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Hi there!
I'm Fenway, though you guys may know me as several other names (Bonita, Valentina, Wraith to name a few), and I'm 17 as per 2020.

I've been on the site officially for a good two years, around about since it was created, though I only recently (Late Aug-Early Sept 2020) began being active onsite and in the discord. I play a couple of characters you might know from other sites, such as Bareilles Illuvatar and Loey Toretto (nee Xenias). Keep an eye out though, since I have a history of bringing new guys in fairly often lol. I'll mostly be seen around the front-boards and probably the general board too since I'm way too impatient to singularly rp in backboard groups, though not to say I wouldn't- maybe one day I'll give it a try, who knows? Certainly not me.

My Interests

Some of my interests! To get to the point, I'm a huge nerd! Like, ginormous. It's unbelievable. I'm always open to watching new TV shows albeit it might take a while because I have a tendency to just rewatch movies I already like. Those being anything Marvel Cinematic Universe EXCEPT Captain Marvel and Thor: The Dark World, because I only watched those two movies once each and really disliked them both. I'm not as into The DC Universe as I should be but there's some kind of interest there I suppose. That said I'm majorly into Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, sometimes to an extent it's actually worrying. My favourite character is Bilbo because he's cute and my least favourite character is Frodo because he looks really ugly in the spider webbing when he gets attacked by Shelob, and yeah that's pretty much my reasoning. Also I'm super into Harry Potter, my favourite is probably the book version of Prisoner of Azkaban by Daniel Radcliffe (Joke Rolling who??? Idk her) and my favourite character from the book is Peeves, but from the movies it's probably Kingsley Shacklebolt.
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