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About Me

Hiya! My name's Riri, and I come from FeralFront originally. I have been roleplaying since 2008 on WCRPG. I love anime, and it's actually pretty unhealthy how much anime and manga I go through in a month, lmfao. I'm 21, and I have a pretty foul sailors mouth so please tell me if it gets to be too much. As I tend to joke about a lot, I'm partially deaf and wear hearing aids to help aid my hearing.♥ shitty pickup lines are my favorite

i'm a ravenclaw, chaotic good. my favorite color is pastel yellow, i love cats, and i have a deep love for shinsou hitoshi and aizawa shouta that you will never be able to match. my favorite anime/manga are boku no hero academia and akatsuki no yona (kija is my baby).
i love mystic messenger a lot, go zen babyyy. jaehee is baehee and i'm not ashamed of it. i love anything asian; korean and japanese in particular. i love a big thing for playing angsty characters, and i'm known to torture my characters to hell and back until they can be happy. [yeet rai i'm never gonna stop torturing delilah ahaha]

onto some more personal stuff; i'm nonbinary, with they/them pronouns.

so now onto the main thing, bc SOMEONE had to go and make an actual cute profile that beat mine. but henlo rai- MY PF IS GONNA BE BETTER THANKS.

and now onto my favorite person in the whole wide world. my site significant other, @raiden !! you're the best?? and you need to stop telling me not to hurt delilah bc delilah needs to suffer before i make her happy, thx. now, you're the best, i won't take any arguments on that, or we're gonna fight. like fr. lmao. perfect partner? i think so. their characters are literally heaven and i'd die for renegade. thank you.



Want to contact me outside of BoB? Add me on Discord!

My Interests

Henlooo. I love anime. Boku no Hero Academia, yona of the dawn, black butler, nanatsu no taizai, soul eater, bleach, fairy tail, naruto, magus bride.

[Art by Raiden]
character on the right is mine, character on the left is rai's!

My Media

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「 21 y/o | non-binary | site married to raiden | characters | canary#6593 」———————

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