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The Typhoon / Re: RUN RABBIT RUN // visitor
« Last post by FAKHIRA CIPHER. on Today at 10:50:52 PM »
"Isn't that right, Fakhira?"

Fakhira stared at her littermate, in shock at what she just heard Aphra accuse her of. She blinked at Aphra, hurt by her words, but the icy glare that Aphra was giving her reminded her of their father. It was unnerving and Fakhira turned her head away, pinning her ears at the back of her head. "Yes... Yes, I killed her." She spoke softly, closing her eyes and preparing for Aphra to lash out at her for speaking in such a quiet tone; luckily for Fakhira, though, the gate separated the two - though that definitely didn't stop Fakhira of being reminded that Aphra could kick her ass if she wanted to. If not outright kill her herself.✧*:・゚
The Pitt / Re: TOGETHER AS ONE + mandatory meeting
« Last post by DANTE NORTHWEST. on Today at 10:47:38 PM »
A meeting; about time, huh? At Kydobi's call, Dante made his way over, listening to the Ardent's announcements. He apologized for leading everyone to the desert, which wasn't that big of a deal; it was better than anyone getting majorly hurt, no? Sure, Dante himself had been hella fucking out of it and the desert irritated his gills but fuck it, whatever. No harm done.

Next was welcoming the newcomers and Dante couldn't help the snort that escaped him when Kydobi declared him as a Debutante. It was rather insulting, really, and Dante was starting to grow irritated by it. What, do I have to be a pansy-ass follower? Fuck that. If Kydobi thought he was going to willingly listen to him without proving that he was a good leader, he had another thing coming. But whatever, again no harm done - perhaps to Dante's ego, sure, but nothing physically.✧*:・゚
Tanglewood / Re: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE // open, joining
« Last post by CAESAR CIPHER. on Today at 10:34:59 PM »
Caesar's fur bristled at Leroy's response, his nice facade that he was trying (but obviously failing) to show quickly diminishing. "I've gotta say, that's a shit excuse for denied someone into your group." He huffed, referring to how Leroy said he looked like a scratching post. The savannah didn't appreciate the threat, either, and if his brother - and the other Tanglers - weren't around, he probably would've had half the mind to attack Leroy right then and there for such a threat. Caesar let his gaze travel to the other Tanglers, before a slap in the face knocked him over.

Vigenere had taken it upon himself to attack his younger brother, though it wasn't because Leroy had denied him. In all honesty, he had been disgusted by Caesar's act towards him; he had no right to call him 'bro'. "Leave. We have given you enough chances." Caesar was lucky that Vigenere didn't use his claws, and he knew that. The battle-scarred demon scrambled to his paws and fled the scene.

Elysium / Re: every single night's alright — koc visitors
« Last post by limbotrials on Today at 10:32:49 PM »
Politics, politics, politics.

Mostly boring, a lot of them real shit in their history, and overall did not leave a great taste in the male's mouth. Perhaps for more reason than most. After all, they were the very thing that had brought forth the war machine, and the very thing that'd brought him down. They were, no matter how he may feel, however, important, if someone was to coexist with many others. World peace may seem nice in one's mind, but it wasn't realistic. And the closest they could get would compromise. He figures, now that he's reentered to society properly, perhaps he should pay better attention to that ever-changing compromise.

The coyote's tail sways up and down as his short legs carry him closer, head low with perked ears, listening quietly as the others spoke up, arriving just after Cooper. He finds himself snickering at the male's introduction - what an unfortunate tale to be named after. He cocks his head to the side ever so slightly, eyes locked upon the feline. Everyone seemed keen to give a polite introduction to him, though the white canine was personally not so interested in formalities. A dull note, they were nearby. That could be good or bad. "Your sights just as good as ours?" he decides to ask, keeping his tone light, deep voice coming out quiet, but loud enough the others should hear. Personally, he loved to look to the night sky, and the mountainous range was certainly a plus that added onto it. It felt closer.
Helpful Hub / Re: Request Badges Here
« Last post by Mysteriously Maple on Today at 10:27:40 PM »
On it!
Staff Applications / Doppio’s staff application
« Last post by doppio on Today at 10:23:17 PM »
Ranks interested in: Junior Mod
Discord Username: boo__fiend#4124
Time Zone: Central time zone (CST)
Any qualifications or previous experience?: I’m a mod on two moderately sized servers and have been for six months now! I have knowledge in how to code for sites and website design so I can help out with coding if help is ever needed! I also took classes in website management
Why would you like to be staff?: I want to help with future coding projects the site might have, and I love the community and friends I’ve made here on BoB and want to see the community thrive
Got any fun facts about yourself?: I like helping communities out and right now I’ve been helping out my irl neighborhood community by making everyone free masks during the pandemic and helping host food drives for people in need
Questions?: None! UvU
General Discussion / Re: VENGEFUL GENIE [twist a wish!]
« Last post by stygian on Today at 08:56:18 PM »
what the HELL

Granted. Amazon doesn't fuck up your orders at the expense of every other company you order from fucking up your orders instead!

I wish I wasn't lactose intolerant.
Tanglewood / Open will of the thousands | joining
« Last post by KORNAK on Today at 08:00:59 PM »
KORNAK - male - wyrm - tags - profile
Exhaustion. That was the first thing he felt when he came to this living, breathing rock. After being struck by a massive meteor and being dragged to a new world, he had been weakened from impact and he was forced to go under to heal. It was like being asleep, but he could still sense things around him. Hear and see in his own way.
The years went by and his powers began to fade and it was like being blind. He would have to do something about that when the time came to come out of hibernation, but still he had to rest. He needed to be strong. Things were changing around him and he knew he would need his strength when he came out. A feeling deep in his body and bones told him powerful creatures were waiting for him.

The time eventually came when his strength finally came back and he started to quiver and move. The beast unfurled his body and he slithered under the ground, causing the ground to tremble slightly in his wake. There was the feeling of disorientation as his jaws snapped and he swallowed dirt and rocks in his efforts to burrow upwards.

Kornak was finally ready to see this world for what it was, what it held, and what was in store for it.
General Discussion / Re: VENGEFUL GENIE [twist a wish!]
« Last post by toboggan on Today at 07:22:52 PM »
Granted. Your guinea pig can now speak English, but to your absolute horror, you discover that he's from the United Kingdom.

I wish that Amazon wouldn't fuck up my orders, because I really wanted that one thing to be delivered but it DIDN'T COME.
The Typhoon / Private alter ego + goldenluxury
« Last post by leroy on Today at 07:21:08 PM »
Goldenluxury Roux fell under a distinct category as a person. She was an individual of immense power, having been at the helm of the Typhoon for quite an extensive length of time. With the Typhoon being Tanglewood's numero uno ally, Leroy maintaining a healthy, mostly professional relationship with the demigod simply made sense. Not only that, but the hound had known the tigress for nearly a year now. And if the foregoing details weren't enough, she was also technically the cousin of his romantic interest, but the general preferred not to think about that side of things - because the Roux lineage tended to be incredibly knotty at times, and attempting to process it typically ended in a migraine for the male.

Yet, the relationship he upheld with Goldenluxury was a tad different, he felt. He didn't see it as a formal connection solely based on graceful amenities, but rather, a genuine friendship. Or acquaintanceship; Leroy didn't want to assume anything, of course.

The Irish Wolfhound surmised that his connection with the pirate captain arose before he'd commandeered his leading position, some months preceding the end of his legitimate lifespan. Cancer had yet to start eating away at his health, so he was able to muster enough energy to embark towards the island tribe. It was then he'd met with the tigress for the first time, and it's due to this that he took his familiarity with her as less of a formality and more of a personal bond.

Leroy respected the Captain immensely, and the level of esteem he had for her was far from insignificant. Unfortunately, he worried that his recent lack of interaction with her suggested otherwise. Though their two groups were strong allies, a hot minute'd passed since the last time he paid the female a visit. The general took sole responsibility for this, for there were more than enough irons in the fire that he needed to tend to. Among the responsibilities ailing him was dealing with the calamity brought upon the territory by the shaking ground, coping with the desertion of his second-in-command, and struggling to keep the medical team afloat, as the recent death of Moth left Kiira as the only remaining functional healer; Selby was an emotional wreck at the moment, so he was out of the picture.

However, the Typhoon had it much, much worse than Tanglewood. Whilst the forest group dealt with the tremors caused by the meteorite, the Typhoon absorbed the full impact. Their territory was left in devastation, and many landmarks were undoubtedly destroyed or misplaced because of it. Yet, even though there was a lot on her plate back home, Goldenluxury found the time to pay her allied tribe a visit. A noble notion which made Leroy feel as though his previous excuses were folly.

Well, no longer would he hold off on a visit of his own. He trekked into the heart of the Typhoon's territory, conversing with various passerby throughout his expedition. This wasn't one of those 'I'm another leader, everyone come talk to me' visits; he yearned to see one person and one person alone. Taking in the destruction with a morbid fascination, he patiently awaited @goldenluxury's arrival. "speech"
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