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« Last post by GOLDNUGGET on Today at 11:35:21 PM »

The small cub was last to arrive into the cold world that nipped at him eagerly the moment he left the safety of his mother's womb where it used to hold them all. He struggled a lot more having to be lapped a few times before oxygen filled his tiny lungs, they would let out several mewls. The cub was born different than his siblings, it wasn't just the fact that they were much smaller than the rest but he was missing a leg it seemed. Whether or not the missing limb would effect the young boy would have yet to be seen. Goldnugget was the name given to him by his mother. It was different than the names of their sisters. The feeling the of their mother's snout bringing comfort to him when he was being shoved around by his sisters, he let out tiny mewls. It was long before the cub found his own spot though he was much too tired to nurse, he lay there close to his mothers belly. ✧*:・゚
Tanglewood / Open YOU AND I ARE GOING NOWHERE ☆ lion body return
« Last post by aurum. on Today at 11:08:34 PM »
It had been some time since Aurum had been able to access his lion body, essentially trapped within his tigon form for the entire duration of his pregnancy. It hadn't been so bad, once he had learned why he hadn't been able to shift, but he had admittedly missed his old body. He missed the massive height, the impressive power, and the huge wings that stretched across his bag, providing both intimidation and easy travel across the skies. It had definitely been rough, getting around not only with a cub swollen belly, but on the drenched, musky swamp ground. It was what had partially motivated him to stop patrolling around as much while pregnant, both worried for his children's safety as well as his poor nerves from stepping into puddles of muck that were far deeper than he had ever expected them to be. Thankfully, however, this was all in the past. Mostly in the past, anyways. Aurum would still need to shift into his tigon body pretty regularly, just to make sure that his children were fed, but the majority of the time? He was back in his comfort zone once again.

The proxy could practically feel the bounce in his step as he left his home that morning, gently nudging the door shut behind him before stepping off the porch and into the cool morning air. It felt amazing, stretching the long, sharp claws of his paws apart again, and shaking out his long, auburn colored mane. After a few minutes of becoming reacquainted with his birth body, the angel thought he was finally ready, taking a few steps back before he charged forward. After he had gained enough speed, he threw himself into the air, wings spread and catching upon the wind easily. A pleased whoop left his lungs, his enthusiasm only growing as he looped around and dipped in the air, weeks upon weeks of disuse being cleared away like dust. He did this for several minutes, just enjoying the feeling of the wind in his fur and the ground far beneath his paws. Eventually he decided to cool it, coming back down for a landing near the middle of camp, his wings folding back into their usual resting positions at his sides. Despite this, he couldn't help the grin that remained on his muzzle, his mane fluffy and blown out from the high winds, and his one blue eye sparkling with happiness.

« Last post by aurum. on Today at 10:54:33 PM »
The birthing process for the cubs had been exhausting, yet still Aurum fought to stay awake. As if the tigon was terrified that the moment he closed his eyes and allowed himself rest, his little ones would slip away from him. The draw of sleep was so intoxicating, and he was relieved when others arrived, providing welcome distractions for him to stay conscious. He chuckled softly when he heard Moth, mumbling as he glanced down at his children, "That is true... although it seems as though little Goldnugget will be outnumbered somewhat." He had a fond smile on his face as he stretched his neck out, gently pressing his muzzle to his sister's head before he continued, "Thank you... for helping." He was infinitely grateful for the feline's presence, sure that he would've been in a far more panicked state had there not been a medic nearby to help. Moth, of all people, knew what it was like to be worried over possible problems with children, so it seemed only natural that she was there for him.

The next to arrive was Alaric, a male that Aurum knew little about, but respected all the same. He didn't seem like an asshole, and he was offering congratulations, so there was hardly any reason to throw him out. Dipping his head to the other, the proxy muttered warmly, "Thank you, Alaric." He then turned his attention to Kaito, the faithful male who was like a son to him. Who would no doubt be like a big brother to the cubs currently suckling at Aurum's side, if there was anything the angel had to say about it. He smiled gently at the thief, glancing down at his children before gaining a look of fondness, "Thank you, Kaito. I'm sure they will." Once he had dealt with those that were gathered around him, Aurum once again felt the soft whispers of unconsciousness against his ear. This time he decided to listen, letting his muzzle slowly rest back down on his paws before he closed his eyes. It took little time for him to drift off, finally getting some well deserved tlc.

Coding Corner / Re: [ YOU AND ME, FOREVER ☆ storage ]
« Last post by aurum. on Today at 10:32:15 PM »
text here "dialogue here"

♡ — The next to trot up was none other than Aine, the fox girl that Roan had heard Trygve babbling on about on occasion. When she introduced herself, a grin spread across Roan's face, the little draconic apprentice being put slightly at ease, "Ah, it's nice to meet you too, Aine! My da is Seamus Ó Foaláin... I suppose that makes us related somehow, huh?" Much like with Gael, Roan had known that he had relatives in unusual places like the Pitt, but it was a much different experience meeting them in person. Despite this, Roan felt no ill will towards them for living in the Pitt. After all, if anything, that just proved there could be good people within the Pitt, right? This was only further confirmed by the approach of Piers, who put his foot down as well as welcoming in Silver, something that made Roan wholeheartedly return his smile. Perhaps this little temporary stay wouldn't be as frightening as he had made it out to be in his head – even if he didn't have much in the choice in the matter if it was.

Unfortunately, Roan's good mood was ruined slightly by Caesar speaking up again, the yellow asshole's words causing the boy to recoil. So this was the guy that had hurt Trygve? That just put him even lower than scum on Roan's list, and the boy had to wrap his wings around himself to keep from spitting, figuring that wouldn't make the best impression – even if it seemed most other Pittians didn't approve of Caesar either. Thankfully, the next person to arrive seemed a bit more reasonable, and friendly. Or at least more casual, which was something that Roan could appreciate considering his mama's casual, relaxed nature. Nodding his head firmly, Roan spoke confidently, "Don't worry. I promise that I would never say anything awful like that. You're all being very nice in letting me stay here even just now, so..." Well, minus Caesar, but that seemed obvious.
The Pitt / Re: dear lazarus || return
« Last post by silvertides ; on Today at 10:01:33 PM »
Unlike probably most who resided within the Pitt, Silvertides would have little to no idea of who Ramona was. The green and white fox had only been within the brutal group for a month now, and had only started to really interact with others around a week ago, so he didn't know much of the history. He hadn't even heard secondhand stories yet, too preoccupied with his own journey of fighting against anxiety each day to step out from his sandy hollow. Along with this, he was still watching over Roan, keeping the kid safe from Pittians who didn't agree with Kydobi's decision to offer the child shelter. However, given that Silver had been making an effort lately to interact with people, it wasn't as if he was just going to ignore the skull-wearing lady who had strode confidently into camp and said she was home. It was obvious that she was some kind of returning member... either that, or someone senile who thought she was. He hoped that it was the former, since he had no doubt that Caesar would throw some kind of fit over the latter. He hadn't even interacted with the demon extensively yet, and he already knew that he sought to cause nothing but trouble.

The young fox hesitated a bit from his position on the fringes of the crowd, his gaze darting back and forth to see if anybody else would go and greet her first. When nobody ended up taking the plunge, he was forced to sigh, taking a long breath inwards. He closed his eyes very briefly, hoping that would calm and motivate him somewhat before he made his way forward. His slim and fluffy form slipped through the gaps in the crowd, and before long he had made his way out, stepping carefully past the carcass that had been dropped – he didn't want her thinking he was going to take it, after all. Once he had gotten to where Ramona was, he sat himself down, plush tail coming to rest across his paws. The smile upon his muzzle was crooked, and he hoped that it didn't look too forced. Ignoring the voices yelling at him to return to the safety of the anonymous, Silver introduced himself with a bark, "H–Hey there! My name's Silvertides... I don't believe we've ever met before. You said you're home, right? So, you're returning to the Pitt from somewhere else, then? Welcome back." His speech was awkward and a little too fast for comfort, but it got his point across as plainly as possible, and he could only hope Ramona didn't bite his head off. Hopefully she just looked scary, and wasn't actually too bad.
Tanglewood OOC / Open Important Message!
« Last post by toboggan on Today at 10:00:08 PM »
As noted in this month's site news, the rapidly spreading illness known as COVID-19 has started to bring forth a unique set of obstacles and challenges.

One of these challenges is the effect an international pandemic can have on your mental health. The rising number of cases doesn't seem to show any sign of stopping for the time being, and when all you can do about it is helplessly sit and wait, it can get pretty overwhelming. In addition to that, some of you may have lost jobs, and some of you may have had future plans ruined, and because of that, you might be feeling very frustrated.

I, for one, have lost my job, and as well I had to cancel a trip to Greece. I was also to be visited by a close friend from another country, but I am very uncertain if that will actually happen.

Because of these challenges, the leaders of the Animal Roleplay groups will be incredibly lenient in regards to activity in these coming days. Coming into effect as soon as the next meeting occurs (which I plan on posting sometime next week), the only rank-related announcements that will occur are promotions.

Demotions will not be handed out, as I absolutely do not want any of you to stress yourselves about an animal roleplay site during these trying times.

This will stay in effect until things start getting better. It is impossible to say how long that will take, but as long as I play the leader of Tanglewood, staying safe from global outbreaks will always be more important than roleplay activity.

Please stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. Make sure you stay on top of being clean, especially when it comes to washing your hands. Practice social distancing as much as you can.

These looming months will be nothing like we've ever experienced before; but, as long as everyone does their part, the curve will be flattened in no time.

- Toboggan
The Typhoon / Re: DÉJÀ VU — moving in
« Last post by K. MILLER on Today at 09:47:33 PM »
He pauses, and his hired hand nearly bumps into his back end trying to steady the luggage. There had been a slight stir in Tanglewood before Miller decided that he'd had enough - from attacks, internal conflict, to the inexplicable disappearance of Samantha. She had always been elusive, he knew. Her haughty atmosphere seemed to keep most at bay, and for the sake of avoiding any unnecessary displeasure to come to either of them, he tended to avoid working with her whenever possible. The cheetah's ears flick back, the briefest confusion flickering behind the reflection of his glasses as he cast toward the beach, silent. It was a small world, he supposed.

She asked a question, didn't she? It was the kind of standoff he expected to get from her sooner or later, her expression stony and words sharper in meaning than her calm tone conveyed. Kaz pauses, turns. "Didn't realize you ended up all the way out here, too." Slipping into the posture he carried in Tanglewood, shoulders squared and his face emotionally unyielding, came easy. It reminds him, with the same bitter aftertaste, of his first visit to the Typhoon; though the circumstances were far different, he could see how Ocelot had succeeded in blending in with the regulars, with that upturned nose and unwavering stare. She, too, wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing him falter in his poise. "Not much. A couple of boxes - didn't feel like dragging it through the sand myself. How've you been, hm?"

Maybe he was wrong in assuming the others were just as... Unnervingly distant as his Tanglewood neighbor. Where Sam had her reservations, Goldenluxury - whom he identified from a past visit as the leader - came trotting up beside her, carrying both the morale of the clan and a box of his trinkets on her back. "Oh, come on, you don't have to do that. But, ah, thanks. I'll take it back, really." He offers a paw, first shooing off the tavern worker before he attempted to shift the box. With Sam watching, and another figure approaching, it would be terribly awkward to have the leader carry what little he had, something he could just as easily drag along himself. "I'm from Tanglewood - I knew Sam, while I lived there. You can call me Miller. I suppose we're neighbors, now?"
The Typhoon / Re: Left my heart in rocky hill [p, Michael]
« Last post by michael t. on Today at 09:47:01 PM »
Of the two of them, it was pretty obvious that Michael was the more private male. Most of the time that was out of necessity, since if a fugitive went around babbling his entire life story to people, he'd be canned pretty damn quick. However, it was also just something that had developed as part of Michael's personality over the years, needing to keep his feelings hidden away and locked up tight. He had, however, opened up briefly with Caustic. It had mostly been because of the alcohol that they had shared, but it had also been because of the fact that he felt comfortable around Caustic. They were both by no means good people, and were both also in very complicated relationships. It had seemed like venting to each other worked great... until it hadn't, and Caustic had snapped up his drink and left. Michael hadn't thought much about that incident since it had happened, but now, with Octane in his home questioning him... he was having a vague sense of deja vu. He only hoped that this wouldn't end the same way, with Octane storming angrily out – although Octane seemed more the type to attack him, rather than storming away.

The bobcat had been sitting awkwardly as he waited for Octane to make conversation, his eyes gaining the sort of glazed over look to them that came whenever he got too much in his own head. He had been pondering all of the different subjects this could've been about, when suddenly his concentration was broken by Octane finally speaking. The cheetah's words came out in a spill, and Michael felt confusion fill him, his head tilting to one side. His gaze narrowed before he spoke, trying not to panic too much – surely the secret Octane was speaking about was innocent, "What... what secret are you talkin' about, Octane? You're gonna have to be more specific, since it's pretty damn late." He tried to play it casual, not wanting to freak out and make Octane suspicious when he didn't have to. Nobody here really knew about his past, and certainly nobody knew about the Moth thing... it was really nothing to worry about. It had to be, or Michael would need to start thinking of ways to hide a body in the Typhoon.

" oh, it's a setup, no, no, we won't fall. "
The Typhoon / Re: DÉJÀ VU — moving in
« Last post by michael t. on Today at 09:25:15 PM »
Tanglewood. The scent of the swamp dwelling group was enough to make Michael want to turn tail and run, the small fugitive not eager to be on the end of whatever punishment they would give him for his past crimes. As far as he knew, nobody was actually aware of the fact that it had been him who kidnapped Moth, but that didn't make him feel any more at ease when he scented the allied group. Unfortunately for him, the musky scent of Tanglewood was practically the first thing to slap him in the face when he emerged from his home that morning, his ears pinning back as he paused in his step. Part of him wanted to turn right around and hide away inside for the next week – or month – but that would probably be suspicious, and would ultimately just end with Roxie beating down his door to find him. So, he just took a deep breath inward, calming his rattled nerves before he stepped out of his hut and headed down the beach towards the source of the scent. It would do him no good to just try and ignore it, so he might as well see who it was that had come to their island now. Last time it had been Sam, and that had worked out fairly well, so perhaps this wouldn't be so bad, really.

When he eventually arrived where Goldie, Sam, and Kaz were, he found himself pausing, his eyes widening a little at the wide variety of items Kaz had brought with him. It caused a bit of excitement in the thief, who wondered if the former Tangler had anything of value, before he quickly shook his head. Worry about stealing later. With this in mind, Michael moved over beside Sam, leaving a bit of space between them as he sat. Kaz was... interesting, to say the least. The other reminded him a bit of some of the thugs he had worked with earlier in life. Ex-"military" brutes that had good brains but instead decided to focus on using them for heinous things. It had been advantageous for Michael back then, but now it just sort of put him on edge. Especially with the evil eye that Sam was currently giving this guy. He must've done something really fucked up... or she just hated anybody who reminded her of her old home. Either way, Michael found himself muttering after a moment, "Uh... welcome to The Typhoon, I guess? Who're you? I don't have the background info Goldie and Sam do." He wasn't sure the guy would actually take a break from ordering around the crewmates he had claimed as moving peons, but he might as well try to make friends.

" oh, it's a setup, no, no, we won't fall. "
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