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May / June Monthly Spotlight
« on: June 01, 2019, 12:50:12 AM »
May Monthly Spotlight

MEMBER: @teef.
From being in the Discord to mingling on site, Teef has been a prominent part of this website. Though they may not use their account often, they're always plotting with others and communicating on site. There have been countless times they've offered up art or done favors for users out of the kindness of their heart.

With about 300 posts, Killua stands out. Every post is constructed beautifully to show what they're feeling. Just like our next character winner, they're always around the clans mingling and developing. Plus they've got one hell of a personality.

ONE-LINER: @Darksouls
Suppose it's more than one line... but we couldn't decide on which one to go with... so why not both!? This thread starter was absolutely genius and really dives into Darksoul's character.

June Monthly Spotlight

Number six on the site. They've been here for quite the long time and excelled greatly within the community. From their fantastic art pieces to their charming personality, Hellbent has really stood out.

CHARACTER: @bai shi.
Bai Shi, a well known character on Beasts of Beyond, is often very active and polite around the community. They're often poking their head in plots all over the clans and developing their character creatively, especially design wise.

This line just hit hard. The sheer creativity blew a lot of us away. There is a lot of truth in these words, hence why we chose it. Along with that, the quote dives straight into the character's own past and views on the world.

Once again, I would like to apologize for last month's complications. Nevertheless, I hope the wait was worth it. Congratulations to those who received an award! Keep your hopes high and eyes open for next month. If you would like to possibly nominate someone for their fantastic writing or good deeds, don't be afraid to message a staff member. We're always open to suggestions.

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