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Coding Corner / Re: [ YOU AND ME, FOREVER ☆ storage ]
« Last post by gregory on Today at 02:29:11 AM »
The Typhoon / Re: you can threaten me with a good time [re-intro]
« Last post by Keona. on Today at 01:55:56 AM »
— if I fall, get knocked down, pick myself up off the ground —
Although never close to the witch, the tiny privateer possessed vague memories of her.  Afterall, the ocelot had been soothsayer at one point.  Consequently, as petite paws carried the fae across the sand, she halted from a familiar presence, pale sea-green hues blinking.  Diligently the gears began turning in her mind, seeking the proper name.  Roux.

Just lightly, her head tilted.  "Aloha Rosemary," yes, that sounded right.  Carefully, she began inclining her head, adjusting to the best of her abilities.  As she inhaled the salt air, ears perked, she caught the sound of sand shifting purposefully. 

Hushsound.  Her tail flicked silently in greeting, recalling uncomfortably that they could not communicate without an intermediate.  Oh well.  Despite disliking the lack of independence that required, she realized the pointlessness in being upset over it.  It was okay if he couldn't talk.  It was okay she couldn't see.  They just had to work around it when necessary.

Keona wondered how well the former soothsayer remembered her.  Out of every older member of the Typhoon, she presented an oddity in her existence -- she had hardly grown since many had come and gone, barely looking any different as the moons passed by.  Certainly she looked a little older now.  A question she hardly thought to ask.

Regardless of memory or lack off -- they hadn't been close; simply crewmates -- she'd offer the larger feline a polite smile.  "How're you?"
✯ — keona sibéal ní faoláin. female. privateer of the typhoon. blind. rusty spotted cat.  ref. bio.
Plotting / Re: THE PACK [brainwashing plot!!]
« Last post by axiom on Today at 01:35:16 AM »
y e s

I have Vale, who's a pagan witch that I was wondering how to drag into the Clans again now that her reason for being here (her brother) left.

Fourth can definitely infect her. :)
Tanglewood / Re: TROUBLE TO MY LEFT ☆ books
« Last post by torren on Today at 01:34:19 AM »
K a l o n . n.
In the relatively short time the youth spent among Tanglewood, a fairly sizable portion belonged to time in the library.  The place stood quietly more often than not, a silent refuge with air tasting of dust and biblichor.  A place his mind now associated with a pair of heterochromic eyes - the ice blue of winter and soft amber of autumn.  Despite lacking the grandeur of his kingdom's library, Torren felt a growing attachment to the old building.

Finding a great deal of books outside the building presented a pleasant change of pace however.  Growing curiosity drew the wildcat towards the trio.  A brief image of those eyes surfaced in his mind, thoughts turning in the mild wonder of whether he should find their owner.  In light of possible tensions, the prince decided against actively seeking her, but kept her in the back of his mind.  A few new books in her personal collection may improve her mood.  Well, maybe I'll just pick something we'd both be interested in and I can share with her.

"If I may," the boy began politely, inclining his head briefly, "would you have anything astronomy related here?"  History or myth mattered little, as he fondly recalled sharing the night sky with Kiira.  "Regardless, I'm also happy to offer a paw moving the books wherever they need to go, should you need one."
Coding Corner / Re: [ YOU AND ME, FOREVER ☆ storage ]
« Last post by stilly. on Today at 12:20:02 AM »
angel man is gonna find out he's an angel at the start of october,,,,
Coding Corner / Re: [ YOU AND ME, FOREVER ☆ storage ]
« Last post by gregory on Today at 12:19:12 AM »
an angel mans,,,,,,
The Typhoon / Re: you can threaten me with a good time [re-intro]
« Last post by hushsound. on Today at 12:19:10 AM »
Of all the people for Rosemary to first encounter in her first foray back into having a social life again, it was doubtful that her first choice probably would have been someone as new as Hushsound. The mute hero had arrived at the group only a few days ago, and while he was slowly becoming more and more familiar with everyone that resided within the Typhoon, he was also willing to bet that Rosemary would have preferred to run into one of the many other older members, or one of the members of her family. Still, he was never one to pass up meeting somebody, even though he couldn't really conventionally talk with any of them unless they were very very close. After all, he had only ever really spoken out loud to his first love, as well as somebody who was practically a mother figure to him, so he probably wouldn't be speaking in audible words to Rosemary anytime soon. Still, he desperately hoped that, with her 4 eyes, Rosemary was able to read his writing, or, even better, knew sign language like Goldie had demonstrated when he had first joined.

Walking along the beach on his own, the small golden male made no noise beyond the soft clang of his dagger sized sword against his hip, sheathed and attached to the belt around his waist. The young feline couldn't often get a full night's sleep easily, as his dreams were plagued with visions of crying princesses and dark clouds of misery and hatred wrapped around large castle structures. Because of this, he spent most of his time at night these days just silently exploring, watching the sun slowly disappear below the horizon line with curious light blue eyes that took in the beauty of it all without so much as a single comment. This time, however, his eyes were drawn towards something other than the now long gone sun: Rosemary. He had never seen the ocelot around before, and she was certainly different from any other ocelot he had seen in his short life, so he felt his paws guiding him towards her before he had really processed what they were doing. Once he was only a little bit away from Rosemary, he offered her a little smile and moved to carve words into the sand they were standing on, his fluffy tail flicking to and fro as he wrote out, "HELLO THERE. MY NAME IS HUSHSOUND, WHO ARE YOU?" He didn't want to seem as if he was being blunt or rude, but when he was writing on the ground, he usually had to be brief, for fear of running out of room or having his words trampled on.
Tanglewood / Re: TROUBLE TO MY LEFT ☆ books
« Last post by wormwood. on Yesterday at 11:44:45 PM »
The first two people to arrive on the scene were Crowley and Selby, two that Wormwood enjoyed being around, and one that he was just beginning to get to know. When Crowley commented on never having seen so many books outside of a library, Worm snorted and shook his head a little, amused. He did have to admit that it could seem like he had been hoarding books as his life went on, but in all honesty he had read nearly every book in his extensive collection, with the only exceptions being the books that he had received very recently, and hadn't had a chance to read yet. When Crowley questioned how hard it was to expand his home, the hellhound glanced back at the wooden building before barking softly, "I'm not sure how hard it would be, honestly. Would probably be pretty easy if I had earth elementals, cause then I could just shift the wood to create more room, but unfortunately all I've got is my fire elementals... and unless I wanna burn my house down entirely, I doubt they'll be of much use." He then said, beginning to pull books out of the box and place them covers up so that Crowley and Selby could see what they were about, "I was gonna donate most of them to the library, but first I was gonna see if anybody wanted to take some of them. Might as well share with others before I just shove them in the old dusty shelves of the library, ya know?"

When Selby questioned what he was doing with all the books, Worm awkwardly scratched the back of his neck with a paw, remembering that it hadn't exactly been like Roy had publicly asked him if he could move it. Still, it wasn't as if the young tiger would want him to keep it a secret. After all, the whole reason that Roy wanted to move into Worm's house wasn't only because he wanted to become closer to his adoptive father, but also because he wanted to be around the rest of the town some more. Deciding it would he fine to share, the male mumbled as he flicked his paw over some of the book titles, as if showing them off, "Roy wants to move into my house now that he can actually live in town, so I'm getting rid of some of my books so that we have more room. He doesn't exactly have much with him right now, but I still want him to have space on my shelves for when he does get things as he gets older. If you wanted any of these you can take them. I've noticed that you're a lover of books too." The books that Wormwood had dragged out were of all different shapes and genres, ranging from informative books made for teachers and students, to simple story books that were just for feeling happy for a while.
The Typhoon / Open you can threaten me with a good time [re-intro]
« Last post by rosemary on Yesterday at 09:48:57 PM »
She lives, the sea air breathing life into her lungs with every passing moment. Yet she lives in the group’s shadow, out of the social light. To speak invites questions, and questions are the things Rosemary fears the most. The ocelot spends her days in quiet solitude, lovingly tending to her plants and filling the hours with meditation. Her interactions with the rest of the group are sparse, and even then only brought about when tending to the Necro Mambas’ supplies or meeting another soul on the beach.

The quiet settles her mind, lets her hear the crash of the waves without interruption from anxious thoughts. They always zig-zagged their way through her mind before, crashing into her plans and fouling up an otherwise serene mood. Yet even now, months into her solitude, she feels the tangled web of gunk sticking to the back of her mind, like a cockroach that lurked under the refrigerator awaiting the darkness. This anxiety – no, it ran deeper than general anxiety, she knew, she has always known but never wants to admit – ruled her life.

Everything she did, she did to try and drive this cockroach into its filthy hole. And yet she couldn’t explain the rationality behind her actions, not fully. No more than how she could explain how each molecule moved after her paw sunk into the wet muck of jungle soil. Yet here she was, trying to re-focus on her meditation after her mind wandered into these fears. Wondering, for the thousandth time, whether she meditated because she wanted to or because it drove away the cockroach. And the wondering turned into wretched fear, that old fear that lingered ever since she saw her mother’s mental decline –

Her eyes opened, all four of them. Just like that, she was back on the shores with the heat of her bonfire burning into her back. The sun set a few hours ago, and the night chill from the wet ocean winds came in full force. Usually she left the beach by now (the sand long since infiltrated her tea thermos), but the nettling fear to vacate the open space prodded her less insistently today. Despite the fears that surfaced, broke her meditation, Rosemary wanted to socialize. For once in her life, for once in the long time since she’d returned to the Typhoon after that disastrous stint in the Rosebloods.

waded through the spirits like a flood on the floor
Coding Corner / Re: all alone / . storage
« Last post by MARIA S. on Yesterday at 08:54:13 PM »
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