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General Discussion / Re: [THE SONG NAME GAME]
« Last post by tricky. on Today at 03:05:14 AM »
animal i have become - three days grace
The Typhoon / Re: wt [★] SET YOUR RULE
« Last post by salem on Yesterday at 10:28:42 PM »
Dark eyes gleamed through the ever-present pumpkin.  Light as a ghost, the small feline trotted forward, curious to see the little faerie molding sand on the beach.  His sister came to mind -- joyous laughs and crooked grins, the sound of rushing waves.  The boy smiles, though it may not be very visible.  To this girl, he doubts it matters.  He marvels silently for a time, ever-conscious that it was terribly rude to stare.

He picks at the vines gently curled around his legs for a moment.  When the construction is finished, he finds a voice to speak, however muffled. "Could you teach me to build like that?"  Keona's paws seemed natural, practiced and at ease with the effort.  Salem felt as though the second he tried, he would create a monstrosity of some kind.  Sand castles came easy to his sister, just as flowers did.
The Typhoon / Re: vanilla twilight xx goldie
« Last post by samantha on Yesterday at 10:16:09 PM »
Straying away to think was only something that Sam did in her pastimes. It was somewhere to breathe, and the feline didn't have a lot of dangerous things going on in the Tanglewood right now. Smoking used to keep her calm- now she couldn't even do that, it seemed. Her eyes dwindled on her shuffling paws again. What a nervous wreck you are, Sam. She almost winced as Goldie spoke, looking back towards her. She frowned gently, feeling for Goldie- almost. She couldn't quite sympathize was the part about not being able to get away, she supposed, but time always felt like it was slipping between Sam's paws yet passing so slowly.

She nodded gently to her next response, sighing. Trust wasn't something she was given often, she supposed. Between Beck taking her smoking away from her, and Leroy making a show of his feelings surrounding Sam's current impulsiveness. "Trust is.. good. Wish I had more of it." She flattened her ears, glancing away towards the water again. Anger barely ghosted in her eyes, with a wrinkled nose, but she lost it to the hopelessness of not being able to choke up her lungs.

Sam, however, seemed to be latching onto Goldie. It felt easy to talk to her, compared to the boys back home- and Arrow was always.. she didn't know, really. Really out there? Sam didn't feel easy talking to her about everything. Her paws shifted again. "N-no don't worry about it. I.. ah.. I prefer the company. It's just the guys back home I can't hold up to right now." Sam offered a ghost of a smile, as forced as it was. She turned her body towards the water, sitting down. She shook her head. ""Don't worry about tha'. I've got.. I'll be off your territory by tomorrow morning, I think."

Sam honestly didn't know the way home by heart, but she wasn't that enthusiastic about going back right now. Beck was a certain sore spot, Miko hated her, Leroy probably hated her more. Sam's eyes closed, the green eyes resting behind dry eyelids. "I uh.. I apologize for takin' up your space. If y' think I'm intruding I'll go ahead and leave I suppose." Sam mumbled, looking to her paws again.


The Pitt / Re: Ain't no rest for the wicked
« Last post by augustin. on Yesterday at 07:56:27 PM »
watching the lynx laid out across the rocks, Augustin glowered, still upset over the earlier occurence. "Sunday.", he rumbled, stepping up to the rocks, ears flicking in agitation as he stared at the stunning lynx.
The Pitt / Re: set a war down ● weekly tasks
« Last post by bai shi. on Yesterday at 07:52:28 PM »

" what do you got to lose? "


their head swiveled in the direction of the fae male, tail twitching the slightest. a reminder of home, certainly within his presence. he was willing to take a task, and work came before play or talk. "good to hear you about, gael. we need to clean out the burnt jungle around our camp. none of the youth need to be hurt by the ash and whatever it may carry with it. start by clearing the pathways and I will help move the fallen trees. once done with your tasks, everyone, feel free to help.", not really an option to feel like helping, more of a demanding suggestion.
The Pitt / Re: BE SO COLD | torture
« Last post by EMBRY on Yesterday at 07:36:53 PM »
'cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
The faerie suspected this may happen.  This is your doing in a way.  The swift fox slowly padded forward, an impassive look in his amber eyes.  You doomed her to Gael's wrath the second you decided to help her. She was already doomed, he supposed.  Doomed to malnutrition and dehydration.  Exhaustion and desperation too, from what he'd gathered the day she glitched out of her cell.

He bit back an irritated sigh.  Since when do you inflict vengeance on the innocent, cousin? Since when did he allow it?  Yet the vulpine did nothing, only watched in silence.  Until things began going wrong.  A startled curse in Gaelic followed his flashing eyes when the child disappeared.  Of course.  She barely possessed an ounce of control regarding her abilities and Gael thought this was a smart idea?  If Gael's head felt anything like his, he certainly may be regretting this now.

He crouched low, tossing the other fox a frustrated look before aiming to strike Suvi with a single blast of lightning.  He took care to target nothing vital but fully intended to leave her a nasty burn.  Hopefully, the electricity didn't too much more damage than that.  Embry hoped she'd stay down, rather than force his hand more than once, but he remained nearby, poised to strike again.

"She's hardly any use dead, Gael," he huffed from where he stood.  And if we hurt her any more...  "Personally, I'm more inclined to believe she'd be better put to work." A working healer beside himself would be extremely useful.  Especially if Jervis intends to wage war.  "... An' if she's reluctant..." Well. He doubted that, from the core of his being.
hardly anything left for you to see — EMBRY
The Pitt / Re: SAVE YOURSELF --- herb lesson / patrol
« Last post by gael on Yesterday at 07:08:09 PM »
Hold on Aine...  Grit teeth and narrowed eyes.  Dark paws trot quietly, a child's shadow.  A pair of sharp, hazel eyes flashed between the child and Scotsman.  An expedition -- he failed to see any safety in allowing Aine's part.  She seems earnest enough.  A child's eagerness and strength to hold to a promise may fluctuate -- as ever changing as the colors of a chameleon.

Worse, he preferred not to allow Aine too close to Embry.  Already she seemed too fond of him.  He'll stab you in the back, child. A lesson learned.  And will I let him?  Gael knew full well the possible repercussions of keeping the other fox's secret.  Yet he felt inclined to play this game of chess.  He felt inclined to win.  A friend in someone like his dear cousin meant safety for his daughter.

The lithe vulpine took a seat, regarding his ever-excited child with a rare smile.  "I see no problem with this, so long as you stay where Embry and myself can see you, a leanbh."  Gael supposed a further gain to letting his cousin play spy meant they had a healer among them, which, more importantly, meant Aine possessed a teacher.

She needed to learn.

"Perhaps we should find something to make carrying the herbs back easier.  A basket, perhaps." Especially if Aine felt determined to do so herself.  We ought to try keeping her busy as long as possible after all.  "Then be on our way." Best to leave soon too -- if they were to be productive.
"ISN'T IT LOVELY?" —-- gael ó broin / faerie / pittian / lamby
Artist Loft / Re: For fun it's a wonderful toy -- storage//dump
« Last post by tikki on Yesterday at 07:04:22 PM »
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The Pitt / Re: set a war down ● weekly tasks
« Last post by gael on Yesterday at 06:50:15 PM »
Hazel eyes gleamed thoughtfully at the call.  Tasks -- given by another face than prior, but such made little difference to Gael.  The vulpine stretched out his limbs absently, ear flicking.  To be productive, work must be done.  A convenience rested in someone dishing the tasks out -- less time deciding and more time moving.  The faerie inclined his head towards Bai Shi, the apparent task-giver.

"I'll take one," the Irishman spoke, blinking.  He saw no sign of Aine, but certainly she may be up and about.  God bless the Pittian who managed to put his daughter to an actual, productive task.  Too ADD...
"ISN'T IT LOVELY?" —-- gael ó broin / faerie / pittian / lamby
The Typhoon / Open CARRIED AWAY / chatroom au
« Last post by goldenluxury on Yesterday at 06:34:14 PM »
the pirate princess has logged on.
the pirate princess: howdy crew
the pirate princess: so i need some bigass paper
the pirate princess: i mean GIANT
the pirate princess: it's for a personal project
the pirate princess: anyone know where i can find some
the pirate princess: oh and also how're you all
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