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About Me

hiya! i'm spacexual, aka space (also commonly go by egg, dirk, and reagan). i'm an 18 year old dude with a passion for creating! i've been learning french as a second language for over 5 years now, so if you need help with that in any way, hmu.

i was previously one of the original administrators for BoB but had to step down due to busyness and inactivity on my own end. i'll try and help the absolute best i can, but if it's something only staff can handle, i'll be sure to redirect you there! i currently play goldenluxury roux in the typhoon, and, uh, that's about it for now lol. some notable characters you might have seen around of mine before are astrid grimm, royalguard, and crashedholidays (royalguard is still my baby boy thanks for coming to my TEDtalk). i'm always open to plots, so if you're interested, hmu!

i am always open to pm! whether you need to chat or you need some advice, or whatever else you've got going on. i have a bit of experience in general and i try my best to be as helpful as possible. if you need advice with most anything, i'm happy to help. the only thing i wouldn't be open to discussing is suicide and self-harm, however anything else is fair game! i'm FtM and try to be pretty open about my experience as a trans guy, so if you need advice/whatever on that, i'm happy to discuss it with you! i'm asexual and homoromantic annnd currently in a relationship with @EYELIDD.

i've always been interested in becoming an animator when i grew older and it is still something i am working on pursuing as a profession in what will hopefully be the near future! i create lots of art in general, and my main focuses are on animation, digital/traditional art, and graphic design. i love to write in my spare time and making up stories and characters is something i've always enjoyed doing. i've been properly creating art for almost 6 years now and animation for 3! i love to experiment and try new things and as a perfectionist it's very important to me that i'm producing high quality work. if you're interested in supporting my art, feel free to follow any of my social media accounts and/or checking out my commission information.

i am honestly interested in way too many things to list them out, but i spend most of my spare time watching shows or playing video games! i try to watch like every cartoon in existence, lol. if you have any suggestions, i'd love to hear em! (fair warning it might take me a bit to actually start watching them.)

i love everybody here!! you there!! i love you!!
have an awesome day! <3

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he / him — characterspremadessocial medias — open to pm — dating @EYELIDD

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