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« on: June 26, 2018, 12:15:26 AM »

Hadn't they just had a trip? Leopold's face was sour, arms crossed infront of him as he approached. He did not want to go on a trip, no thank you. He was perfectly fine with staying home and doing nothing but snacking. "Will this trip be a long one?" His gaze settled on Cain after he looked to see who was already there. Jeong was here, that was good. Leo slowed to a stop before them and waited for Cain's answer.


Human Roleplay / dogs, man, dogs! / o, task
« on: June 17, 2018, 07:45:48 PM »

Leopold sat on a little stool set on top of a large blanket he'd thrown down on the dock. Around him were crates with snacks and drinks on top, and in his lap was his precious little Peanut, fur just recently groomed and a cute little bow tied up on her head. You might be able to think he was having some sort of a picnic with her, if you thought Leo was up to such a thing. Really, he was just waiting for people to show up, leg bouncing and fingers running through his dog's fur over and over as he did so.

He'd made adorable, special little homemade fliers for this. They'd been stuck up all over Blackfall, screaming in big fancy purple letters, "COME TO THE DOCKS FOR ANIMAL THERAPY, FOOD PROVIDED". They even had little fluff balls drawn on them, labeled 'Peanut the best dog in the universe', because that's how dedicated Leo was to his fellow blackfallens. On a crate next to him was a piece of plain white paper that said 'animal therapy here'. If they didn't get it then Leo had no hope for any of them.

While he waited for them, he ate from some of the snacks he'd set out, consisting of various junk foods and some shitty carrot sticks that he most certainly was not going to touch. He handed Peanut bites of it all and cooed down at her. Nobody was there yet so nobody could see. His reputation was safe.


Human Roleplay / Re: SOBER UP ; open, drinking party
« on: June 11, 2018, 12:34:48 AM »

Leo was already wasted as fuck. He'd drank before coming here and continued to drink when finally showing up. His cheeks were flushed, balance fucked up as he stumbled over to Thomas. "No no, me- me first, actually!" Crumbs flew out of his mouth as he spoke. Gods, if sober Leo remembered any of this he'd be unable to leave his house for days just from the embarrassment. But Leo was not sober and he was the kind of person to forget everything when he got drunk, so the chances of him remembering and being embarrassed beyond belief were slim to none.

He looked with glossy eyes to Amren and Rainier, watching them drink and talk. Leo squinted and took a step towards them, opened his mouth to talk. "You're not.. You're not talking without me, are you?" The disbelief in his voice was so ridiculously clear, as if he took true offense to this terrible crime. "Because if you are-" And here he paused as he stumbled to the side, reaching to steady himself against Thomas before he pushed away and continued towards them, "If you are, I'll have you know it's.. It's freaking illegal! You can't- It's against my laws!"


Human Roleplay / Re: STARRY, STARRY NIGHT / open
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:51:43 PM »

Leo barely hesitated before he held Peanut out, the chunky dog not even moving; she lay in his hand like she was made to just hang there all day. "This is my wonderful, lovely Peanut. She doesn't like to be touched on her head." That was his permission and he immediately reached to pet the little lab, icy eyes looking up to Cain as he approached. The young man watched the exchange without saying a word (for once). Their interaction was strange to Leo but he supposed some people were just like that when they liked each other? It didn't really matter, he didn't care much.

Then, movement and Leo looked to Sola, watching as the girl stopped near them and then moved away. He didn't bother trying to talk to her, though. After all, he was Leo, not some nice guy who greeted everyone and helped them. The little puppy had more of his attention and so he continued to pet and love on it, just barely holding back the baby talk. He could do that to Peanut later at home.


Human Roleplay / Re: take one down, pass it around // p, frederick
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:31:48 PM »

"Oh, good! I'm sure that was good for you, you look like you're in need of some rest." A jab at Frederick's appearance, although not meant to be completely rude. Leo was sure he didn't look his best right now either. The beard, though- That's not important, don't look at his beard dammit that's weird. Leo smiled for a small bit longer as he shook Frederick's hand, oh gods his palm was sweaty as hell was that noticeable?

As he drew his hand back and wiped it on his pants, he looked away and let his face fall into something more neutral. "Yes, well.. Even in a rush I'm not the kind of person to just.. Accept an invitation and then, uh, desert you with no word beforehand." Except he really was the kind of person to do that and the fact that he'd even shown up at all was probably a miracle. If he was back home he probably would've stayed in his house with his dog and pretended his plans didn't exist. This, however,  wasn't home and he didn't really want to piss anyone here off.

The long awaited question. Leo had in fact realised that he'd probably be asked about that. He moved to take a seat on one of the stools. It didn't really matter if he told Frederick, right? It's not like he was here to commit a crime or anything.. So he spoke, "Ah.. I had to meet with some family, check on them. I hadn't seen them in quite a while so I wanted to confirm that they were doing well."


Human Roleplay / Re: i do what i want // p, jeong
« on: June 05, 2018, 01:34:25 AM »

He sneered at Jeong, "I'll have you know I'm very easy to get along with. You've just not got the right of me trying to be nice to you is all. That's the cost of having known me so long." Of course he knew he was hard to get along with, knew his attitude was annoying at best. He didn't really care though. It wasn't his problem if some people thought he was rude or.. Whatever people thought. Leo had enough people who at least tolerated him, so if strangers he'd just met found him annoying, then so be it. Sucks for them.

"No! I don't need to be carried, Jeong, I'm not a toddler." His cheeks flushed slightly as he spoke, icy eyes flicking off to the side. "As if wearing clothes like these isn't bad enough for my image." Leopold walked right up to the door of the room he thought a lady he knew was in and knocked three times before stepping back and frantically waving his hand for Jeong to move forward. He didn't want to explain this!


Human Roleplay / Re: NO SLEEP TILL | WEEKLY TASKS 6.4 - 6.10
« on: June 05, 2018, 01:19:55 AM »

As much as Leo thought himself above doing actual work, he did need to further familiarize himself with the other Blackfallen and this seemed one way to do so. So, despite being lazy as all hell, Leopold was quick to come over to the small group of already gathered people. "Give me one of these 'assignments'." Oh, just asking for work to do was horrible. It was too late now, Leo would just have to sacrifice some lounge time for whatever task he got.


Human Roleplay / Re: take one down, pass it around // p, frederick
« on: June 05, 2018, 12:56:29 AM »
sorry!! i'll try 2 respond faster <3

He didn't even have to look for more than a few seconds before he saw Frederick, eyes meeting the man's as he turned. Leo lifted a hand to give the man a weak wave as he made his way over. He would've thought a bar would have more people in it; surely the people of Griffingate of all places would drink frequently? Although, the man didn't have much of a right to think such a thing for he was no stranger to drinking even when he had no reason to. Perhaps they just didn't drink unless there was a special occasion? It didn't really matter all that much seeing as Leopold was only here for one person.

Leo stopped in front of the taller man, offering his best smile as he spoke, "Sorry, did I keep you waiting for long? I, uh, had a bit trouble finding this place.." His smile turned sheepish and he rubbed the back of his neck, looking away. He could use the excuse of being a foreigner if questioned, right? Although his accent said otherwise but who knew.

He'd already forgotten? The corners of Leo's lips twitched down for a split second. He couldn't imagine forgetting someones name mere hours after meeting them. His parents would've lost their voices yelling if he had done something so rude. "That's quite alright, sir- I don't believe I got your name earlier, anyways. I'm Leo." As he spoke, he held his hand out to shake. That was a good way to get to know a man, right? His father had always said so.


Human Roleplay / Re: STARRY, STARRY NIGHT / open
« on: May 30, 2018, 11:39:19 PM »

Another walk with Peanut, another few hours of following the pom pom wherever she went. Leo wondered why he still had stomach chub when he walked so much with his lovely pomeranian. Shouldn't it have burned off by now? The blueblood sighed to himself as he walked along behind his pooch, pausing when she paused, speeding up when she did. And then the little ball of fluff ran off and the supposed-to-be prince was forced to run after her, scuffing up his shoes and messing up his clothes.

The man ran around a corner after her and paused, seeing.. A tiny woman?? This was what Peanut had been so interested in?? The little dog jumped up against Amren's legs, yapping loudly as she seemingly danced around her. Leopold ran a hand through his hair and straightened his clothes as he tried to walk calmly over, icy eyes squinting to see whatever the lady was carrying.

"Is that a puppy??" His voice squeaked as he gave up all attempts at appearing like the well poised prince he was supposed to be. Leo rushed forward to look closer at the dog, lifting his own dog into his arms in the movement. "Can I pet it? What's it's name? How long have you had it? What breed is it?" This would've been the only situation that Leo would actually ask permission to do something in, free hand hovering over the puppy as he awaited Amren's go ahead to pet the little thing. The man was even slightly slouched, too excited and happy about the dog to care about his current appearance. "Ohh, please please please let me pet it ma'am!"


Human Roleplay / take one down, pass it around // p, frederick
« on: May 29, 2018, 02:05:58 PM »

Was he late? Maybe he was, but Leopold figured that the man he'd met earlier had his own business to attend to so perhaps he wasn't even at the bar yet. The man wiped at his puffy eyes as he glanced around the street. Why was Griffingate so confusing?? He was sure he'd know where the bar was but considering the fact that he'd been looking for the better part of two hours, he obviously didn't know. Or he was just stupid, which was very likely.

He didn't have to walk much longer before he finally found the bar. Of course, in the last spot he hadn't tried checking yet. This was such a horrible idea, why was he doing this again? Gods, Leo's parents would be so disappointed.. Well, if they had even stuck around for him, then they'd be disappointed, but they weren't here and he needed to stop thinking about them before he cried again.

The man paused for a brief moment to straighten his clothes and run a hand through his hair. He stood up taller and took his usual confident air as he opened the door and walked in. Now, to find the man from earlier. If he was here yet.


Human Roleplay / Re: nostalgia // open, trespassing
« on: May 27, 2018, 11:50:01 PM »

"Yes, I'm terribly sorry- It's just, I have very time sensitive business, you see- So.." He took a moment to consider, although with the way the man spoke it didn't seem much like a question.. Perhaps those were just his nerves. "Of course we can meet at the bar- I'll, uh, I'll head there once I've finished? Yes, I can wait." That was a horrible idea, why would he say that?! He should've said no, fuck, he was making so many mistakes.

Leopold clapped his hands together and began to walk away, setting the same brisk pace he'd been at before. He glanced back once to call, "See you then, I guess!" and then stared forward as he left.

yeah of course! want me to make or you?


Human Roleplay / Re: nostalgia // open, trespassing
« on: May 23, 2018, 11:15:37 PM »

Leo's nose scrunched up the faintest bit, why was this man smiling like that? Leo was the only one allowed to smile like that. He picked at the corner of his lip with neatly trimmed fingernails, looked at the man's forehead as he spoke with hopefully more confidence than he spoke. "Leo- Look, I'd love to talk, really! But, uh, I have... Very important business.."

As he spoke he tried to edge his way around Frederick, giving a weak smile, "Perhaps we can speak another time? I- I'm sure I'll be around for a while longer."


Helpful Hub / Re: Human RP weaponry question?
« on: May 23, 2018, 10:12:45 PM »
no guns but im sure designer weapons would be fine

oops i used the wrong acct to answer

Human Roleplay / Re: nostalgia // open, trespassing
« on: May 14, 2018, 12:20:03 AM »

Wow, that was a tall man. Leopold didn't consider himself to be short, especially considering the height he could've been, but compared to this man he felt short as hell. He cleared his throat as he stopped abruptly, unconsciously straightening his back and shoulders. "Em-" He winced as his voice came out a bit high, swallowed nervously and did his best to deepen his voice to what it usually sounded like, "I'm well, thank you, and you?"

He was rather bad at this whole 'acting normal' thing, huh? No wonder it was so easy for Jeong to tell when he was lying. Leo took a half step back, eyes flicking to the lady, great, another one. She looked scary for sure, but then again, everyone here seemed scary to him now that he was on the enemies side. "Um- Hello, ma'am."


Human Roleplay / Re: i do what i want // p, jeong
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:17:01 AM »

Leopold's eyebrows furrowed as he frowned, his arms crossing over his chest. He glared at Jeong, "Thank you so very much, Jeong, you've given me a lovely confidence boost. I love appearing okay while others can see me. It truly gives off a good impression to people who've never met me before." He was most certainly pouting at this point, although it was unintentional.

He almost didn't respond, too set on being salty over Jeong's comments, but then a twinge of pain hit and he gave up. As much as he wanted to be bitter and mean, he didn't really want to deal with these cramps longer than necessary. "Uh.. I know there's a girl rooming down the hall? I don't know about anyone else though, because I didn't bother to pay attention to where everyone I know is rooming." Leo shrugged and straightened his back, setting off to the end of the hall. "I suppose we could just ask her, and then if she has none ask if she knows anyone who does?"

sksksj so sorry for the late + short response,, ive been procrastinating everything hella hard


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