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Uncharted Territories / Re: SOLACE •• joining•• open
« Last post by redvox. on Today at 12:34:26 AM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
Luckily for Kamara, if she was looking for somewhere with strong morals that didn't just revolve around death and fighting, then the Halls was the place to be. Sure, they certainly weren't afraid to fight, and went after other groups if they felt it was in the name of justice and peace for all, but usually the process of choosing whether or not a group deserved to be raised or not took quite a while, with tons of deliberation going on to see if it was the right choice. Vox preferred not to make rash decisions, and he knew that their gods wouldn't want him to either. Hell, that was the whole reason that they had an entire division dedicated exclusively to making sure that other groups were on the up and up. He wasn't quite sure how they stacked up against say, Tanglewood, or The Typhoon, but he did know that they had a hell of a lot stronger morals than the Pitt had, and he was quite fucking proud of that fact. Sure, he had liked and even loved a lot of the people within the Pitt, and didn't want them to be hurt, but he couldn't have stayed there, not after everything that happened with the raid and the aftermath of it. Besides, he didng regret reforming the Halls for a single second. They were active, safe, and rapidly getting a hold over their new territory, and the Harbinger couldn't help the sense of pride that swelled in his chest every single time he stepped out of the fortress and saw other members milling about everywhere, excitedly talking or moving off to complete their various assigned tasks.

The leader had been out for a bit of a walk when a strange new scent reached his nose, and his large ears perked up with interest at the sound of Aslisk's voice, and another more unfamiliar one. Trotting up beside Aslisk and shooting her a nod of greeting, Vox offered Kamara a little sharp smile, his bat teeth glinting, "Well, Kamara, welcome ta The Halls of Hiraeth, then. M'name's Redvox, but y'can call me either Vox or Vinny, whichever ya prefer. I'm th'Harbinger around here, so y'got any concerns? Feel free ta bring them t'me." His tail flicked from side behind him before he gestured back towards the direction of the apartment building they called home, continuing, "Just through 'ere is our main base, th'Fortress. It's where we all bunk. Either Aslisk or I will be happy ta show y'to it if y'want. Y'can pick any room y'like, as long as it's not, y'know, owned by somebody else. Unless they don't mind a roommate." A soft chuckle left the harbinger at his own little joking comment, a strange warmth in his chest over the fact that they had yet another joiner. She almost reminded him of someone from back in the Pitt, but... he didn't want to intrude on her past, or her family.

Neutral Grounds / Private club unreality // warringkingdoms
« Last post by lemy. on Today at 12:20:45 AM »
The Elysium was amazing and all, but right now, he was bored. He was starving for some sense of entertainment and/or conversation. Lemy had a few ideas on how to find some fun, but he had a feeling nobody would appreciate a burst of creative pyromania so he supposed he had to find someone to socialize with. Although, honestly, his options were limited. Winterwish didn't seem like a great conversationalist, he didn't know Playerone, and he was sure that Videogames was just waiting for the right moment to slit his throat, so the best option was Warringkingdoms.

Truthfully, ever since he'd found through the grapevine that Warringkingdoms had taken over the group, Lemy's interest in the other feline had grown. What were the chances? He had taken over a group by force, she had taken over a group by force, it was a cute coincidence. He made a note to get to know her sooner or later. It would be a fun little acquaintanceship between the two resident usurpers.

Now, Lemy wanted to give her a gift as a starting point but he didn't have any business giving around gifts considering he did not own a single ounce worth of shit in his name. That idea would be tabled for later then. He had to use something else to start a conversation.

Which was why the demon was banging on the door of the room he assumed Warringkingdom was residing in. "Hey! Heyhey, Warringkindoms? Rin? Rinny-Rin Rin? Are ya busy? It's Lemy—wanna chat? Spar? Fish? Answer my questions? 'Cuz if ya gimme a few seconds I could probably come up with some, ya know?" Lemy called out, continuing to bang on the door like a madman.
Tanglewood / Re: glitch [★] raining somewhere else
« Last post by suvi k. on Today at 12:12:42 AM »
Breathe.  It shouldn't be so hard just to breathe.  Voices were floating past, on a spiraling fast line.  Concern mostly.  Wh̴͘y̧̧̕ ̨̡͘d͘o̴͏ ̶͢t̕҉̴h̴e̵͞ỳ̷ ̀͘b̴other̨͜?  Just breathe.  Her flashing eyes darted, finding focus where her paws ought to be visible. "I-I...Please.  One count.  Two count.  Aquilla, Ara, Aries, Auriga, Bootes...

Three count.  Four count.  Kiira felt fairly certain she was now entirely tangible and visible.  Physical.  And standing on a roof.  "..."  The petite fox possessed no fear of heights, so much as falling.  Even so... She hadn't fallen yet.  Solid.  Breathe.  She tilted her head downwards, ears flicking back.  "… I..."

"I-I'm... Okay.  L-let me... Stay 'ere... For a second." Solid.  It was nice.  Even if the possibility of hurting self was much higher on the top of a roof than on the ground.  The distance... The higher view point... She could breathe for a second.  "I... I think I want... T-to try to get myself down."  Glitch.  On purpose.  Would it be a glitch then?  Anubis believed in me.  'start with mastering control.'

Maybe.  She'd done it once before.  Once.  "O-okay?Breathe.  Her chest felt on the verge of collapse.  "..."  Though her air flow still stuttered, she squared her shoulders, attempting to strengthen her stance.  Resolve.  Once.  … "… A-actually... I-I... H-how am I sup-supposed to... N-not land on a-another roof?"

That one time she'd been desperate.  Relieved.  Her father on the border of the Pitt.  Finally to return her home.  She hardly possessed the same ecstatic hope to motivate her.  Hardly the same need to leave the place she stood.  "..."
✯ — suvi kiira ní faoláin. female. medic of tanglewood. beta of the typhoon. arctic fox.  ref. bio.
Uncharted Territories / Re: recapping retribution - fireproofing
« Last post by redvox. on Today at 12:12:30 AM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
For once, Vox wasn't actually holding any of Aslisk's angry outbursts against her. After all, he couldn't even begin to imagine the pain that she was in, even if ultimately she was the reason she was in such pain. The closest comparison he had was when he had first burned to death within the warehouse fire that had first disbanded the Halls, but even that had been fast and merciful, with him passing out before the full fury of the agony of dying by flames could take effect. He could only imagine that was similar to this, except that Aslisk wasn't passed out, nor was she dead. Instead she was awake and alive, forced to deal with the consequences of her actions. If Vinny was someone more cruel, he would've felt a smug sense of satisfaction that Aslisk was facing some kind of retribution for doing something stupid, but truthfully he didn't feel good about this at all. He just hoped to Bertille that somebody could help in some way, or there was a good chance that Aslisk could succumb to her injuries and die. The thought made his ears twitch and flatten as he heaved Aslisk onto his back, wincing when he heard her agonized screaming. He expected to be lashed out at in some capacity, and he felt Aslisk thrash a bit, but after a moment the wyvern had just given up, too overwhelmed by the pain that struck her. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or worried, but he felt a heavy mix of both as he began his steady trek back go the apartment building, going through great lengths as to not jostle the female on his spine.

When the apartment building eventually came into sight, Vox picked up his pace somewhat, although he was still exceedingly careful not to wound Aslisk further. Once they were right outside, Vinny took a deep breath before shouting, desperate for help, "Help! 'Elp! We need help, Aslisk is really fuckin' badly burned! Roman! Somebody, anybody who knows what th'fuck to do in a situation like this!" Vox liked to think that he was pretty good at a large number of different things, such as fighting and strategy, and interacting with others. But when it came to healing and stuff like that, he always preferred to shove the ball in another's corner, since he really couldn't afford to fuck up and end up killing someone. Unfortunately, that also meant that he had absolutely no idea what to do in this situation, and was left with only the option to desperately shout for some kind of assistance, praying to Bertille that it would come before something even more serious happened to Aslisk.

( @romanempire )

Uncharted Territories / Re: the mockery plant - reeddogs
« Last post by redvox. on Yesterday at 11:55:03 PM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
Personally, Redvox felt that crab tasted... fine? It wasn't one of his favorite things to eat, and it was a huge pain in the ass to dig through the tough exterior to get to the meat inside, but usually he could put up with it once or twice as the odd treat. His body, although omnivorous thanks to his strange combination of animals, could eat pretty much anything that could be considered edible, but he still found that certain foods left him with a bad taste in his mouth, or a sick feeling to his stomach, so really he just should've been glad that crab didn't make him vomit. Vinny winced when Aslisk let out a sharp cough, terrified for a moment that she had a piece wedged in her throat and would start choking, but she seemed to shrug it off, her eyes narrowing briefly in thought. Vox personally had never interacted with a wyvern before Aslisk, so he would be no source of help in knowing what her body was capable of – it had taken long enough for him to get a hold on what his own hybrid form could even do, after all. Once Aslisk seemed to have calmed, the leader mumbled softly, "A kid that eats them whole...? Sweet Bertille, 'at just seems unpleasant ta me. All th'extra sharp bits with no extra nutrients... still, ta each their own, I guess..." He could only hope that Aslisk would process it all normally, and wouldn't end up with a piece of crab shell cutting up the inside of her guts.

Aslisk then moved on to the subject of what she had just eaten, glaring faintly at the harbinger for a moment before she spoke. A soft chuckle left the gat as he nodded, trying his best to think back to the last time he had actually had a corn dog, "I'm pretty sure anythin' would taste better than that. Unless you're a real desperate herbivore, those things ain't gonna help ya at all..." He shook his head a bit before Aslisk grumbled, and he nodded. Using one of the claws on his wings, the hybrid drew an oval shape in the ground, saying as he pointed to it, "Th'reason they're called that is because they look a bit like corn once they're cooked 'n' all, I believe. And there might be corn in the fryin' batter? I don't actually know that part." It was after this that Aslisk mentioned she would need to try one properly at some point, and Vox nodded his head, admitting with a sheepish look, "Well... I'd tell ya I'd make some f'you to try, but when I first tried them, it was because somebody else made them f'me way back when I was a kid. I don't know if we've got somebody now who can make 'em so you could try one..." Perhaps he or Aslisk could ask around at some point, to see if someone had some hidden cooking skills for odd items like corn dogs.

Uncharted Territories / Re: hoarding for heathens - bowls
« Last post by redvox. on Yesterday at 11:38:44 PM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
Despite being able to practically feel the enraged fire that flared up inside of Aslisk as he picked up one of the bowls, Vox ignored it to the best of his ability, just inspecting the item before putting it carefully back down upon the pile. If he was honest with himself, he knew that what he had just done was meant to be a power move, to show Aslisk that she had no absolute say here. Hell, he didn't even have absolute say here, since he bowed to the whims of the majority of the Halls. Still, he had more authority than she did, and he wasn't about to let himself be pushed around over some fucking bowls, even if the threat of her actually attacking him loomed between the two of them. If she did, she would no doubt face the consequences, being punished and even possibly exiled for daring to raise her claws at another member of the Halls. Still, he wouldn't say that, at least not yet, because he didn't want to resort to petty threats. After all, most leaders operated on a system of mutual respect and a dedication to their members. Like it or not, Aslisk was a member of the Halls, and Vinny felt no desire to threaten her at the moment. He still couldn't help the harsh little laugh that left him when she spoke about her wife and kids, the hybrid mumbling softly as he shook his head from side to side, "It's pretty rich'a you t'say that your children wouldn't like others touching their stuff, considering you stole all'a these bowls for y'own purposes." She was snarling at him, yes, but his tone was still relaxed and joking, confident that he could at least pin her down if she did try to attack him – sure, she had size on him, but she also had more vulnerable places to scratch, or bite. When Aslisk mentioned wanting her family to be at home, Vox shrugged his shoulders, saying as he glanced around the walls of the fortress, "I guess that's understandable. After all, home is th'place that y'always feel most safe at." Currently he felt most safe within the territory that the Halls had claimed for themselves, but he could understand Aslisk's perspective in this case.

A scowl graced itself on the harbinger's face when Aslisk mentioned she would hurt anyone going in to get the bowls, and the hybrid felt his large ears pin down to his skull, a sharp his leaving his mouth, "'Ey. If somebody comes 'n' bothers you, feel free ta tell them off, but no just fuckin' attacking other members, alright? I thought we went over this. This ain't some fuckin' warground, and attackin' others unprovoked will result in consequences. And no, if doesn't count as bein' fuckin' provoked if they ask for their bowls back." He let out a snort as if to reinforce his point, his claws scraping slightly against the paneled ground as he shifted, a sort of restless angry energy settling over him. Ever since he had left the Pitt, he was growing more and more tired of dealing with violence for no good reason over and over again, and Aslisk was one of the main contributors to that frustration. When she quoted the human saying at him, the leader just snapped softly, "'Eah, I've heard that one. Have y'heard the one that goes 'don't bite th'hand that feeds ya'? Cause it sure doesn't seem like it." He wasn't implying that he was the only one doing any work within the Halls – that was far from true – but he was the leader, and he had been the one to lead them all there. If there was anyone appropriate for the hand that feeds, it was him.

The harbinger couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes when Aslisk snapped back about communities, his words coming out shortly after hers, "I didn't have a fuckin' luxurious birthplace, Aslisk. I just had a goddamn normal one." He then said, stretching out before standing up to his full height, his sharp curled horns seeming to faintly glint in the light of the room, "And a family is a community, dumbass. Just cause a family's smaller doesn't mean that it ain't a community. Both a family 'n' a town can be a community. It's not mutually exclusive." He doubted Aslisk was even really listening to his words anymore, but he was getting real tired of her just mouthing off and calling him names like her nonsense swears, and he was honestly proud of himself that he hadn't flung himself into Aslisk and tried to kill her yet. He doubted he would be successful even if he did, but an angry mind was one that wasn't really thinking straight.

Elysium / Re: FLORA •• herb lessons wanted
« Last post by Warringkingdoms on Yesterday at 11:16:36 PM »
  Rin had met Honey a few times before- the one she remembered most clearly being the first assembly after Rin had showed up on the border. The assembly where Rin had informed Tena she wouldn't be staying for long, only realizing long after the fact how much of a lie it was. Then again, it wasn't the worst lie she'd ever told.

  Part of her had expected Honey to be long gone by now, so hearing the pup's voice timidly calling out came as a surprise. A welcome one, to be sure, as they needed all the members they could get, but a surprise nonetheless. Setting down the herbs that she had almost finished reorganizing, Rin walked over to Honey, shivering slightly from the sudden gust of frigid wind that met her as she stepped out the door. "What is it?" she asked softly, twitching her ears. She didn't know the pup well, so it was anyone's guess what Honey would want.

The Pitt / Open the teeth of the traitor // check ups
« Last post by bai shi. on Yesterday at 10:48:46 PM »

" biting the burning bullet to break bones "


things were most certainly going to change around here, but things were too silent. the raid had been finished for some time now, and they were all left to pick up the pieces. the ending wasn't for sure a loss or a win, but they knew that this land could not be considered their home, not after they had put themselves in a position where they had not been of use to either side, serving their own desires.

clearing their burnt throat, the marauder roared, "all pittians well enough to move, gather for health check ups!"
Other Roleplay / Open The Beast Of Bregured Hill
« Last post by Olalla on Yesterday at 10:44:47 PM »
[OOC: This is a VERY old story i began in the 7th grade. I need some input on it. Should i finish it or trash it and start new? Please, i needs much advise.]

The Beast of Bregured Hill
“Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. And even if they do,they will crumble away in the end...”

       A great warrior once stated in the gathering at Bregured Hill. An ancient place where the first clans had decided where they would place the borders. But a dark and twisted clan name Acacias Clan, with their leader being Crevis, thought that they could go on any of the territories. They thought that they owned all of the lands... Crevis set fire to each clans village, we are just started to recover from the devastation caused by Crevis.
       “Rory!” Called a voice from down the hall.
       I jumped at the noise,I knew who was yelling. Aunt Quill. Each day she rushes into my room and starts rambling on about how I don’t help my father harvest the crops behind the village in Mister Freg’s farm yard. It’s not even my job, I help the blacksmith in the middle of the village.

      “Why don’t you help your father Rory, he’s a 40 year old man. He needs all the help he can get, you should be more like me, I helped my mother anytime she did anything,we got so much done it seemed we had very little to do!” She complained.

       I heard some sarcastic-ness in her voice, that’s when I knew she didn’t mean all the things she said. I hated when she did this, and it not like it’s a once in a life time thing. No, this is everyday.  The sun was rising higher into the sky and my aunt had finally finished her rambling, I realized that I was going to be late for my duty, I quickly ran down the hall and sat down on one of the green chairs that circled the large wooden table. The smell of breakfast filled my nose and I couldn’t help but to take one big,giant,deep inhale. Already I could feel my mouth begin to water and my plate was set down in front of me.

      The food was wolfed down and I felt the burning eyes of my mother scowling me. In my mind I was pleading for her not to lecture me, and somehow it worked. She scoffed and broke off a small piece of egg with her fork.

      I grabbed my sweater and threw on my socks,shoes, and hat. As I waved goodbye to my mother, a faint image rushed through my head. It wasn’t a pleasant one at that, but all I saw was a boy screaming in agony,blood running from his chest and legs. Mist and fire surrounded him, yellow eyes gleamed and stood out from mist. Horrifying eyes...Monstrous eyes...The eyes of death its self...

      The vision blurred and I shook my head as if to ridden the sight, I found myself at the door of the Blacksmith. The smell of burning metals and irons made my nose wrinkle and the hair on my neck stand on end . The Blacksmith, his name was Wesley , turned and grinned.

      “A minute late, Quill giving you trouble again?”
      “Ya, but then again when is she not?
      “Good point, lass. Well at least you have a family,so I guess be happy with what you have” he replied sorrowfully.

      I thought to myself and heard Wesley chuckle, his chuckle was low bellowing sound. More like thunder then laughter. It was only a matter of time till I heard his actual laugh... A shiver rolled down my spine, and a loud clang followed. The Blacksmith had stricken the uneven slab of iron that I think is to later be a sword.

      The sun began to set and I started to sweat. Wesley must have noticed because he thought I should take a break, I didn’t answer him. Instead I kept working. I kept sweating. I kept walking the same path back and forth. The sun gleamed into the open windows, burning my skin. I back up into the pile of sword. Stumbling backwards into the pile and falling onto the blades.

       “Rory!” Exclaimed Wesley.

      He sounded frightened, I felt my whole heart sink. I didn’t mean to scare him. In fact I didn’t mean to do any of this. Wesley reaches over for my hand but I push it away and lean up onto the table side,pulling my self up.

      “Are you okay?” He asks.

      “I’m fine, I didn’t land directly on the blades, so I don’t think I got cut...”
and I hoped I didn’t, I couldn’t deal with missing any more days in my duties. I just couldn’t!

      “Maybe you should go home.” He said, “I’m almost done anyway.”

      I nodded and began to gather my things. A faint remembrance of the vision appeared. The eyes. Those glowing monstrous eyes... I looked over at one of the jewels hanging from a nail in the wall. It was the exact shape and colour of the eyes I saw in my vision. My blood went cold and I felt my muscles stiffen, it became very hard to breath and I saw that Wesley had looked over at me. I pushed the hair out of my face, blinked once or twice and began walking.

      A day or two passed by and I still couldn’t get the image out of my head. I tried to, but each attempt was worthless. The image was stuck in my brain like sap on a maple leaf.  I thought to myself and realized I hadn’t gone to the creek in a while. So I walked down-stairs and grabbed an apple, I heard my mother starting to yell at me so I began to run. I make it to the front door just in time because I heard a loud thump, she probably ran into the door.

      The sky started to darken and I looked up at the sky. Rain. By the time I got to the creek I was already drenched. I slipped more than once on the way so I was also cover in mud, half of it I doubt is even mud. Sitting on the edge of the creek, was a sight to behold. The creature. The eyes. The creature had the same shape, size and eyes. The beast stepped into the creek towards me and I stumble backwards. As it came toward I can feel my heart start to race.

      The monster stands there, staring. It didn’t move and it didn’t breath. Was it alive? I had no idea, nor did I have any idea on what to do. Finally, the beast took one more step. It scared me and I flinched. The creature lowered it head and sniffed my hair. It’s breath was warm and sudoric.  I heard a voice from on top of the hill. A young boy approached the beast as if it was only a little lap dog and the creature didn’t move at all. In fact it looked annoyed, the boy turned  towards me and his eyes seem to glow.

      His eyes were the same colour as the creatures. I noticed he had a necklace around his neck but the pendent was tucked into his shirt, so I didn’t get a good look at what it was. What’s on the pendent? Should I ask him, or what? I thought to myself. Maybe I should just leave.

      The boy lowered his hand in front of me. His hand looked rough and bumpy, I froze for a second or two and finally took his hand. He pulled me up and I almost fell forward into the creature.
    “ You okay there, lass? Sorry if my fellow here scared you”
     “N-no, it’s fine. In fact I think I scared him.” I stated
    The boy laughed, I looked at him with confusion written all over my face.
The Pitt / Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Last post by bai shi. on Yesterday at 10:43:09 PM »

" biting the burning bullet to break bones "


a roar ripped from their lungs that rushed through them with such a force, their speed carrying rin's arrow deeper than it should have pierced normally had they been standing. the head pierced their muscle and fur, thudding deep into their body, silver blood immediately welling and spilling. snarling in their agony, they lashed their tail, step staggering a bit, not expecting the hit.

they hadn't fed well in a long time, leaving the brute weaker than they normally would have been. had they physically been stronger, kanga would not have sunk them to the ground with his teeth in their neck, the old scars rough and hardened by scars. the arrow had weakened their right side, splinting just past the humerus, making their body ache with pain from the scrape along the bone.

nearly blind eyes flashing in the light of the sun, they snarled in pain as they felt a fiery pain begin to crawl up their throat and along their tongue, accompanied by a weirdly soothing numbness. spreading their jaws, they could hear the crackle of ... electricity? not thinking further about it, more absorbed with the body pinning them down and tearing at their neck, they attempted to dig their claws into kanga's shoulders and kick in aimed churns at his softer underbelly, hoping to keep him in one place to adminster as much damage as possible. if they were successful, they would try to free themselves from his grip with a snarl of pain, agony ricocheting through their ivory fangs as they snarled, head drooping and sparking saliva dripping from their jaws.

the sparking saliva was mixed with frothy silver ichor, their eyes flattened to their head as they stared at kanga, coat puffed up. this was a surprise for them, the sudden accumulation of electricity running along their gums and lining of their throat and mouth, conducted by their saliva as they hissed, doing their best to make sense of what they had just discovered.

attacking :: @Kanga
powers :: 78% (discovery of electricity)
health :: cleanly pierced chest/shoulder muscles, piece fragmented from right humerus, teeth marks on neck -- burnt/badly shocked mouth and esophagus
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