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Uncharted Territories / Open SPIRAL OF TRUTH | RETURN
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:03:41 PM »

"Hey Roy, how strong are your beliefs?"

When Roy was asked that question from Thea, Roy had zero time to think on the matter. His train of thought had been lost the moment she disappeared, and then materialized right before him. He barely had time to react to the sudden teleportation, and by the time he noticed her claws- it was too late. Roy remembered the skin on his neck piercing open, blood instantly spewing everywhere. He remembered collapsing to the ground as he struggled to breath, beginning to choke on his very own blood. He can't die- he couldn't! He's suppose to spend the rest of his life with Riza, he can't suddenly leave her like this! As he continued to struggle, barely hanging onto the thread with each droplet of blood, his attempt to snap his claws failed, as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. no, I can’t let this happen— I don’t want Riza to break again! One final thought ran through his skull, before everything went quiet.

Suddenly his light blue eyes snapped open to complete, eerie silence. Everywhere Roy looked was white, and when he looked over his shoulder- he saw his gate. Oh no, is he here again?

"Long time no see, Flame Alchemist!" Roy heard that high pitched, creepy, familiar voice that the bobcat only heard once before- the moment he got himself and Riza sent to that world. Roy slowly looked away from his gate, his widened eyes landing on a white silhouette that was an exact replica of him. It looked like the shape of a bobcat, and it was even missing a back right leg. It's outlined by dark, ebony circle blotches, and it had a large grin on it's muzzle. This is who Roy learned was 'Truth'- who's essentially a deity being. One who regulates over gates of Alchemists and punishes them if they commit the greatest taboo. Even as an entirely different species than what he used to be, Truth is still looking over him, and even seems glad to see him.

"So, I'm dead now, correct?" Roy questioned, as he found his eyes slowing drifting down to look at his neck wound, blood dripping onto the ground. Roy wasn't expecting any other answer- he knew what happened back there. His throat was ripped out, and there was so, so much blood. Despite how many people came back to life in Ascendants, the way of an Alchemist is still drilled into his skull. It's not possible for him to come back.

"Well, Flame Alchemist technically you are, but..."

Wait a minute, but?

He didn't get to think very long on it, Truth continued speaking.

"When I sent you to this world, I wasn't expecting you to go out so quickly. I think it will be a real shame if you stay dead, so I will make an exception."

Roy froze at those words, eyes not blinking once as he kept his gaze locked on Truth. Was Truth offering to send him back? Roy couldn't believe it, Truth wouldn't just offer something like this! There has to be a catch!

"But, if I were to send you back to your body, with that wound scarred up, it will cost you a toll."

There's the catch. Roy gave a nod to these words- what would he loose in order to get back? Maybe a few internal organs? A limb or two?

"Of course, you can always stay dead and wait for your beloved to join you. It's your choice, Flame Alchemist."

There was no way in hell Roy was going to let Riza live there on her own. Roy knew Riza was strong, even as a lioness, but he knows what it's like to feel alone. It doesn't help considering Riza is a world away from the people she loves and cares about. He also remembered hearing Riza's cries when she thought he was dead months back as a human- it must be way worse for her now that it's the real deal.

He'll go back, whatever the toll is. He'll learn to adjust to another missing limb, or a few internal organs. It will be worth seeing Riza again. "I'll go back," He decided, with a firm nod.

That grin on Truth's face only grew. "As you wish, Flame Alchemist!" It said, as Roy heard his gate behind him open up, and while getting dragged out, everything turned black.

Suddenly with a gasp, Roy was alive in the real world again. Except... It already felt different. As Roy slowly got up onto his paws, he knew he didn't loose another limb. Okay, Truth didn't take his limbs as a toll, maybe some internal organs? He probably wouldn't know if he lost those until later- he should head back to the observatory. But when he opened his blue eyes- everything was pitch-black. I'm not buried underground, am I? No no- he can breath and he feels the light breeze against his fur. It's probably the middle of the night, yeah! But that thought was quickly tossed out the window the moment he heard some birds sing in the trees. It's the middle of the day, Roy thought to himself, as the sudden realization began to hit him, his ears flattening to his skull, My sight! Truth took my sight as a toll! His cloudy, blue eyes widened, as he took a shaky step forward, unsure of where he was going. Roy knew he was in Ascendants territory, he didn't need sight to pick up that scent.

"Riza!" The now blind male suddenly called out, continuing to take steps without a clue as to where he's heading. He knew that the Lieutenant must be hurting, and shocked by his death. She was the first person that came to his mind, he has to let her know he's alive! "Riza! I'm alive!-" He continued to yowl out, before he lost his voice to a yelp as he suddenly tripped on a tree root, bruising up his chin on the ground.

He grunted slightly as he forced himself back on his paws, as a single thought ran through his mind. Who killed me? As he began to look through his head for an answer, he should be able to remember who attacked him. Besides seeing Truth again, it's his last memory. But to his shock, he could only remember how he died. He couldn't remember the face of his murderer, or what kind of animal even attacked him. "Fucking Truth took the memory too!" He muttered with frustration, sniffing the air for any familiar scents.

Uncharted Territories / Re: SMALL LIVES (Murder, open)
« on: August 30, 2018, 06:23:40 PM »
track with a dead roy

« on: August 14, 2018, 06:27:21 PM »

This lockdown was becoming worse and worse with each passing day. Back when it all began, Roy thought it was going to be a couple hours, not days. It was insane to be locked inside a building with no power for days. They're running out of food. As well as herbs- also being stuck in here with no power also means there's a higher chance that illness will spread. They're all confined in the observatory, stuck breathing the same air without circulation- if they don't get out soon there's going to be a huge health problem.

The melanistic bobcat was the next one to pad in- Roy wasn't able to sleep at all. How could he peacefully sleep knowing that majority of the clan is either stuck inside or out? Roy couldn't close his eyes for long without worrying about a potential fire without ways to escape it and possible sickness spreading. When the male made his way over, his blue eyes narrowed at the sight of the mechanical star. "So, we've spent days without power, running of out food and herbs, stuck inside the observatory when this could have been a simple fix in hours?" The Flame Alchemist spoke up with a frown, not overall pleased on how long it took them to figure this out.

But, Roy wanted to get out as much as everyone else. They're looking for a mechanical star similar to that, which should have back-up fuses in it. Apparently Bastilleprisoner wanted them to look in pairs, so the male's eyes began to scan the members who gathered. His gaze first landed on Versaillespalace, who was in charge of that group with Roy. It'd probably be best if they worked together, as they have the experience. The flame alchemist made his way over to the panther with a flick of his ear, gaze locking on her. "I'll look around with you if you haven't been paired yet," He commented with a slight frown, not really waiting for an answer.

Uncharted Territories / Re: whatever you say mrs majesty | spar
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:48:47 AM »

While it looks Roy knows what he’s doing regarding fighting- the truth is, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. Roy has experience with fighting as a human, his life had been surrounded by the military as long as he could remember. Plus, his flame alchemy was almost always his number one defense, unless his ignition gloves were wet- then he was useless. Thankfully he still has his flame alchemy here, which he uses whenever he needs to- like that time Beck attacked him, the raptors surrounded him, and when the Typhoon raided(though that didn’t last long, he was thrown into the star pool). He was going to spar Bastilleprisoner all the way back, but some complications came up that made them unable to actually go through with it.

Roy could only wonder why Bastille thought this was a good time for a spar. They’re stuck inside the observatory, unsure if they can get out and they’re slowly running out of food. If it were up to Roy, he would have asked about the spar after this whole situation passes by. But as soon as he heard those words escape Bastilleprisoner’s mouth, he knew that Bastille must not care if they’re locked in or not. Thankfully the observatory is more lit with candles and lanterns, so the bobcat began to make his way over to the Astral Seraph.

"What a nice time for a spar Bastille, in the middle of a lockdown." The male commented as his gaze landed on the feline, eyes gleaming with determination as he accepted the challenge. Without another word, the bobcat would attempt to pounce at him, making the first move.

Uncharted Territories / Re: BURN // ROY & VI BUDDY GROUP TASK
« on: August 11, 2018, 04:04:55 PM »

Despite being here for months and months, it's still hard for Roy to wrap his head around other abilities. Abilities that also included fire, like Versailles using her mind to control fire. Roy has grown so used to alchemy, it's been proven to be quite the challenge to watch others control elements without much tax. The laws of alchemy are driven into his brain, and it's hard to work around those laws after years and years of following them. He couldn't help it but blink in confusion as the panther's hazel eye began to burn up, heating up, and eventually making making a small flame in her pupil, that shot out of it, jumping onto one of the wicks. Not that long after, her makeshift flame consumed one of his flames, and left the wick. His blue eyes watched the floating flame's every move, watching it dance over to it's controller, and float beside her. Roy had to fight the urge to speak up and question how she did that, as this isn't the right time for that. I'll ask her later, once we aren't in this mess, He thought to himself as he gave the panther a firm nod at her comment, before his ears pricked up at her question.

Shoving his thoughts away from her ability, the bobcat focused on her question for a moment. Honestly, Roy didn't really think of checking storage rooms(there has to be storage rooms, without a doubt), he was quite glad that Versailles brought that up. "Good point, there should be some storage rooms either in the Bunker or the underground complex. We should check those for any extra candles before going through members rooms."

"What the fuck do you think this place is, a dungeon?"

As soon as those words made it's way to Roy's ears, the first thing he thought of was the Fullmetal Alchemist. During his time in Amestris, Roy rose the ranks of the military relatively quickly. He was around 29 years old when he became Colonel. He was in charge of a unit, which meant he was a Commanding Officer to subordinates. He was also the commanding officer to the Fullmetal Alchemist- who was only twelve when he joined the military. The last time he saw Fullmetal, the kid was around 15(almost 16) and his little brother Alphonse(who was much nicer than Edward, definitely didn't have an attitude like Fullmetal) was 14, turning 15. He remembered Fullmetal having quite the temper, was stubborn and strong-willed, he wasn't afraid to be hostile towards his authorities and could be quite selfish and self-absorbed. That comment that came out of Onision's mouth, it just sounded like something Edward would say, he swore he almost heard it through Edward's voice. He had to think for a second, snap his head to look at the almost fireball and remind himself that who he's looking at isn't Fullmetal. He's already mistakenly called Bastilleprisoner Fullmetal, it wouldn't be good if he called someone else it too.

"If you aren't going to take this seriously," The male snapped with an authoritative tone, "Then you're more than welcome to sit this one out." After all, this is Suiteheart's and Margaery's child, this won't be the first time he scolded them. All he could really wonder is where this child managed to pick up the foul mouth from. "But if you want to help regarding the situation we're in, you better loose that attitude, am I clear?" He commanded as his gaze locked on Onision for a moment, eyes blazing with authority and no room for an argument.

Lanterns would be a good idea too, actually. Roy mentally added it to his thoughts, reminding himself to grab any lanterns when going through the storage rooms.

Private Rendezvous / Private IT'S A TERRIBLE DAY FOR RAIN // SUITEHEART
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:22:45 AM »

[ retro to lockdown !! ]

Roy couldn't possibly imagine what Suiteheart is currently going through. While Roy considered her and Margaery to be one of his closest friends, he knew the confusion and anger he felt regarding Margaery's disappearance was nothing compared to her. She lost her wife for a second time, after she so firmly believed Margaery wouldn't leave again- a promise that wasn't meant to be broken. Suiteheart and Margaery were practically like the perfect couple- the chemistry the two have with each other is incredible- they've stuck with each other for a thousand years or more, through the thick and thin. Roy hated seeing how miserable and distraught Suiteheart had been when Margaery died in childbirth, and now, he felt more anger to see her in an even worse condition. When Margaery temporarily died, most likely it was out of her control. Margaery most likely didn't decide to kick the bucket, no it definitely didn't seem like her choice- as she came padding right back after a few days. Roy might never know how exactly she came back to life, but her life with her clan, wife, and children weren't over. But her disappearing, leaving behind a note explaining she left with her father, is far different. Margaery must have known what she was doing when she wrote that note, and left it with her necklace and pendant as she padded off with her father. She must have known people were going to be hurt by this, in ways others can't even imagine. To Roy, Suiteheart is probably in a far worse state than the first time Margaery left them, as this time around, the Cosmic General abandoned them.

When Margaery originally died, Roy tried to reach out to Suiteheart. He wanted to be there for her, in the same exact way she had been to him with Maes. Despite the efforts he set forth, Suiteheart didn't open her doors to him. Roy didn't want Suiteheart to shut him out again, not this time around. Roy knows she must feel even worse than the first time, and that she shouldn't be left alone to mourn. She made sure Roy wasn't alone when Maes died, she went out of her way to make sure he was okay. If he didn't check up on her, then it wouldn't be fair. She deserves the same support, and he's going to make sure she gets it. As after all, that's what alchemists believe in- equivalent exchange. Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

Roy found himself padding up to Suiteheart's and Margaery's room, a sigh escaping his lips as his eyes landed on the door. The door was left ajar, and the scent of Suiteheart invaded his nostrils, the scent getting stronger as he reached the room. He's going to check up on her, give her the support and company that she needs, whether she wants it or not. With a flick of his ear, Roy reached forward to push the ajar door open. "Suiteheart," The Flame Alchemist's commanding voice left his maw, "I'm coming in." The Flame Alchemist was leaving no room for an argument, padding right in once the door opened enough.

As he padded into the room, his blue gaze landed on the feline, ears pinning back to his skull. "I want to check up on you," He explained as that commanding, militaristic tone dissolved into concern and worry.

[ @Suiteheart ]

Private Rendezvous / Re: trust -- Roy
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:16:32 PM »

It was luck that he was smaller than the lieutenant, it would have been far more difficult for her to bring him out here if he still was a tiger. Roy almost felt like a child when Riza so easily lifted him by his scruff and carried him out of the observatory. No matter how many demands and orders he made for her to let him go, Riza kept her grip on his scruff strong as ever. It was like his orders were meeting deaf ears, causing the male to give up and fall silent as Riza took him deep into the forest.

When he was finally released, his three paws landed roughly on the grass, head turning to face Riza. His ears drew back to his skull, the male preparing to open his jaw and demand why Riza brought him out here. But then, his thoughts trailed to nothing as his blue gaze landed on her face. The disapproval, anger, and embarrassment that gleamed in her eyes and frown was so, so very clear. Even if she's no longer human, he knows what that expression means- especially from her. Oh god, she's fucking pissed! And then he heard that growl rumble from her throat, three simple words escaping her jaws. "Explain yourself, Colonel."

Back at the capture, Roy had been driven so easily by his anger and frustration, that he wasn't even aware of how bad his actions were. It was clearly obvious that he was straying away from his path, and that he was giving Hawkeye the reasons to shoot him in the back. It was certainly a good idea from Hawkeye to swoop in and grab him- she had quite the advantage, being larger than him. Riza pulled him out of the situation, brought him to an area far away from it, giving him a chance to cool his head and rethink for a moment.

And then, it hit him like a truck.

What the hell was he thinking back there? Threatening to burn Jacob with a blow torch like flame? How did it go past him how bad that truly was? Essentially, he tried to torture Jacob, and didn't want to stop when the young Typhoon Dealer was sobbing. And god, the kid didn't even know anything! That's when he should have let him go!

A sigh escaped Roy's maw as his shoulder's slumped with defeat, looking down at his paws for a moment. "I am such a fool, Lieutenant." The male said loudly enough for only Riza to hear, just in case there were any ears nearby. "I wasn't clearly thinking back there," He breathed, gaze lifting from the ground and onto the lioness, "I wanted to know if he held any information regarding the Typhoon, specifically any future attacks or motives." His eyes blinked slowly for a moment, hating to see that calm, yet angered expression etched on her face. He had been straying away from a righteous path back there, most likely he scared her- thinking she had to kill her commanding officer, a man that she pledged to follow into hell, and now marriage. What a foolish man he is. "I shouldn't have threatened to burn him, especially when he didn't know anything. I should have released him." He finally said with one final sigh, "What I did back there, it goes entirely against what I once stood for."

Uncharted Territories / BURN // ROY & VI BUDDY GROUP TASK
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:42:06 PM »


This was just great, isn't it? Somehow the observatory is left in a power outage, and along that, everyone is locked inside! Roy wasn't sure how the observatory managed to get into a lockdown, he hoped it can get fixed relatively soon. There were so many dangers and risks that came with them being stuck inside- such as shortage of food, medicine, and most importantly no way to get out. Roy wasn't claustrophobic, and it was just by the Flame Alchemist's luck that he had his flame alchemy. Once orders were handed out to all the groups, Roy used his small flame like a candle, weaving his way through the dark building to be lead to his room.

Roy had candles stashed in a drawer. They were old fashioned candlesticks, but they would work perfectly for his group to pad around and search for more candles. Without another thought, once he was in his room- he ripped the drawer open, and pulled out four candlesticks. Without another sound, the male padded out of his room, using his flame as a source of light to lead him back to the grand circle.

Once the bobcat re-entered the grand circle, the male placed the four candle sticks down on the ground. With a snap of his claws, the male used his flame alchemy to light each candle, emitting more light to the area. "Versaillespalace! Cass! Onision! Beverley!" The Lunar Lieutenant called out with a booming, commanding voice, ears flattening to his skull. "Come over to me and grab one of these candlesticks! We need to search the rooms in the observatory for more candles- I know others have some in their rooms. We need all the candles we can get our hands on, we need to get the observatory lit up with light as much as we can. Also, don't feel bad about taking the candles- people can replace them later on if they wish."

Uncharted Territories / Re: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK | MANDATORY MEETING 9.5
« on: August 07, 2018, 04:42:49 PM »

When Roy made his way over to attend this meeting, the possibility of the observatory loosing power didn't come to mind. The bobcat made his way over as usual, taking a seat in his regular spot as he looked over towards Bastilleprisoner. Ears pricked, the male listened intently to the Astral Seraph's words, his attention mainly caught at the mention of the buddy system. So, he's leading a group alongside Versaillespalace. Roy didn't know the panther that well, actually they probably haven't spoken once before, so this should certainly be interesting. His blue eyes scanned the crowd for the panther momentarily, thinking of the members assigned in their group- Onision, Beverly, and Cass. Just like Vi, Roy didn't know those three that well- without a doubt he's about to walk into this group blind. Though, he hopes to get it relatively under control- there was probably a reason why he was paired with members he didn't know. Who knows if he'll trust any of them that much, but hopefully the buddy system will do it's purpose.

Roy couldn't help it but feel silently surprised that he didn't hear his name again during the meeting. He would have sworn Bastilleprisoner would have made some kind of comment directed at his capture with Jacob. If it weren't for everyone's interventions, Roy would have surely burned the Typhoon Dealer. He didn't realize how much his frustration and outrage drove him back there. It was all thanks to Riza for legitimately carrying him out of there- she pulled him out of the tense environment. While it was terrifying to see Riza so upset with him, at the end it helped him notice how wrong he was. He wasn't going to capture again, that's for sure.

Finally, the differences between Starrynight and Bastilleprisoner were finally beginning to show. Roy remembered being pissed beyond belief when Bastilleprisoner continued with Starrynight's peace talks, after the trouble Tanglewood cost them. It didn't feel like Bastille, and didn't make sense at the time to start an alliance with them. It felt so much like Starrynight's actions influenced the young leader, and he hoped it wouldn't sway him more in the future. And now, the future is upon them- Bastille is handling this situation far differently with The Typhoon than what went down with Tanglewood months back. Bastilleprisoner wasn't even that mad at Carolina for killing a Typhooner(he wasn't mad either, the Typhoon are enemies after all), only reminding her not to kill future captures and gave her a promotion along with it. Bastille even captured two Typhoon kids himself- which caused the male to blink in surprise for a second. What the hell are they suppose to do with children? Most children are oblivious to politics and the world around them- they're going to babysit these kids while attempting to blackmail Pincher. Wonderful.

Unfortunately, Roy didn't get to think more on the matter. His thoughts trailed away when lightbulbs above blew out, the bobcat's head snapping upwards, sparks flying everywhere. What the hell is going on? He began to wonder, before the lights flickered and flashed, before everything turned to darkness. A power outage. He thought to himself, before he froze at what he heard next. Locks licking into place, echoing through out the observatory. Well fuck, He cursed to himself in his head, throwing his simple power outage out of the window. They were locked in too, this would have been fine if the lights just went out! The eerie silence from his groupmates didn't last long, as before he knew it, panicked voices began to fill up the dark room. Without another thought, the male quickly rose one of his front paws and snapped his claws, causing a spark to ignite. Barely any seconds went by as a small flame came to life above his raised paw, like it was a candle. It wasn't a huge source of light, but it was something. Roy wasn't about to transmute a large flame without knowing who and what he's nearby(they don't need another fire, this time there would be no way out). Hopefully this can lead him and others to some candles so they can light up the observatory, and then hopefully figure out a way to fix this mess.

« on: August 06, 2018, 05:11:51 PM »

Thankfully, Roy didn't have to wait as long as he expected. Before the bobcat knew it, three Snowbounders were making their way over to him. From the three Snowbounders that gathered, Roy recognized Atbash- who Roy spoke with before at their border and over in Ascendants. Speaking of Atbash, the Flame Alchemist looked over at her first, with a nod of greeting. "Hello Atbash," Roy began to speak directly to her, gaze locked momentarily, "I apologize for the late visit." For a moment the male fell silent, ears pricking up when Atbash questioned what gifts were inside the basket. "Inside the basket are books, journals, herbs, and candies." He answered the question with a flick of his ear, before the next Snowbounder grabbed his attention.

Roy hasn't exactly had a bad experience with gift baskets from allies. While he wasn't a fan of Tanglewood in the slightest, their members that visited them had overall been quite pleasant. They were certainly far better than their immature leader, that's for sure. Roy wasn't aware of what happened between the Typhoon and Snowbound, but perhaps he'll know soon. Roy couldn't help it but raise an invisible eyebrow at the bird's sneer, thrown off by the question. What's the catch? I can't help it but wonder if this bird is aware that I am an ally, He thought to himself for a moment, quickly thinking of what to say in return. For a moment, his eyes narrowed as the Flame Alchemist opened his mouth to speak. "What an interesting inquiry for you to ask me," He said with a slight frown, feeling as if he wasn't being trusted, "In case you did not hear me the first time, I will repeat myself to you." Roy already stated why he's at their border. If he had anything else he had to say regarding his visit, he wouldn't have forgotten to include it.

"I am Roy Mustang, an ambassador from your ally, the Ascendants," He began to repeat himself to Cry, "I'm here for a visit, and I have gifts for you and the rest of your clan." This time, Roy decided to be a little more specific, if that helped at all. "There is no catch." And with that, Roy tore his gaze away from Cry and onto Izuku- who already seemed far more welcoming, especially with that grin and all.

While Roy appreciated the offer for hot chocolate, the male shook his head. "Thank you for the offer, but I have to decline." Roy didn't really drink hot chocolate- back at home in Amestris he'd rather drink coffee over hot chocolate. Hot chocolate doesn't give you that caffeine like coffee, which was why Roy mainly avoided it. And now, he hasn't had a brew of coffee in months after arriving in Ascendants.

"How has Snowbound been recently?" He questioned them, wishing to get caught up with their ally. Roy knew it's been a long time since he visited, he was expecting to hear a lot.

« on: August 06, 2018, 03:32:41 PM »

Well, without a doubt, this visit was long overdue. The last time Roy arrived at Snowbound's border was back when they were still neutrals. It was his mistake not to visit as soon as the alliance was formed, it was honestly quite foolish of him. A new month quickly came upon them, to which Roy decided he was going to do ten times better at his job. He has to be a good ally, they've been making their way to go out to the Ascendants, so he'll make sure he'll do the same.

The melanistic bobcat came padding up to the border, holding a basket in jaws. In the basket were gifts, which Roy hoped would be of good use for Snowbound. Some of the gifts happened to be books, journals, herbs, candies, and more. The Flame Alchemist placed the basket in front of him, blue eyes scanning the territory for anyone nearby. "Roy Mustang, ambassador from Ascendants- I'm here for a visit, and I brought gifts." Roy called out to Snowbounders in the area, deciding to introduce himself and state his reasoning for showing up at the border.

With a flick of his ear, he sat down on the ground, waiting for Snowbounders to arrive.


It was fairly known to most Ascendants members that Roy didn't come to trust them so easily. While it's been months and months since he arrived here, there are people who(in his mind) are still working to earn his trust. Some are making progress, while others aren't, but without a doubt there is a small amount of people that earned it a few months back. Margaery just happened to be one of those people- somehow he just clicked with her and Suiteheart. The uncertainty he held when he originally met the two quickly began to change and develop into a close, loyal friendship. If Riza wasn't here with him, Roy would definitely believe that he was the closest with them. Without a doubt, Margaery is one of his best friends- and he would never change it. The vampire made this life far easier for him to go through, as after Maes's death and Riza's disappearance, Roy was all alone. Margaery and Suiteheart were there for him in one of his darkest moments, and who knows if he'd be okay now if they weren't there with him.

When Margaery 'died', it left Roy in distress and anger. It caused him anger beyond belief- as in his eyes, her death wasn't fair. She created life, she gave birth to beautiful cubs that would love her and Suiteheart, and in the miracle of birth- they lost her. He felt so useless in the situation- there was nothing he could have done to prevent her death. It angered him to this day that she lost her life for something she was so excited and looking forward to, it made him feel like it was almost a punishment. Like how Maes died when attempting human transmutation- which is essentially playing god in attempts to make a person through alchemy. Human transmutation always fails, and never once will there be a successful transmutation. Margaery and Suiteheart on the other hand, successfully created life in a natural way, and yet they were still punished. While Margaery returned(which is still hard for him to wrap around his head), these feelings never truly left him.

Roy thought that Margaery wasn't going to leave- that being legitimately leaving or dying- again. She was one of his close friends, and she was reunited with her wife- who she even saved during the time of Suiteheart's own peril. He could see the bond between the two grow stronger as Suiteheart returned as a vampire- just like Margaery. Finally, they'd be able to spend their lives together forever and ever, without having to worry about aging and death.

But unfortunately, it seemed like Roy was misguided.

When Roy stepped into the room, his eyes quickly scanned the scene before him. As his blue optics scanned the room, they quickly landed onto Suiteheart, who was clearly in an amount of distress. The male noticed she was reading a note, and nearby her happened to be Margaery's necklace. From what Roy could tell, it seems like the note is giving Suiteheart anguish and despair. Without another thought, the melanistic bobcat quickly made his way over to his friend, his eyes catching the note just in time. The male quickly scanned the note, reading it over and over as his ears slowly flattened to his cranium.

Margaery is gone.

As Suiteheart pulled the note close to her chest, Roy felt rage begin to run through his veins. Roy wasn't pleased with the note, not one bit. He was upset that Margaery left, after she already died on them. It had been a surprise and relief when she came home, but now it's different. She left on her own accord, with her father- and who knows if she'll ever return. He also hated seeing the amount of suffering this is already putting Suiteheart through- it pained him to see her like this. Roy knew he was distressed about Margaery's disappearance, but he knew his own anguish and confusion was nothing compared to Suiteheart. Suiteheart is Margaery's lover, wife, and some would even say soulmate. The two loved each other dearly, and without a doubt this note was not expected. The two of them had a promise, which is now broken into pieces.

Eyes blinking slowly, the melanistic bobcat sat down beside Suiteheart. In hopes to comfort his best friend, the male would attempt to rub his head into her white fur. "Suiteheart, I'm so sorry," The Flame Alchemist spoke, eyes closing shut, "Remember I'm here for you, you don't have to go through this alone." Roy hoped Suiteheart would take that hint, that his door is always open. Suiteheart was there for him in his darkest moments, and he wants to be there for her in return.

Uncharted Territories / Open HERE COMES THE GENERAL ― WEDDING
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It felt so surreal that this day is already upon them. A few short weeks ago, they reunited again for a second time after months of separation- Riza searching for a way home, and Roy going through each day knowing there was no going back. It wasn't long until Riza discovered the truth herself from Roy, and that in the end, her search for answers went down the drain. It left them both deep in thought, wondering what they'd do next. There is, and never will be, a way for them to return home. Whatever hopes and dreams they had for Amestris were gone, and replaced with this life. A life where they'll live the rest of their days as animals, and without a doubt it caused them to think. Each came with the sudden realization of their feelings for each other, and how it no longer could be ignored. The constant thought of the anti-fraternization laws no longer being in effect only got stronger and stronger after the day he reunited with her. Once he got advice from Suiteheart and Margaery, Roy proposed to his lieutenant. And she said yes.

Usually in the preparation of weddings, generally months and months are used in planning to make the big day 'perfect'. Well, it's a little different here- Roy & Riza had some great wedding planners- Suiteheart & Margaery. Rather than taking months to plan, organize, and set up their wedding, it only took around two weeks. And Roy felt pretty good about it, and he had a feeling in his chest that Riza felt the same way too.

The location of the wedding is at the southern area of the Observatory, but to be more specific the Planetarium. Inside the large doors, instead of being lead to a theatrical like room, the star-projector was not the center of attention. The center of attention will rightfully belong to Roy & Riza, once the maned lioness precedes in after the procession. Each aisle was draped with white fabric, anchored at the top of the seats with lavender flowers and small lights at the edges. Down the aisle, a path made out of purple and white petals made it's way from the doors and all the way to the Flame Alchemist, a perfect path to lead his queen to her king.

As the procession made it's way in, Roy quickly went through his vows in the back of his mind, making sure he had everything correct. Roy never imagined himself memorizing vows back home, but when he got engaged it became a big priority. He wanted to make sure they sounded perfect, especially for the person he loves and cares for so deeply.

The procession was considerably small. Imperia was the priestess, Suiteheart was his best man(there was also an honorary spot for Maes), Cooper(though, he didn't precede in with Bast) and Bastille were groomsmen, no bridesmaids, Magraery as the Maid of honor, Aaliyah as the flower girl and earring bearer, and finally Riza walking down with Cooper. The size was just perfect.

When the doors opened again after Aaliyah made her way down the aisle, his gaze landed on Riza, with Cooper by her side. He couldn't help it but smile lightly at the sight of his bride, feeling the excitement in his veins as he began to watch her walk down the aisle.

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A lot of times, it was generally a hit or miss if Roy got a full night of sleep. Most of the time, Roy would find himself waking in the middle of the night, stay up for an hour or so, and then finally fall back asleep until morning. Sometimes, Roy wakes up from nightmares- like dreams of Hughes second death, or going through the gate again with even worse outcomes. When he isn't woken by a dream, or if he doesn't remember what he saw in the morning, he considers those to be better nights. Unfortunately, the melanistic bobcat found himself awake, laying still on his bed. He's still having dreams about Maes death, despite the weeks that passed by. It's not that easy to forget your best friend's second death.

With a sigh, the male jumped off of his bed, deciding to take his tired paws out into the night. Usually padding around helped him ease his mind, even if it takes him up to an hour or more. He'd rather walk around to get those thoughts off of his mind than stare at the ceiling in his room, unable to control the regrets and memories.

Usually, the night was uneventful. During these walks, Roy has been used to padding through an almost perfectly quiet night sky. The only noises he could hear were from nature itself, but tonight was a different story. The Flame Alchemist came to a pause, ears pricking up at the sounds of thrashing, and splashing. From what he could hear, someone decided to take a little swim- in the starpool, despite how late it was. He couldn't hear any signs of a fight, or of another individual with them. Whoever that was, they have to be alone, and why would they take a swim so late into the night?

With a sigh escaping his lips, Roy found himself padding towards the starpool- padding in the opposite direction of his ideal path. Roy hadn't even been planning to go near the starpool, whoever was making this much noise better be worth checking on. When the bobcat finally made his way over, his ears pricked up at Suiteheart's voice. For a moment, his head quickly snapped towards her, her scent finally invading his nostrils. While his nostrils picked up Suiteheart's scent, another scent was pulled in too- Carolina. Suiteheart looked perfectly dry, and when he noticed she was addressing the freelancer, his gaze slowly landed on the black serval.

She's soaking wet, she must have been the one to dive into the starpool. Roy almost spoke up to question her reasoning for jumping in the starpool, but then his gaze slowly fixated on the helmet she was cradling. Roy could see her smiling, she seemed quite pleased to have that helmet in her hands- or well, paws. That must be why she dove into the starpool, to retrieve that. The helmet looked a bit familiar- it looked a lot like the one Washington wore. Just the colors were different, but it still looked pretty weird to him. Noticing she was practically coughing up water, the male frowned slightly. "You almost drowned yourself for that?" He said with a flick of his ear, blue tired eyes blinking slowly.

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Roy should have known somebody was going to jump between him and Jacob. This clan was practically crawling with pacifists, he already had Shininglight attempt to stop him, and now Alexander. Alexander was lucky though, as soon as the young timber wolf jumped between them, Roy pulled the flame back with him. If he hadn't, Alexander surely would have gotten burned. Not a first degree or second, without a doubt it'd be a third degree burn- it'd probably only take a matter of a few seconds for the blazing hot flames to burn at Alexander's flesh. And Roy Mustang intended to burn Jacob the same very way if he didn't get answers. Look how easily anger and rage can twist a person, it's honestly quite terrifying. Roy's hard, cold blue gaze landed firmly on Alexander, optics not blinking once. "You're in the way, Alexander," The Flame Alchemist said with a low, dangerous tone that would send chills down anyone's spine, "move aside, now." For just a moment, Roy didn't focus on Jacob, while still holding his grip tightly on the Typhoon Dealer's head. Alexander's comments reached Roy's ears, but unfortunately the male didn't listen to them as well as Alexander might have hoped. Instead of helping Roy realize that he's at fault, and so clearly in the wrong, the bobcat merely shoved the words to the side. Alexander is a young wolf, a pup. How could he possibly know? "Anyways, you're just a child," Roy's words almost spat out like venom, "You're far too young to get involved in a matter like this. There's no way you can fully comprehend this, get out of the way before you get hurt."

With that, the bobcat focused back on the wolfdog, frowning at the excuses Jacob continued to pull. If Alexander wasn't in the way, Roy would have been pressing the hot, blazing flames against Jacob's fur. Roy still found it hard to believe that after all the claims Jacob makes that he's closer to Pincher than anyone else is, that he knows nothing on it. Roy was closer to Riza than anyone here, and anyone back in his unit. Roy was Riza's commanding officer, and she was his first lieutenant. She was also his personal assistant, as well as his bodyguard. Roy trusted Riza with everything, and she trusted him the same way. He told her everything, and she did the same, in any way they could. Based on his experience with Riza, and his anger driven mind, he wasn't coming that easy to accept that somebody didn't have a trusting relationship like him and the Lieutenant.

When Jacob began to cry in short, shuddering breaths, the male snorted. Roy should see that Jacob is terrified of the flames, that should be a reason for Roy to stop. Everyone could see Jacob doesn't have anything to do with this, and that his loving, pure nature wouldn't allow him to stoop so low like Pincher. Pincher and Jacob have far different morals, but right now, Roy refused to see it. "Stop crying you child-" Roy began to order, but in the middle of it, his flame went out. His voice quickly trailed off, knowing the extinguish of the flame was not his doing. He had been determined to keep it going, and if necessary, burn Jacob with it.

Roy didn't have to wonder who killed the flames for very long. As not even a moment later, his ears pricked up at Bastilleprisoner's annoyed voice. His gaze quickly landed on the feline, taking note of the disapproval that gleamed in Bastille's eyes. Roy thought Bastilleprisoner wasn't a pacifist- didn't he have to remind Bastille that he's not Starrynight? As those demanding words made it's way out of the Astral Seraph's mouth, Roy's ears flattened to his skull for a second time. Clearly, Roy wasn't pleased with what he was hearing- he picked the wrong enemy? Complete bullshit, an enemy is an enemy! Whether or not they used to be an ally, they made the decision to switch sides, they're no longer that ally. "He's no longer our ally Fullmetal," The title came flying off of his tongue, not even in realization for the bobcat, "What you're telling me is that he gets special privilege because he used to be an ally. Would you give the same kind of privilege to other ex-Snowbounders that left for the Typhoon? Or is it just him?"

"He's just as much of an enemy as the rest of the Typhoon now," Roy tried to argue with Bastilleprisoner's reasoning and declaration, claws trembling as he resisted the urge to snap. It was clear to anyone that Roy was fueled by his outrage, the desperation for answers. He didn't want to let go of this so easily, as Bastilleprisoner expected him to do. "We need answers! We have no idea why they are attacking us, we need to figure out what their motives are!"

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