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The Typhoon / Announcement THE GOLDEN AGE — STEPPING DOWN
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:33:44 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
Who was he? Pincher. Right...right. Where was he? An island, one with a volcano that exhaled clouds of dark smoke to dance away with sea air. Sea. His half lidded empty glacier blue eyes glinted for a moment at the thought of the sea and the laying form of the panthera hybrid to twitch. How long had he stayed in this dark tomb of metal he called home? Why did he call it home? Wasn't the sea his home? The tired dark storm gray male bit back a snarl of pain, lodging it within his sore throat when he felt the ivory white tattoos on his shoulders and back legs burn with a higher intensity. He was dying. He was slowly decaying and becoming a shell of himself. He thought he would be strong till the shadowing death but as time crawled to his deadline, so did his energy. This body was burning itself alive, the demigod side of him despising being contained in such a mortal body. But he didn't want to go, he didn't want to leave. But he could hardly keep himself fully upright without feeling the entire world spin around him. He had been so motivated, so full of life to be there for those he loved but staying here was the very thing killing him. Little by little, Pincher faded away and all that would remain was Delmar, the nothingness that his mother had wanted to be. He was just supposed to be a vessel, a shell...he was not meant to be living with free will. The tattoos always reminded him of that, glowing with the energy of supernatural ties he had with what was beyond the horizon and below the sea's surface.

The Typhoon needed a leader. Someone who could live, not decay away like a corpse with a ghostly pulse. His heavy eyelids fluttered as he slowly heaved himself out of the bed in the submarine, his body almost collapsing once his trembling ivory paws touched the ground. He was shivering uncontrollably, every muscle twitching and pulsing with the energy that could not be contained and his once aqua blue tattoos now the sickly shade of the dying phases of the moon. The towering figure forced his way through the submarine before stepping out to stand outside, noticing the sun was beginning to set creating warm tones of gold and orange to blend with the dying of the blue sky. A perfect example of what was to come. He lurked in silence in preparation for the ceremony he had created solely for leadership transitioning or so he thought. Deep in the back of his mind, he knew it was to show his daughter that she was worthy of the title. Worthy of everything she had worked hard for, for enduring the infamous Roux "curse" of being obsessed with success, the unstafisfied hunger than ran through their bloodline. He never wanted her to suffer but he knew that she blossomed out of whatever bad experience with beauty and grace, how something so lovely came out of murky waters reminded him of his favorite flower. He stared down at the crown of lotuses intertwined with pale golden roses that were sprinkled with gold as he stood at the base of the dome. Not on the throne but beside it as he closed his eyes and waited for the others to come. Beside him rest the crown and a tribal armband similar to his that he was to give to her, there was a small vial filled with a liquid that gently pulsed...the same time his own tattoos did. His glazed eyes fluttered up when he heard the conch ring in the air and he sighed, realizing it was time.

Time to accept his death. He barely caught the sound of footsteps as membes arrived but as enough voices echoed in the aquarium, the demigod raised his low head to lock his frigid gaze onto them. "Typhoon, it is time for me to step down. I am no longer able to keep the position I am in for reasons I am too damn tired to explain but one of them I can say is that you all only deserve the best. I once believed I was enough for the role of Captain but things change and I have come to accept that a new leadership will not only continue our ways but improve on them. That is why I have decided for Goldenluxury Roux to be your new Captain. Goldie, please step onto the throne so I may begin the ceremony." He waited for his daughter with a warm loving smile tracing his muzzle despite the pain that clawed within him. He had to stay strong for her, for her to know that even when he was not by her side physically later on, he would always support the one that had taught him the meaning of life.

« on: November 28, 2018, 05:32:45 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
"Shit..." The hissed cursed fluttered out of his jaws as he instinctively tugged his pale white paw away from the blade's edge, his facial features turning to one of annoyance as the loud clattering exploded in the air, ringing out for a few seconds before dying. He sighed as he straightened his form, dark ash gray form shifting to flick away at the glowing blue blood droplets that began to gently rise out of the small hardly visible scratch. He glared at it, disgusted by the sight of his blood. He remembered when it had once been the color of a vibrant spring rose, lush with, a mixture of melted ice and the color of dying winter. His upper lip curled and he flicked it off, watching them fly into the air and disappear into the sea water that surrounded the slowly shifting Tempest. He glanced up at the stark sky, it was only morning slowly shifting into noon and he could only faintly make out the burning sun through the powder white clouds. A cold icy breeze sliced through him and he realized despite not having to deal with heavy snowfall, the lush tropical island still dealt with colder weather but with wind and slight lack of sun.

A swirl of warm steam rolled off his forked tongue as he breathed out, using his fire elemental power to slowly warm up his shivering figure as he returned to focus on the weapons he had found. Spears, daggers, short swords, hatchets, and many others were inside two large barrels on each side of Pincher as the demigod glanced towards the direction of the camp with his frigid gaze narrowing with concentration as the Captain called out "Everyone get over here now! I need to make sure every single one of you has a weapon to defend yourself with even if you've got whatever mutations to keep you 'safe', I need to make sure you at least know where to strike. If you already have a weapon, show it to me and I'll see if it's still sturdy enough for a good fight." He could still feel a bit of his blood still soak the floorboard beneath his paw but he ignored it, freezing it and chipping it away with his claws while he waited.

Uncharted Territories / Re: ALL AROUND THE WORLD / typhoon
« on: November 26, 2018, 09:11:14 AM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
Pincher was nervous. He felt nauseating fear tighten around his throat like a sharp wire coil, causing great discomfort but he forced himself to steady his breathing as the male shortly followed after the spotted figure of his daughter and her pet. He stalked silently behind her, a looming storm grey shadow ready to come to life if someone threatened his daughter. However, the journey to the border of Sunhaven seemed to be rather smooth and no trouble arose onto their path. He remained rather silent while they walked as his mind was clouded with heavy foggy thoughts, stuffing his security with paranoia. What would she say? What would she do? Was it even right for him to admit to her what he wanted to say when he only had only about a month left to...They were here.

The tattooed lean figure of the ash grey hybrid halted beside his Quartermaster as they halted together at the border, his cool aqua blue gaze fluttering around as he noticed some of the territory was still flooded. His fictional eyebrows furrowed with worry but the broad shouldered predator simply sighed and watched as Goldie announced her presence as he remained sitting behind her, his dark striped tail curling gently around her in his usual protective manner. He watched as more arrived but still no sign of her. The neutral frown that graced his muzzle deepened and he hesitantly questioned “Is Marina around? She alright?” He tried to keep his voice steady but there was a tiny lace of worry burning low in his tone.

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Private Rendezvous / Re: movement / private
« on: November 24, 2018, 10:04:29 PM »
There was always drama. He called attempted assassinations and death threats drama because frankly, Pincher did not fear death. Like many other "tough gangster men", he didn't find any sort of dread of dying. He had seen plenty of it growing up, enlisting and fighting in a war for his damned country and coming back as a hollow bullet with no more gunpowder, just empty deadly space. So when he came back, he didn't just stick to thieving and his simpler business in offering security but decided to spread like a disease, a virus. Crawling into the backs of other stronger mafia groups that were in his way to success, he became a force to be reckoned with. Or so he had been told. He caught the glares that were locked onto him when he walked by but he would only allow a light tweak of a smile to flicker with cocky air as he knew that they hated him but were too frightened to say it to his face. He was attacking a new group since he had decided that his little town was too stuffy for him. He had arrived to the new place with a calm steady ambition that grew like a vine, twisting and curling around the ones he tried to influence. Soft low whispers warned him that the one he was threatening would not go so gentle onto a good night like the others did when Pincher would slice their necks in the dead of the night.

He could hear the commotion and he simply sat there, staring down at the end of his crystalline gold laced whiskey glass, watching the warm dark honey brown liquid mix with the ice cubs while he waited. He wondered if this was the threat he was warned about and his cool arctic blue eyes flickered towards the stiffened musicians that were on the stage of the hidden bar that Pincher liked to stay in without anyone bothering. "Play something nice, won't ya? I really don't want to hear the sound of bones crunching, it'll ruin my appetite." The head of the Roux family murmured while he straightened his muscular form in his simple grey suit while turning to face the door that was opened and he caught the ashamed faces of his little henchmen. He didn't appear mad, no...just disappointed. A simple death for both he thought to himself for future reference before his cool magnetic frost blue gaze flickered up to look at the taller figure behind them. "Welcome. Care for a drink?" He greeted with his low rumbling voice as an eyebrow quirked up as he heard the musicians nervously begin some quiet yet low relaxing music as if this was just a visit of an old friend.

The Typhoon / Re: GANG ROBBERY — MEETING 11.16
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:16:41 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
As enough members arrived despite the heavy downpour of rain, Pincher was glad that they had decided to come and hear what was needed to be said for this week. He raised a lean back leg to gently scratch at an itch behind his ear, his feather earring gently bouncing before the male cleared his throat and straightened his form. His crystalline ice blue gaze fluttered to each face as he nodded and decided to start. "Right. Thanks for coming despite the obvious rain so I'll make this brief. Joiners for the past week should be welcomed in and introduced so...Welcome Hobbitfoot, Jiro, Bubonicplague, Mingan, Bodkin, Sparrow, Marco, Delta, and Hawke. Returning faces are Sylvina, Aphra, Roxanne, and Victor. New faces also include Eleven, Adara, and They...? Yeah, anyways, also welcome the new kids known as Elijah, Priscilla, Stella, Kaisa, and Eris. Make sure to mingle but not too much unless you want your shit stolen." He flashed a light lopsided smirk while allowing there to be a silent moment for anyone that wished to openly welcome the new crewmates into their group. It was refreshing to see new faces of many kind and he just hoped that they felt excited to be a pirate living in a lush volcanic island.

"Shoutouts this week are pretty much everyone. Everyone has been doing outstanding and I would like to thank you all for doing your part. However, there is a little announcement for those interested in the art of healing and all that jazz. Junji has stepped down from his spot as our Soothsayer and this allows for anyone interested to try out. There are no promotions for this week but who the fuck knows, maybe that will change. No one is demoted for now but I would like to see my high positions contribute more." Pincher was glad that the week had gone rather lax but there was a troubling moment for them or well...more specifically an annoyance. The Rosebloods. Bitch lasagna had decided to claim the Typhoon open game and frankly Pincher guessed it was time for them to step up and fight the fuckers who had killed one of their members and also captured on. His forked tongue flicked out as he decided to bring this up to attention.

"We've retaliated with the Pitt but they are no longer our focus. The rosey bitches have decided to cause trouble and try to hurt us. I see them more as a thorn in my side than an actual threat but we can't let ourselves be pushed around. Seriously, listen. I will be giving everyone weapons and some training to defend yourself. Last time, everyone was getting scooped up by the Pitt and frankly, that is pathetic for pirates to be the ones getting captured. Get your shit together. There are plenty of experienced fighters here to teach you and I want all of you to teach the Rosebloods a good fucking lesson. Drag one of their pathetic shitheads here and give them a show, I don't give a shit as long as it's not children. We don't deal with children. I also want someone to lead the raid against the Rosebloods just to fuck around with them, give them a few good scars. Destroy their shit for all I care, just get the job done. Other than that, the meeting is dismissed." Pincher stood and stepped down from his throne, frost glazing his shoulders as he had grown rather annoyed and pissed off about the topic of the Rosebloods. He didn't like that the Typhoon was seen as some place to pick off members when they should be the ones capturing and pillaging. He snorted, upper lip curled as he growled "I better see all of you in the weaponry session or I'll chew you the fuck out for not trying to defend yourself." With that, he stepped to head out and make sure to find enough weapons for everyone that needed any or desired for a new one.

Welcome joiners and returnees !! Glad to have you around!! <3
@HOBBITFOOT / @Jiro, / @BUBONICPLAGUE / @MINGAN / @BODKIN / @SPARROW. / @Marco C. / @delta / @HAWKE / @SYLVINA / @APHRA CIPHER . / @ROXANNE R. / @VICTOR / @ELEVEN / @PRISCILLA / @stella / @kaisa. / @ERIS.
Shoutouts to everyone!! Well done with the activity guys, y'all are killin it
No warnings / demotions / promotions
Someone is open to leading a raid @ Rosebloods!!
Pinch will be holding a semi-mandatory weaponry session to make sure everyone is packing ashdj
I apologize for the late reply to the meeting, I have been super busy so thank you for your patience!

The Typhoon / Open GANG ROBBERY — MEETING 11.16
« on: November 16, 2018, 10:06:46 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
He was scared. He was terrified. He was pacing back and forth in his submarine, the insides now finally fixed after his accidental burning of possessions. Luckily most of his more valuable pieces had been saved due to him locking them in a treasure chest and the hybrid was relieved that it had not been lost in the fire. But that was not what he was worried about. He was worried because of him. Had he told everyone which family he belonged to? Pincher was gently biting down on his lower lip, gnawing with a nervous fever. He did this for a few minutes longer before coming to terms that he just needed to concentrate on getting the meeting up and going despite his desire to simply hide within the dark quarters of his submarine. This was perhaps the only place he felt safe now and allowed him to mumble softly under his breathe while he thought. That asshole was here now and this would only destroy whatever past he had tried to move on from but with the recovered memory of Kaiser and Archimedes' "joining", it seemed his thoughts would never let go. Pincher sucked in a shaky breath and halted from his pacing, brilliant icicle blue gaze narrowing as he contemplated until the flash of lightning crackled the sky and thunder followed with it's booming voice. Pincher glanced out to realize it was raining quite a storm and he hoped most would be fine running to reach the meeting, if not they could simply be brought up to speed with other members.

Allowing his peaked nerves to simmer down like a dying flame, Pincher straightened himself and headed out to be met by the pouring of rain. Other territories in colder seasons would have to deal with snow while the tropical islanders would have to deal with more than usual downpour of rain. He grimaced as he walked through the soaked sand hills, his dark cinder gray tinted pelt now drenched with the rain droplets that crashed down. He briefly glanced up at the darkened sky, noticing that the sun could not be spotted through the heavy clouds. He was tempted to use his elemental powers to push them away but he knew the rainforest thrived only with rain pour and he wasn't going to exhaust himself with such a task. So he simply picked up his pace to a light jog until reaching the mouth of the cave that leads down to the aquarium dome with his blue flames low as they licked his form to dry off the wetness. As he reached the throne, he waited for the rest to come. He knew the conch would have been blown and hopefully, through the rain and thunder, it had reached the ears of the rest of the crew.

The Typhoon / Re: ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST / return
« on: November 13, 2018, 07:47:24 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
To say he missed his sister was an understatement. He missed her ability to have such a spunky fiery attitude that usually cause a crack of a smile to form on his muzzle. Sometimes they had bashed heads together, sometimes they sought each other for comfort and security. He knew Roxanne was troubled internally, a lot had happened to her that had caused her to lock up and slowly slip away from ever existing in the tropical volcanic island. As time passed, he didn't let his mind forget her as he worked and continued hoping he would be able to see her one last time before having to say goodbye to the very life he had claimed and created for himself. But he didn't exactly  expect to see her covered in saliva. The figure of the male was calmly swimming through the long waves of the sea, his head hardly breaking through the surface as he mimicked the slow swimming form of a crocodile with his piercing frost blue gaze locked onto the shore of the island as his jaws were clamped around a small net filled with writhing fish. As he finally stepped out and dumped the fish onto a nearby small boat so they couldn't escape, the loud ringing exploded and filled his charcoal black ears and he turned to focus on the direction of it.

A joiner? A voice was added and his fictional brows furrowed as the voice seemed familiar but not enough for it to immediatly connect in his head so the lean figure of the hybrid stalked forward with his drenched form picking up the pace as he noticed the small figure of Elijah descend down in front of the figure as well as Aphra he immediately realizes who it is. "Roxanne?!" Pincher's exclaim was filled with bewildered surprise and he rushed forward with his claws unsheathing, expecting to fight whoever was chasing her until he noticed her gooey slicked form. He wrinkled his nose and grimaced as he heard the excessive ringing of both Elijah and Roxanne, biting back a curse when he noticed the basket filled with mambas begin to slowly shake with the irritated snakes. He aimed to gently bite down on the scruff of Elijah and pull him back as he murmured "Oi Elijah, you're already in. Anyways, where the hell have you been, Roxxie? Are you okay....and are you covered in fucking saliva?" His questions were filled with brotherly worry as his eyes widened with concern as he turned his attention to Roxanne. He glanced towards Aphra, surprised she was around but he remained silent as she seemed laxer than Caesar and allowed Roxanne to hopefully answer their inquiries of where she had disappeared to.

Private Rendezvous / Private STAR DESTROYER — GOLDIE
« on: November 13, 2018, 04:46:53 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
There was so little time and he was scared. He was conflicted. He didn't want to leave so soon especially when he wanted to be there for everyone he cared about. He wanted to stay for his crew. For his family. For his loved ones. They were the true reasons why he stuck around despite the pain he felt. The burning glow of the tattoos, the tattoos that bound him to the sea. He could always hear the ocean inside of his head, how it turned and swayed and churned with so much unknown life. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...maybe it would be good for him to say goodbye. It felt like maybe it was only his own selfish reason he stuck around. Not to have the power of leadership but to be able to be seen as an individual that mattered compared to how miniscule he felt when he had followed the pathway of his father when he had dragged him into the nomad gang of wicked criminals. But he knew why he was so desperate to stick around, to be present despite his desire to fade away to make the farewell easier. He wanted to be a good father, nothing like father and be a positive impact in his children. They mattered so much to him and he had lost so many already, some disappeared out of the face of the earth and he did his best to hide his concern and worry as he knew that it was important for him to not let his personal life blend with his buisness life.

His long tail tapped softly at one of the many small tables of the lighthouse area, the main area where his meetings with his high positions and envoys were located in. He tipped his head to the side as he was skimming over papers written in his sketchy skribbled writing as it was rushed with multiple ideas yet were not be able to be read as they were in symbols that he had created for himself or well, one ancient in the Roux lineage. He rolled his broad shoulders and sighed, a single candle resting on the table reflecting his sharp facial features that were wrinkled and furrowed with deep thoughts and concepts. Everyone else were probably settling for the night as the sun had begun to set on the edge where the sea and sky met and Pincher's vibrant aqua blue gaze briefly locked onto the lovely shade of the sky and sea, distracted by the beauty. He remembered his father's only true words. There is nothing like a beach's sunset. He was right, wasn't he? The male relaxed for a brief moment, absorbed by the sunset that was displayed to him and any stress seemed to slip away, his figure loosening and his tattoos glowed in a more gentle intensity. He knew that the deep sea didn't have anything like this and he sighed, remembering how close his time to say goodbye to everything he cared for. He just hoped Goldie and Bakugou would be trained enough for the time of darkness, the time he would eventually take off the crown and lie among the depths of the sea as some pathetic lonely god. Hopefully, everyone would understand. Hopefully, they would forgive him. Especially Goldie.

The Typhoon / Re: FERRARI LOVER — MEETING 11.02
« on: November 13, 2018, 04:17:28 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
It wasn't surprising that the reaction of Caesar became one of enragement but at the same time it was surprising that his words had sliced through the savannah and caused such a large reaction. He supposed Caesar's ambition had risen to dangerous heights and he wondered if that was why he craved to become the Quartermaster. Caesar held potential but it was like poison, deadly and bad if it tainted the group and not just the outsiders of the crew. His cool glacier blue eyes locked onto the savannah as he noticed the rising spotted fur bristle and Pincher's tattoos suddenly flashed with the frigid white hue as he realized what Caesar was possibly going to do. His ink black ears swiveled backwards and Pincher's jaws parted as he was ready to tell everyone to step back and draw ice around just him and his Officer but it appeared it was too late and already a chain reaction of attacks sparked out of the actions that were being made. He gritted his teeth and took a step forward when he noticed Bakugou and Goldenluxury step in and Pincher bit back a silver swear as once he saw an opening, he used it.

As Caesar lept towards Bakugou, Pincher teleported in front of the ragdoll and aimed to slam his paw down to counterstrike @CAESAR CIPHER. and pin him to the ground with his claws covered with ice to sink into the chest of the savannah. Pincher's upper lip was curled back and the panthera hybrid snarled "Strike Three, Caesar. You are demoted to nothing but Sharkbait and you are exiled from the Typhoon." Pincher's voice crackled and snapped as wisps of blue flames dripped from the corners of his mouth as he lowered his head to glare down at the savannah. If he had succeded in pinning him down, Pincher tried to sink his claws in deeper into the flesh of the feline. He knew there would be a breaking point for Caesar where he would no longer be able to take orders from anyone above himself. Pincher had somewhat respected the stubborn amibitous former Officer but no one was allowed to injure his crewmates and have the ability to get away from it, not when he was around.

« on: November 10, 2018, 02:45:06 PM »
pinch is naveen !! 0000;

The Typhoon / Re: FERRARI LOVER — MEETING 11.02
« on: November 10, 2018, 01:02:14 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
Of course there would be a reaction. Wasn't it an old law in science that an action would always be followed by a reaction? He watched as every expression chanted by the news that were announced and the male calculated how they felt from the briefest twitches of mouths or swiveling of ears. It was obvious that the Quartermasters announcements would be the most impactful as it had been a long waiting moment of nearly three months that Pincher had stood without his right hand deputy or deputies. His assistant deputies were good enough at their duties and Pincher was proud of their initiative of working but the hybrid was not surprised that there was a negative explosion from Caesar, the yellow eyesore Officer of his. He watched the savannah's seething reaction impact the present with half lidded frost blue colored eyes, a face of deadpanned disinterest.

Caesar had been here for a good time now, dedicating himself to prove to be a worthy Officer but also a huge pain in the ass when things did not go his way. Pincher stepped back to settle onto the throne as it appeared shit was not finished and proclaimed acceptable in the eyes of one of his crewmates. A little bit reminded him of his father and the thought made a small pattern of permafrost to blossom on the throne, very slowly expanding as crawling branches. He tipped his head back, watching like a parent as their child threw a tantrum and he glanced towards the others as they defended Bakugou and Pincher inhaled as he closed his eyes and suddenly the frost that was covering the throne suddenly spiked out to cover the frost of the entire aquarium, the tropical coral reef waters now hardly visible by the thin sheet of ice as the male then exhaled, eyes opening to lock onto the bickering and arguing high positions.

His breath danced in the air as it was mixed with the blue wisps of flames and the dropping temperature of the aquarium dome as he ordered flatly ”That is enough. Caesar, you are ignorant and selfish and have yet to learn how to adapt to situations that you do not have an upperhand in. That works in battlefield but in a democracy full of bloody fucking pirates, that isn't gonna protect you from not having your throat sliced over and over. A being that cannot adapt and shift to become better with changing times will only doom a group and its inhabitants. I don't give a shit what you think but call everyone an idiot and I'll just let them run you out. I've had enough of your insulting, if you even became leader, you would have no respect and nobody would follow you if you never showed an ounce of respect for them. We ain't no fucking passive group that blindly follows whoever is at the top, we are independent creatures that do not mind the idea of mutiny when a Captain is seen as unworthy. However, if you do want to fucking challenge Bakugou, then you have the freedom to. But that shit of you becoming Quartermaster if you win is going against my orders and you know what happens when you go against my orders, don’t you?”

Pincher calmly stepped down from the throne with his claws unsheathing, his muscles tensing under his short dark storm gray pelt with his tattoos suddenly glowing a blinding white. ”If you lose, Bakugou remains Quartermaster. But if you win, you will have to challenge me next. No going back now, Caesar. And if the fight is going to happen, no powers. An honest fight has always been our thing here so don't even think about question it.” With that he simply leaned back onto his haunches and tipped his head innocently to the side while the corners of his lips curled in an almost twisted sinister smirk. He was become more accepting of the chaos of life as death came closer to his path and if this was going to happen then Pincher would sure as hell want to spend his time enjoying it.

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The Typhoon / Announcement MISTER MISTY-EYE — MINI MEETING 11.09
« on: November 09, 2018, 11:46:45 PM »
CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
It was only a few span of days and already so much had happened and the male needed to make sure his schedule of meetings as they had been lopsided to either be too long and too short, it was honestly annoying as fuck to himself as a captain. Perhaps it was his bad mood as he stared at the faint thin trails of smoke that were still rising from the burned down tavern that those Pitt stain fucks had done. His lower jaw locked, a vein pulsing with frustrated energy as he was glad there were still blueprints of how the tavern had been built locked away in the lighthouse by older generations of pirates. But he would get them back, he promised himself and to the crew. Revenge was always seen in a bad light by the cookie cutter good-doers but no one could lie that it felt damn good. He rolled his aching sore shoulders, ignoring the tattoos that marked his body as they pulsed with a paler hue than what was usually seen on him. Was it because he was tired? Irritated?

Stop thinking about yourself. Pincher snapped out of his thought bubble, shaking his dark head and turning around to head over towards the main area where the main camp area of the Typhoon was. He glanced around and called out "Everyone gather for a quick ass meeting on the Tempest! I've got shit to say." It was less than the formal meeting he had where he sat like some idiot on a throne and all he wanted to do was clarify some of things as well as offer news that had been passed to him from the whispers of his spies around other groups and rogues he paid to make sure to keep track of the drama. The storm colored panthera hybrid trekked towards the dark slowly rocking ship with his paws gently thumping on the planks as he then teleported to stand in front of the ship's wheel of the ship with his long tail twitching as he paced for a while before settling down with his jaws parting to exhale altho a small swirl of blue flames puffed out as he was still getting used to controlling his fire elemental powers.

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CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
He never liked the idea of being scared. Of letting ideas or dangerous thoughts slowly worm inside his head, drilling through his skull to bury themselves in his brain. He knew why fear was important, why it was important to cling to the fears you had despite the hunger need to lose them and push past them. They were needed for survival, for one to be able to look at themselves and realize that they were capable of living through whatever was holding them back. But Pincher had been deprived of that belief, that it was good to have fears even if they sunk you into a state of paralyzed defeat. But death was different. It was seen as deadly or beautiful, dangerous or accepting. What does he feel when his deep gaze fluttered to lock onto the calendar that was placed on the wall beside his bed. One more month. He felt every second slip away and Pincher remembered the feeling of dread he now held inside of him. It had been the same emotion that boiled within him when he had lived alongside his father and uncle.

"Fath-Archer? Boss? M...may I...may I come in?"
"But-but, I wanted..wanted to-"
"Pincher, do you not understand the damn meaning of no?"

Not everyone had wonderful childhoods and Pincher was just another victim of a heartless family, one that had created pillars of fear and power to raise themselves higher than everyone. To the young naive version of Pincher, he didn't see it as right. He believed everyone deserved equality, to be seen with the same respect his father had for his uncle and not the look of somber disappointed when he noticed Pincher struggling to keep up with the other trainees of the gang he led. He remembered it all, the glares and glances that were molded to represent the shame his father had for him. No wonder he had slept around. No wonder he had desired a stronger descendant of his bloodline, one that would hold the same unfulfilled ambition that burned inside all Rouxes except Pincher. Or so Pincher had believed. He had been humble and pleased with a simple life, one of him enjoying a warm day at the beach with not a single worry or concern in his life, to allow himself to relax. That was until he lost Kaiser.

"Please I can explain's not his fault, it's-"
"It's always been your fault, Pincher. Do you not get that?"
"I-I..I do. Kaiser didn't...he didn't...."

The slam of a door in his face. The cold wind of the force hitting his tear stained face and causing him to flinch. The disgusted look of his father, the expression finally replaced from the shame but it didn't make him feel any better. He closed his eyes and lowered himself to the cold wooden floor of the Tempest, trembling and trying to ignore the eyes of his crewmates that were locked onto him as soft shaky breaths escaped his aching lungs.

I'm so sorry, Kaiser.

His empty chest tightened and Pincher's head snapped up from laying on his paperwork, his scarred body tensing as he woke up, blinking furiously to let his eyesight adjust. Where was he? It took him a few minutes to gather himself, his jaws parted to release a low groan as he felt the odd tightness of his chest. Why...why did his chest fucking hurt? He glanced around at the empty submarine, wide glacier blue eyes fluttering to every inch to make sure nothing was wrong, nothing was out of place. Everything was okay. He straightened his slouched form, rolling his broad tattooed shoulders as the faint blue glow pulsed with the frantic beat of his locked heart. Did he have a nightmare? Was that it? He cleared his raw throat, a low ghostly frown beginning to form on his lips when he noticed that he had not finished his paperwork for the day. Fucking hell, he was an idiot. How could he let himself fall asleep when he had little to none time left?


"S..Shit!" Pincher allowed the foul curse to bubble out of his lips as he suddenly stumbled out of his desk chair, suddenly feeling like his entire body was on fire as if he had finally arrived at his rightful spot in hell. He rushed to press himself against the cool metal surface of the submarine walls, ignoring the frigid touch that caused a few shivers to bounce down his spine as he closed his eyes, forcing himself to steady his breathing. His body didn't feel right, it felt like he was in a suddenly suffocating spot, as if he was buried under layers of dirt, miles away from everyone. It felt like he was back in the abyss he had woken up, the oozing darkness so expansive yet ready to cage him. His wide eyes glared at the ground as he counted. "One, two, three, four, fivesix, seven--". Seven.


"S-STOP!" His pale claws unsheathed and he pressed them tightly to the ground to get a better grip as his body began to fold itself lower to the ground, eyes screwed shut and upper lip curled in a muted snarl. What was it? Why? Why? The hell was happening to him? He didn't know what was happening but all he felt was agony. There was a sun inside of him that desired to melt off his flesh and bones, to break out and rise to the moonlit sun and wreak havoc like it was doing so now. His jaws parted, the nauseating feeling beginning to overpower every muscle as he crouched lower to the floor, his ivory paws shaking as if he had the weight of the world on his marked shoulders. The voice. It was his father's. Taunting him. Where was he? Where was he? Was he back? Did he return? Fear. Pincher had feared his own father. He feared him than he feared Death. Because with death, there was a certainty. There was the idea that there would be an ending to a torturous moment, the body shutting down and going into rigor mortis. With his father, there was no room for a straight answer. There were twisted truths and deceitful lies.

Kaiser is alright.

"LIAR!" A sudden eruption of blue heated ribbons shot from his spine, the flames licking the air and clinging to whatever was flammable. His paper. His work. Pincher was paralyzed with the sickening realization that the flames that he had created were now devouring his work, gnawing at the edges without the idea of holding back. But instead of going forward to grab and save whatever could be salvaged, all he did was stare with glazed eyes. Work. That was all he had left wasn't it? A shell made out of words and orders for his crew, a leader with a pointed direction of what to do and believe in. But did he even do what he believed in? The belief of freedom, of being who you wanted to be? On doing what you dream of becoming? Was that even him? Or had it been...the crackle of the blue flames caused Pincher's conscious to sink back into reality as he noticed that the sapphire blazes were increasing and overtaking his desk, all the ideas and thoughts he had noted down on multiple little sticky notes. He watched as the colored sticky notes become black with the consumption from the flames and he forced himself to rise to his standing position, a look of apathetic emptiness gracing his sharp facial features.

"You're a fraud, Pincher."

He told himself that as he calmly stepped away from the rising flames, his figure slowly shuffling away from the desk and head towards the entrance. He was no freedom fighter. No. That had been Kaiser. The encouraging brave soul that Pincher had admired...and loved. But loved too much that Kaiser's dreams were burned out like a tiny dying flame, eaten by the darkness that his father held and the same darkness that Pincher had buried deep within his core. All along...was it Kaiser who Pincher sought in everyone? Freedom? His throat tightened at the self-made accusation, his figure halting behind his door as he simply stared at the wooden door. Same wood that came from the door that had been slammed on him in the Tempest, the Captain's Quarters. His father's quarters. He was tempted to look back. To see what his idea of Kaiser's paradise wanted to become. But Pincher didn't have all the time in the world to create that. He knew that there was little time left, the sand grains of the time he had were trickling away with each passing day and he could feel the roaring of the ocean inside of him demanding to return to its paradise. Never Pincher's paradise...never his dreams. He was just a puppet for everyone around to control, to persuade and use. But it was fine. It was his duty in life.

"I love you, Pincher."
"I love you...Kaiser."

He remembered the secure mint colored eyes of the other male flash with warmth and patience, one that Pincher had sought so hungrily for himself. He remembered the light crooked smile that Kaiser flashed before his father had stepped in and pushed him out of his Quarters, the fear that he had felt in realizing that once again, his decisions always impacted others. He didn't want to hurt anyone he loved. He didn't want to taint their hearts with his cursed ability to hurt everyone he cared and cherished. That was why he knew his dreams didn't matter, that his purpose was nothing but to be an echo for those he had loved, for the dreams that were left unspoken to the world. He was a messenger. He stepped out and was met with a frigid gust of wind from the night air, misty sea salt water striking his face, so similar to the gust of wind from his father's door. But there was something different to it. He was opening a door, not closing it.

"You care too much, Pincher."
"Is....Is that bad?"
"No...not at all, my love."

He didn't remember collapsing to the ground. He didn't remember how long he was out. The shrieking of seagulls slowly sharpened as his consciousness was forced to wake up by a sharp jab of pain on his skull and Pincher let out a low hiss as he forced his electric blue eyes to flutter open and be met by the bright tropical sun. It was morning. He was on the floor in front of his submarine, the door open and heavy thick clouds of ash smoke heaving out like exhausted lungs. He blinked, facial features smooth without a wrinkle of shock or horror because he may not remember anything after opening the door but he remembered every detail, every fabric of thought that had sewn itself into his soul. He had remembered his first love. He remembered Kaiser. He remembered it was his birthday.

Happy birthday, my love.

Pincher woke up to feeling like crap and remembering a repressed memory he had of someone and it caused his fire elemental power to awaken and the inside of his submarine is burning. He left but passed out in front of the submarine and woke up to realize he remembered Kaiser (his first love) because today is Kaiser's birthday. Just a little drabble about Pinch's past that I wanted to develop as it's a big part of him to realize he may not be achieving his dreams but he is representing the dreams of his loved ones that he has lost and not the dreams of his father so this is more of a positive development for him than a bad one. (:

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CAPTAIN PINCHER ROUX | resides in the typhoon and is the demigod of rough seas. he is a muscular dark gray panthera hybrid with frigid glacier blue eyes, marked with scars and glowing tattoos. he is the head of the roux family and is currently single. he is known for being a charming strategist with dark secrets. be cautious around him. —— ⚓
As Pincher waited for his crewmates arrived, he tried his best not to dwell on the awkward emptiness he felt within his chest. The raid against the Pitt had been a success in taking most of his captured crewmates back but the injuries he had received had caused more damage than he expected. He had not expected to be struck in the same location of his body where the spear of the human had struck as well. It had brought, feelings. It brought feelings. Fear of dying all over again. To feel that way and unable to achieve the dreams he had within his mind haunted him and he felt his eyes slowly narrow to slits of ice, his mind trying to ignore the paranoia and anxiety that tended to rise when he remembered the calendar in his submarine. That calendar felt like it was mocking his death yet he knew it helped him to be motivated in doing whatever he could do while he was here...alongside his crew.

His attention seemed to finally be able to focus on reality as he watched as enough members had arrived at the underground aquarium and Pincher slowly lifted his head up, raising a pale snow white paw to brush off invisible sand off his chest to ease the tightness that had decided to blossom within the empty hole where his heart had once been. He allowed a false plastic smirk to trace the corners of his lips to rise up and the male forced himself to straighten up before deciding to bring upon what news he had decided to give this week. ”Alright let’s get this shit started. First of all, I would like for you all to welcome the new face as well as old faces of this week. Argus, Georgie, Papercutter, and Desperado have returned to our lovely family and Deval, Araneae, and Lucia had decided to join us as well. Make them feel welcome, introduce them to our traditions, don’t steal their shit. Got it?”

Deciding he should now move onto the bad sour part of meetings, demotions. He rolled his tattooed shoulders, the glowing blue hue flickering with slight unease as the muscled panthera hybrid decided to just jump on it and get it over with. ”Ragnild and Kirishima are demoted. If you can bring up your activity up again then you may return to your ranked positions but for now, just crewmates. A warning goes to Peppino and Technopaw, please be around for your duties.” It wasn’t too hard, Pincher just wasn’t fond of telling bad news especially if it affected his group. His long tail twitched lazily beside his form as he then began to focus on shoutouts and promotions. ”Shoutouts to Seamus, Keona, and Lucifer. I’ve decided to promote Caesar to Head Officer. Feliks is promoted to Privateer. CC and Owen are promoted to Striker. And I have recently decided who to make my Quartermaster...well, Quartermasters to be exact. They both are quite young and flawed, but they also carry strengths that I wish to focus on improving as they become my proteges if...when my reign ends. Goldenluxury and Bakugou are given the opportunity to rise up and become my Quartermasters. They have shown a lot of initiative, offering aid in improving our clan and despite their different ways of dealing with situations, they hold a strength that every pirate needs to ride the bitch ass waves of life. Congratulations and I hope you accept the ability to be trained by me to become better leaders than me.” He allowed his voice to become louder and clearer when given the announcements of his newly promoted Quartermasters, a proud touch to his voice. He remained silent to allow for congratulations to follow and once everything had settled down, he went to focus on the other announcements.

”The truth or dare feast will still be free to join so jump in. Prompts are being given out this week so get one if you haven’t already. Later on this week, Lucifer is planning a sparring training session with Sunhaven and Feliks with a bonfire so be ready for that wild shit. We will also be starting a new competition between the divisions within the Typhoon, more will be revealed on December. For political news, I’ve decided to drop The Rosebloods. They are selfish and conceited bitches that only really care about themselves and the Typhoon may be selfish but we actually give a shit about our allies so they are free for anyone to attack, kill, raid, and capture. However, remember we don’t deal with kids. If I see you dragging a kid into our home, I will have your ass on a platter and feed it to the sharks. If you have anything to bring up to me, feel free to find me at my submarine. I am open to any ideas and suggestions you have. Meeting dismissed and get to work.” Pincher felt relieved to finally say everything that needed to be said and hopefully everyone had listened, he was not going to be repeating himself anytime soon as the demigod stepped off the jagged throne, his figure beginning to head over towards the tunnel’s exit.

Welcome new joiners and returnees to the crew!!
@ARGUS / @DESPERADO / @Papercutter / @georgie / @Deval / @Araneae / @LUCIA
Ragnild and Kirishima are demoted
@PEPPINO / @TECHNOPAW get a light warning
@LUCIFER GRIMM. / @seamus / @Keona. are given Shoutouts, keep it up!
@CAESAR CIPHER. is promoted to Head Officer, @FELIKS to Privateer, @CCLIV. and @OWEN are promoted to Striker. @goldenluxury and @bakugou are promoted to Quartermasters!! Congratulations!!
Rosebloods are dropped to enemies/"neutrals"/open target
Thank you everyone for being patient with me! Life has been super busy for me but it's settled down to where I can now post reguarly and I promise I will do my best to get to every thread that needs replies, love you all and have a wonderful day!

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if you would like an OOC prompt for this week, just jump right in and ask!! c:

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