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Posted by: PHOENIX
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:08:52 AM »

/this is gonna be some funky ass liquid time oop

Rather to the point. They were still considered allies, or partners, or however else one might label them, but these were rather hostile responses. Then again, if they'd really been waiting as long as this girl was implying, she had a right to be rather crass. Black ears inclined back, a fictional brow quirking at her words. "Supplies" in itself was rather vague. Food, medicine, weapons, all of the above - Phoenix could gather that animals ate other animals, nature at work, but how they healed themselves or conducted combat was lost on her. Had they dexterity and more importantly actual hands, she might have been able to hazard a guess. Instead the lich hidden in flesh keened in response, a high pitched passive noise from the back of her throat to acknowledge Goldenluxury's words without a real response. Bossy kitty, but she had to have some sort of thick hide to be considered a commander of some sort.

"Thanks," Phoenix responded dryly, inky black smoke curling from her parted lips to rise into the air and disappear just as soon as it appeared. Her ears immediately twitched in response, eyebrows knitting for the briefest of moments. What the fuck? She knew that was not a prerequisite to fire, as she had no access to her evocation skills (yet, she had to insist). It felt as if a piece of her very being had left with that puff of smog. Returning her attention to Goldenluxury quickly, the maned wolf opted to flash her teeth in a crude smile. She would worry about that particular fucking thing later, not in front of a complete stranger. "Gimme some specifics and I'll get some things together so we're at least even." The statement irked Phoenix, but she hid her chagrin to the best of her abilities. It was only fair, even if completely avoiding her responsibilities and pushing her commitments onto others was more her brand. "Kinda defeats the whole purpose of a balance-based group otherwise, huh?" Moreso convincing herself than Goldie with that one. The comment on the Pitt went clear over Phoenix's head but she acknowledged it with a sage nod nonetheless, albeit an action that was quite easy to see through. Well, her heart was in it at least but she could have been much more convincing.
Posted by: goldenluxury
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:52:15 AM »

"Real simple: supplies." Goldie answers quickly, her head turning towards the stranger. They certainly needed them now more than ever, seeing as the volcano's eruption left them not only with less items in general, but also with a damaged territory that most prey fled from. She would not mention this out loud for what should be obvious reasons, though Sunhaven had been told of the eruption in her last visit to them. Not that they ever seemed to care. Even if they did know, she did not consider her crew so vulnerable right now. Her crew isn't a bunch of pussies. They just needed supplies, and she intends to get them one way or another. "Enough supplies t' help sustain m' crew, which is arguably less than what I gave, too. Thas' me bein' generous; you're welcome." Which is true. They'd dealt with the unfair treatment long enough because Goldie had been willing to be patient. Partially because she had not remembered Snowbound, so her experience could not help her identify the problem soon enough. She remembers now. She doesn't have much patience left, too.

She listens quietly as the member then responds to her curiosity, feathered ears pointed towards her. She considers it for a few moments, lifting her head slightly. She has an almost amused smile, appreciating the personality in the explanation. "In that case, I hope y'all put those Pittian bastards in their place." A genuine statement. Maybe it was silly for a pirate to speak of justice, but she very much did karma's work on her own. She has and will continue leaving traitors injured, blinded, dead. She's not sadistic, but she didn't mind so much hurting those who deserved it. "That mus' mean we'll be gettin' our fair cut, then, too." She does not take this as a peaceful confirmation yet, though. She is more so prodding them than anything else as she waits for one of their leaders to give her a proper reply.
Posted by: PHOENIX
« on: February 08, 2019, 03:21:51 AM »

This certainly did not seem like the kind of situation Phoenix should be in. That wasn't going to stop the maned wolf from eavesdropping on this entire conundrum on her approach to butt into the conversation, naturally. At least it was a conscious decision to be a nosey piece of shit. She was a member of Elysium, sure, but based on what the strange voice through the thickets was saying, it didn't exactly seem beneficial to continue associating with Elysium since they had been dead weight. Phoenix wasn't quite chaotic enough to voice that thoughts aloud, or rather not at this particular moment to avoid a similar reprimanding Clarence was receiving from this strange girl on their borders. Goldenluxury Roux. What an incredibly odd name, and she'd heard many aliases in her travels. Were those sort of names commonplace in the "customs" of the wilderness? At one time she wouldn't have bat an eyelash at the use of "Goldenluxury" as a surname, but she introduced herself as though it was her primary name. Exceedingly curious. Although, to be fair, the most interesting thing of note aside from that was lackluster at best: how did dogs wear jackets? Eh, both of them were questions for another time. For now, Phoenix had to inject herself into politics she had no place in discussing. Seemed like a sound (and entertaining) enough plan to her.

"What are you and the 'Phoon wanting in return, exactly?" The maned wolf inquired as she breached the snow-covered shrubbery, thin legs carrying her quietly to stand alongside Clarence. Her flippant nicknaming of a group that seemed to be here on quite serious business was... Well, not her best idea. But it wasn't out of hostility, and hopefully her body language and tone of voice conveyed as much. "A-n-y-w-a-y," Phoenix continued with a loose wave of her shadowy limb, punctuating each letter with a wiggle. "Elysium is built around, like, balance. Justice and community, I think. Pretty rad, right?" Why did she think jumping into this was a good idea. This small cat was about to tear her a metaphorical new one if the big cat didn't beat her to it. "To be honest I'm just a lackey and I'm kinda talkin' out my ass because I haven't really paid attention to the whole overarching themes Bex and Clarence are going for but cha'girl is trying here."
Posted by: goldenluxury
« on: February 05, 2019, 10:06:43 AM »

She recognizes the male to appear, eyes watching him quietly. Her feathered ear twitches at his introduction, noting the title. It holds little meaning to her now, but perhaps she could learn the different positions later. Currently, she didn't care to. The broken deal was more important to her than anything else. She's learned enough from her papa to know what to make of this situation with their previous ally.

"Well, Clarence Aston, I'll give ya the benefit of the doubt, 'cause it wasn' your responsibility before all this," she begins simply, head tilting upward slightly. As much as she disliked the Ascendants, she wasn't unreasonable. The male seemed fine enough based off the limited encounter she had with him before so she would not be too threatening towards him for now, even if she was still quite annoyed about the whole situation. "T' put it simply, Sunhaven n' the Typhoon were allies. However, despite my warnin' towards 'em, Sunhaven had yet t' pay back the goods we supplied them n' then, well, they merged with ya. We ain't a charity. Sunhaven n' the Typhoon had a deal n' I expect our part of it paid back, soon." To others, maybe an alliance meant being okay with giving things away, but to Goldenluxury Roux, it is very much business. They give things to each other - mutually. Letting this slide would simply be bad business. The deal isn't off until she gets her fair share and she would be quite fine doing whatever it took to make sure her crew received it.

Nothing about her is giving away a threatening appearance, except, however, the strict tone she holds. She is relatively relaxed outwardly, in fact. "And, while I came here mostly on account of that, 'm curious 'bout this new group ya have here, if ya wanna explain. If ya don't, fair 'nough." Goldie's tone becomes more casual now, shrugging as she states her last sentence.
Posted by: clarence a.
« on: February 04, 2019, 08:10:22 PM »

" i bear little resemblance to the king i once was "
DATE February 3
TIME Afternoon
LOCATION Elysium border
PURPOSE Usual patrols
Ever sice my visit with them some time ago, I hadn't thought much about the Typhoon. For a group of pirates, they were rather quiet. I don't mind it, though. The less trouble, the better. I didn't get much of a response last time I visited and that didn't bother me much. We weren't at war and that was enough. They were quiet, anyway, until their leader showed up when I was doing patrols.

I wasn't worried when I heard her voice. She seemed reasonable enough last time we met and I was more than confidant that if the situation escalated, I would be able to handle it alone. She didn't seem to bring anyone with her and, honestly, I didn't anticipate it getting out of hand to begin with. "Yes, I remember. Clarence Aston. I'm one of the leaders of Elysium, the Magna. I'm sure Bex will be around soon. What is it we can help you with?" I asked simply as I approached and settled down before her. I noticed, despite my conscious intentions, my body was starting to tense slightly, as though preparing for... something. I didn't intend for there to be a fight but it was like everything else in my being did. Probably too many days at sea with drunk men who's only entertainment was throwing punches at the nearest hapless soldier. Of course, usually those men would stumble around a little and then I'd escort them to the sick bay and make them drink some water or eat a little bit of dinner. Once they'd gotten some water and food in them, they tended to be much more agreeable. In any case, while my mind was well aware I was not dealing with a drunk soldier ready to put me in a choke-hold, my unconscious soul was much less agreeable, it seemed.
Posted by: goldenluxury
« on: February 03, 2019, 01:32:31 PM »

This entire situation, to be frank, annoyed the Hell out of the captain. Not only did they receive such a long period of silence from Sunhaven, despite her own efforts to visit them, even with the volcano's eruption, but now she has to find out they've merged with one of their enemies. Goldenluxury has regained those memories of Ascendants that she'd once lost, and she knows why she dislikes them. Was every ally destined to be a bunch of traitors? She is considering dropping the idea of having any in general. But, right now, she is on a mission. She needs to speak to this new group. She needs to figure out their stance. Ugh, politics suck. The golden tiger flew over to the territory, holding herself tall. "M' name's Goldenluxury Roux. I need to speak t' your leader." The way she calls out is loud and impatient, her words slicing through the silence.
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