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Welcoming Board / Open ok i'm leaving
« on: February 20, 2019, 12:24:16 PM »
i just really don't have any motivation to post here anymore so i'm just gonna leave the site. it was fun while it lasted

if anyone wants to contact me my discord is Kicksie#4496

« on: February 12, 2019, 01:05:03 AM »
Hello Elysites!
So I'm sure most of you are aware that Apricity has stepped down with Clarence. In their place I've decided to have Susitna step up with Phoenix to the position of Magna. We hope that this change will help to benefit the community and we plan to step things up a bit so that we can try to get things going.

« on: January 28, 2019, 12:18:22 AM »
due to the fact that we are stretching ourselves too thin and could use some condensing, apricity and i have decided to merge sunhaven and the ascendants so that they will become one group. while we're still not sure of the ic details of the merge, we do have an idea of how we want the group to be structured. feel free to give your honest input on any of this, and we'll have a discussion!

Name: Elysium
Ranks: There’ll be two separate sides and therefore two leaders. The Helion is in charge of the community (events, development, etc) and the Magna is in charge of justice (allies and enemies, holding court, etc). Both leaders will make all the decisions together, but the Helion will carry out the 'community' tasks and the Magna will carry out the 'justice' tasks.
Second in commands will be Wardens of community/justice
Titles: were just gonna use asc current system and keep the beads
Territory: in an outer cave system that leads to central open air area. There’s a pulley system that leads to the observatory, which now functions as a court house of sorts and other important meetings, and the floating sea town which is now the center of large events, merchants, and parties.
Traditions: keep asc necklaces, keep SH merchants, a new jury type system where the Magna serves as judge to any enemies of the clan, and probably a new festival of some sort to celebrate when the clans united.
Theme: The clan is based on the idea of balance, “no one gives too much of themselves, yet always contributes for the greater good.” This is why one side of the clan is dedicated entirely to community and wellness while one is dedicated to justice.
Religion: none bc icly that wouldn’t make sense

also we were thinking of not doing auto acceptance to make joining more interesting? and characters will have to get officially sworn into the group during meetings

« on: January 05, 2019, 12:36:01 PM »
hello sunhaveners! in order to bring in fresh new members, we're going to be putting up a mass adoptions thread. we're going to need as many litters as we can get, so if you're willing to pitch in go ahead and fill out this little form right here and we'll add your litter up!

Code: [Select]
[b]Number of Slots[/b]:
[b]Other Info?[/b]:


« on: November 30, 2018, 09:30:56 AM »
hello, and welcome to the december choice awards! i'm your host, kicksie everyone will have a month to fill out their forms, and voting will end sometime late december/early january but an official date has not been chosen yet. still, it is encouraged that you put in your votes as soon as possible so we'll end up having enough when the time comes!

the rules:
- try to include as many people as possible
- don't vote for yourself
- don't beg for votes
- have fun!! :)

here is the form, which i stole from @Florence from the ascendants choice awards (thanks beatles) since i was too lazy to come up with my own category ideas oops

Code: [Select]

[i]Favorite character[/i]:
[i]Favorite newcomer[/i]:
[i]Favorite sHP/HP[/i]:
[i]Most original character[/i]:
[i]Favorite character name[/i]:
[i]Favorite character nickname[/i]:
[i]Favorite personality[/i]:

[i]Favorite crackship[/i]:
[i]Favorite ship-in-progress[/i]:
[i]Favorite "friend"ship[/i]:
[i]Secret ship[/i] (a ship that you lowkey and personally wanna see):
[i]Favorite character relationship[/i] (doesn't have to be romantic- just a duo you love):

[i]Clan cinnamon roll[/i]:
[i]Clan sinnamon roll[/i]:
[i]Clan parent[/i]:
[i]Most interesting backstory[/i]:
[i]Loudest character[/i]:
[i]Edgiest character[/i]:
[i]Grouchiest character[/i]:
[i]Cleverest character[/i]:
[i]Funniest character[/i]:
[i]Wildest character[/i]:
[i]Quirkiest character[/i]:
[i]Most gullible character[/i]:

[i]Clan Santa:[/i]
[i]Clan Grinch:[/i]
[i]Most Thankful Character:[/i]
[i]Least Thankful Character:[/i]
[i]Gives the Best Presents:[/i]
[i]Gives the Worst Presents:[/i]


[i]Most likely to be late to their own wedding[/i]:
[i]Most likely to take over the world[/i]:
[i]Most likely to get stabbed[/i]:
[i]Most likely to star in a Disney film[/i]:
[i]Most likely to join the dark side[/i]:
[i]Most likely to start a fight[/i]:

[i]Most likely to lose in a fight[/i]:
[i]Most likely to become BoB famous[/i]:
[i]Most likely to destroy the world[/i]:
[i]Most likely to star on reality TV[/i]:
[i]Most likely to host a game show[/i] (bonus points if you come up with name for said show):

[i]Most likely to eat all the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner:[/i]
[i]Most likely to hide in their room while relatives are over:[/i]
[i]Most likely to start drama at the Thanksgiving table:[/i]
[i]Most likely to start celebrating Christmas on November 1st:[/i]
[i]Most likely to lie to children about Santa existing:[/i]
[i]Least likely to lie to children about Santa existing:[/i]
[i]Most likely to wind up in credit card debt on Black Friday shopping:[/i]
[i]Most likely to be the unlucky cashier working on Black Friday:[/i]
[i]Most likely to buy several new blankets before the snow comes:[/i]
[i]Most likely to bust out the Christmas decorations early:[/i]
[i]Most likely to leave their Christmas decorations up year round:[/i]
[i]Most likely to wear shorts when it is freezing outside[/i]
[i]Most likely to scorn the holiday music coming to radios too soon:[/i]


[i]Friendliest roleplayer[/i]:
[i]Most active roleplayer[/i]:
[i]Makes best characters[/i]:
[i]Most artistic[/i]:
[i]Most museful[/i]:
[i]Funniest roleplayer[/i]:
[i]Best plot-maker[/i]:
[i]Weirdest roleplayer[/i]:
[i]Roleplayer I would totally marry[/i]:

« on: October 20, 2018, 01:08:40 AM »
Hey Sunhaveners, and welcome to Sunhaven's first October/November choice awards!
I'd like to give out a quick thank you to @tobo the burrito slayer, @fabkin, @guts, @cougar and @grimm for helping out with category ideas!!

Fortunately, I only have a few rules for y'all:
- don't complain/convince others to vote for you
- try your best to include as many characters as possible on your forms (we love inclusion! yay!)
- you may vote for your character only ONCE (bc I know there is always that one category that fits your character perfectly and you just can't resist c;)
- you can't vote for yourself on any of the ooc categories though because that seems a little too selfish don't ya think?
- choice awards will end on November 15th!
- have fun!!! :)

Now that you know the rules just go ahead and fill out this form:

Code: [Select]

Overall Favorite Character:
Favorite HP:
Favorite sHP:
Favorite Non-HP:
Favorite Female Character:
Favorite Male Character:
Favorite Character Design:
Favorite Character Name:
Favorite Character Quote:
Favorite Character Plot:


Clan Cinnamon Roll:
Clan Sinnamon Roll:
Clan Mom:
Clan Dad:
Most Eligible Bachelor/Bachelorette:
Happiest Character:
Funniest Character:
Angriest Character:
Most Innocent Character:
Naughtiest Character:
Resident Edgelord:
Resident Badass:
Toughest Talker:
Most Relatable Character:
Fashionista Award:
"Forever Single" Ribbon:
Most Protective Character:
Character That Needs Most of that Protection:


Most likely to possess some super sweet dance moves:
Most likely to share illicit drugs with their children:
Most likely to set the clan on fire:
Most likely to cry over spilled milk:
Most likely to bake weed brownies:
Most likely to get lost in Walmart:
Most likely to cause the end of the world:
Most likely to fake their own death:
Most likely to be scared of their own shadow:
Most likely to kill everyone while they sleep:
Most likely to start a rebellion:


Most likely to be the first to die in a horror film:
Most likely to be the sole survivor in a horror film:
Most likely to be the monster in the horror film:
Most likely to wear the scariest costume:
Most likely to wear the cutest costume:
Most likely to be obsessed with pumpkin spice:
Most likely to decorate everything:
Most likely to get sick of candy:
Most likely to hand out apples instead of candy:
Most likely to egg said person's house:
Best pumpkin carver:
Most likely to fill someone's room with spiders:
Most likely to have their room filled with spiders:
Most likely to be scared by a ghost:
Most likely to get possessed:
Spookiest character:
Most likely to shoo kids off their lawn on halloween:
Most likely to stay awake from scary stories:
Most likely to pull Halloween pranks:
Most likely to go trick or treating:
Most likely to devour all the candy:


Most Welcoming Roleplayer:
Sweetest Roleplayer:
Funniest Roleplayer:
Best Plot Maker:
Best Artist:
Most Museful:
Most likely to create angst:
Least likely to create angst:
Most likely to stay up all night posting:
Most likely to kill off their character:
Most likely to flood the board on a daily basis:

« on: October 07, 2018, 01:28:45 PM »
so we're doing a choice awards yup
feel free to suggest any categories that come to mind, including some cool Halloween-themed categories to get us into the spooky groove

i'll put everything together as soon as we get enough categories c:

Coding Corner / biography templates // please don't post
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:42:51 PM »
here is where i will store all the codes for my premade biography templates! if you plan on using any of these, please do not post in this thread. please view this thread before using any of my templates and leave a post there! c:

1. rainy days

Coding Corner / signature templates // please don't post
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:42:25 PM »
here is where i will store all the codes for my premade signature templates! if you plan on using any of these, please do not post in this thread. please view this thread before using any of my templates and leave a post there! c:

1. dark of the night v.1
2. dark of the night v.2
3. bright lights
4. red roses
5. to the point

Coding Corner / complex posting templates // please don't post
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:41:54 PM »
here is where i will store all the codes for my premade complex posting templates! if you plan on using any of these, please do not post in this thread. please view this thread before using any of my templates and leave a post there! c:

1. pastel dreams

Coding Corner / simple posting templates // please don't post
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:41:24 PM »
here is where i will store all the codes for my premade simple posting templates! if you plan on using any of these, please do not post in this thread. please view this thread before using any of my templates and leave a post there! c:

1. heart of gold
2. winter blues
3. tiny text
4. casting shadows
5. simply simple

Artist Loft / Premades DEFYING GRAVITY [ ♡ ] premade templates
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:39:08 PM »
hello there, and welcome to my premade templates thread! here you will find all sorts of templates from bios, to simple and complex posting templates, signatures, and much more! all my templates here are free to use, but i do have some rules. please do not remove my copyright from any of these templates. signature templates and some simple posting templates will not contain these, but most other templates will, and all i ask you is to just not mess with it. you are free to change up colors, fonts, font sizes, images, etc. on these templates but whatever you do just don't remove the copyright, and don't modify the template so much to the point that it looks like an entirely different template. if you plan on using one of my templates, please leave a post on this thread telling me which ones you are planning to use! this isn't really much of a requirement, but i'd prefer it just so i can see which templates are most popular.

now, onto the templates !

« on: May 20, 2018, 05:25:04 PM »
♡ — hey friends
so i'm in the process of creating a new character who is a sweet, outgoing dark gray tiger cub that loves plants. i have several names in mind, but i'm very indecisive and can't seem to choose one, so please vote for your top two favorite names on the list!

General Discussion / Chat HHHHHHH [ ♡ ] kicks's chat!
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:04:37 PM »
y'all i'm bored
please entertain me
go crazy but not too crazy ok

« on: April 05, 2018, 11:48:07 PM »
yo yo yo what's up y'all
so muddy and i made kion and scar characters and we were wondering if anyone wanted to join us in making lion king/lion guard characters!
if you're interested just state what character you wanna play and go for it!

all characters are up for grabs except those listed below:
- kion | played by kicksie | ascendants
- scar | played by muddymutt | ascendants

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