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The Typhoon / Re: TOLD YOU NOT TO WORRY && relaxing
« on: September 13, 2019, 03:06:16 PM »
"What is that?"

The serval regarded Idyll with a strange expression, unsure of how to exactly perceive this situation. On one hand, the music was lovely (if not entirely vintage sounding) but on the other, she had no idea how it was even playing, let alone how the sage had gone about obtaining it. Etherealgate stared at the gramophone with faint intrigue. She had little to no experience with technology and was as fascinated as she was frightened by the object. She wanted to know more. She also wanted to stay as far away from it as possible. The discovery of a good middle ground left her rooted to the spot, metaphorical eyebrows raised inquisitively. "And," She added, too curious to hold her tongue and wait for them to answer her first question, "Where'd you get it?"

The Typhoon / Re: SHE'S A MANEATER / return
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:28:01 AM »
Etherealgate felt out of place as she approached, eying the hugging and the obvious familiarity between her clanmates and this newcomer with a sense of longing. Despite trying to be a friendly face, she was not close to anyone who also called the Typhoon their home. Not in this way. She thought she had been jealous of the protective relationship Dove shared with Celeste, but this was something different. This rang of family and love and a closeness only time could bring. A closeness that she had never truly shared with anyone. A small voice in the back of her head reminded her that jealousy was an ugly emotion and that she should be happy for this reunion, and so Eth dismissed the emotion as quickly as it came, instead taking to smiling at the other girl – Rox? – and the people gathered around.

Crocodiles were an interesting choice in traveling companions, but they lended the unfamiliar girl a certain uniqueness that Eth found herself instantly respecting. "I'm Etherealgate," She introduced, pulling her golden stare from the scaly beasts and to the other feline, "Welcome home, I suppose. Might I ask what your friends' names are? They're rather impressive." And anyone who can tame a face of death certainly deserves respect in my book.

The Typhoon / Re: HELLO MY OLD HEART / painting
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:11:00 AM »
Choosing to be alone and being forced to alone were, in Eth's mind, two entirely separate entities brought together only by a single thread of longing. From the beginning, her fate had spelled out a lifetime in solitude in which she would pay silent reverence to the hundreds, if not thousands, of gods that were worshipped every day. Her own identity had been cast aside, willingly sacrificed so that she might be a better handmaiden: unbiased as she swung her metaphorical sword of justice and charged others for being unworthy of life. Before the Typhoon, the winged serval had not spoken in months. Before the Typhoon, her only contact with any other living soul was sentencing them to die. And gods, she had wanted something different.

She was breaking some unbroken rule by being here, among mortals that had not received their own judgement yet, mortals who would one day cross a threshold while she was stuck, forever making decisions about others fate while having no say in her own. But her time to worry about what punishment was to befall her had passed. She was more interested in living a life that she had been initially denied. A life that had stripped her of a name, of a family, and of a personality of her own. Her neck bristled.

Eth thought that there was a fair bit of irony in her situation. The girl who represented the scales of justice and balance would one day be brought to justice herself. It saddened her to think that a crime so petty as wanting to live would one day sign the warrant for her death, but she had already accepted that she would indeed die for this taste of freedom, however fleeting. Did she find it strange that she was essentially at peace with herself? Perhaps. But a creature cast in death's image should never fear death.

It was faint commotion – a voice, mainly – that brought her back to reality, faraway golden eyes sharpening as she lifted herself to her feet and went to investigate. She recognized only one of the members present, the leader who went by the name of Goldenluxury. She was painting and, briefly, Etherealgate envied her ability to create rather than destroy. "How you always painted?" The serval inquired, glancing only momentarily at the other two that had joined the Roux. As much as she longed to introduce herself, she felt as if it were wrong to do so until she heard Goldie's answer. It was polite to listen, just as it was polite to fully engage with what the other was doing. Now was not the time for petty introductions or the like. "It's very pretty," She added on suddenly, thoughtfully.

(i have not written in a hot sec i'm so sorry for this Mess)

The Typhoon / Re: [ ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HEATHENS ] joining
« on: September 08, 2019, 10:31:06 PM »
"You have. This is the Typhoon."

Etherealgate had arrived silently, a winged shadow that had come to a halt besides Celestialrobbery. Of her clanmates that had gathered here, the firecracker of a girl was the most familiar to her and she would not deny that she liked familiarity. "I'm Etherealgate," She extended with a faint nod of her head, studying the stranger her opposite intently. Mister Barrow? That was so formal. Did he not desire a more casual name? Or were manners that important to him? Eth could not say. Her isolated upbringing had made her lack more conventional manners, but she supposed she would do her best to honor his wishes.

"You can call me Eth, Mister Barrow."


The way that word rolled off her tongue – so casual, so indifferent – was enough to dismiss the rest of Etherealgate's worries, sending them spiraling away into the far reaches of her mind. She had a new puzzle before her, one that was perhaps as divine (or maybe more so) as she was. It was clear that Dovedeparture did not see herself as a regular individual, similarly to how Eth saw herself as a reaper. Gatekeeper. And celestial heritage? That was fascinating. Incredibly so.

She had to soothe the flair of excitement that had sparked in her chest, trying to remain as impassive as possible lest the snowy lynx detect some change in her mood. She schooled her features into a mask of indifference, the tip of her long, rosetted tail twitching almost nonchalantly. "I suppose we both came from places vastly different than this Typhoon," She mused, her hoarse voice barely above a whisper. Those wings. Her use of the phrase "celestial heritage". Her regard to "mortals". Eth nearly had to swallow down a laugh. Of course there was a reason why she looked practically angelic. That had to be it. She didn't know any other explanation.

Her training had included teachings on the various divine helpers. Angels, demons, and her own class: the reapers. She had never run into an angel or a demon though, especially considering they existed in different realms than her own. One dominated the heavens. The other, the various dimensions of hell. And then there was her: stuck in this in between plane of existence. Alive. Delicate. And so very mortal. She felt another tinge of jealousy.

"And is Celestialrobbery divine as well?" She remembered her clearly, the firecracker that seemed to ignite Dove's quiet night. It wasn't her knowledge to know, but Etherealgate had always been hungry for secrets. Secrets gave her strength and none more than her own.

Gatekeeper. That blessed, terrible, wonderful, awful word. Hearing it on the lips of another sent a chill down her spine. Not many knew what she was until the end had already come. She was not a face welcomed by the sick, the frail, the dying. "I assist newly passed souls," She begrudgingly admitted, careful to phrase her words in a delicate enough way to not draw suspicion to her true occupation. Assist was a far fairer way to put judgement and she was sure that a being such as Dove would be able to piece together her real identity with a simple enough slip of the tongue. She had to be wary. "Even now, I can hear them: the whispers from the dead. They seek guidance and advice. My organization is said to be descendants of Charon, the ferryman. We have divinity in our blood, but even our lives are as brief as the flame on a candle. I'm mortal and I'm not. I will always exist in an in between." Her blessing and her curse. She would never know an afterlife. She would never know peace. It exhausted her just to think about that.

"But a deal's a deal, celestial one," She insisted, her voice laced with a note of flatness, "I have my suspicions but I want to hear it from your mouth. What are you, Dovedeparture?"

It was impossible for her golden eyes to not fall upon those angelic wings, a tinge of that unfamiliar feeling igniting in her chest. Her own wings seemed like leathery abominations contrasted to the soft, silver-pointed ones on the girl her opposite. Why was she graced with things of beauty and Etherealgate, things of fear? Her shoulders sagged slightly at that revelation, wings withdrawing until they pressed tightly against her sides. There was no need to show off when someone who did it far better than her was currently staring her down.

It took her longer than she would care to admit to realize that she had been addressed and immediately, her cheeks inflamed with blush. Had it not been for her dark fur, Eth was certain her embarrassment would have made itself known, and she struggled quickly to regroup lest some other tell of hers revealed her sudden shame.  "Hi," The serval finally breathed out, the casual word foreign upon her tongue but welcomed nonetheless. She needed to try to be more mortal, not this caricature that she feigned in the face of her clanmates. She supposed unlearning what her isolation taught her would be difficult though.

"It's different," She admitted slowly, banishing her thoughts of mortality and fitting in. They were thoughts to be contemplated another time, not in the face of someone who she could not read. "I grew up practically alone," Eth found herself admitting, voice faraway as memories of her time as a child surged up to meet her. "My family is religious," She lied, easily, "They thought it would be wise for me to follow the path as a handmaiden to our God." Singular. As if she did not serve every god and no god at once. As if she was not death's mortal face. As if she was a mere worshipper and not a devout follower. She swallowed. "I guess I'm just overwhelmed," She continued, forcing a laugh. It scratched at her throat, making her feel suddenly self conscious. In the face of what appeared to be an angel-come-to-earth (though she doubted that were the case, angels did not fall from grace often), she felt small. Insignificant. A dark blight on an otherwise unstained piece of paper. She didn't like it. Nor did she like the ease in which her words were delivered to the other.

"But enough about me!" She trilled in what was clearly an attempt to breeze over the subject, "What about you, Dovedeparture. How do you like it here?"

The Typhoon / Re: take my joints, take them for points && joining
« on: August 31, 2019, 09:38:02 PM »
The ocean frightened her, just as the sky did, and with no other sanctuary to turn to, Etherealgate found herself often patrolling the railroad. Here, the ground did not yield to her every step. Here, an endless blue expanse of sky did not await her. She knew she ought to adjust, but adjusting was hard when you were a creature of habit and, more than that, a reaper who feared death. So she wandered back and forth day in and day out, rarely entertained save when a newcomer stumbled across Typhoon land.

The sudden sound of the bell drew her from her thoughts, a faint sigh of relief escaping from dark lips as she turned and headed towards the sound. Boredom seemed to lurk in every corner of this new life and Eth welcomed this reprieve from it: especially as it came in the form as a serval like herself. She was relatively indifferent to Aspiringfires' tail, subconsciously ruffling her own wings as she regarded it. "Hello," She would greet in her quiet, hoarse voice, glancing at Tanteri and the wings he used. Often. For a brief moment, she wondered what it was like to be able to soar so freely on wings that you trusted. She envied him for a moment. "My name is Eth. What's your name?"

« on: August 30, 2019, 11:11:58 AM »
Leathery black wings unfurled slowly, carefully, slightly transparent in the noonday sun. This unwavering heat was not something that Etherealgate had ever experienced – not when she had spent countless moons in a cool, dark forest shielded away from harsh sunlight – and the high temperature made her fur stick uncomfortably to her skin. She was well aware of the fact that water surrounded the Typhoon on nearly all sides, but swimming had never been her forte and she worried about the less desirable aspects of submerging herself in water: sharks, mainly. It didn't help that she could barely keep her head above water but she didn't want to think of that.

Drifting high into the sky was another option, but the act of flying terrified her. Her wings, at this point, were for aesthetic purposes only, hardly used for anything accept lifting her onto the branch of a tree when she didn't want to climb. She glanced at them skeptically, noting the point they came to; their overall haunting appearance. Reaper, Her mind whispered. "Gatekeeper," She reminded aloud. There was something dark and twisted about the word 'reaper', something that made her skin crawl. It was true that she was indeed a reaper, but it was such a frightening occupation. A reaper did not deserve the golden-name Etherealgate. So she pretended to be something else instead.

Still hot, and now mildly uncomfortable from the thought of her real identity, Etherealgate decided to seek out some shade. Moving would clear her mind and give her something else to think about. And besides, maybe she would find one of her new clanmates (such a strange word) and strike up a conversation with them.


The Typhoon / Re: PILEDRIVER WALTZ | pressing flowers
« on: August 28, 2019, 09:14:08 AM »
Whereas the two before her had previously dabbled in a myriad of hobbies and had a range interests, Etherealgate realized that she had none. Her life had been sworn away to the occupation of being a companion to the recently passed and a sword against the unjust. Prior to trying to accept a more mortal existence, she had possessed no time for things as simple as reading and writing or as complicated (at least it looked to be that way) as flower pressing: not when there were constantly lost souls that demanded her attention and clairvoyance.

She was skeptical upon approaching admittedly, eying the vividly hued poppies with wide golden eyes. They were lovely, their lives forever preserved thanks to whatever strange technique Dove had used. For a moment, she was jealous of the alabaster lynx with her delicate wings and tender touch capable of saving life and not taking it away. But jealousy was a strange emotion that sat strangely upon her and she found that she already loathed it, wanting reprieve for the negativity she felt towards the other girl for no real reason at all. "How... quaint," She forced out after a moment of silent contemplation, her crooked attempt at a smile coming to life upon her black features, "How did you do it?"

The Typhoon / Re: paint me as a villain | joining
« on: August 27, 2019, 06:15:03 PM »
(just an fyi.... i would die for her)

In her seventeen moons of life, Etherealgate could confidently say that she had never come across any animal capable of mooing. Whether that be a cow or some strange hybrid, they had all avoided her path and she theirs, and that was why the unexpected sound caused her to jump. She had been wandering aimlessly on the beach, appreciating the sand beneath her paws, when she had first heard it, and though slightly afraid, resolved to see what exactly could be creating such a cursed noise.

Celeste beat her to discovering the creature, so Eth merely paused beside her, gazing at the bovine hybrid incredulously. Should she say something? Should she remain silent? Admittedly, the serval didn't know. She still considered herself to be relatively new and, in spite of her usually confident disposition, glanced at Celeste for guidance. At least she seemed to have things under control.

« on: August 27, 2019, 06:07:29 PM »
As golden eyes met vivid green ones, Etherealgate attempted something she never had before: a smile. The gesture felt odd and misplaced upon her features, but she hoped it was a sign of her goodwill nevertheless. At least these creatures are not hostile sinners, She thought, a wave of approval washing over her, Though one being does not hardly speak for the rest of them. The amended thought dismissed her approval but she was determined to remain somewhat optimistic about the remainder of the clan. Maybe in this case, one being would speak volumes about everyone else.

"Etherealgate. I've chosen to be called Etherealgate," She finally offered, remembering her own manners. She did not often interact with those who occupied warm, mortal bodies (except to bring them to deliverance) and possessed the tendency to forget her courtesies every so often. She was interested in this Dovedeparture though, with her white fur and angelic wings that almost made her seem like an angel come to earth herself. Almost. Something twisted inside of her, an identifiable emotion that she had rarely – if ever – come across over the duration of her relatively short life. She chose to ignore it for now, instead focusing her attention on another.

Where Dove appeared poised and restrained, Celeste was a vivid and untamed flame in comparison. "Chaos embodied?" She mused, trying out a laugh, "Than surely you haven't met me yet." It was perhaps her first attempt at humor but Eth felt as if she succeeded. She was chaotic, just as she was right and good. Her soul was balanced as all things should be, but that didn't stop her from wanting to partake in some of the fun as well. "I'm Etherealgate," The black serval paused for a moment, considering. One went by Dove and the other Celeste, so it seemed like a regular practice to shorten names. "You can call me Eth however."

(this was also written over like three days because i have no idea how to write anymore)

Biographies / Re: THERE WILL BE DARKNESS AGAIN | etherealgate
« on: August 25, 2019, 05:28:37 PM »
with an accent of blood
who speaks in foreign tongues
whose vowels are the sound of metal clashing.
etherealgate | crewmate of the typhoon
female (she/her) | bisexual | nineteen months
gatekeeper | reaper | handmaiden

a tall, black serval with golden eyes and leathery wings.

level-headed | gentle | shrewd
judgmental | balanced | cold
tries to be humorous | trait | trait

npc x npc | first gen.
no siblings

- clairvoyance

- will start fights, will finish fights
- possesses no weapons
- physically hard and mentally extreme
- attack in bold #bb8844

- afraid of flying and swimming.

Biographies / Storage THERE WILL BE DARKNESS AGAIN | etherealgate
« on: August 25, 2019, 04:53:44 PM »
intro post here yeehaw

« on: August 24, 2019, 09:36:02 PM »
She had been nothing for such a long time: a golden-eyed girl who dealt in death, paws stained with the blood of the lives she had taken in the name of righteousness. Some called her a reaper, but she preferred to be called a gatekeeper. She did not usher life from one realm to the next, merely judged it. It was what she had done for as long as she could remember, and what she would continue to do until her own life expired and she faced judgement herself. It was a divine occupation, and she would not deny that some sort of divinity coursed through her veins, but her existence was shrouded in a self-inflicted darkness and she longed for something different. Something new.

She wanted to be more than a handmaiden of death. She wanted to have a name. She wanted to have an identity. "Etherealgate." She was a being of few words and the name felt hard on her tongue. She frowned contemplatively, whispering it again to herself. Black wings unfurled impatiently and she stepped forward, suddenly aware of soft wood underfoot. She had let her instincts be her guide and it appeared that they had led her to some type of railroad. All around her, spirits whispered, pleas and distant laments filling her ears. She ignored them, more fascinated by this strange location that differed so greatly from the haunted forest she had once made her home. Would this place – with it's salty air and harsh sunlight – serve as a better home to her? Would it finally be the place she discovered herself? She could not say for certain, but her curiosity was too great to turn away.

"Hello?" Her voice came out in a croak, hoarse from disuse. It was obvious that others lived here, but where? Would they greet her with open arms or hostility? And if it were the latter, would this be her judgement day? "I wish to live in this place."

(aha ha ha i have not rped in so long this is Bad forgive me)

Coding Corner / Re: darkness between stars | storage
« on: August 24, 2019, 08:55:44 PM »
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