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I will write this later. :)

My Interests

I do art quite a bit, and write (To be fair very bad scene things) more rarely!
I don't have many talents, honestly - I don't play music or sports etc, but I like to experiment with different media, and am always a friendly person to talk to, even if I'm a bit shy!


Jewelia at a glance:
• Australian Magpie of Snowbound
• Avian Sense of Superiority(tm)
• Foreign / Slight unplaceable accent
• Distaste to predators
• Twitchy - Very fight or flight
• Short, rapid thoughts
• Says things as she thinks them
• ^ That leads to a lot of answering her own questions ^
• Travels quite a lot
• Was a bit of a trader, though her main job was dying feathers and or fur
• Carries a small bag on her chest, though occasionally flies with one in her feet as well
  Biography Page (Coming Soon)

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