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Uncharted Territories / Re: I've been away for a long time | intro
« Last post by R. AIZA on Today at 07:06:24 PM »
aiza was never one to be compassionate, but he was no monster. he was never the best at calming his own kid, but that didn't mean he couldn't help when one needed help. walking down the beach, he found himself stopping just behind the child, large head cocked to the side as he lowered himself into a crouch, shuffling forward so that he was next to the child. he hated the sound of crying, that much was obvious by how his ears pinned back against his head.

"what are we crying about, kid?" he asked, settling that big head on his down on his paws. the kid didn't look injured, but you never know. "you good? or should i go calling for someone?"

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Uncharted Territories / Alithís Evgenis Once we're fed, we shall disappear rapidly [- Whale Harvest-]
« Last post by Malak on Today at 06:42:06 PM »
✯ — Run along now, don't be glum. Get you gone, now, have some fun
The bird had been pretty busy as of late, his wings were beginning to tire and the bucket became heavy within his beak, winter slowly laid her icy grip upon these lands from many moons north of here. Maybe he'd walk?

Malak floated down to the wet ground and the bucket toppled over with a clank, ocean mist lay like a blanket within the tree's branches and the land's moss and rocks. The whale, however, would not be hard to find due to the smell. Oddly enough, the whale hadn't been sitting there for very long. Hobbling over gnarled tree roots and odd shaped rocks, the dark feathered bird finally reached the dirty sandy shore of the coast. Blue and blubbery, the whale lay on its side. Seagulls and vultures circled above it, cawing a cackling as Malak flapped onto the dead ocean creature.

The avian maneuvered his wing so the ditty bag between his shoulders would fall to the side, Malak stuck his head inside and pull out what looked like a shark piece of broken bone. Harvesting this whale wasnt going to be an easy job nor would it be clean, but Alithis needed the blubber to boil down into oil for the lamps, and the meat to eat for this winter. And Malak didn't have a whale bone strung up in his tree yet!

He shoved the bone into the side of the whale, praying to whatever god was up there that the whale wouldnt burst open. The bone cracked and broke, Malak tumbling back a bit. "Of course, why would it be that easy." the bird grumbled to himself. He should have known though, blubber is very hard to cut through and the bone broke too thin. Depending on the species of whale, the thickness of the blubber can vary dramatically from 1 inch up to 11 inches thick, and Malak was sure that his beak wasnt long enough nor sharp enough to cut through 11 inches of whale blubber. "Hm.." the corvid muttered, hobbling back down to his ditty bag. Nothing in here would be sharp enough to cut into the whale.
Private Rendezvous / Re: JUST DON'T WAKE UP // Jormungand
« Last post by Windowmemer on Today at 03:26:04 PM »

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Recalling the small push from Dante he frowned again  but continued strolling through the clearing until he stumbled across a limp wing. He nearly stepped on it, and could've, but swerved to the side in time. He looked down at the rest of the animal and did wish he stepped on the wing. "Very careless of you to be lying there all spread out, you know that, right?" He'd purr, sitting down next to Dante and curling his tail over his paws, a small smile flickering on his maw. The other was kinda big, but Jormungand didn't really care. They were the same size. Let him react however he wanted to.

Biographies / Animal What I Once Was -- Guss Bio
« Last post by Guss on Today at 12:36:35 PM »

The threshold one passes when death covers them is a strange one - they may go into another world, with the memories of their past life, or simply cease to exist. Both ideas are equally disturbing.

Full Name: Guss 'Gusso' Armstrong
Name meaning: Guss was the name given to him by his old owners, Gusso was his nickname, and Armstrong was his old family name
Age: 2 years
Gender, pronouns: Male, He/Him

Species: Boxer Canine
Physical Description: Brown base coat with black on his muzzle and ears, white on his neck, and a patch of white on the top of his neck, toward the left side. He has hazel/brown eyes. His neck has a few scars from his previous life, and he also has a large scar on his left armpit, which somewhat hinders his ability to walk due to some neurological damage.

Personality: He's a family/friends forever kinda guy - the fights he had with one of the dogs in his past life hasn't changed that. He is protective of anyone he becomes close to, and will not hesitate to fight for them. He's not the best fighter, though, so that's something against him. He'll take care of others before he takes care of himself, which will often get him into difficult situations. There isn't much else to say on his part, but more personality traits will reveal themselves in roleplaying.
Physical Difficulty: Not too hard to win against in a fight, but not too easy as to take him down with like one hit. He's a hearty bastard.
Mental Difficulty: Medium

History: Before he awoke in BoB, he lived a good life with his human owners, who had taken him from a dumpster when he was a puppy. He was named Guss in respect for the family's late Rottweiler, Gus. He lived a good, happy life with the other family dogs, growing close to the black lab they had, Beau. They had grown old together, and when Beau passed away, he was devastated. Then his family got a pitbull named Puppers, and the two had gotten along semi-well. One fateful night, Guss and Puppers got into a fight - Guss had completely given up on the fight, and 3 of his owners took him to an emergency vet. They found out that Puppers had tore into Guss' foreleg/armpit, creating a gash all the way to the bone causing neurological damage. They gave the family a choice: Amputate the leg or put him down. Guss was a heavy dog and would not have been happy on 3 legs, so the family painfully decided to put him down. With the world fading around him, and the matriarch of the family by his side, he passed away. He thought that would be the end of it, but he woke up here, on BoB's island, young and spry, but with scars of his past life. His memory had not been wiped, and he was fine with that - the memory of his family and the dog who determined his fate (who he still loved and held no hate for) was something he would rather keep than forget, for it was his everything, his comfort.
Tanglewood OOC / Re: HP Request + Inactivity Notices
« Last post by Mysteriously Maple on Today at 08:45:07 AM »
Hey everyone, I’m getting a root canal treatment done today so I’m not sure how much energy I’ll have to do any posts today.

I’ll try to get some done this evening but if not, I will definitely be on tomorrow
Rambunctious may be a somewhat light word for the child, though indeed applicable within his situation. Short the time whiled away on shores dusted with particles bearing soft golden hue, unbeknownst to many the halfway mark was left behind, yet teachings may only stretch a certain length. Into the fold had he been brought, tended and adored as though child of some was he rather than abandoned nuisance — too many mouths, useless and thus unwelcome. Beneath skin still was it there, the imprint biological connection wrote along muscle and sinew, a lesson within his life as of yet only begun.

Was nature or nurture the stronger.

Baseless such trivial line of questioning and so disregarded, within moment lingering mind that whirled and tried to make some sense of that which lay before him. Broken line of vision with the intrusion of a paw, attention drawn towards the other, grown family more than leader. Slight the cant shifting perspective slightly, scrunched bridge of nose, shallow yet apparent crease adorning brow. Progression of days brought along with it chance to learn, expanding always mind, slowed progress for more tantalising acts forbidden.

"Katsh." Once more Foam prodded at the odd amalgamation when directed to it once more, away drawn as though burnt paw tightly pressed to chest, the faint whirring the thing made startling to say the least of it. For a moment he merely watched it begin to move along the course, sand kicked up in his wake as he bounced after it, enticed into chase as it looped about various obstacles more for the fact it was capable of locomotion rather than the adornment overtop.

Outward reached paws, slight the graze against faux fur before the diversion of attention proved an issue, a loose tangle of seaweed wrapping about a misplaced paw. Wasted a few precious seconds as teeth and claws alike worked at the vegetation, clinging still fragments as he arose, undeterred if at least more careful to watch the placement of his paws.
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Uncharted Territories / Re: Rat snake Appetites! ~~Joining, Open
« Last post by FOAMKIT. on Today at 07:32:17 AM »
Brief the falter, edges falling as parted mouth in show of surprise, manner pale muscle slipped forth exposing a split tip an unexpected development. His own came to extend as far as was possible, the barbed surface was not within his line of vision, however, grown cross eyed in his attempt to gaze upon it. Of course he did not bear the same, nor even similar, properties and disappointment was voiced in a heavy exhale through flared nostrils. Withdrawn his tongue once more, necessary for other things as it were, yet cut off his chance to speak aloud his query.


Certain the ease with which one may gauge such, within such a tender time as that he occupied growth was steady though time was necessary all the same. The strands along his spine bristled at perceived slight, smoothed in part by sudden pressure against raised shoulders, confusion alighting in vision turning towards origin. Once more softened visage marred beneath growing anger — too strong such, more befitting possibly mere annoyance, more tentative the smile he turned to Medusa. Lost many of that which Lo spoke, his inflection enough to impart a basic premise, high pitched the lilting squeak Foam voiced with head held high.
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Paternal figure.

Cold and impersonal, poor if proper the fit about that which spanned the distance between them, all else tentative in the rise to caged tongue withheld from vocalisation of more. Such may not temper thought nor want, how it threaded along the expansive network veins wove in tautly strung muscle. Unpredictable time, and fate seemed to bear no care to those not deemed worthy of inclusion in the meagre gallery of the favoured, the moment meant for living.

Light the contact, graze where fur met, minging in shades of silver and rust, closer drawn until near swallowed seemed the child in over-abundant strands. Closer did he squirm, slight the withdraw allowing the prop of chin, along features grown lax beneath exhaustion eyes new in their change moving. Upon tip of tongue words lingered, all too small those at his disposal, however, poor a frame for that which encircled head that ached, further aggravated as teeth pressed harder. Change a slow thing, dawning within the widened of eyes until ivory ringed soft green depths, loosened mouth, surprise reflect until the upward draw once more settled.

"Rhi." As best as one of such miniscule size may about midsection were similarly hooked his own limbs, an embrace that may not reach and thus off balance Foma, into Rhine leaning as he simply enjoyed the moment.

Too soon the harsh clamour breaking delicate illusion, deep in chest broad and defined by muscle rumble drawn, originating from beast he twisted about to catch a mere glimpse of. Upset his balance barely was he caught, about whirling with a pitiful show replacing prior joy, squeaky growl seeping between exposed teeth. Yet none moved in offense, unimpeded the monster that settled among them as though throne may he carve here, a sly devil bearing obscured intention. No other shared his sentiment and thus concluded it with a drawn out grumble, though his coat may not lay flat as of yet, defensive still the stance in which he stood before Rhine, lost that this was the one he had welcomed on the basis of unification.
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The Pitt / Re: weekly tasks & prompts [★] price tag
« Last post by aine. on Today at 04:13:37 AM »
[ Aight, @T. ROUX it's dazzling
@gael ; ghost

The petite deer-fox blinked, smiling softly as Trygve answered the call.  Would it be fair to simply demand he rest?  ... Maybe.  But... Well.  She knew she'd appreciate being given something to do.

"Ry," ( @T. ROUX ) her eyes flickered briefly in concern, thinking.  "Show um- show off your whittling.  Maybe you can show everyone a lil 'bout how you do it?"  That shouldn't be too rough on him.

The Fleshweaver shuffled her hooves, teeth catching the inside of her cheek.  Jor certainly had a rougher exterior, eyes darting towards her father briefly at a familiarly defense, albeit abrupt shift in the air.  Determined, Aine straightened her back again. "Jor-Jormungand; hold ah-hold a self-defense class." ( @Windowmemer )

As her father offered his gratitude, her chest lifted.  Pleased at the thought she was making him proud.  But he wanted a task too?  Stars.  Her feathers ruffled at her sides.  "Merci da... How about- how about you give a crash course on chess?" ( @gael )  Personally, the little druid could use a refresher... She had a hard time remembering all the rules.

Dante.  A little blunt sometimes, but she appreciated his watchful eye.  "Dante, how about- how about you host a game of your choice?  Something that you like to play." ( @DANTE NORTHWEST. )
Uncharted Territories / Re: A not-so-gentle Breeze -- Drift Intro
« Last post by FOAMKIT. on Today at 04:03:02 AM »
Turbulent scape shifting beneath ever increasing external stimuli, over it all ceaseless the thrum of thought, poor the regulation present. Children bounce back fast. Such is where the discrepancy may be found, confusion it all, a bubbling mess beneath tentative hold, away slipping as fingers try all the harder to hold closer it all in hope to understand.

Beneath the slowly fading edges, grown taunt, it lingered in shaded corners, a cruel beast the misunderstood slowly growing mind proved incapable of handling. Yet apparent grew it once more, befell soft visage within twisting adornment frown hung upon pale lips, broken the pitiful little mewl he voiced. He could not understand, conflicting that which converged in tightening chest, sudden the arrival of tears gathering before the fall. Hiccups arose next, mixed within a strained, odd little laugh, before himself paws crossing over, placement switching after a few seconds.

Creeping up closed throat the want to yell, remove from beneath rust hued fath — leader the creature depicting signs of worry, addressal of such beyond him, and so tighter grew the press of lips, words withheld for known the displeasure Rhine was likely to express. More words, gesture to the shallow valley where comfort may be found, silenced the roiling waves his mood had become, dipping and arising with each fluttering heartbeat. Unsure the nod Foam offered, forth creeping on shaking paws, beneath sliding beside the other.

Even seized by his own dour mood close did lean child, among feathers sought to bury nose, murmuring in a soft voice before a purr began. "Fren."
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