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Artist Loft / Shops sing me a symphony [★] lyric banner shop
« on: December 13, 2019, 06:07:19 PM »
Howdy! I have decided to open my first lil shop on BoB.  I'm not going to be offering any typical art at the time -- maybe one day, but I'd rather really hone my drawing skills first -- but I've been making lyric banners for myself and a few others recently and thought I might offer to make some for everyone else.

Spoiler: ShowHide

There is none!  Since I'm more interested in the practice and relatively enjoy playing with the program, I'm not gonna put any official prices out.  So I guess it's self-decided?  I honestly don't mind making these for free so it's all up to y'all.

Waiting List.

FFA; just make sure I have a good idea of what you want.
Make sure to include any lyrics/words/names you want, color schemes, fonts you want/like -- or if you just have a general feeling of what you want, like if you don't really know for sure what colors or whatever, I can try my best! c:

Other notes.
Most of the banners I have made go through a lot of my nitpicking, so please don't feel bad for asking me to change something if you want it a little different, I don't mind.

Adoption Agency / Family SEARCHLIGHT [ Ó Faoláin Family Adoptions ]
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:14:15 PM »
The Ó Faoláins are an old family of faeries, their line dating back for centuries and beyond.  For years beyond memory they have been the royal family of the fae.
Faerie: "Fae" /fair-ee, faye/ noun.
(in folklore) one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.
[ In the context of these fae ] An immortal creature descended of fallen angels not damned enough for hell.

Active Members of the Ó Faoláin Family
Raziel Ó Faoláin [ penned by ombre ] : typhoon : crewmate
Kian Ó Faoláin [ penned by fantom ] : typhoon : crewmate
Séamus Ó Faoláin [ penned by SPEK ] : typhoon : striker
Keona Ní Faoláin [ penned by misty ] : typhoon : dealer
Suvi Kiira Ní Faoláin [ penned by misty ] : typhoon/tanglewood : medic
Roan Ó Faoláin-Roux [ penned by stilly ] : typhoon : minnow

Family Tree
This excel spreadsheet here.

Family Hub
Here.  I recommend looking through character info and stuff at the very least.

An Important Note
All of these characters were created by me for an original story that I am working on.  I have absolutely adored watching them come to life with the amazing writers who have adopted them for use on BoB and would love to see more members of the family exist on site.  A number of these characters are super in the works, which is another reason I love offering them to other people to take a try at writing; I love seeing how they develop and work in the minds of others which in turns helps me figure out who I want them to be in their stories outside of BoB.
I'm also more than willing to show you work regarding these characters though in some cases it may be lacking; the best I might offer is this encyclopedia, which is still a WIP and may be missing a few people.

Characters Up for Adoption
Requirements and Notes:
- do not change their names, first or last
- they may be in any clan
- you may change their gender if you feel like, but their birth body should be their original gender
- they are not restricted to their birth body
- if you go inactive with them, they will be rehomed
- they should know some Gaelic or be familiar with the language in someway
- their age and rate of age is super flexible since they are immortal and prone to age more based on actual maturity than by physical time
- this is an extremely loyal, tightknit family regardless of time apart and distance; I don't recommend setting them against each other unless for a specific plot development as there has been history of family disputes and rivalries of course, but I generally encourage everything to always stop short of physically harming another member of the family

Lilja Ó Faoláin: ShowHide
Lilja Ní Faoláin
The Eldest Daughter of Raziel Ó Faoláin
Age: Biologically around a century; would probably look to be somewhere between 14 moons to 20 moons
Birth Body: Dire Wolf
Basic Traits: kind, steadfast, friendly -- think gardener, botanist
Encouragements (not requirements): save up for or give her earth elementals

Art Ó Faoláin: ShowHide
Art Ó Faoláin
The Eldest Son of Raziel Ó Faoláin
Age: Biologically around a century; would probably look to be somewhere between 10 moons to 18 moons
Birth Body: Dire Wolf
Basic Traits: brotherly, affectionate, loyal -- think astronomy nerd, protective big brother
Encouragements (not requirements):
- might want to place him in a clan with another family member
- close bond with any of the triplets

Conrí Ó Faoláin: ShowHide
Conrí Ó Faoláin
Son of Raziel; 1/3 of the Ó Faoláin Triplets
Age: biologically somewhere around one - three decades (vague but they were separated from family); would probably look to be somewhere between 5 to 10 moons
Birth Body: Dire Wolf
Basic Traits: Stubborn, confident, determined -- think the little brother that loves playing with swords and pretends he's a knight
Encouragements: same as Art
- might want to place him in a clan with another family member
- close bond with any of the triplets
- a thought I've had is that he wants to imitate his uncle Kian for being a good soldier (take that as you will ( or don't ) )

Lonân Ó Faoláin: ShowHide
Lonân Ó Faoláin
Son of Raziel; 1/3 of the Ó Faoláin Triplets
Age: 1 - 3 decades biologically; should probably look around 5 - 11 moons
Birth Body: Dire Wolf
Basic Traits: studious, curious, intelligent -- think the bookish little brother
Encouragements: generally same as Art and Conrí but he'd probably be a little more independent

Form is FFA; stating interest and maybe the extra detail you want to put into the character.  Not necessarily first come first serve but that really depends on amount of interest.  You can ask me any questions or for more specifics.

Plotting / Animal I wish I was「 plot with misty 」brave enough
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:06:14 PM »
Here are my children ~

Keona 「 blind faerie 」typhoon : privateer: tags
Spoiler: ShowHide
open to:
friends : she is very much an introvert, but relatively easy to befriend with the right time and effort.
rivals: keona is fiercely independent and very stubborn; doesn't take well to bullies and is quick to challenge anyone who questions her; any cracks about her eyes, small stature or any insult to her family is a sure way to her bad side.
adventure : she's not one to sit still, she wants to explore the world, but that's not entirely safe alone, so it'd do her good to have some company on fun little adventures.

iffy about:
romance : a bit young for that, but childhood crushes are fine if there's good chemistry - willing to discuss that and even expanding for a long-term plot.

closed to:
capture : for the time being.
litters : too young for that.
death : nope.

Suvi Kiira 「 glitching flower child 」tanglewood/typhoon : sawbone : tags
Spoiler: ShowHide
open to:
friends : she is fairly friendly.  a little shy and struggles with trust.  she may not fully trust someone until a while but when she does she'll stick to their side like glue.
mischief : since she got her raven friend, Fiachra, she's been steadily introduced into the world of pranks and general mischief.  could be fun to have someone she conducts prank wars against.  or for her to find out Fiachra has been messing with someone, as he is prone to do.
rivals : a little difficult; she's generally docile but has a dark side that can be brought out after enough prodding
book club : the quickest way to her heart is through books.  she'll talk their heads off.  coffee w/ books in the middle of the night.  just quiet time spent together.

iffy to:
romance : she's still rather young.  her trust issues are the main problem here.  one has to establish a deep friendship with her first so it'd have to be a very slow-burn.
capture : specific.
major injury/maiming : specific.

closed to:
litters : nope.
death : nope.

Tena「 free demdji 」elysium: magna : tags
Spoiler: ShowHide
open to:
friends : she's relatively friendly and social but any 'friends' may actually find themselves being held at arm's length.  te keeps a lot to herself and doesn't know how to truly open up.
rivals : te is of an independent, stubborn and competitive nature.  it is not hard to strike up a rivalry with her.
frenemies : considering the above but her relatively outgoing demeanor, one could easily find themselves in the boat being sorta friends with her but also rivals.
straight up enemies : it doesn't take a lot of effort to get on te's bad list.  she's mistrustful in general and may be quick to judge incorrectly at the wrong move.  anyone with relations to slavers without being a slave is already an enemy in her eyes because she doesn't adhere to slavery one bit.
adventure : being very curious and one to get lost fairly often, te is always open for exploration and adventure.  it's always fun to have some company on these endeavors.

Closed to:
litters : none of any kind.
death : nope.

Aine 「 fae druid 」 the pitt : child : tags
Spoiler: ShowHide
open to:
friends : while a little nervous with strangers at first, Aine is very amiable.
rivals : a little difficult, as she's not terribly interested in drama with anyone and can be kinda submissive, since she doesn't want to be a bother to anyone.
adventure : she's an immensely curious child with a low-attention span, but offers of any sort of expedition or exploration have her immediately rushing to y/c's side.
book club : if one can strike a friendly conversation with her and bring up books, they likely have a friend for life.

iffy to:
romance : childhood crushes are a possibly, with good chemistry.
capture : specific
minor injury : specific

closed to:
major injuries/maiming : I'm not quite ready to be super mean to her ^^
litters : too young.
death : nope.

Ask about anything I didn't say specifically c;

Other Roleplay / Private running from the hounds [★] private
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:42:25 PM »
✯ — Keona snapped another twig between her hands.  The birds had flown away.  The small critters had fled into their burrows and crevice homes.  The occasional rustle and whine by her companion, who had kept their distance since morning, had ceased all together.  The forest was silent.  Almost silent.  Foreign howls haunted the trees.  She had never heard a wolf or coyote like it; she knew it was new.  She knew it could be dangerous.  She knew it was in a pack.  Her arrows were sharp, but she could not fire fast enough to protect herself from an entire mass of foreign canines.

Crack.  She threw the broken stick onto the ground, gritting her teeth.  Her people were far away.  She had months left of the initiation to go; there was no use in chasing after them, crying about strange wolves.  That, afterall, would defeat the point of the entire endeavor.  Didn't make the baying any less unnerving.  They're getting closer.  They were, she had deduced, hunting.  The mystery of it all, was what, exactly.  Keona had not found any signs of good game in the forest for a few days now.  The plains were a better bet, but with the changing season, it was unlikely.  She herself would have to migrate soon as well, unless she wanted to freeze in the coming snows.  Leaving was simply more daunting than she liked to admit, now that she was all alone with no tribe to ensure she was going the right direction.  Not that they'd care if you got lost anyway.

There was something moving nearby.  The lone hunter stood up sharply, but quietly, hand snapping to her bow and notching an arrow.  She held her breath, counting the steps, the snapping of twigs underfoot.  Two legs.  A person then.  Running fast.  Grimly, Keona supposed she had found the wolf-prey.  That did not mean however, they were friendly, and she held fast, a pair of sightless sea-green eyes narrowed in weary determination.
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