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Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
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Staff Applications / Open rhos' application
« on: Yesterday at 08:33:48 PM »
Ranks interested in: junior moderator or moderator (prefer junior to learn)
Discord Username: rhosmari
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Any qualifications or previous experience?: I used to be a moderator about four times on a previous site (Feralfront). So I do know my way around such a thing as well as how to handle situations that may arise.
Why would you like to be staff?: I'd love to help out and be more involved with the community as a whole. To try fun plots or when events and give out ideas where I can.
Got any fun facts about yourself?: A fun fact about me I guess is that I'm really shy. I normally have a hard time fitting into a community because of this, I used to be called the hermit as it was difficult to catch me online even when losting. I tend to watch at lot but I'm trying to be more open I suppose. Like I enjoy talking to others I just need more confidence to not feel like I don't belong lol
Questions?: currently I don't have any questions : D

tracking and will likely apply

— smile, show your golden teeth
Sojourn Malus, Coalition of the Condemned. Bitchy Princess, Ghoul, Cannibalistic Devourer.

FULL NAME: Sojourn Harbringer Malus
— NAME ORIGIN: text here

AGE: 2 years of age
— BIRTHDATE: text here
— AGING STYLE: at rpers discretion

SEX: female
— SEXUALITY: bisexual

ALLIANCE: Coalition of the Condemned
— CURRENT RANK: Wanderer
— PAST RANKS: none

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Classically known as a heartbreaker and a womanizer both she has a streak for leading other on and using them up before she leaves them in the dust. She never has plans for a true relationship so she just plays around, she likes having fun. She is heavily conceited in herself and her looks always thinking how she looks and acts better than others, the bitch of the scene. Though Though was plays her cards right and she easily has a charismatic air, able to manipulate her way around situations and leave others trailing after her. She is strong in appearance ans attitude, fierce and sharp. Always ready to face a challenge when she has to and never backing down but she has a habit of rushing in, not thinking when her anger spikes and thoughts are just too taxing to matter anymore. Which can get her hurt, yet she is always one to bounce right back. Never falling too far from the tree she herald from, she is more a tyrant and a dictator than someone who is fair and just mainly looking after herself and if someone gets in the way of her desires well they will have hell waiting for them.

MOST DEFINING POSITIVE TRAITS:[/b] determined, leadership, fierce, charismatic, assertive
MOST DEFINING NEGATIVE TRAITS: conceited, judgemental, stubborn, rash, elitist

LIKES: killing, eating the flesh of her own kind, fighting, collecting skulls, sometimes flowers, sweets, relaxing, throwing her weight around
DISLIKES: dislike dirty animals, not being clean, nasty smells, annoying individuals, laziness, prey animals
HOBBIES: collecting skulls from things she kills but also from what she finds
PHOBIAS: has no known phobias


DETAILED DESCRIPTION: The woman from birth seemed to have a look about her. Her gaze ever watchful are a soft and pale colored pink, with slitted pupils. Her mouth is pure white, gums and all her flesh but her tongue is forked with a deep resonating almost royal blue color. This also goes for the rest of her flesh being white as well. Her body his slim but it has a certain weight to it because of muscles and toned figuring. With fur that is a pastel blue it is only broken up by large cracked swaths of black and white patches that take up much of her body. She wears a piercing in her right nostril with a chain that clips to the bottom of her right ear. On top of her skull she sports horns that are a lighter shade than her body. These horns are wickedly curved in shaped and also appear cracked in various places, a glow of hot pink seeping from these cracks. Her nose and pawpads are a soft shade of pink. Because of her ghoul like nature and her need to consume any feline flesh for survival she has a hunger state she sometimes goes into, where her irises a deep rich pink and the whites of her eyes turn black. Her chest fur as well along her shoulders, neck, and back have longer fur and the end of her tail as well. Atop her head rests a crown of horns with what appears to be vein like cracks that ripple across the surface of them. Hot pink glows within these cracks almost like molten lava.

BODY TYPE: slim, yet sturdy
— WEIGHT: text here
— HEIGHT: text here

COAT TYPE: silky
— LENGTH: both short and long (has a mane)
— COLOR: very soft shade of blue
—— MARKINGS: black and white cracked markings
—— SCARS: no scars
EYE COLOR: pastel pink colored eyes with slitted pupils

— ITEM NAME: text here

FAMILY AFFILIATION: Malus, Harbringer families
— GRANDPARENTS: text here
— PARENTS: Stryker Malus, Ninazu Harbringer
— CHILDREN: none

— CURRENT CRUSHES: not currently looking

— GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Coalition of the Condemned
— FRIENDS: none
— ENEMIES: none
— RIVALS: none

— PLOT NAME: text here

RANDOM CRACK: text here
— SHIP CRACK: text here

AU IDEAS: text here

— FROM NAMEHERE: "text here"

— EVENT: link
— EVENT: link

— EVENT: link
— EVENT: link

— short description of what this song is about and why it relates to your character.
— short description of what this song is about and why it relates to your character.
— short description of what this song is about and why it relates to your character.
— short description of what this song is about and why it relates to your character.

template © kicksie

Adoption Agency / Re: Tanglewood Leader Applications
« on: November 06, 2020, 06:31:26 PM »
tracking and will update here with application : D

Username: exotica
Character Name: Elsweyr
Character Description/Bio: Currently Els here is a charcoal colored king cheetah who most times wears a crocodile skull on her head. She has beads and braided locks in her shaggy mane and multiple bone piercings in her ears and in the left nostril of her nose. She comes from a land that is rather far away, considering of deserts and jungles. Her tribe is nomadic and often have to deal with other tribes warring against their own for the sake of following the herds and survival. She has recently come to tanglewood and had settled in, meeting new faces and trying to understand and catch her bearings on this journey to find herself when the takeover happened.

Her bio can be found here, although it does need to be updated a little bit more lol bio/tags

Potential Plots/Ideas: My number one plan that I would love to do is to get a consistent idea for Tanglewood by getting information from all those that currently rp there as well as the opinions of what others think outside as well. Normally I do this from an anonymous survey that everyone can get their thoughts and opinions out as clearly as possible. Once I do that and find common ground I would love to try and use these ideas as well as those that are new to come to a compromise on what can be improved and added or what could be taken away. Tanglewood has a lot of awesome traditions that I've seen, especially the mask one and it would be so cool to try and use these although I'd there is too much sometimes it would be better to simplify or even start over. But I normally leave that to the community to help decide.

Next I would love to work on outer relations seeing as since I was on here last and it was off and on Tanglewood seemed to have faded from political talk. Plus didn't see much from allies or that much from enemies besides takeovers. Perhaps a new beginning with alliances and forming different bonds may help with that approach and more frequent outside plotting that could fuel different situations.

Why would your leadership be beneficial for Tanglewood and what do you offer to the group as a whole?: Personally I feel like I could bring various things to the table when it comes to Tanglewood. I feel like a leadership with a character who is foreign and learning the ropes of the group and understanding can bring about a lot of plots, both personal and group wide. Especially when it comes to ideas that she may personally have that might not line up with the group as a whole. Having personal conflict icly because of certain decisions being made and working through through them I have found does wonders for relations and also natural progressions for friendships and bonding. Plus it helps with the growth of a character to grow and understand from various mistakes. I also OOC can offer my experience as I have led a group on BoB before, one that used to be a boarded group named Sunhaven with a character named Marina Monroe. I also have experience from leading ten other times over my course of rping over on FF which also includes traditional.

Coalition of the Condemned / Re: She's a Killer Queen! -- Charms!
« on: November 04, 2020, 04:52:00 PM »
These days he was just spending time watching others, meticulously learning their habits and how they seemed to work with one another. Although as far as he could tell a lot of these misfits didn't work together at all. They seemed to be living in this dump because they had no other choice. Pathetic. Shaking his head a bit he would give out a sigh, the regal black lion taking his time to wander around a bit. He had yet to actually make himself at him. Instead finding it equally just as fine to sleep in the fringes of this run down society under the stars. Though the days were getting dreadfully boring. Horribly so. Until he laid dual toned eyes on her of course. She seemed to be the only one that had a head on her shoulders worth saving. "I'm curious too. What exactly do you have there, dear? They look like imaginative trinkets."

Coalition of the Condemned / Re: There are few who deny -- Singing
« on: November 02, 2020, 10:49:29 AM »
Since being accepted by his less than equal darling brother he had been stalking the perimeter,  taking his time to get to know this island. The fact that it had been torn asunder was not exciting for him. Things happened to land many many times over and what he wished to do here was a lot more sinister in tone. Still for the moment he had a purpose here that would not be divulged too soon. No he wished to wait and watch the denizens. After all one had already given quite the entertaining thought and picture of who they were. A shitshow. Laughter left his maw but was quickly to fade when he came across the soft voice upon the wind. His ears pulled forward and the ravenesque king made his way toward the sound, emerging from the darkness that seemed to pull at his very pelt. His dual toned eyes found her and he listened with hooded eyes before her voice faded into silence. "The beauty has a voice. Bravo. Singing is definitely not one of my many talents." He spoke with humor as he allowed his figure to settle upon the sands and his eyes to cast up to look upon the night sky and the moon itself. Calm night it was. One worth a trilling of music if he had anything to say about it. Would continue for him?

Coalition of the Condemned / Re: to the olde - open; joining
« on: November 01, 2020, 09:10:32 PM »
The giggle caught his attention, gentle sound on soft breeze and he pulled his rounded ears forward to listen to it. How cute. But the notion of him being thr older brother made him frown slightly. The tale of being born a few minutes after Stryker. One in which doomed him it would seem but he brushed it off and merely shook his head. Lighting another with hisnshowmans smile. "Unfortunately no. I'm the younger and more competent brother." In turn he would tilt his head to her next words, a little rumbling chuckle leaving his throat. Honesty got him a long way, but he also knew how to sway the masses. He had always been good at that after he grew and learned the hearts of others. Always the same but sometimes there was a spark. "Oh, Miss Stheno, I just say things as I see them. As honest as the sky is blue, dear. But thank you for complimenting my name. It does have a ring to it, much like your own, hmm?" He enjoyed the ego boast. He saw himself as a powerful beast and one who was something to he reckoned with if his scars told any tales. The Raven, a dark blight and he casually looked away as she began to talk about Stryker, snorting gently. He hadn't seen him in so long. What had changed? "Same old, Stryker. Maybe."

The next one to arrive made him cock a fictitious brow as he looked at the woman, her flaming mane rather eye catching yet the hybrid seemed more exotic to him. But the magic of these lands were not lost on him. Certainly not. A humored look flashed across his face at her words. The name being Ninazu. "Not likely, doll. I don't just pick up siblings. But who knows, I might just end up liking you. But, the pleasure is all mine, Ninazu." His tone was mildly neutral as he watched her, glancing at the large pitcher plant that she pushed aside. "Simply to catch up of course. We have been apart for quite some time. But sure regardless of being late I'm so happy for you and his relationship." He could feel the bile rising in his throat at his own words but the pleasant mask he wore never changed. Then the one whom he had come to see had finally showed up. A shift in his own demeanor yet a playful glimmer pulled through his duel toned eyes. The want to be king. A pauper more like. "Your little bonfire was flashy but not really my taste in demises. I'm sure the mouse trap is more your speed of things. Or maybe it is falling into pits." He shrugged his shoulders though keeping the banter light but there was that edge of tension. "Of course I'm here for something. To spend time with my only and dearest big brother and to see what his group has to offer."

Coalition of the Condemned / Re: to the olde - open; joining
« on: November 01, 2020, 07:44:28 PM »
An emotionless expanse his eyes became, shimmering green and yellow as he looked at the individual that had come forth to speak to him. He looked down upon the woman before a warmth seemed to spread across his features. Yet it almost seemed cold with its appearance but it was genuine at least. Here he stood on the precipice of a new chaos and he wondered who would break first. He or him? Still he was intrigued by the look of this one and with a light chuckle the black lion would lift a sheathed paw. "Sounds like a perfect show for that little cub." Focusing more he would drop his paw then, casually as he turned slightly to give the island a once over. It looked sneaky to him, a place where secrets could be maintained and he wondered what his brother was hiding here. Still he drew his gaze back to the snake hybrid with now a glimmer of interest sparking in his two toned gaze. "Now you, it is certainly a pleasure to meet. Since you gave me your name, dear, I'll give you mine. Call me Corvus." Gently he dipped his head and shifted his body in what was to be assumed a bow as he slowly sat down, regality in the way that he held himself. He took pride in his looks after all despite the scars that adorned his body. The Coalition,  a name that tried for formidable but all he saw was a banned of misfits trying so eagerly to fit into a world that they didn't belong in.

Coalition of the Condemned / Open to the olde - open; joining
« on: November 01, 2020, 05:02:46 PM »
What a sad sight it was to lose a home he never felt comfortable in. But then again that had been such a long time ago and on top of that who would have seen it that it would be his own little cub of a brother putting the final nail in the coffin. A strange turn of events but he personally had done nothing to save Snowbound. No he had simply watched as the flames jumped and leapt into he air, consuming a home he had once found so near and dear to his heart. They had lost everything hadn't they. A home, a family, and he was the one to blame as he was always pushed to the shadows. He had never truly thought like a Snowbounder and perhaps that was what made him so shunned, so easily pushed to the back of the crowd. He didn't cope well through the attacks, never could and he only grew more ill tempered and maybe even down right vicious as the attacks continued. He wanted to be the one attacking first, wanted to put the fear in their eyes. But that was not Snowbound's way. He despised the preachy talk that things would get better if only they hunkered down and defended themselves. Like weak cattle to the slaughter. Perhaps the finally straw that broke the both of them was their parents death. But they were none alike. Corvus had little love for his brother that was continously praised while he watched. The only thing he found joy in was the game, the manipulation. The scenes of disarray that only he could make. After all chaos had no master.

A toothy grin was upon his grey black features as he walked, listening to the splashing of water as it rocked beneath his paws. The whole landscape was water, an ocean but he easily traversed it. Strength and power mirrored in his regal form. Walking on the surface of the water was rather easy, the ocean simply a slave to the elements and he the master of it. He had heard of sinister tidings, the Pitt changing and then following that tune as well. It led him here. Here to the place where he understood his darling brother to be housed. A new group in the mist of an island. Muttered rumors and some thinking it was merely a joke and that there was nothing out here. But he knew better that that. Flicking his tail the scarred behemoth would finally place his paws upon sandy beaches and with a grin flashing sharp teeth he would give out a unyielding roar that rumbled from deep in his chest. Yes, all eyes on him. "I'm here to join you. Though I don't know the name of your new found group. A pity. Where is that eyesore of a brother of mine?"

Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
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Artist Loft / Re: ☾* — converse high / premade templates
« on: November 01, 2020, 03:29:01 PM »
Using young and menace!!

Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
« on: November 01, 2020, 03:23:21 PM »
tags + roleplayed by rhos + black lion

The Typhoon / Re: hard to breathe - open; washing up
« on: October 31, 2020, 10:54:20 AM »
Perhaps he was wrong in wanting him to be okay because the runt is already blabbing his gums a hundred miles an hour. If he had brows they would most certainly be twitching right now. Then again he always had this effect on him, a balance of wanting to throw him into the sun or simply sort of liking him. Heavy on the sort of. Regardless the pharaoh hound watched him and his jaws clench with clear annoyance before he looked away, trying to steady his breathing and access the situation but he could because or Hillian. Turning his grey and rather furious gaze back to the cat he snapped his jaws. "Can you just shut your mouth for a moment you little short dumbass." He frowned deeply but then again that was a normal occurence for him. He never smiled, not even once in front of Hillian and he had to try and refocus his concentration after listening to him go on and on. Pfft, like he would sink like a rock. He knew how to fucking swim. Yet after a moment his mind seemed to catch up with the words the feline had been spewing and slowly his tongue swiped against his own teeth slowly as if he would notice a change.

"Wait, what's wrong with my mouth? What are you even talking about? You know what, nevermind. We need to figure out where the hell we are so just stick close to me." He narrower his eyes on the orange furball before he turned and started to make his wau along the coast of the beach they had washed up on, pushing wood and other debris out of his way as he want. That was when he noticed just what Hillian was talking about. His eyes widened a bit and he stared before his expression shifted into something rather off putting. "Oh....."

The Typhoon / Open hard to breathe - open; washing up
« on: October 29, 2020, 07:48:53 PM »
It was hard to breathe. Was it always like this? No, no, that wouldn't make sense. But everything hurt and his throat felt so raw yet he couldn't even stop the next torrent of water from leaving his throat and splattering against the golden sands of the beach he had found himself miraculously on. It took him a longer while still to open his eyes and try to at least focus in on the ground before him, the salt from the water stung and he had to blink a few times before actually gathering any sort of information from his eyes. What had even happened? Where was he? Slowly the pitch colored hound would pull his pointed ears forward, listening to the rustling wind and feeling the cold chill that it caused when it raced across his soaked body. Slowly he dragged himself up, pulling his front legs underneath himself. Damn this trembling and how long had he even been out like this, laying like a lump in some forgettable spit of land? His head ached something terrible and his dark grey eyes narrowed before he forced himself to truly stand up. The amount of effort that took was hell on it's own and he struggled to maintain it before he shook his head.

The last thing he could remember was being on that ship. Then a massive storm came out of nowhere and there was nothing but water everywhere. He had never felt so terrified in his life, trying to fight against nature, the waves pummeling him down like he was nothing. The hound grit his teeth before shaking his head and glancing both up and down both sides of the beach where he could see. He didn't  realize that coming here had changed him. Golden markings now adorning his one upon a time pure black pelt. Upper and lower canines now solidly golden. That was not his prerogative. Especially not when be remembered whom had also been thrown and tossed from that very ship. His head shot up like a whip, eyes narrowing against his pain. Damnit. "Where?" He didn't really care if he was alright. The feline was a disaster walking. A nuisance and yet....shit he knew that he wanted him to be okay. Huffing and forcing himself to have some strength he guessed he needed to look but he didn't have to look far because there was a bucket.

One that was oddly turned upside down. Merrick couldn't help but tilt his head to the side and stare at the metal holder. An instinct telling him, begging him to turn it over and with that notion already putting his body in motion he lifted a paw to push the bucket over only to have his eyes offended by the bright orange fur of the one he had been about to look for. His muzzle crunched up immediately and he felt the need to smash his paw down on his head and squish him. Just a little but he restrained himself, trying not to crack his teeth from grinding them so damn much.


Coding Corner / Re: true lovers
« on: October 29, 2020, 07:31:57 AM »
text here

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