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no doubt she'll do her best / movie night
« on: February 06, 2019, 09:59:38 PM »
" i bear little resemblance to the king i once was "
DATE February 6
TIME Night
LOCATION Elysium camp 
PURPOSE Showing the other Elysite's beautiful art
I'm not even sure how many times I've watched this particular musical now. Quite a few times, I'd imagine. Nearly every night unless I switched it out with one of the disks Orpheus had gifted me some time ago. In any case, I thought that the group could perhaps use a bit of a morale booster and I couldn't think of anything more sublime than watching the little glowing box I'd found some time ago. I did mean to ask someone what it was, exactly, but I just... hadn't gotten around to it. I'll ask someone. Honestly, I've been hoping that perhaps someone would just let the name of it slip in conversation, but, unfortunately, that has yet to occur. In any case, I set up the glowing box and put the musical in, the one with the man in the mask and the crashing chandelier. I paused it, though, and took some time to spread out a few blankets and pillows, as well as put out some candy I'd found. The prepackaged sweets were optimal for snacks, given I had no idea how to make anything on my own without turning it to ask. "If anyone would like to join me in watching a musical - "Phantom of the Opera" - you're most certainly welcome," I then called, raising my voice so the group would be able to hear. Even if there were just a few Elysite's were interested, that'd be better than sitting on my own and watching it again. Well, maybe not better, but different.   
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