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hey there i'm cy and i have no idea what i am doing anymore. i'm an introverted trans man from down under, i don't bite so please feel free to come chat with me if you want but i can't promise i'll be quick with replies, my memory is shoddy at best

i don't watch a great deal of things anymore but i am catching up on bojack horseman and fullmetal alchemist for the most part i prefer games and am currently enjoying red dead redemption 2, assassin's creed odyssey, yoshi's wooly world, and pokemon. beyond that i enjoy a wide range of podcasts from dnd, conspiracies, horror fiction, and in-depth analysis of serial killers and cults

active characters :
 — solanum of the typhoon, one of my oldest characters at nearly five years, he is my disgusting undead bastard
 — keyne of the ascendants, tiny dear with no idea what he is doing recovering from a lightning strike
 — julia burnsides of tanglewood, my wife, big buff warrior that takes no shit and will punch you in the face

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November 21, 2019, 03:08:16 AM

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