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General Discussion / Re: Count as high as you can before staff post!
« on: April 18, 2021, 03:39:44 PM »
Are they tho?

Uncharted Territories / Re: golden melody - open; joiner
« on: April 13, 2021, 02:55:15 PM »
His golden gaze stared, slowly looking over the book as the other moved to settle down and begin to write. He did not question this method and instead he simply waited paitently, wondering. Before the page was presented to him. Tilting his head a but he looked over the words. English. One of the many languages and one that he could read along with so many others. It was intriguing to say the least and he roamed over the lettering before he took in the questions presented to him. A name? He hadn't thought about taking a name again. There were so many given to him upon the turn of a new age, so many bodies he had had beforehand. Too many identities but always a constant purpose. But he needed to give them a name. Well, he guessed he could just throw words and lettering out there. Hope they meshed well. "You can call" He paused there, thinking. "Ah. Just call me Deucalion. If that's alright?"

But this place was like a village. A group living together. But smaller than a nation. He understood and he gave a small nod of his head. Though the question of him being lost made him frown a bit. "Yes, I'm a...traveler of sorts. But I'd like to stay here if no one minds it." They seemed to be friendly enough. And for him that was a good thing. Though he was just glad they hadn't noticed the dying grass beneath his paws.

Uncharted Territories / Re: golden melody - open; joiner
« on: April 13, 2021, 10:42:20 AM »
He didn't want to move. He didn't want to seem like a troublemaker for anyone and he knew that some lands had certain rules. He had been in many existences to know that some thought it an act of war for strangers to invade. While some welcomed them with open arms. He could only hope that they were the welcoming type. The dark creature tilted his head up immediately when he smell of someone  coming his way hit his nose. His muzzle curled, tongue lolling for a short moment as he breathed it in before he shook his head. It smelled like these lands, a bit, maybe. He was not the best when it came to smelling. Tracking? Whichever term best suited the moment. Still he was here and someone was coming toward him. Taking a deep breath in to face this new challenge he watched as the other came closer to him. He could see the tension in their movements. Oh boy. Famine forced his muscles to relax and he was asked a question. Business? Golden Eye. Neither made any sense to him truthfully. He was just here. "I'm not certain what you...." His rasping voice faltered when another came up.

It put him on edge but slowly he relaxed as they didn't seem hostile. He could simply say he was lost which he was. He didn't have any idea as to what this place was or where he had manged to come back into existence. Pulling his ears back it was in this moment he wished he was small again. Unnoticeable. Eyes elsewhere. They wouldn't have that. They were sick of him being so cowardly, so elusive. "I'm not so sure...of the circumstances. What is a Golden Eye? I would assume a village? I'm sort of lost..." He spoke up then, low rasping tone hesitant but he tried to straighten his shoulders. After all he was a formidable creature. Or so he liked to hope, to make them happy.

Thread Name: golden melody - open; joiner
Author Name: deucalion
Link to the thread:

Uncharted Territories / The Golden Eye golden melody - open; joiner
« on: April 12, 2021, 09:11:17 AM »
What a strange place he had emerged onto. A small spit of land within the middle of a vast and terrible ocean. Though he had little trouble actually traversing this plane of existence given his current body. But that wasn't to say he wasn't getting used to actually being in this body either. He was well, trying for lack of a better term. Normally he was smaller, seen as weaker. Giving outwardly what he had become known as. Starvation. Frail. But now he was not so much that. But much larger in stature. It was odd really and he had to come to terms with actually having power. The taste of it on his tongue was odd and he didn't know rather he wanted to keep it or not. He was looked over, though he caused the most devastation, a slow creeping over time that began under the eyes of all. Sighing the panther would lift a paw and look at the grass beneath it, the way it was withered, blackened. Curled as if wrought with disease. Shaking his head a bit he would place his paw back upon the ground and continue his own trek forward into the unknown. Not one had he thought of where the others were, perhaps happy to be able to be alone for a while.

He was often a detriment to them anyway, casually self destructive. To a point. Though he guessed that was just how things went and the cycle would continue to press forward. Wings like the gold of an angel's halo rested against his back as he looked up to the vast mountainous valley he had stumbled across. His tongue felt dry and like a lump in his mouth. It had definitely been a while since he had any water, any sustenance really. He hadn't thought about it and perhaps he should have. Living things ate. Mortals ate. But he was not something that needed it, yet he wanted to fit in. He should get something to drink then. Slipping his way down a hill he tried to keep his power to himself, a thin trail of dying grass yellowing behind him. It was harder than he thought it would be. Edging closer to a small creek he would press his nose against the surface of the water. Smelling perhaps. It had scent to it, clean, full of vigor, pure. Not if he stepped paw in it, and so he backed up and away from it.

Maybe later, maybe somewhere else. This place was beautiful and he didn't have the want to bother it. Golden eyes roamed over the trees before he slowly sat down. Drawing his legs closer to himself in a tighter formation as the wind tickled his nose. The smell was sharper, jagged. The smell of others perhaps. He was all new to this currently. He actually just wanted to be smaller. If he was like he had been before he could cause much less damage, much less turmoil considering there were others around in the area. ''Hopefully the locals won't be agitated. I've seen enough of that in my lifetime...'' The dark creature just sounded tired as he flexed his golden wings and pulled them around himself like a cape, almost defensively.

Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
« on: April 11, 2021, 09:52:23 PM »
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Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
« on: April 11, 2021, 08:04:47 PM »



concept, not using currently

Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
« on: April 09, 2021, 02:04:24 AM »

« on: April 06, 2021, 05:21:47 PM »
Elsweyr had left her tribe on a soul journey coming to the island and thus to Tanglewood,  while Arrow had returned not alive but as a ghostly spector. The then king cheetah then tribal woman had never once thought that she would see someone still dead roaming the lands. To her and her people the dead roaming was bad luck. The ghostly oriental was someone she kept an eye on, although hesitant she was curious of the other woman. Through her adopted daughter, Ares, being attacked and then put on lockdown after the king cheetah had burned down her own home and subsequently burned herself alive to be reborn as a pale lioness with a flaming mane they seemed to get closer. Elsweyr finally asked to move in with the ghostly figure to try and gather herself. To rebuild and try to fix things that had been broken. With feelings growing after she had been attacked by the Pitt the deputy finally managed to get a body for the one she cared more and more about with each passing day. Then Arrow in her new king cheetah body popped the question, one in which was met with a very happy yes from the lioness. Now after a month or so into their relationship and through hardships on both sides they are expecting a litter.
Elsweyr is a first generation character with no relations to any animals within the island. She comes from a more distance place. Currently she is the Luminary (leader) of Tanglewood. Her lioness body is primarily white with large spots that are burnt orange to medium orange in color. Her eyes are a clear and bright blue. Her mane and the tip of her tail are completely made out of fire. (If children want to inherit her flames the fire elemental must be purchased from the shop)

Arrow is currently a Vassal of Tanglewood (hp). The woman took on a male lion body that was dark brown with black markings. Large and very dominate looking with a heavy set appearance. With bright green eyes.

Babies coats will have a wide range of colors from white to black. They can also inherit their parents large blotch markings and or other similar markings. Colors for markings can vary. Eye color can vary.
1. Please no sad or depressing names as these children will be loved very much since they are the first litter that Elsweyr or Arrow has ever had
2. @rhosmari and @tori have the right to rehome the children should there be an excessive amount of inactivity
3. The children will be chosen near the end of April, no real set date but definitely the end of the month.
4. They will be lion cubs and genetics can be followed if one wishes
5. If someone is going to be inactive pls don't hesitate to message me or tori to let one of us know the circumstances
6. Must carry the Xiu family name
7. Babies will start out after birthing thread at 5 months old
These children will be lion cubs and there will only be 4 slots give or take how many applications are put in

Brownie points for those that try to use Khajiit naming theme as a means for their child. Elsweyr is the name of the place that the feline race herald from.

Two part names will he rare for both parents although Els could use them and strictly have a space between the two parts of the name. Arrow is a projectile weapon so weapon like names would also be interesting.

The Typhoon / Open no more - open; waking up/recovering
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:29:27 AM »

How long had it been? Days? Weeks? It truly didn't matter. Time seemed to blur together as she laid there within the temple walls. Sleeping for what felt like eons. Only waking up for the smallest and meager of things before succumbing against to the void that tried to keep her mind safe. That tried to keep the nightmares at bay. All she had wanted was to finally become a beta, to finally get her piercing and do her ceremony. To climb up to that volcano, to make her choice on what path she wanted to pursue. And now she couldn't. Things had to he halted because of an evil animal she didn't even know. Slowly golden orbs opened up, closing and then reopening. Tiredness leaking into her vision. Blurred was the world till she blinked again and then one more time. Her head jerked up for a moment, a hiss escaping closed and dry throat. Pain she had never experienced ced before in her jaw. Broken and held firmly in place.

She tried to move but it felt like everything hurt. Especially her stomach. As if something had tried to gorge it out. Something....something had tried... A flash of memory, someone pinning her down, telling her to stop moving so it can be easier. Claws digging into her underside, a snap of something breaking. And she screamed in reality. Or tried to. Her jaw wouldn't open. But the sound was there as tears began to flood her vision. Why? Why had he done this to her? What did she do to him?

The Pitt / Re: Enough with it - 'joining' + A ghosty-goo
« on: March 22, 2021, 10:49:20 AM »
A petite muzzle scrunched up, eyes narrowing as he looked at the scene before him. He knew he did not like this nile or whatever they called it. And the fact that they kept to something that was useless was silly. They couldn't use it for drinking so what good was it? Did food live in it? Frankly he would rather not eat anything that was living in the waters if he couldn't drink from it. That was ridiculous. Still as he lifted his soft blue eyes up to look at the ghost he was perplexed. When the hell had he been able to see those? Tilting his horned skull he would glanced toward Dante and then Aine before he looked up and down the shoreline. "Well, I'm not sure. I'm not acustom to this place like they might be. Who are you anyway?" He asked with a small but inviting smile pulling across his small maw as he sat down.
(c) tikki

The Pitt / Re: SINK OR SWIM | thaw
« on: March 22, 2021, 10:43:12 AM »
While most certainly he was not a Pittian the pink hued male was there all the same. Not like he had anything to do at the current moment and he was also in the business of looking for a house. Unless Dante was happy to wake up beside him every morning. A small chuckle left his slender maw as the serval approached and he allowed his gaze to roam over the area. It appeared that there was warming in the air, and it was the time for it. But from what this guy was saying, whoever he was, it was dangerous because of the water and snow melt. Though as daring as he could be the serval was not stupid. With careful steps he moved to stand beside Dante and he tilted his head a bit. Patrols. Whatever that meant. He was just a solitary figure for company. Maybe...maybe he should go? "I'll tag along for support."
(c) tikki

The Typhoon / Re: THE PARTY'S JUST BEGUN // Mariana injury
« on: March 19, 2021, 05:47:47 PM »

Everything had happened so fast. Then seemed to slow down to a crawl when the attack had happened. She had been minding her own business, trying to see if she could catch something. Make a hunter out of herself considering it was so cool to watch older members come back with big catches like it was nothing. Of course she didn't have any experience but that was okay. Life was about learning and today she had all the time to learn in the world. Even as big as she was she shouldn't have went on her own. She should have asked for someone to come with her. Maybe then this wouldn't have happened but she didn't think about that, the memory of Deldrach's injury far from her head. She had been trying to stalk but her tics were making that kind of hard. But she just needed to focus and then she could bring back this frog. Maybe give it to Lulu or Danny? Vayne? Torsten? One of them had to like frogs right? Sure! Frogs were kinda chewy. One of her own favorites.

But she never made it that far when something or rather someone jumped on her. Pinned her down, told her to stop fighting so that it could he easier. The pain was horried and cruel and she couldn't help but scream out. It was something she had never felt before, such and intensity. Her cries muffled by the paw pressing against her muzzle. It was prolong with how he dug and tore up to her side making her eyes roll but she kept trying to get help. Someone had to find her. Someone had to.... She had to question why this was happening. Had she been bad? Did she do something? It had to be a punishment for something she had done. As her jaws part to scream again a sudden force hit her jaw, pressed down too hard and the screaming stopped. There was nothing but silence. Golden eyes were wide, tear filled and tears stained her fur.

She was slowly sinking into shock as claws scrapped and dug at her throat. A puddle of shimmering gold slowly seeping around her body, breathing shallow. Her wings splayed out haphazardly behind her body. Almost picturesque if it wasn't her own blood.

The Typhoon / Re: maybe tomorrow - open; exhausted
« on: March 19, 2021, 05:27:09 PM »

Lifting her head up a bit the kit would blink, feeling the strain in her muscles. She tilted her head slightly and tried not to yawn. Well at least she tried not to till her head jerked to the side and she had to pretend it was nothing more than a shake of her head. She had seen Vayne around in a multitude of places but had not actively gone to talk to her. Or at least not directly. She had been there when the other had declared which division she was going to whole she, herself, hadn't even put any thought into it. She was six months but she was still bumbling everywhere. Quickly she tried to smile and her maw chattered, clattering teeth against teeth, ears pinning against her skull. "Yeah, that's me." She gave a small and almost anxious smile as she looked down at her paw. Come on, she could do this. Just stop for a moment. "Uh, well, bitch. Bitchy bitch." The child suddenly seethed before her eyes widened and she pressed a paw to her maw. "No, wait! I didn't mean that! Promise!"

Really she just wanted to go and hide. Just run away and no one be able to find he. Her had turned then as someone else came up. A familiar face as well and she saw the look on his face. His understanding almost put her at ease. Almost. She winked at him accidently, a paw coming up to strike her right cheek. Maybe she should just stay inside. "Mhm. I'm just tired. Or an alien..." She muttered the last part before pressing her head against her paws. Ugh.

The Typhoon / Open maybe tomorrow - open; exhausted
« on: March 18, 2021, 10:54:07 AM »
tw for neurological issue

She wished that things were simple and easy. Some days were better than others. This day was not one of them. The moment she had woken up from her sleep she was already ticking. Her head jerking erratically, throat clearing and smacking her leg and rather hard too. It was just a bad ticking day and even trying to do simple tasks had become much to hard or even hazardous for the youth to do. At least on her own. But she didn't live with anyone so she had to manage on her own. She had done it this far so why not continue to do so. Taking in a deep breath she left the house, clearly tired. Her suddenly lifted and she almost tripped trying to go down the stairs. Her face scrunched up in rapid succession before she shook her head. She didn't feel like doing much of anything and so she made her way to a nearby tree.

Plopping down she curled her thick tail around her equally large body and hid her head in her fur. Ears jerked and moved, right eye trying to wink at everything. She just wanted to go to sleep but it was much too early. At least she wouldn't get sleep later if she did. So instead she tried to suppress the feeling and the need but it just made everything so uncomfortable. But she was so tired.

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