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General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« Last post by Poofy on Today at 12:46:50 PM »
I believe in you Percy!

General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« Last post by Wag on Today at 11:03:17 AM »
You can do it Percy!
Tanglewood / Re: please me - [PALMCLAN VISIT]
« Last post by ELSWEYR on Today at 10:36:42 AM »
elsweyr — tanglewood — three years
The sudden movement of a Palmclanner and caught her attention, her beaded shaggy mane standing on end as she watched one of them. Perhaps a child but that did not make her pause as the king cheetah stood to her paws. Like lightning her figure moved as she realized just what was happening here. That someone was attacking the child. Salvia. Her tail streamed out from behind her tall frame as she beat the ground with heavy paws and game to a harsh slide. Dirt splayed up into the air and her jaws aimed to snap down on the back of @quasar neck. Her teeth would most likely stab into skin with her harshly she had to quickly act but her means of attempting to pull him up into the air was more like a mom would do to one of her own children. If that was successful she would quickly drop the offending canine to the ground. Teeth bared as she held a protective stance over Salvia. Her tail whipped across the ground, heat like a mirage wavering off her body. "He will keep away from him." Her unretractable claws dug into the ground as the tribal woman waited.
Almost hoping that someone would begin a fight, one she would gladly participate in.

Her eyes glanced down to the child for a moment. Trying to look him over and she swore if they drew blood she would never forgive them. Palmclan would always be an enemy to her especially when they helped the Coalition to push down her new home. "Is Salvia okay?"
Tanglewood / Re: MIDNIGHT SOCIETY // attempting to train
« Last post by ELSWEYR on Today at 10:27:03 AM »
elsweyr — tanglewood — three years
Young she had been when she had first started her training. Always cutting corners, searching for someone to start earlier, quicker. Teach her what she needed to know before she was ready. A harsh lesson it had been for the training was rough and almost grueling. Her smaller frame not ready for it but the elders knew this, they showed her it was better to wait. Wait till the time came and her body was stronger and sturdier to handle what they had to throw at her. It was with this lesson she had waited and spoken of training Salvia. Waited to see what he wished to do, if he wished to be taught some small basics. If he wished to wait. She knew that she would not force the small one to train when he was not ready for it. After all the life of a warrior could be highly dangerous, unknowingly so at times. Her eyes were thoughtful as she heard the noises within the forest. Small cries of a child that she had come to adore in her own way. Her paws with curled claws scrapped at the ground as she walked forth and parted the foliage. Peering at little Salvia as he attacked the heavy sack. A strange method to her but one that might work better for them.

Stepping out of the dense green did she come, tail waving lightly in the air. This day her pelt clean of any paint upon her figure. Save for her adornments of beads and bones. A smile of encouragement was on her maw as she sat for. "This one thinks that he has done well for first try. Ah, but little sack may not be the best opponent. Would he like to try against her?" Her figure was cut for speed and agility as most cheetahs were and she walked around the child before lowering her figure to the ground, belly fur brushing the grass.
General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« Last post by rexaraneo on Today at 08:58:34 AM »
My activity has been bad but I'm planning to fix it
General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« Last post by Poofy on Today at 05:32:52 AM »
Considering that I can't sleep, I'm glad you posted!

General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« Last post by Wag on Today at 05:24:13 AM »
My activity lately hasn't been the best but I am planning on posting more now.

Tanglewood / Re: You look so pretty, but you're gone so soon! /O, Joiner
« Last post by salvia. on Today at 04:04:27 AM »
To observe the manner Elsweyr had grown taken by the kitten, in a frame of time that seemed so minimal, drew discomfort beneath his skin, taunt grown once lax muscle. Before there had been no issue with the situation of his own lack of maternal figure, he may not miss that he had not known for care had shifted to Aurum alone in early days. Downward twitched lips as he watched her coil the length of her tail about, restrain in part possibly as continued the display, something with it spurning cub. Away attention moved as she addressed Aurum in turn, filling in the spaces he was incapable of doing so.

Briefly back did it shift, the voice that spoke gentle, nest inaudible. Imparted meaning, if not words, hasty retreat conducted to permit the kitten room. Forgotten how he bore a size greater than she, though still did he grow and was soft beneath baby fat, sheepish grown in wake of realisation. "Sometimes I get scared as well." Softened his voice, gentle the curl about his lips, grown silent as movement was made apparent by the manner paws slide along the loose terrain.

Over shoulder vision turned and he almost allowed laughter to arise as he watched the manner Aurum spread himself out, indeed smaller but in a position Salvia had not seen him prior. Taken by example so too did he lower himself, still permitted distance between himself and Ares, chin nestled between his paws. From here did he watch her shaky approach, upwards head jerking before it was quickly pressed back into place, he bore no wish to startle Ares. With her action, and that his father performed after, loosened his laughter, a sudden burst of mirth.

"He's a big teddy bear." The grin he bore was in part for the child, much for the memories that gently played, those nights pressed against slumbering father, a comforting presence chasing from frightened mind any nightmare that had previously plagued him.
But I wish I could I could show you more of yourself, I wish I could make you somebody else but I left it way too late, are you stuck in your own ways? you only look at me properly now when you're drunk watching movies. where are you? what happened? I want what we had
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Tanglewood / Open MIDNIGHT SOCIETY // attempting to train
« Last post by salvia. on Today at 03:05:28 AM »
Numerous the attributes one may hang about the neck of child, few inclined to a more favourable bent, subtly not among them as it were.

Innocuous the query posed during a time before assault had occurred, infectious the exuberant inflection within her voice, something for later consideration. Yet it had stuck, fast held to thoughts that circled singular point, heavy those weighed threads. He was a mere liability, another incapable of self preservation, not even deemed worthy of acting as a bargaining chip. There was no advantage from such, even forced into the position he was harsh the manner Aurum fought back, unquenchable the flames fanned by a desire to be free of this tyrannical rule. Ignored was he than, those few who dared met with steelen rage, fettered only by the angelic father he might never hope to surpass in any way.

Desure lay along his ribs, however, entwined in veins that spanned through taunt muscle, inaction and inability grown bothersome. Numerous that which adorned soft body, gentle beneath baby fat slowly striped back with lack of nutrition and prolonged activity, all for nought as he grew simply more bold in exploration, from this even turned. Upwards paw moved, along cheek and jaw trailing, felt the closed punctures there. Soon enough would he be among their ranks, not as a mere child but closer to an equal, the tutelage of another passed to him. Thickly did he swallow, bravery abating as fear clouded his mind.

Might he be good enough for any of them, could he face Vigenere, or who took his place should that become necessary, and accept what they thought he was prepared for. Claws cut into his skin, away drawn with a hiss escaping clenched teeth. Broken only the topmost skin and he felt no trickle, displeasure voiced in a muffled groan as he registered the stinging pain. Too low his tolerance for such, a terror even the most minor of wound, unworthy he of anything but getting in the way of those truly capable.

Few the occupants milling about central square, morning wearing on and best utilised in fashion that was deemed befitting, unimpeded his movement. Desire bubbled beneath skin drawn taunt, supposedly thoughtless that which drew him about, taken and dragged an empty sack. In time slowly filled, strands of grass forcefully plucked, hay spilling from faux bodies once utilised for purpose similar his own, bulging sides as town was abandoned.

Hush befell the woodland he tread with cautious steps, weighed beneath bag and the looping pressure of rope about chest, frantic the motion of vision, observed the shade that clung to roots and trunks alike. Broken the lull by a harsh exhale, annoyance straightening his attention, sought a singular particular tree. Found it deep within, gone the quiet lull that filled the town, some semblance of normalcy sought in a situation none cared for, solitary his presence. Taken up the rope and, with the force he was capable of, over a branch looped. Taunt grew it with a tug, worry briefly igniting in pale depths as he watched it slip, caught against a thin limb and supposedly stuck.

Assured for the moment bound was the bag, a hanging pendulum suspended a few meagre feet off the ground. Back did Salvia step, deep breath taken and held, heat building in constricting chest, release accompanying a pitiful little cry. Forth did he launch, springing steps striking the sodden terrain, a final jump allowing him to leave the ground for a brief moment. Beneath grasping claws burlap gave, heavy his collapse upon back, atop belly sprinkling the once secure contents. Startled from him a breathless little laugh, muscle aching as he lay sprawled out.
But I wish I could I could show you more of yourself, I wish I could make you somebody else but I left it way too late, are you stuck in your own ways? you only look at me properly now when you're drunk watching movies. where are you? what happened? I want what we had
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Tanglewood / Open no face | ghost.
« Last post by ━ arrow on Today at 12:21:28 AM »
The dead should be left in peace. The dead should not wander among the living, especially not after every other loved one had faded into obscurity as well, one would at least figure that there would be no reason to walk the grounds if there was nothing left to come back to. Unfortunately for everyone involved, despite not being born among the tangled roots and raised under the dark foliage of the swampland, living out her life until its brutal and traumatizing end left behind a unbreakable connection to the land, as if the ghost itself still drifted among the trees and beneath the surface of the murky water beyond death. Perhaps that wasn't entirely inaccurate, one might even have considered the possibility of narrowing it down to the same few trees that the lanky cat had once sat upon. Those trees had grown older of course, to signify the passing of time.

Now, if there was one thing that could be agreed by those who truly believed in wandering spirits and those who simply took a morbid interest in the paranormal, it was the notion that if the dead were disturbed, or there was unfinished business to be dealt with, then the poor soul would be awakened until the problem had been resolved.

Which was, of course, the sole reason the sole survivors of Tanglewood would eventually find themselves face to face with a restless spirit from days long gone. A pathetic little thing, could have easily been mistaken for a child of the swamp that had pressed their luck far too many times with their new captors, at least until the realization had been made that even the most neglected and abused of prisoners were not able to be seen through in the slightest. Even the green eyes laid in the narrow skull were much too distant and unfocused, the inevitable result of being dead for some time, only to be rustled from beyond the grave to see what she had once called her home had been all but strangled by a new violent enemy.

So the ghost sat, silent, by the edge of the marsh water with no visible intent to move, or make known her presence. There was no room for socializing when you were dead.
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