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Private Rendezvous / Re: give me a sign, I want to believe -- Suite
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:41:32 AM »
It was funny, how it all began.

Suiteheart could remember the day so clearly. It had been after the fall of their former home - those floating islands in the cold mountains. She had wandered for countless days and nights, searching for loved ones. It seemed as though a century had passed - perhaps it had -, but she eventually found them. Ever united by their souls, she had found Margaery. And as luck would have it, their daughters, Lilyspoise, resided in the Typhoon. They had been whole again. Sure, a little bruised, a little worse for wear, but they had found each other. And that was enough.

Suite had also found the Ascendants. A wistful smile perched easily open her lips. Oh, how she had loved that place. It was better than the other group... It was better than her first home. After months of living on her own, it was nice to have a home again. And it wasn't just a home in the location sense. No, it was in the members of their little Clan.

Bast. She remembered that smug smile of his and those blue, blue eyes. He was the only son she had gotten to see grow up. He had grown so much... She remembered the look on his face, the tears in his eyes, the strain in his voice, after she and Margy had asked him to hold onto their memories so that they might pass easily into death.

And Hazel. She had been so shy and timid, but she had grown too. The little golden girl with a heart too big for her chest. She was a living, breathing, piece of art, and Suite hoped Haze understood it. She remembered the large paintings in the Observatory. She remembered teaching Hazel to play the ukulele. The smiles. The tears.

Then, there was Cooper. And Roy. Suite remembered them too. Cooper had taken care of her when she refused to take care of herself, and she had taken care of him when he was down. If she tried hard enough, she could still feel the gentle lap of the ocean as they gazed at the moon. And Roy, her hot-headed friend. She liked to think she had broken him out of his shell. She remembered the bonfires. The wedding.

There were others too - Oni. Diya. Thea. They had been so young. She had left them too soon, she knew.

And then, there was Warringkingdoms. Rin. Suiteheart remembered their talks, and she remembered the music. Another sad smile graced her features. She could picture that green scarf so clearly in her mind and the reserved girl wearing it - the girl who was hiding a smile. Whenever she thought about Rin, she pictured her singing. She reviewed that day she had dragged a menagerie of instruments out into the open; Rin had been the first to step up, to request a song, to sing along. Her best friend. The smell of herbs that always wreathed around her.

There was a gentle ache that splintered through her being.

Bastille and Hazel were doing well. They were far, far from this place. They had found children to take care of. She wondered if either of them knew that a part of her soul rested in one of them. She wondered if they knew it was the same for Margaery. Yes, despite Selene having promised that lifetime to be the last, it was only another beginning; Suiteheart's soul was too strong to stay down for very long.

But everyone else had gone.

Everyone but Rin. She was alone in the world. Suiteheart felt responsibility for it. She had chosen to pass her memories along. She had chosen to return to the sea. She had chosen to close this chapter of her life. After her soul crossed over, after she was given a certain omnipotence, she was aware of all she had left in her wake. And though Suite may have not loved widely, she did love deeply. Even across the planes of existence, she could feel their heartache. She wondered if they felt hers too.

With nothing left to do, she decided she would watch over them. But try as she might, she was not allowed to interfere.

Still, when had she listened to rules? From time to time, she had guided those she had left behind. She had watched over them and taken care of them as best she could until their own lives had been completed. And then? Then, she welcomed them home.

Now was one of those moments, though - one of those moments when she felt she needed to step in.

The white feline had been watching Rin for some time. She had always known Rin was capable of great things, and she was more than proud her friend had survived all she had... But she worried. She could see the way exhaustion clung to the other life expensive perfume. Suiteheart could see the dullness behind Rin's eyes, the secret sadness in her expression, the way the weight of the world pushed her shoulders down. She had had enough; it was time to visit an old friend.

The punk appeared then. Her ivory fur caught the moonlight, and those baby blue eyes of hers reflected starlight. Silver piercings decorated her ears, a silver locket and pendant her neck. That necklace-like scar decorated her throat, not lost to her even in the afterlife. Her best accessory, her lopsided smile, adorned her lips with ease as she took in Rin's form.

Though her friend was down, she wasn't worried. Much. Rin had endured, and she would continue to endure. A nervous look leaked into her eyes, but she tried to forget those feelings. It would all be alright, she reminded herself.

Her eyes wandered the pendants hanging from the great oak tree, and her heart seemed to catch in her chest. So many of them danced in the darkness. The Ascendants had once been so powerful and so capable of anything. Things had changed, but it didn't mean it wasn't for the best. This was how things were always going to play out, she knew. It was just... life.

Her focus shifted to the memorial wall, and a chuckle tumbled passed her lips. Her laugh was light, happy. Rin was a shining example of what a friend should be. When there was no on else, she remembered.

"Don't tell me you've already forgotten me, Rinny." Her voice was gentle, teasing. The nickname rolled off her tongue with ease. Her lopsided smile burned as brightly as the stars. "Or maybe you, like, forgot how to spell my name? It's real easy, you know."

Uncharted Territories / Open SOME AND NOW NONE OF YOU ; death
« on: August 26, 2018, 11:30:00 PM »
It was truly intriguing how Suiteheart's story first began -- one thousand years ago -- and how it ended. Her great tale was so often filled with fast-paced chapters and quickly worded sentences that it was difficult to just live and breathe in the moment. Suiteheart was forever swept up by the tidal wave of her life; resting was never truly an option. Not until now, anyhow.

Baby blue eyes were cast out like a line, scanning the horizon of the sea. A deep tranquility rested within the azure depths of her eyes, and those faint traces of gilded amber were nowhere to be seen. Her posture was relaxed and calm. For perhaps the first time in her entire life, Suiteheart was completely at peace. The faintest rise of the corners of her maw even hinted at happiness.

She was aware of everything that was about to transpire, but that was okay. Everything was okay now. And everything would be okay going forward.

Gently, the warm waters of the ocean lapped at her snow-white paws, beckoning her to go forward. Their persuasion was easily heard - Suite rose from her seated position and took a few steps forward. A soft buzzing sounded in her head, but the cozy feelings in her chest made the former forgettable. This was where she was meant to be. This was where she was always meant to be.

Her locket and pendant were removed from her person, and the necklace-like scar Niklaus presented her burned brightly against the pristine white of her fur. For the first time ever, she made no move to cover it. Bastilleprisoner had left her with only her name and bright emotions so she had no reason to hide anything; he had taken all those bad feelings from her. He had lifted a great burden off of her shoulders if only to bear it himself.

"Suiteheart, are you ready?"

Selene. An ancient force wrapped itself around her, and in this moment, she was finally aware something had shifted within her. It felt as if part of herself were missing. It was as though she were tethered to something, no, to someone. However, Suite allowed that thought to tumble out of her head. She had nothing holding her back anymore. It was finally time.

"Mm-hmm. Take me home."

Her voice was rosy. Summery.

A lopsided grin, her signature, traipsed her pink lips for one final time as her baby blues lifted skyward.

The white feline's form slowly sank into the waters. The waves pulled her body out to sea for the briefest of moments before returning her to the sands of the beach. The sideways smile no longer painted her porcelain features, but a look of absolute peace did.

Suiteheart Folie-Mikaelson was finally at rest and finally, finally, at peace.

The matters of life and death were so skewed in Suiteheart's mind. She was the woman who had lived countless lives, totaling one thousand years. Margaery had stood at her side all those times, all those years, through hardship and good times. Margaery, her sweet, amazing Margaery, had stood with Suite each time.

Oh, gods above, how this time would be different.

The former Admiral's face was cool, calm, yet emotions danced just underneath the porcelain surface. Despite feeling - no, knowing, that this her true time (her last time), something terrified her. So many individuals were keeping her rooted. She had Hazel and Bastille. Cooper, Roy, and Warringkingdoms. She had her many children. She had countless friends. Their visages flashed forward, in her mind's eye. For a moment, she held her breath, too scared to take another. This decision was final. After this, there was no going back.

More than anything in the world, she was frightened of what this would do to Bast. What she and her wife were asking of the boy was momentous. He would perhaps carry the weight of this decision with him for the remainder of his life. Baby blue eyes clouded momentarily, but the gentle touch of Margaery brought her out of her worried head space.

Her gaze shifted from the photographs that lined the walls of their room to the album Margaery was flipping through. Pangs of intense emotion filtered through her system. Everything was finally closing in and becoming a reality. Suiteheart had always been an undying light in the sense of her soul, but now? Now, her inner torch was flickering, and something about that jarred her. The white feline released the breath she had been holding and allowed her wife's emotions to overtake her own.

"Mom— Maman—"

Cerulean eyes lifted immediately, landing on Bastille's familiar form. Tears pricked her eyes. Mother. He had called her mother. Everything inside of her felt as though it were ripping apart, and it took every ounce of her strength to hold herself together. A single tear slowly rolled down her cheek as a smile waltzed across her lips. "Mon fils. Mon petit cœur." My son. My little heart. Her voice broke as she spoke.

The ivory feline was quiet as Margaery began to speak. Her wife got straight to the point, but Suite could feel Margaery's desire to hold these last few moments out as long as they were all able. She felt Margaery gently press into her side again, and Suite took a shuddered breath.

"Merci, Bast. Merci. Si tu savais combien je t'aime..." Suiteheart added, voice faltering towards the end. She hated goodbyes, and this was a massive one. Though she had only known him for a relatively short time, she had come to love him as a son. Bastille was part of their little family, and she loved him so deeply and so widely that it hurt her. "Je suis tellement désolé. J'aurais pu faire mieux."

She inhaled deeply through her nose and exhaled from parted lips. The older feline tried to steady herself. She needed to be strong for him. She smiled warmly at him, at her son. "Vous me rendez fier." She closed her eyes slowly and then opened them again. "You've always made me proud of you. You're so good, Bast. Please don't ever forget that."

[hey, welcome!!]

Suiteheart didn't travel to the City of Stars much these days. Too many harsh memories rested within the dilapidated walls of the ruins. Margaery had collapsed there. Cerasus had almost been crushed by falling debris. Despite these two terrible occurrences, the porcelain-hued feline's paws guided her in that direction. Some invisible force told her she needed to go. She shook her head; her paranoia seemed to be soaring ever higher.

Before she reached the once marvelous city, the Admiral scented Hyoma. Even though this was not the Typhoon, she couldn't help but be on edge. Her heart raced and thumped horribly against her chest whenever a new smell reached her nostrils. The worry that burned in her mind only manifested as exhaustion on the outside, however. Weary paws carefully marked their way through the rubble of the City of Stars.

"You got a name and a reason for trespassing?" Suiteheart called after picking her way towards the horned feline. Her tone was short and cut with a sharp edge. With over half of her people stuck inside the Observatory and familial drama, she didn't have time for sweet formalities. Gilded amber eyes cut to the engravings Hyoma was staring at - a constellation -, but she quickly shifted her gaze to stare at him.

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Private Rendezvous / Re: THE TAXIDERMY OF YOU AND ME ; private
« on: August 13, 2018, 12:29:27 AM »
The singing that drifted towards her only made her more enraged. Her wife's soft voice once brought her such happiness and ease, but now, it only reminded her of broken promises and severed ties. She didn't want to hear the lyrics that seemed to so accurately portray Margaery's life. She didn't want to hear anything but the waves and the roar of blood in her ears.

She had cut the singing off, and the look upon the chocolate point's face hurt her heart. She hated the things she did, the things she said, but she was damaged and was lashing out because of it. Besides, Suiteheart had never been one to be able to control herself. That was one of her many vices. It wasn't an excuse though. No, especially not now that she wanted Margy to hurt the way she did.

Darkened eyes watched Margaery reach towards the rose pendant around her throat, the accessory she had given her wife while they were still dating. The white feline expected the General to rip the necklace away from herself and fling it away, but ever the graceful princess, Margaery simply and elegantly lifted the pendant from around her neck before holding it in the air, away from herself.

Despite the numbed bond, Suiteheart could feel the torrential downpours that beat down in Margaery's heart. She could detect the sadness and loss the other woman felt, but she refused to acknowledge it. Lorelei was right. This was all a ploy... It had to be: the hollow words, the stinging dismay, the offering of "a choice."

Suite scoffed at the words. "I don't have choices, Marg. I have responsibilities. But I guess you don't know about those, correct?" Her question was bathed in Lorelei's pompous way of speaking, with sharp-edged and crisply articulated words. A faux pas perhaps, but she let the cruel question hang in the air while she closed her mouth to listen to Margaery's offer.

The next words that poured from Margaery's lips were met with cruel laughter on Lorelei's part. The titter was hollow and lifeless; no humor was contained within it. "My, my, my. Walking away? Haven't you already done that?" Her voice was more accented now, a clear sign that Lorelei was not parting from control any time soon. Suiteheart had willingly ceded power, for despite everything, half of what she wanted to say, she couldn't. Lorelei could and would say everything. "If you want to leave, then get on with it. You have done nothing to help anyone here. And for the umpteenth time in your pathetic, little life, you've betrayed me - us." The feline was moving now, paws guiding her closer towards the other. "The funny thing about all this, Margaery, is that you continue to repeat those words - almost like a promise that you'll be better. You aren't better. You will never be better. You're a monster, Margaery Mikaelson.

"You always tell us how terrible and awful you are, and why? We don't feel bad for you. None of us contain an ounce, a shred, of concern for your petty affairs. You cause all your own problems and then weep like a child when it doesn't fix itself or when we don't fix them for you."
Her words were slow, harsh, and sharp. Lorelei hoped her speech would sink into Margaery like Niklaus's claws sank into Suiteheart, like Margaery's metaphorical knives had sank into Lorelei's back.

The white feline moved forward quickly, snatching the rose necklace from Margaery's grasp. "Such an ugly, little thing, isn't it?" Lorelei twirled the object around in her paw before removing the locket from around her neck which made the neck-like scar stand out all the more. "Perhaps you'd like to take your gift back as well, hm? We won't be needing it with you gone, love." She tossed the silver heart-shaped locket in Margaery's direction.

"You'll do anything I ask?" Lorelei questioned, arching a fictional brow. "How about starting things off with owning your mistakes? Maybe we should start with no more lies? Maybe you shouldn't keep breaking our fucking promises." The last demand was unmistakably Suiteheart. While everything that proceeded those were were straight from Lorelei and Lorelei alone, the last request was solely Suite. And her words were shaking with a thousand different emotions.

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Private Rendezvous / Private THE TAXIDERMY OF YOU AND ME ; private
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:32:13 PM »
The disgusting, dark feelings that had accumulated in her chest made her feel terrible, but she did not deny them. The fury that sparked to life in her gilded amber eyes was undeniable as were the subtle flecks of sadness. The look of complete and utter betrayal rested on the surface of her porcelain features, and if one looked hard enough, the cracks in the ceramics of her face were noticeable. She was breaking. It was a slow downfall, but she was coming apart at the seams.

All morning, Lorelei had been musing in her mind, explaining that what Margaery had done should have been predicted. Lorelei had been betrayed by Margaery before. The 200 year old version of herself was baffled by Suiteheart's stupidity in believing this go around could be any different. Suite tried not to listen, but Lorelei was persistent. And perhaps she was correct too; maybe Suiteheart had been foolish to believe Margaery would hold true to promises of any kind.

The Admiral was sat beside the ocean, eyes on the never-ending waves. Serenity was trying to break through the distressed feelings that swirled around in her heart and mind, but the tidal wave of emotions that rolled through her systems could not be stopped. Her sadness hurt. Her rage hurt. Her betrayed mindset hurt. Even though Margaery had returned, the anchor was not doing much to sate her. She supposed that was do in part to Lorelei having partial control and numbing the bond. Suite refused to fix any of it.

Margaery had shut of the bond to leave. She had turned it off so she could be with her father. So she could run. So she could break promises. Suiteheart (or Lorelei) did it to escape the feelings of guilt and sadness and confusion Margaery exhibited. "She is trying to make you feel bad for her, love. There is no need to listen to that," Lorelei had told her, and Suite listened.

There she sat, alone, by the ocean. The saltwater was her only comfort now, and even that was not any relief. Wave after wave gently lapped over her paws, and each time, the heat of her emotions evaporated the liquid. The water in front of her was beginning to boil as she felt that all too familiar tug of the bond she shared with Margaery.

"Why're you here?" the white feline questioned, not bothering to turn. "If it wasn't painfully obvious, I'd like to be alone right now." Her posture shifted for a brief second as Lorelei assumed control. She sat a little bit straighter, and her movements were tiny, robotic in nature as she turned her head to face Margaery. "Haven't you already caused enough damage, love?" Her words were glacial and sharp as knives. The feline's posture morphed again, appearing slumped and relaxed. Suiteheart was back once more, but she would not take her words back.

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Uncharted Territories / Re: song of the golden dragon [ open / joining ]
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:32:23 PM »
In a past life, Suiteheart had been an assassin. She sold her specialized skills to those with the largest wallets, but she did sometimes kill for sport. It had been fun in those days. She had relished in watching the life leak out of someone else's eyes. It had come so easily to her, to Aerona, back then. And now a vampire, she felt the familiar call of murder whispering in her ear. So far, she had kept the beast at bay.

Gilded amber eyes burned into the form of Mercy as she came to stand beside Washington. His angelic appearance should have put her at ease, but she was paranoid these days. The white feline didn't trust herself much less anyone that stood at the border. Margaery's actions had ripped away the trusting part of herself for a while.

A heavy silence hung in the air after her arrival, and finally she broke it to ask, "You got a name?"

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Uncharted Territories / Re: open/joining — splinters in my knuckles
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:23:29 PM »
While Suiteheart would have normally laughed at Moonmade and Washington's interactions with the newcomer, she didn't have it in her today. The Admiral was stressed to the high heavens, and whatever control she had over her emotions was gone. She was too impulsive the think clearly, and her eyes were no longer baby blue - another sign of her lack of control. Despite being weary and worried, the woman knew she had business to attend to.

"Suiteheart Folie," she introduced herself, padding forward to stand between Moonmade and Washington. The smile upon her lips was halfhearted and hollow, and though she knew this, she didn't bother to make it seem more real. There wasn't much a point right now, was there? "It's good to meet you, Isidore. Sorry we can't take you to the Observatory. Like they said, we're locked out. We've got a place to stay that we can take you though."

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« on: August 12, 2018, 06:13:36 PM »
Suiteheart didn't have an easy time with feelings of betrayal. The white feline supposed she could attribute these feelings to one of her past lives, to Lorelei. That version of herself had been stabbed in the back (in her mind at least), and those feelings most definitely leaked over from 200 years ago. Those emotions wreathed around her constantly though they were usually hidden. Now that Margaery had broken a promise and left their friends and family to be with her terrible father, these feelings were heightened. Stronger. Uncontrollable.

It hurt to think about Margaery, so she tried not to. That task was impossible however. Everything was a reminder: the flowers, her necklace, their room, the pictures that lined the walls. Suite couldn't even look at her own children without being reminded of her wife. She was heartbroken.

She had had a few visitors since Margaery's disappearance, but she turned most of them away. Her emotions were too volatile, and she feared that most here wouldn't understand her sudden outbursts (if she had any). Despite this, she often left her door opened ever so slight, in case her children might need her.

Instead of a child, however, it was Roy who popped his head in. The sudden visage of her best friend wasn't surprising. It was comforting and welcomed. The white feline sat up from where she had been laying down. It was obvious she was harboring difficult emotions: her eyes were dulled and her fur was a bit disheveled.

"Hi, Roy," the Admiral replied, voice gruff from disuse. "Thanks." She managed a halfhearted smile. "I, uh, I'm doing okay." A lie.

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Uncharted Territories / Re: YOU WERE LIKE HOME TO ME | return
« on: August 12, 2018, 03:13:15 PM »
For about a week - which now felt like an eternity - hot, angry coals seemed to rest in her chest. They burned brightly, hungrily. They urged her to destroy herself and everything else around her. The loss of her wife and the bond meant Suiteheart was without an anchor and reason. She was impulsive. Dangerous. Quick-tempered. The necklace-like scar that roped around her throat felt like it was on fire, but nothing she did could quell the flames on her throat or in her heart.

More than once, she had almost blown up. The only things stopping her were the undeniable exhaustion and sadness that tugged so heavily on her bones and soul... and Margaery's subtle appearances whenever she felt it necessary. Suiteheart wasn't sure what made her more upset: the fact that Margaery had severed the bond or the fact that whenever she ignited it (if only for seconds at a time), Margy still had control over her. A puppet - that's what she felt like.

The third day had caused her baby blue eyes to morph into that hauntingly beautiful shade of amber. She was hungry and enraged, and just to spite Margaery, she wasn't feeding properly. To add, she had too much to worry about. She had to get inside to save her friends and family. She also had to take care of those on the outside. She felt isolated in this. Even with all the help she was getting, the white feline felt so alone.

The severed bond made her disgustingly hollow. It was like she had been cut in half; she felt incomplete.

She hated it.

Suiteheart had taken a moment to herself, drawn to the ocean by its promise of respite. The endless crash of the waves lulled her into something akin to solace, but before she could fully accept it, a spark burned to life in her mind, body, and soul. The bond. Everything came crashing down at once in the most intense avalanche she had felt since the emergence of her past lives. Amber eyes were practically glowing as she sat, unmoving. The white feline was swallowed up in the torrent, and without realizing it, her water elemental powers activated.

A massive wall of water rose and rose and rose into the sky as she heard Margaery's Latin pet-name. The tidal wave of emotions inside of her manifested into the outside world, and in that moment, she was prepared to sink every inch of the territory until it was washed away. "I'm sorry," Margaery claimed. No. No. She wasn't sorry. The water crashed back into its place in a mighty fashion. The ocean sprayed everything around Suiteheart, drenching the beach front.

As Suiteheart rose from her seated position, the wet sand underneath paw fizzled and burn, the water evaporating at an intense rate. Each pawstep caused a sizzle-like sound to emerge, and as she moved onward, a path of dry steps could be seen.

It took her only a few moments to reach Margaery at the border, and all she could do was stare. A thousand different emotions rolled over her features. Confusion, sadness, and fury were repeat offenders, but the look that finally cemented itself upon her face was that of betrayal. "Nice of you to show back up finally. Nik decide he was bored?" the Admiral hissed in question through gritted teeth. "How've you been?" The tone of her voice was evident that she didn't much care for the answer.

The grass underneath her paws shriveled up and died as her powers leeched the water away only to evaporate it. It continued on until she was standing in a small circle of dead grass, and then, the ring slowly began to spread out further. She was raging inside, but kept outwardly calm by the presence of Margaery. Staring into those storm-gray eyes was the only thing keeping her rooted into place.

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Uncharted Territories / Re: two of a kind — visitors
« on: August 12, 2018, 02:39:09 PM »
[lemme know if i need to delete this!!]

The reason the number of those around was so incredibly low was due to the fact that most everyone was locked inside of the Observatory. An intense malfunction had occurred, trapping the bulk of the Clan inside the metal building. Try as she might, Suiteheart couldn't figure out a way to get inside. It was worrying. And as she padded towards the border, pulled forward by the voices and scent of Snowbound, the white feline wore her concern in her now amber-hued eyes - if only minutely.

The visitors of the last few days had worried her. She kept expecting the Typhoon to stage an attack, to hit them while they were weak and vastly outnumbered, but so far, nothing of the sort had happened. She wouldn't hold her breath. Still, Snowbound were friends. She did not mind encountering them at all.

"Suiteheart Folie," the Admiral called in introduction, emerging from the territory and stepping closer. "Directions? You guys lost?"

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Uncharted Territories / COFFEE'S FOR CLOSERS ; open, gathering food
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:41:10 AM »
Suiteheart had suggested gathering up food during the headcount and planning session. There were no food caches outside like there were in the Observatory, so she figured their ragtag group needed to get started on something. The chilling realization that she couldn't partake in any of the food hit her all at once, but she forced those terrible thoughts away. The state of her well being didn't matter; she had a job to her people. They came first. Not her.

"If anyone wants to run and gather up some stuff to eat, let's roll," the white feline called from where she stood next to the Observatory, where most were still gathered. Without waiting for much of a reply, the Admiral began to head out.

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Uncharted Territories / Re: GIRL WITH ONE EYE / return
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:29:58 AM »
Suiteheart wasn't sure when the intensity of hunger first encroached upon her. She had gone days without consuming feline blood, thoughts too preoccupied with saving those inside and keeping those outside safe to worry about feeding herself. She was growing weak: she could feel it in her weary pawsteps and in her ragged breath. Her eyes were molten amber - somehow radiant and dark all at once.

It was the scent of blood that roped her in. Invisible strings guided her forward, urging her to feast. She didn't have much control these days anyway, and the thought of giving in to primal urges seemed so easy. A sinister smile crept upon her lips, but before she could attack, someone familiar greeted her hauntingly beautiful gaze.

"Luna?" she asked, moving forward and dropping her threatened stance. The wound that adorned the other's head seemed tempting, but Suiteheart was unable to feed on that type of blood. "The fuck happened to you?" she breathed, removing her gaze from the wolf to dig around in her medical bag for bandages.

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Uncharted Territories / Re: JUMPING FOR JOY - open; sunhaven
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:20:17 AM »
She had been fearful of visitors. Suiteheart was scared of attacks from the enemy. There were only a handful of Ascendants on the outside. There were not enough members to fend off an assault. She was patrolling constantly, and the white feline was getting worn out. 

The scent of Sunhaven filled her nose, and the worry melted just slightly. Sunhaven was not out to get them. She let a light breath slip passed her parted lips. A halfhearted smile rose to greet her lips and their visitors as she padded closer. She hadn't met this pair before, so it was nice to finally become acquainted, even under these circumstances. 

"Suiteheart Folie," she introduced, leaving off the second last name of her wife. The thought of Margaery hurt too badly at the moment. "Good to meet you, Monroe, and you too..." she replied, trailing off, eyes upon Ishayu as she finished. "Thanks for the starfish. Our ocean doesn't give us too many of these guys."

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