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sold my soul to bts
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i'm not short hoe @ dream
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March 11, 2018, 12:15:51 AM
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hello weary traveller, my name is tobi! i'm sixteen and a soon-to-be junior (i just finished my first final exam for the year at the time of writing this), but i act like a five year old. a vulgar one. a certain person named dream got me into bts earlier this year and while i'm not going to call myself a hardcore fan yet, but i know that i'm slowly spiralling down that path.

i got into roleplaying when i joined ff in 2012 and started roleplaying in the fanclans on the site. i left the site in 2013 and rejoined for a short while in 2015, but quickly left again until shortly after my fifteenth bithday in 2017. i didn't really have any notable characters, but i did roleplay cedarpaw (who was slowly becoming known among the traditional clans on ff) for a while before i lost muse and dropped him. currently i play august basil in the ascendants; i dunno if i'll get muse for more than one character.

if you ever wanna hmu, my discord is toast#4852 (because i'm a toasty boi). i also have a pinterest, upiecess (yes, with two s's) if you were curious.

just because, i'm including a list of random things about me,
- i'm 5'8" average height, thank you very much dream
- i play hockey, and attended a hockey academy from grades five-eight
- i live on the outskirts of good ol' winnipeg
- i personally hate patrik laine
- i cheated on a french test in the fourth grade
- because my hands n stuff shake a lot irl, i've earnt the nickname "twitchi tobi"
- i make a lot of unfortunate typos
- i don't know what i'm doing 98% of the time
- i broke my ankle playing hockey in early 2017
- i'm a gemini! i was born on the ninth of june
- i watched pewdiepie when i was ten (and still occasionally watch some of his old series)
- i love harry potter and stranger things
- i'm a slytherin
- i honestly love wearing big hoodies n sweatshirts


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April 12, 2021, 11:44:31 PM

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March 22, 2018, 08:37:19 PM
this is my son and i love him and he is my friend treat him nicely or you will face the wrath of sataniplier c;

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