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Title: April Monthly Spotlight
Post by: Orion on April 02, 2019, 08:37:08 PM

Misty (;u=236)

Leroy (;u=1538)
"There is nothing to fear from a calm end, and if he meets his own today, then so be it." (

MEMBER: @Misty
Active and kind, Misty has been a great part of Beasts of Beyond. Though their main account has very few posts, their subaccounts have an impressive amount of posts (OOC included!) and they've always been super polite within the Discord.

Leroy, a character from all the way back of July 2018, is a notable character within Tanglewood. They have been through several reigns of leadership and have provided a lot to the clan itself. Along with this, their roleplayer (Toboggan) is a previous spotlight winner. Not only ICly are they wonderful, but also OOCly!

ONE-LINER: @Wisker
Ament, a mysterious character within Tanglewood, is written with elegance. For such feral character, they are written with violent undertones that screams impressive. This quote just stuck out... but there were so many others to consider. Eventually, our choice was narrowed down to this one.