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Re: LET MY PEOPLE GO / typhoon visit
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2019, 12:33:19 PM »
Gael failed to comprehend fully why he felt tense, but he did.  Even as Jervis arrived, something felt off.  We're not friends -- there's a deal.  But Séamus didn't say they'd attack us.  A frown quickly replaced his polite smile.  Oh dear cousin... If you've anything to do with this...

A flash of light.  Crackling electricity and his fur bristled.  You've been played Jervis.  Without another thought, he aimed to quickly grab Aine by her scruff, scrambling far, far back before the lioness struck again.  The smell of smoke through his flared nostrils concerned him.  Where did he take Aine if everything was on fire behind them?
His sharp eyes latched onto the winged captain.  Protectively, he dropped Aine beneath him, slamming his hind paws down firmly, pushing a harsh gust of wind to knock down the blazes beyond, careful not to fan them.  Cold rage coursed through his veins.  No one puts Aine in harm's way.  He's lost everything but her.  "You threaten my family, forghéilleann tú mo chol ceathrair, captaen," Gael's call is rough and dark.  A father's fury.  I warned him.

Now he'd pay.  One way or the other.

And whatever Jervis did to invoke this... For he suspected this as a warning attack.  No one had been directly hit, even if the fire threatened them behind.  He dug his claws into the ground.  I hope it was worth the threat to my daughter's safety. Or Séamus wasn't the only one with hell to pay.
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Re: LET MY PEOPLE GO / typhoon visit
« Reply #16 on: June 10, 2019, 06:05:03 PM »

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Da.  The child blinked as she found herself pulled away from Fourthwall.  Eyes still shining bright with curiosity, she bounced on her father's paws, shifting her weight around.  It seemed as though the captain knew Miss Argus, which Aine found interesting, head flashing between the two.  The tension in the air made her bite the inside of her cheek.

Brief concern brought her gaze towards her father, head tilting up.  The fact Goldenluxury knew Gaelic caught her pleasantly surprised, wondering if now that Argus was gone (what a strange interaction, oh well), she would hear more in her native tongue.  Unfortunately, such failed to happen.

Instead their ardent Jervis arrived on scene.  Aine bit back a sigh, ears flicking as he spoke.  Always so flamboyant.  Well.  At least that meant she could sit back and listen without attracting too much attention to herself.  So many eyes afterall.  Her own remained on Goldie for the time being, growing attuned to her father's growing wariness.

Before more words reached her, she caught something in the wind.  Instinctively her nose twitched, wrinkling in confusion and distaste.  A strange memory resurfacing. Smoke.  Burning, burning.  Everything burning.  Everyone burning. 

Even as a new, angrier voice caught in the wind, her ears flattened.  Why fire? Why the smoke and lies?  Was everything burning?  A frightened whimper.  Then lightning.  Closer, brighter, than anything she'd seen before, but she's moving, or her father is moving.

Her father is speaking, but she flattens beneath him.  She didn't like the fire.  She didn't want anymore fire.  No more storms or lightning.  No more smoke.  Enough smoke.  "Da?Make it stop. Make her go away.  Suddenly the golden lioness was not so pretty anymore.  No.  She was scary.  Mean.  Make her leave.
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Re: LET MY PEOPLE GO / typhoon visit
« Reply #17 on: June 14, 2019, 11:45:33 PM »
At this point it was pure stubbornness that kept Crow moving. The feline coughed a loud, wet cough, and more of the aforementioned black substance ejected from his mouth to the ground and dribbled down his chin, a sign he was reaching his limits. In the past, he had called it quits—a few days of rest had cured his symptoms—but resting was not an option at present.

"You bet it was the slaves pleadin' at my border," he snapped at the proud vulpine, absentmindedly raising his socked paw to wipe the void-like matter away from his face. "An' all the lyin' and kidnappin' and killin' you an' your cronies have been doing!" Crow did not advertise himself or Tanglewood as being seekers of justice. It was the killings of a few poor bastards and the kidnapping of little Kiira and a chance meeting with a new friend he now held close to his heart that ignited a blaze inside him and told him this was the right thing to do.

For the safety of Selby.

He drew his ornate dagger from its filthy sheath rather forcefully, sending jelly-like blood to splat in the dirt, and with a fire in his eyes he began a charge toward Jervis with intention to kill, knife pointed at the ardent's collarbone. Now was the perfect time to end it right here and now, while everyone was in a state of disarray and confusion.

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Re: LET MY PEOPLE GO / typhoon visit
« Reply #18 on: Yesterday at 11:56:20 AM »
Well, that had certainly gone to shit. The territory was on fire, Jervis was practically cowering amongst his clanmates, and Goldenluxary and her little cohort had just broken what was left of their ceasefire. The only thing he was really bothered by was the fact that their jungle was burning, mainly because he'd only just gotten used to the humid little forest. Jervis failing to take control of the situation was irrelevant, because why did Fourth need someone to tell him the obvious stuff? And Goldies little slip up here only meant that she'd made herself fair game to Fourthwall and the other Pittians.

"Fuck this." hed snort, tired of just standing there waiting. He would do things his own way, and the other Pittians could join in or piss of. It was high time somebody showed then how a clan that boasted vengeance and warfare should act.

As Crow lunged for Jervis Fourth made no move to stop him. The fox could either take care of himself or die and let Fourth take over, either outcome a satisfactory one. Instead the massive canine set his mismatched gaze on Golden and lunged for the feline. With a violent snarl a large paw would lash out at her head, aiming to land a heavy blow to disorient her, not bothering to sheath his retractable claws- if the hit landed she would find herself not only momentarily stunned, but with a nasty gash from his hooked feline claws as well.

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