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Elysium / Open sleep is my cage // joiner
« on: April 25, 2019, 01:28:05 PM »
i'm all alone once again
as broken as i was when it all first began -- tags
She had been running, running for so, so long. Her tired paws hit the ground as she kept running, and her breath drew in ragged gulps that scalded her lungs. After her father's betrayal and overthrow, the princess was left to fend for herself. She may have left with her mother and brother, but both of them were gone.

Natani's pelt could be seen as she rushes, going to the border. He mind was a crash of waves, she could not think clearly. She shuts her eyes as she makes it over the border, crashing onto the ground as she trips over something.

//mobile and at school, excuse the shortness.

Biographies / Animal BEND AND BREAK THE REIGNS // Natani's storage
« on: April 16, 2019, 09:53:02 AM »
she/her clan  jaguar played by @muddymutt
FULL NAME Natani Adebisi
nicknames Nat, Tani
name origin Natani is a Persian word meaning "half-blooded," and Adebisi means "the king/crown/royalty has produced more".
AGE 8 months, physically and spiritually
GENDER cisfemale
pronouns she/her
CLAN clanhere
rank rankhere
SPECIES Pantanal Jaguar
TRAITS small and fair, spitting image of her father, beautiful and graceful, will be a large but more lithe and lean jaguar when fully grown, lighter tawny, less rosettes than brother, black nose, dark liner around eyes that emphasize her violet eyes, physically adept
DESCRIPTION  Natani, marking and color wise, is the spitting image of her father. Her fur is a golden-tawny color that becomes a bit lighter  before fading completely to white. Her rosettes are black, and though they are less than her brother, she still has the concentration and 'clump' of rosettes along her spine, causing a darker 'gradient'. Underneath her darker lines, she has a few black dots, no more than two or three, under each eye. Here eye color itself is violet (?, check questions). She also has a small white decal, likely on her shoulder. Her body itself is lean, made for quick running. She is also small, petite, and fair. This lets her get to places that others cannot. However, this does not mean she is not muscular, as she is well-trained and well-adapted to environments, and has trained. She can hold her own in a fight.
references refsgohere
accessories accessorieshere
scars scarshere
PERSONALITY TRAITS  sweet, a little quiet but once comfortable very chatty, loves her brother very much, was a daddy's girl, empathetic, lowkey entitled, natural leader, independent, curious, brave, strong sense of justice, law keeper, slight show off, needs validation
PERSONALITY Being of royalty, Natani had always looked up to her father. She had not seen his darker side, only stories of the bastard children. She always felt iffy on the subject, but went with her gut, trusting her father had done what he had to in order to protect his kingdom. One thing she adored about him was his leader-like potential, and she decided to follow in his footsteps, having her own leader-like personality. Instead of a "might makes right" philosophy, she believes people can prosper by having them be affirmed. As such, she is compassionate, almost unusually so for someone of her status, and dedicates her time to helping others. Furthermore, she is empathetic, being able to 'sense', have an 'intuition', or guess other's emotions. She often feels the emotions of others, almost to an overwhelming point, and can tire somewhat easily. Natani also has some stereotypical royalty traits: being entitled and needing validation. Her childhood was rocky, as she always looked up to her father, which often times likely wasn't a good figure in her life. She feels like she missed out on what she deserved, and as such, strives desperately to get it. Even if she does not get what she wants, she'll stay quiet for a bit before it bubbles to the surface. She also does things to prove herself to others, acting very selflessly, and giving gifts to others are just some of these things. Due to her needing validation, she may act recklessly, do tricks, or something else just to feel like she is needed. One thing that should be noted about her is her independence and her curious, brave side. She realized a leader cannot have anything holding her back, so she became independent in order to be able to protect others that must be dependent. She became the person to lean on for the people that need to lean on her. As such, she had an exploratory side, exploring cliffs and mountainsides others would turn away from. She was often called brave due to this, behaving somewhat recklessly. She would lead these explorations. Another key trait is her sense of justice. She is hardly morally gray at all, and strives to do whatever is right. She likes laws and rules, as they give structure, and are based around morals. She keeps her own laws, ad does her best to enforce them. She is not afraid to say what she believes.
SOCIAL DIFFICULTY how easy/hard are they to get along with??
platonic relationships easy
romantic relationships easy
rivalries easy, friendly rivalries only
ORIENTATION demibisexual, demibiromantic
STATUS single
crush 0 crushes
friends friends here
parents Kaziko x Adisa
siblings Jabari, Kydobi (half-brother), Kyrzoba (half-brother)
other family
enemies enemies here
ATTACKING mention @natani.
POWERS  invisibility, enhanced senses, wall walking, clairvoyance, air elementals, mental bond with Jabari (all undiscovered)
DIFFICULTY mentally difficult, physically medium
IF NEEDED @natani. if needed

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