, but sadly they can't be seen thanks to being hidden underneath his slightly unusually long fur. Compared to a serval's anyway. His eyes express a vibrant electric blue/sapphire hue color to them. Looking at his claws though, the front claws in his front paws are made entirely metal, over inches long meaning that they have a lot of piercing capability. These claws are made out of a light, durable metal that is sharper than even that of swords. So that the claws are capable of slicing through tough hide if need be. The claws on his back legs though are completely normal claws. Due to his front claws being so long though, it means that they can't be fully sheathed, so the tips of the claws always stick out no matter what. This means that if he is to ever spar with someone, there is a likelihood that character will end up getting scratched. Killua can often be seen eating some form of candy when he is talking to someone, except in serious situations.
- major injuries: severe injury on right arm (causes him to limp slightly)
- minor injuries:

Everyone wants to keep Killua on his good side. No one wants him on his bad side because if they do it usually results in their death sometime later. Killua has no problem with killing those that mock him, on the consideration that he doesn't like to be considered weak, and having grown up only being taught how to kill, he has no other morals when it comes to dealing with social situations. Killua is extremely terrible when it comes to social gatherings, actually making quite difficult for him to interact with others without completely pissing them off. This serval doesn't show respect toward those that he doesn't know, and those that he doesn't consider to be capable of doing their job. He believes that most adults that he has come across are idiots compared to him, as despite his young age, he believes that he has a lot more experience than adults could ever have. Right now though, he is trying his best to figure out what he wants with his life after running away from his family and dealing with a clan previous to coming here, hearing a rumor that there were strong creatures here that could be a possible challenge. He has a huge ego as he thinks that he can take anyone on with relative ease. That he can take on anyone no matter what size they are. The assassin doesn't like to follow the rules either, practically a loose canon as he just does whatever the hell he wants to despite the consequences. He can often be seen mocking others, or even teasing if he is in a lighter mood. Killua so far is rarely seen being serious, as he mostly talks with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

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★ Attack in bold paleturquoise
★ Cannot powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions. ALL OPINIONS ARE IC



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Re: few crows short of a murder -- Capture the Flag
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2019, 08:54:06 PM »
Tena Moonspinner
Tena tossed the red panda a bright grin as she bounded over.  Capture the flag.  Good kickoff to the games.  The petite feline herself had one or two events in mind to host herself, bright blue hues gleaming mischievously when they locked on Killua.  No powers?

"Depends if you want to go against me," she piped with a challenging brow.  The Demdji found little call to show off her own abilities but they were still a part of her.  The earth, the sand, was apart of her.  Her whiskers twitched, head shaking absently.

"Probably for the best if not.  A better testament to your body's physical capabilities, and it'll be more fair," not that life was fair.  In the case of a friendly competition however, it made sense.  Maybe later.  Her tail twitched to and fro as she glanced at the sky.  Rain in the air.  Perfect weather.

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