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The Palm Glades / Re: Something you can laugh about - O; Joining
« Last post by SHERBET on Today at 11:11:19 AM »

Sherbet was out wandering, he did a lot of that since Drifting went missing. His green eyes were half-lidded until he stumbled and yelped out a swear as he fell down a little divot. With a groan, he swayed on his paws as he stood, until he noticed an oddly colored lump. With a shake of his goopy pelt, he crept over and crouched down to be eye level. He felt his fur melt a bit and splats of sherbet ice cream fell from his tail and stomach, but he pushed it aside as he softly asked, "Hey there, you okay?"

"Speaking" & 'Thinking'
The Palm Glades / Open Something you can laugh about - O; Joining
« Last post by Chevrolet on Today at 10:24:35 AM »
In the coming late dawn anyone on patrol toward the cliffs could notice a bright blue and deep red blotch curled up on dark rocks, fur and scales creating a unified pattern on his body. Eyes shut in peaceful slumber, sides rising and falling with peace.

Unsuspecting the hybrid, lonely and sad with no clutch-mate or sibling to curl up with. Garters are notoriously social, and this hybrid is no different. Social group left by storm or tide, leaving the boy of 4 months alone. Unsuspecting of anyone approaching.
"Half of it was true." —-- Chevrolet / Palm Glades / misc. / roleplayer
Coalition of the Condemned / Re: burnt dreams - joining
« Last post by Brutei Tsune on Today at 10:15:05 AM »
A mask of my own face?
I'd wear that!
Icy blue fur glistened in the sunlight as the lion approached, maw bloodied by a fresh hunt. Two eyes blinked at the boy, the lion shaking out his icy-spiked fur and clearing his throat. "You look... unwell. What unfortunate events could lead to such a scrawny thing?" He rumbled, voice soft. Deadly claws flexed but he seemed amiable, tail flicking behind him. "What is your name." He considered giving the catch he managed to the boy, but considering how... ignited.. Sojourn was with the child on their lands, he honestly wouldn't be surprised she'd accuse him of treachery or betrayal just by offering food to a boy.
General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« Last post by Astral on Today at 10:05:22 AM »
using lover boy!
« Last post by RAT C.S. on Today at 03:02:35 AM »
Rat was an interesting being, hell, her name was itself was interesting to say the least. It often made those who met her wonder why her parents had gave her such a blunt, cruel name yet Rat never did reveal that the name itself was a form of alias for herself and it just... So happen to stick for a while. The thought made the Irish lass snort in amusement as she crossed the uncharted territories meeting a few people there and here, they were interesting people though she wondered why they didn't really go to join any of the groups they told her about when she had settled next to a bonfire beside them all. Shaking her cranium at the memories, she let out a soft yelp when her paw sunk into muck but she pulled it back with a frown tugging at her lips  "Oi, what te bloody feck?"

Shaking off the mud from her paw, she lifted her muzzle to the air and began to get a few sniffs. It seemed that she wasn't the only one here with her ears twitching lightly, Rat moved further along not realizing she had passed the border and it wasn't long until she ended up within the town. A confused frown on her maw as she mumbled under her breath "What's all dis t'en?" The Irish woman glanced around a few times only to speak out "'Ello? M'names Rat and I'm wonderin where I am... I am a bit lost..." She paused shuffling her paws a bit nervously with her trusty bat hanging at her side, she continued "And maybe a place to stay... I am awful tired ya see." That seemed good enough wasn't it?
« Last post by rhett on Today at 02:51:19 AM »
not done yet

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you looked at me long enough to see
( over thinking spit fire with a sharp tongue )
something beneath all of the gruff and bluster
name aryll ó faoláin-roux
 ↳ is majestic
 ↳ later chooses the name corinne
nicknames despises them
 ↳ later grows fond of cora
identity trans girl
 ↳ takes a bit of time to figure it out
 ↳ he / him used in writing but she / her in notes and such
orientation unknown
 ↳ wlw though any more specific label won't come until later


domestic feline
 ↳ unspecified breed
while difficult to distinguish between each attribute at first time will make it evident the child is a mix of both fathers, each rather prominent in their own ways

at first she seems almost solid in hue, a soft creamy ginger with faint noticeable darkening about her paws and nose. again left to time slow the gradual shift, further darkening her paws and legs up to the shoulder and knee joints, her tail similar, face the last as it encircles her ears and ends around her cheeks and jawline. here it becomes apparent darker stripes are present, though she may be deemed a ghost tabby until they grow a richer shade than the base they are present on. as it stands even her points are somewhat strange, often light for a flame they are an almost auburn hue and the end point is much earlier than it would be on any other siamese, though it seems this only affects her looks and has no underlying issue

the cost itself is surprisingly long but fine, lacking an undercoat it has some thickness though the volume is decreased with the lack of the secondary coat. thickest about the belly and chest, and thinning considerably along the tail and legs, the length is also somewhat different depending on placement. it almost seemed to be thick the fur was shortened, her chest, while the most dense, is the shortest, and her tail proves the longest, it seems to almost feather slighter near the base up to around the middle. the only exception seems to be her cheeks, both exceptionally thick and long her face is made rather round and soft because of it

it would be rather apt to say she is all paws and ears, at least in the beginning. somewhat unbalanced with her long and slim body, her legs are similar though much of her height will come from a growthspurt later on, she is unlikely to end up taller than either father but will happily give them a run for their money, and rather large paws she is an odd sight. thankfully she grows into her paws a tad before her apprentice days, though won't fully come into them until she is around a year old and nearing the end of her growth, so isn't as unwieldy. as for her ears they are always a shade too big on her, though it would take careful study to actually see this. her build doesn't change much from her youth, however, always with a long and rather slender body it is apparent she is not made for brute strength, more speed than anything, her deep chest attesting to such, but her coat filling out some does at least give her a bit more weight visually

last of all would be her face, here too it clear she is a bit of a mix. with the more angular and downsloping head of a siamese her cheeks are abit fuller than expected, her eyes also don't have the shape of a siamese, and her jaw is somewhat square. overall here is the easiest way to tell she is a mix, though prominent most of all the bright blue of her eyes, a staple of the siamese. the final part would be her horns, nestled between her eara they begin virtually impossible to see, only around her third month do they truly begin to grow in noticeably and prove to be the same blue of her eyes. they will never achieve any great length and grow almost straight back besides a small curve near the end, in all they'll likely be around 4cm in length


Fuck writing personalities


 ↳ as she ages will begin to mellow and become more aloof, the distance is not caused by any known factor but seems simply to be her acting in a similar matter to roan as she grows more into who she is meant to be

 ↳ book smart over anything else, she does value the experience she picks up from life and entering new situations she has yet to encounter prior she simply values the knowledge she gleans through thoughtful introspection and study more

 ↳ unlikely to ever get into the medical field, she finds herself more drawn to gathering information and stealth as her people skills do need work, but, in her childhood, acquires her own little bag and learns to identify herbs so she can assist roan, also quite fond of joining him when herb gathering

 ↳ has quite an active imagination but difficulty utilising it just yet, later will get into pursuits that actively use it but most of them are guilty pleasures

 ↳ adores and looks up to both roan and paintbrush but feels the same, if not more strongly, towards roxanne, goldenluxury, and diya, will later figure out part of the reason, the choice of a french name is also for her grandmother

 ↳ never really sits still, often it is unconscious, ear or tail flicking, chewing on her lower lip, curling her claws into soft ground, she also has difficulty looking at one spot for long periods of time, also extremely animated when talking, she does mellow when around certain people, especially roan, as she tries to emulate his behaviour, and paintbrush, as he is rather mellow and laid back which rubs off on her quite easily though takes a bit of time to kick in
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trackie tackie
« Last post by stilly. on Today at 02:44:41 AM »
roan ó faoláin-roux xx paintbrush
The story of Roan Ó Foaláin-Roux and Paintbrush started off rather simply. Paintbrush was a wanderer living near the edge of The Coalition of the Condemned's territory, while Roan was the proud and standoffish Soothsayer of The Typhoon. One day, Roan wanted to test out his sailing skills, and took a small boat of his own out onto the waves. Not long afterwards, a heavy storm hit the seas, resulting in Roan being thrown from his boat and ultimately passing out. When he awoke, he was on the edge of The Coalition's island, greeted by none other than Paintbrush himself.

Naturally cautious, Roan didn't give up much information to Paintbrush, although the two of them did hit it off fairly quickly. Both were medically inclined, and Paintbrush's calm attitude served to even out Roan's grumpier one. In the end, Paintbrush assisted Roan in getting back to The Typhoon safely, and Roan thought that would be the end of things. However, some time later, Paintbrush arrived at the border of The Typhoon's territory, shortly after the two of them encountering each other at the November Monthly Meeting.

Although surprised by the other's arrival, Roan was glad to see Paintbrush again, and the two of them hit it off once again. Before long, the two of them developed feelings for each other, and ultimately ended up dating as a result of said feelings. Both were very pleased with the relationship, although Roan kept it mostly under wraps due to his very private nature as a whole. This privacy was thoroughly ruined about a month later, however, when Roan became pregnant.

Despite what some may have thought, considering Roan's nature, these children were not a surprise to either father. In fact, Roan had shifted into a female version of his birth form specifically so that he would be able to have children. Their attempts were successful, and Roan has continued his work within The Typhoon as soothsayer while waiting for the children to arrive, with Paintbrush dutifully helping him out. Now the children are only a couple of weeks away, and even Roan's stubborn nature is unable to stop him from slowing down.

While Paintbrush has no significant relations, Roan is related to two of the largest families throughout the beyond. He is the son of Séamus Ó Faoláin and Roxanne Roux, with Roxanne Roux being the current captain of The Typhoon. He is also the current soothsayer of The Typhoon, or current head medic / head of the Necro Mambas. He has multiple HP relations, with his soon-to-be stepmother Diya being an officer of The Typhoon, and his uncle Michael and sister Keona both being dealers of The Typhoon. He also has multiple HP relations in Tanglewood as well, through the Roux family name.

These children will be domestic felines with a heavy chance of horn and/or wing mutations due to Roan's draconic feline blood and mutations. The genetics in terms of appearance are mostly free for all, but Roan is a cream point Siamese feline with bright blue eyes, as well as green wings and horns. Paintbrush, in domestic form, is a chimera feline with splotches of ginger, golden cream, black, and a bit of white. His eyes are mismatched, being amber and blue.

Alternatively, there are two child designs by BossTaurus that are up for grabs to use as an appearance for your child in this litter. Using these designs may even earn you some brownie points, and they can be found down below!

Spoiler: ShowHide

♡ These kittens will be very dearly loved by both parents, so no depressing names! There is no solid naming theme for these children, although they may be given loner names or two-part names.
♡ Inactivity is definitely understandable, but please make sure to stay at least semi-active with these children! At least 8 posts a month is preferred, and inactivity may result in your kit being rehomed.
♡ These kits will start at the age of 3 months, and will preferably age realistically. Age / time skips may happen, but is preferred you discuss it with the other siblings' roleplayers + myself and Andy to avoid confusion.
♡ These kits will all carry the last name of Ó Faoláin-Roux.
♡ Although using one of the two appearances above can earn you brownie points, please feel free to design your own children freely! Using those appearances is by no means a requirement.
♡ Applications will be decided by myself and Andy, so if you have any questions, feel free to DM either of us on Discord, or send a PM here on site.
♡ There is no current choosing date for the kittens, but it will probably be sometime in the next few weeks, considering Roan has been pregnant ICly for a while.
♡ This litter is not first come, first serve! Applications will be gone over by myself and Andy, and we will choose from them for the litter. There is no set number on how many kits this litter will be just yet, and that will be mostly determined by how much interest is shown!

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character — gender — group — roleplayer
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