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The Typhoon / Open it never mattered | removing stryker's head
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:46:34 PM »
How long has this dispicable thing hung here? Tales of a legacy long forgotten, names that no longer graced the tongue. It was unnecessary now and so he would make due with disposing of it entirely. He has been sitting here and staring at this remnant for a good while. The head itself was more bone than anything, flesh having withered away or dried up against the pale structure. Not it just stood grinning like the welcome of Death itself. Perhaps it scared some but he did not need to parade around a head for that. So he easily moves to knock it down. Water twisting and curling to toss it against the ground. It breaks into two pieces, jaw separating before the ocean rises up like a being itself and swallows it, dragging it down to the Depths.

An eerie silence follows then before the watery maned wolf merely sighs. "May you finally find your peace in the tides. Though you wrecked havoc at least in Death, in the Depths you may be whole." Bubbles simmer where the skull disappeared into the ocean and the leader says nothing else as he watches the waves press against the sands.

The Pitt / Re: once hunted | typhoon leader
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:23:07 PM »
The watery being tilts hos head slightly as he regards the massive creature before him. Unperturbed he merely sighs almost like he is dealing with children and the mockery is not lost on him. Not an ounce of wavering he does here as he has never been intimidates by the size of another creature. Just like his mother whom rested in the Depths now, she had killed monstrous things. For him he merely flicked his tail as he gave a all frown. "I've come here with respect towards you, Olalla. So I would hope for the same." That being said he supposes that he also needs to correct them on this matter of their leadership as the Typhoon has had the same captain for a while now. "On the contrary. Morrison has led us for a long time and has now sought to retire his throne. Given this information I look towards new avenues and ways to better the Typhoon as a whole."

There is a pause then as he looks from one great beast to the other before he allows a small measure of amusement to vaguely cross his features. "I know the Pitt's history all too well. My mother used to deal with this place..often enough. Regardless to that I was hoping to be updated on our stance with one another. Neutrality fits my needs currently but if you wish we could progress towards something else."

The Pitt / Open once hunted | typhoon leader
« on: July 02, 2022, 05:01:56 PM »
The desert dwellers. Much like those that dwell within the swamps he doesn't have much of an opinion on them. He knows their history and what they attempt to do and for that he supposes they have some intimidation. At least for others, not for him. During his youth he had always been terrified. Always trying to find his place but those days were over. The elemental canine steps onto the shifting sands with a goal in mind. A familiarizing visit of what these lands are worth and those whom live within them. His liquid like hide shifts and glows like the waves of an ocean, leaving behind wet pawsteps on the sand. As he travels he wonders if someone will find him first before he gets to their jungle. Perhaps.

Regardless he sees it with white orbs, the leafy green that tells of where the residences live. Pausing he slowly settles himself since he doesn't wish to go any further before he takes a shallow breath of the hot air. "Pittians, I see audience with your leader, Olalla. I have information to give as well as some talks that pertain to the shifting of the tides. I am the Typhoon's new Captain."

Tanglewood / Open a new turn | typhoon leader
« on: July 01, 2022, 07:00:36 PM »
It took him very little time to make his way to the swamplands. And even less so did he want to spend too much time here. The water was boggy, slipped into his own form to make something less than lovely. He flicked his paws, shifting his way through the muck and yes he had no paitence to wait at the border. Things needed to be done as they say and so the flowing water creature made his way towards the village. It wasn't like he was causing a scene. At least not at the moment. As soon as he found the village his pale white eyes looked around. Checking out the hustle snd bustle of the area. His tail slipped along the ground soaking the dirt in sea water before he finally spoke.

"I request an audience with your leader. As this is an important meeting I would like some punctuality plesse. I am Ciabhan, the new Captain of the Typhoon. This is just formalities about some changes with allies." Strictly business. Personally he had never seen any of them as close or friends so he did not have any issues with giving the news.

The Typhoon / Announcement CALL TO ORDER | MEETING 7/1
« on: July 01, 2022, 08:10:22 AM »
As the sun began to make it's rise into the sky a figure sat looking out from one of the homes. His eyes of pure white shifted to look upon the skies and he allows a small sigh to leave his muzzle. Many thoughts are moving through his head as he thinks about his conversation that he had with Morrison just last night and he is neither worried nor scared of this new venture that has been presented to him. No he is...intrigued. He is able to now realize a few things for the group that his father once ruled over. For a moment the water along his body turns turbulent, shifting into gray rage as if a storm is flashing over before it settles into cool blues once again. He turns to the side before he pushes open the door and calls out with a loud enough voice so everyone can hear him. "All pirates that live and breathe on this island we call home gather at the beach for a meeting!" It will be enough he hopes and so he makes his way there as dawn bathes everything in orange and pinks.

There he waits and when there is enough of those staring at him in confusion he finally turns to look at them. The waves crash back and forth against the beach and he allows that to keep him calm. This he supposes his a symbol of a change, something new on the wind and he looks almost amused by it. He knows how he feels about several different issues and he has no reason to keep them hidden. Things will surely be different and because of that he focuses on what he wants for the Typhoon. Dipping his head he scans the growing crowd with his solid pearl orbs before he wraps his tail around himself. "I know you all must be confused so allow me to let you all know what is going on. Morrison has decided to retire. The old man needs his rest there is no doubt about that and in his place he has named me his successor." Rather that is a good thing or a bad one has yet to be determined but he is determined none the less to see this through and see where he can take this band of rogues. That also reminds him on several other things. "So as of today I am your Captain. I will be making some changes for the betterment of our home. We need a bit more...structure to this place anyway." His gaze lingers on nothing in particular as he things over what he is about to do.

"To begin with, the Typhoon as a group proclaims to be pirates. But we never really act in the benefit of ourselves. We don't act like pirates. As dangerous as we are reliable so I've decided that the Typhoon will be reassessing this as well as from today we don't have any allies. None. They are neutral until further notice. If we need them we can have talks but we need to learn to stand on our own. I'll be visiting all the groups in notification of this personally." He pauses there so that all of this can sink in. His tail slides against the ground, soaking the sand with water before he releases a deep breath he didn't realize he has been holding before he dips his head a little. "I'll be looking for a Quartermaster soon, a Soothsayer who will be taking over as head of the Necro Mambas, A Officer who will be taking over as head of the Grim Rays, and a Dealer who will be taking over as head of the Blackjack Rats." From there he finally blinks and lets all of that information sink in before he gives a small and almost amused smile on his muzzle.

"Now I open the floor up to my fellow pirates on what they wish to see, what do you want out of the Typhoon? Where do you wish for us to go? I'm sure you all have good ideas but keep in mind not all will be accepted."

Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
« on: June 27, 2022, 07:58:53 PM »

« on: June 05, 2022, 06:14:15 PM »
Both are accepted! Before leaders are chosen and the big battle commences these discovery threads should go up!

Tanglewood / Private lessons and new truths; gawain
« on: June 02, 2022, 09:24:53 PM »
Even though she was tense here she was trying to fit in. Sure she can understand the looks that she had been receiving but she was not the one to be considered a threat. At least not like it seemed like she was here. Her paws carried her around the town and she kept her head low, sighing gently to herself as she tried to understand just what she needed to do around here from the beginning. Finding a place to be able to lay her head down for the night seemed the most reasonable course of action but she had yet to even attempt that. Only because she had did not know what the process was. Did she just pick a house and say it was her's? Or did she do it another way? With a frown on her maw she paused there near the middle of the small village and narrowed her eyes on one house in particular. It was well worn, but it just needed a little bit of love. A small amount she was sure and slowly she began to make her way over to it with a thought of how to spruce it up.

Just a little bit of flora could go a long way. Given that she was one that wore roses herself and carried their scent any where she went.


Tanglewood / Re: i owe you my gratitude; open | joining
« on: June 01, 2022, 10:41:26 PM »
She was not sure what she was expecting from this new group that she was supposed to seek sanctuary with. She was sure that perhaps they would not be hostile given that she was here with one of their own though the one to greet them did not seem very enthusiastic on seeing her here. Of course she understood why given where she had come and the fact that they had murdered a Tangler. Not her. It was someone else and she was not the type to kill at least not where someone could see her do it. She was too small to even try to kill anyone that was bigger than herself unless she had a plan to be able to actually succeed. Especially when her talents laid within the darkness and keeping to the shadows. Alas, she supposed she needed to make due with what was happening and she tentatively gave a smile toward the other. Flicking her short bobbed tail she glanced toward Atticus before glancing back to Corrupted. "My name is Vivian..." Her voice was small sounding and she cleared her throat before she parted her muzzle to speak when someone else showed up.

Blinking she turned her gaze toward them then and she frowned with concern in her black gaze. "Me? What about you? Are you okay?" The obvious way she was in pain was clear and she stepped forward as if wanting to take a closer look but then remembering her place. Right, right, they didn't trust her yet so it was best to stay beside Atticus and away from anything that might cause more tension. Taking a deep breath in she pulled her ears back a little bit before giving a small nod of her head. "Ah, yeah, yeah, I'm okay. I just wanted to get away from....the Coalition is all. It's not...what I expected honestly. I'm not from around here and I just stayed at the first place I washed up on after sailing for so long. I didn't think much of it but...I was just glad to be somewhere rather than where I grew up." Scrapping and fighting for food. Trying not to catch the unwanted eyes of a drunken pirate. She just didn't think much of anything really. "It's nice to meet you thought, Merlin. I'm Vivian, but um...maybe you should get some rest..."

Tanglewood / Open i owe you my gratitude; open | joining
« on: May 30, 2022, 11:03:23 AM »
The days she had spent with him had been nice. Just talking and understenfing one another. She had deviated from what she had once thought was a good idea. That place, she no longer thought was a safe haven from where she had previously been. At wasn't as bad. No, it was worse. Some of the creatures there were strange and even down right terrifying. To know that they had killed someone, or eaten others. It was chilling and she couldn't stomach it. They had exchanged names and at first Atticus was cautious of her and she was the same but slowly understanding grew and he then offered her sanctuaty. Sanctuary was necessary. It was needed. Flicking her bobbed tail the woman sighed as they continued on toward what she could smell was a swamp.

This was not disagreeable given where she had come from. Yet she was still cautious. She would be heading into a new domain. One in which she did not know anyone. She was sure she still smelled of the Coalition, somwthing that wouldn't disappear so easily. Glancing back her heart pupils widened just a bit as she nervously twitched an ear. "Are you sure this is a good idea? What if they try to chase me away?" Granted she was sure she could escape. It was her passtime after all. Her voice wobbled with her nerves and she then focused bsck on the territory. Marshlands. Thick, bare root trees. The sounds of herons. Maybe even alligators.

Shaking her head the two toned domestic feline sighed the deeper they went in to the territory. He had called this place Tanglewood. He said she would he safe here. She needed to believe in that. She wanted to take a breather from the madness and truly she had left her former home to be safe in the first place. The Coalition was not it. "It's not too bad. The humidity will take a bit to get used to though. Ah, thanks for helping me, Atticus. I owe you a favor or something." She would rather pay him back than not.


-- feel free to respond before Atticus does

General Discussion / Re: let's count to 1000!
« on: May 23, 2022, 12:44:09 AM »


« on: May 18, 2022, 09:12:46 AM »
Two spots are still open!

« on: May 18, 2022, 09:11:14 AM »
Adding them both up!

Other Roleplay / Announcement LANDMARK DISCOVERY SIGN UPS [CLOSED!]
« on: May 11, 2022, 06:20:23 PM »
Welcome! In order to keep some intrigue with trade we are going to be having a sign up for discovering Thunderclan's future landmarks now. All together the group will be giving these names before the civil dispute and split into the named clans. As Starclan does not exist yet the cats are on their own with figuring things out and how to go about their lives. These landmarks be discovered and named within the next two weeks!

SANDY HOLLOW — An area that is dipped in the ground, surrounded by thick overgrowth. Packed with soft sand to cushion any impact this is where future apprentices of Thunderclan will go to train with their mentors. — DISCOVERED BY RAINSTEP

THE OWL TREE — A large tree known for always housing owls that hunt the skies at night. These avians are hard to prey upon but it is possible. — DISCOVERED BY STORMSNAP

SNAKEROCKS — A large clearing east of camp where vegetation is abundant but so too are a multitude of rocks. This area is dangerous for the untrained as they house many Adders with deadly poison. — DISCOVERED BY CINDERSHOUT

THE GREAT SYCAMORE — The largest and most imposing tree in Thunderclan's soon to be territory. Close to Snakerocks it is a place where Thundefclanners will learn how to climb trees and attack from above. — DISCOVERED BY BADGERNOSE

Neutral Grounds / Re: MONTHLY MEETING [ MAY 2022 ]
« on: May 11, 2022, 06:04:38 PM »
She had heard about these monthly gathering things from gossip and talk throughout the Coalition. She was not sure on it. She needed to see what it was all about and how it would happen. So she was making her way there after someone said that around this time everyone would be gathering. The dirt stained woman blinked her eyes, narrowing them slightly as she crossed onto the island and she paused there. Eyes widening ever so slightly she was both amazed and appalled at those she witnessed here. Her muzzle curled for a moment and the thought of potentially robbing any of them went out of her head. They were all so much bigger than she was. Sighing roughly she decided to sit somewhere on thr outskirts and just see what this was all about. As long as no one noticed her things should be okay. Or someone from the Coalition showed up to take the attention.

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