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Tanglewood / Re: brutus / roseblood visitors
« on: December 16, 2018, 08:03:42 PM »
malaise had absolutely no idea what everyone else was bickering out- generals and the word hell, which burned his core. he didn't like thinking about it. was there... demons out there? he gulped down fear. wasn't it his holy duty to eradicate evil? to triumph above the fire and brimstone?

he couldn't do that. no, he was far too weak. with his physical body slowly rotting away, if a demon were to try and overpower him, there was nothing he could do about it. however, the talk of shifting blame over to some anonymous source made the angel smile out of worry. "t-then it's settled! if it wasn't any of you guys," he motioned to the present roseblood members. "then we'll have to band together to find out who really did it! friends forever!" he cheered, eyes closed. hopefully that would be the end of that.

"besides that, uh..." he was again reminded he was a nobody. "do you guys want some snacks?"

Private Rendezvous / Private milk-light of the moon / private, morgan
« on: December 16, 2018, 07:11:28 PM »
it was another cold day, and malaise was having a flare-up.

he hated that word. it further pushed him into his grave of chronic illness, and he shivered. as a mortal, he was feeling new things, like pain and the burden of suffering. he was his own problem- deep down, he knew truly nobody cared him about his issues. he was just that unknown. would he forever be known as the sickly pale boy of tanglewood?

there was one who intrigued him the most. the rest seemed to fit nicely into boxes- 'asshole for kicks', 'bravado because they've got nothing else', 'snarky and sassy', and yet the leader fit into none of the stereotypes the rest of the clan seemed to embody. he was a warm presence in december.

he wanted to get to know him better. he was in too much pain to fly, so he simply walked. eyes folded half-way in fatigue, the angel paused outside morgan's residence. he really had no purpose to be here. why would such a busy leader want to speak to someone like him? he was a dying commoner.

"morgan, sir?" the quiet voice resounded, sounding awfully raspy today- the cold really made his throat swell up. "yeah, it's me, malaise... do you have a moment? if you're busy, i-i'll leave you be." he said, still trembling like a deer in the headlights.

Tanglewood / Re: we were sure god was dead / open, joining
« on: December 16, 2018, 07:01:19 PM »
voices surrounded him, and out of pure instinct- something new to him- he curled tighter into a ball, gritting his teeth. these new desires bubbled in his head, firmly rooting his place as nothing but an animal. he couldn't recall what he had been prior, but defending himself was all he knew. he wasn't going to die out here, in the cold and in the rain.

eventually, though, he relaxed. the voices were... calm, and friendly. he wasn't smart enough to think it could have possibly been a trap. "oh..." his quiet voice rang out, repeating what he had said earlier. "i-i can... walk, don't worry," the winged feline muttered, pushing himself to his paws.

"please help me. i'm.... so lost," he begged. he didn't even know his own name. what did he know? he knew that he felt awful, so nauseous, so ill. malaise. that was what he'd call himself until he could remember his real name. "my name is malaise. it's... i'm... so cold." he shivered. "here... to join?" he clarified, unsure of what that meant. "what do you mean? are you a group.. or something?"

Tanglewood / Re: brutus / roseblood visitors
« on: December 16, 2018, 06:55:43 PM »
malaise couldn't understand much. he was a simple, weak boy, filled with illness and brain-fog. still, he could understand politics. the word was so foreign on his tongue, though. where he came from, it was a simple bad versus good, dark versus light. and he had been on the winning side.

now, though, the mortal plane was known for something unique- blurred lines. down here, he was no longer a beacon of purity, just another swamp-dweller. his pristine fur had been stained with mortality, and he was one of them now. he had to take a side. on the other team seemed to be the few named the rosebloods who were dangerously elegant and eloquent, and he glanced back at his own side. was he on the wrong side of history?

"let's not fight," the boy spoke, not wanting to witness any sort of violence- verbal or physical. "let's work something out. um, clearly, we're not on the... best of terms," he thought, blinking. "there has to be a reason for the loss of our clanmates... people don't do things like that for no reason!" he reasoned, baby-blue gaze directed back to sephiroth. "isn't that right?"

Tanglewood / Re: An ordinary day - December 15th meeting
« on: December 16, 2018, 06:41:58 PM »
clan life was still so strange. it was nothing compared to the heavenly scene of paradise, where he had been locked into continuous praise for his creator.

as time went on, though, he began to forget the little details. he forgot how exactly it felt up there, and every so often he'd glance at the cloudy sky, hoping to recall something in that sick head of his. still, though, nothing happened. despite everything, he was still himself. he was malaise, the fallen angel, and he was a newcomer to tanglewood.

this was verified by the samoyed leader, their ice king. morgan was certainly not god, but morgan was... something else. a welcoming presence in this harsh jungle. he noticed he was the first to approach, which was strange. back in his old home, he had been constantly late to everything.

perhaps this was a land of new beginnings. he was so new, he wasn't sure if he was supposed to say anything, but he stammered out a response anyways. "t-thank you, sir."

Tanglewood / Re: NEVER CHANGE ✰ mud ball fight
« on: December 15, 2018, 11:27:11 AM »
tanglewood was a new chance for malaise. it was a new life, a new body, and a new family. it turned out his body wasn't quite suited for tanglewood's enviroment- he had once been a pristine alabaster, but now his fur was gently stained with mud and a few leaves clung to his pelt. he didn't quite look like the angel he was supposed to be.

he noted his energy levels were at their usual low, and he yawned. it was a cold day, and all he wanted to do was go back to bed, but he knew that he had better things to do. as malaise came around the corner, he witnessed a... mud fight? curious ears perked, the teen bit his lip. what was going on? was this normal mortal activity? "what... are you guys doing?" he whined, voice soft and weak.

still, though, some beast gnawed at him, and he too felt the urge to pelt the others with sludge. was this animalistic desire what bonded them? was violence nothing but a pastime for the naturally-born? what a hypocrite he was, he thought, as he scooped up some mud in his trembling paws and weakly chucked it at jim. it was two against one now.

Biographies / Animal lofi hip hop radio / malaise's tags
« on: December 14, 2018, 10:15:40 PM »
i uhhhh am too tired to find a template so heres some stuff here for now

- malaise / 'mally' / 'mayonaise'
- 11 months physically / ??? mentally
- domestic feline / believes himself to be an angel

- tanglewood / apprentice

- white domestic cat with blue eyes / angel wings
- very calm / always sleepy / easy-going and gentle

- suffers from anemia & chronic fatigue syndrome / very weak
- physically easy / mentally easy

Tanglewood / Open we were sure god was dead / open, joining
« on: December 14, 2018, 10:04:23 PM »

it was raining.

alabaster paws sunk into puddles, mud staining perfect white fur. what had once been pure had been corrupted by the mortal plane, and now the spirit wandered. he couldn't remember his real name. the name that his father gave him. he couldn't even remember his siblings, or why he was here. all he knew was that he felt sick to the core.

sick from being so distant from his creator, with nothing to worship but the sound of rain against the earth. perhaps this was just the hymn of the earth- he tried to distract his wandering mind. god had created this world too, surely, then all was well. he was in his father's realm.

"oh," he sighed, accidentally stepping in yet another cold puddle. this time, though, he peered down at the rippling reflection, this version of himself beyond the rainwater. a feline, powder-white, with baby-blue eyes. still, there was an air of unease around the boy. he was tired and aching, and looked sickly. he was pale, his eyes distant, and his paws trembling. at least he still had his wings. they were lovely, but even they reflected his sickly nature- his feathers were dull and some fell off with any sort of touch of the breeze.

he left a trail of feathers and pawprints in the mud as he reached the border. he collapsed, unable to continue. it was cold. so cold. he wrapped himself in his wings, shivering. was he to die here? cold, and without the grace of his father? in unknown territory?

and so, the angel wept.

Tanglewood / Open THE WORLD REVOLVING / open, intro
« on: November 17, 2018, 10:31:29 AM »
Months past. The red panda had lied dormant, eyes shut. Then, suddenly as a sign from some higher power, the boy awoke from his slumber. He slowly opened green eyes, meeting the unfamiliar terrain of Tanglewood. The land ruled by a gentle samoyed was his home now, even if he wasn't used to it. The boy blinked, stretching numb limbs, as he crossed into camp. The sunlight streamed through the canopy, dappling spots of light on his fur as he moved gracefully.

Compared to his acquaintances, he was smaller and therefore weaker. Still, a desire burned in him; the desire to see something fun happen. He couldn't stand boredom- why idle around like a statue when he could create interesting things? It was a slow, lazy morning, and the boy wanted to do something about it.

The child grinned, planting his paw firmly on the ground, digging his claws into the soil. A stream of heat jolted through his little body, starting from his chest and igniting along the way, through his veins and muscles. Then, the dry, cold grass ignited quickly. Leaping back, the boy couldn't contain his enjoyment and ignorance- he had set the territory on fire. Of course, it was small and contained, and could easily be put out by depriving it of oxygen with one's paw, but he watched it grow slowly.

The fire flickered in his green eyes. The child imagined what would happen if the fire got out of control- perhaps someone would get hurt or die. How fun, he thought- to be the guardian of this flame, to be the only thing protecting this clan from demise. His paw hovered over the slowly spreading flame, feeling its heat burn. The pain was fun.

His name was Beleth, and he was five months old. Old enough to realize mortality, to realize one shouldn't set things on fire for fun, yet he did it anyways. He was burned, and he merely smiled. He'd rather feel pain than boredom.

Tanglewood / Re: ARSONIST'S LULLABY / open, joining
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:32:01 PM »
the next to make an appearance was the yellow-and-black serval, dignified just like his leader. he carried an air or deserved arrogance, and beleth knew immediately that he was important. that was one of the child's strengths- a combination of intuition and introspection meant beleth knew how he should act around certain others. he wanted to make his mark, to leave his pawprints on this clan, and he wouldn't get there by being like his father.

no, people like his father died the cruel death they deserved. his body began to heat up again, burning at the core, and he had to cool himself down. "my captain," the boy said, dipping his head in seemingly utmost respect. so this was vigenere cipher. he decided it would be important to remember that. "alright, lead the way, sir," he said, in a more light-hearted tone, showing that he was indeed comfortable in being sociable and not just all about titles and ranks. "hey, uh... general, sir?" he turned to the samoyed leader, narrowing his eyes in thought. "hey, uh, what did you mean by... dangerous?" despite all his firey bravado, he realized he should at least understand why it was dangerous and if he was really ready for it.

he thought of how committed he had to be. this was an all or nothing type deal- he was going to climb the ranks, power-hungry and lit ablaze, and he was going to actually do something. he was always burning, deep down, yet never consumed- this passion was his flame, his drive. he had to amount to something. to be better than his scum father, than his cruel mother. to be a member of tanglewood.

Tanglewood / Re: Mothertrucker! - rejoining
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:22:49 PM »
careful pawsteps crunched against foliage as beleth approached, candy-red eyes wide in interest. the child had little knowledge of clan life, but he knew those in front of him- delilah, the kind-hearted medic his father trained, and then vigenere, the calm yet cold captain.

listening in to the conversation, not yet opening his mouth, the boy thought. both the captain and the medic seemed to know this newcomer. "heyo," he spoke, offering a toothy grin. "welcome back, even if i don't know you. i'm beleth. need somethin burned? come ask me," he purred, clearly proud of himself. "anyways, need help with anything? i'm a newtang but i can still assist you if ya' need."

« on: October 12, 2018, 10:24:45 AM »
water and fire did not mix. it was just the combination of elements- nothing bel could do about it. he, of course, didn't like swimming. whenever he did, he just boiled whatever was around him. he imagined he'd be a good asset in the winter- plop him into a pond and they'd have a nice hot tub. was that all he was good for? a heating element?

probably. he walked on the dock, careful to keep his paws cold- he didn't want to leave burn marks on the already-fragile wood- and made his way over to the stranger. she was beautiful- not the typical sense of the word, as beleth was never attracted to women- but beautiful in the sense of nature. "hey," the hot-headed manx greeted, flashing his teeth in a careless grin. "nice kill. you guys eat a lot of fish around here or what?" he of course was a newtang- he had no idea of the culture of tanglewood, so he was left to ask questions himself.

Tanglewood / Re: ARSONIST'S LULLABY / open, joining
« on: October 12, 2018, 10:20:31 AM »
the first to approach was the leader himself. beleth could tell immediately- the way he carried himself, elegant yet approachable. a air of unrecognizable familiarity surrounded the samoyed- a safe feeling. the words he spoke only further cemented bel's thoughts. he wondered how someone could confuse him for his father; malphas had been a runt, dark grey and never smiled. his son was lit ablaze with orange and white stripes, only sharing their glaring red eyes. beleth was already bigger than his father, despite being only a young apprentice.

"listen, sir," the child grinned, having the same sort of snarky superiority that his dad did. "don't worry about me. i'm no domestic," he spoke, tilting his head. "i'm not like my father. i won't-" he paused, his body beginning to heat up. the water around him boiled, and his confident grin was replaced by a suppressed grimace. "i won't abandon you. or anyone else. i am not malphas. i am beleth."

it seemed like he had to remind himself of this. he was not his father. he was his own person. a pink femme approached the two, and he studied her, sizing her up with his eyes. "it's nice to meet'cha, delilah. i'm glad my sorry excuse of a father was able to at least mentor somebody. could he raise kids? no, no he couldn't, but whatever." he talked with the arrogance of a drama-mongering teenager, but deep down was real burning hatred. it engulfed him like a wildfire and spread throughout. it seemed every time he thought of his father, his body temperature rose, and he began to sweat.

beleth decided he didn't want to burn the clan down, so he'd have to change the subject. "i'm a good asset. i've got fire powers, and they may not quite be under control-" he looked at morgan, who had seemingly mastered manipulation of all things water, and felt a quick pang of jealousy. "-but i'm learning. and danger is my middle name. so don't worry, ok?" he said, with confident reassurance. "anyways. can any of you show me to camp?"

Biographies / Animal ALL YOU HAVE IS YOUR FIRE — beleth
« on: October 11, 2018, 08:42:18 PM »
NAME beleth
AGE 6 months / ages realistically
ALLIANCE tanglewood
RANK tangler / apprentice
GENDER cis male

PARENTS malphas x npc
APPEARANCE a slender, lithe ginger manx with bright red eyes. ref until i actually draw something
POWERS fire elemental

PERSONALITY hot-headed, quick to judgement, brutally honest, charismatic, sarcastic
HISTORY abandoned by his father and left his mother to make a name for himself in tanglewood. joined tanglewood and is trying to prove his worth.

INTERACTION hard physical difficulty, medium mental difficulty - attack in underline

Tanglewood / Open ARSONIST'S LULLABY / open, joining
« on: October 11, 2018, 08:30:26 PM »
tanglewood felt like home.

it was strange, of course- beleth had never been here before. the ginger manx boy was half tangler, though. it ran in his blood. his father, the former medic, had ran away and fathered him, gave him the name beleth, and then promptly abandoned him and his mother. beleth never saw him again. it was for the best, he supposed. at six months, beleth had grown into a slender and elegant tom, his father's red eyes present in his skull. his mother had been a lovely little ginger, skinny and desperate for love, so perhaps that was why she fell for his alcoholic, cannibal father.

more than eye color was passed down onto beleth. a taste for the finer meats, a hatred of the divine, a servitude to superiors. still, though, the boy was different from his father. he was gifted with the gift of fire. he had discovered it at an early age- he could breathe it, and sometimes it lit him ablaze. his own flames didn't hurt- but they could spread. he was dangerous.

he had little control over it. he was a danger to himself and others. why would tanglewood want him? he padded on the beach, water lapping at his paws. generating heat, steam rose from the water as it touched his overheating body. it was quite the sight- a skinny little ginger cat, evaporating the water he came into contact with.

focusing his bright eyes, the male only grinned. "hey, tanglers!" he announced, continuing to walk. "my name is beleth. i'm the only son of malphas- some medic or whatever." he seemed to not care for his lineage, but it was a good icebreaker. "and i'd like to join."

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