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Last updated: September 7, 2019 ( . . . Fuck you, I hate your friends and they hate me too )

Daphne | Daph or Daphie | Pronounced "DAPH-nee" | Sexless Feminine [She/her/hers]
Immortal, appears 2 years | Death X Life ; Gen 2 | Twenty-two siblings (?) | Family Tree
BoB: Group Here | Member ; rank | Loyal to family, disregards loyalty to groups
Questing romantic interests | Monogamous(?) | Single | Uninterested | ½ Nothing

Spirit Hound ( Chinese Dragon x Hellhound ) & Rely on Descriptions & Pinterest
Like most of her family, Daphne is lacking considerably when it comes to size; however, she is a little bigger than most of her siblings—it's others she doesn't usually compare favorably to. She's a wiry little thing, built more like a weasel than her current body of choice. Despite the mixture of a Chinese dragon and hellhound, she is far smaller than both of those creatures regardless of the combination; speaking literally, she's a little smaller than a normal hellhound which is around the size of a slightly too-large wolf. Calling her a long dog wouldn't be too bad of an explanation, looking more canine than dragon she is essentially a really, really weird looking weasel-dog. Her fur is jet black in color, appearing extremely dark and near invisible at night—she is a singular colored creature, and aside from exterior growths is not very... colorful. Hell, even her distinct dragon whiskers are nearly as black as her coat. Her eyes are a glossy metallic silver, standing out drastically from her pitch black pelt. Aside from those two colors, it is her small horns that stand out the most on her body; while they aren't very large, their off-white color makes them seem a lot longer than they truly are.

Daphne is ( usually ) the youngest of her siblings, and suffers from the infamous last child syndrome known as Inflated Ego. It's not that she believes she is better/can do better than others, it's simply that she believes that those around her are... less than, if that makes sense. She's an apathetic teenager who cares very little about the thoughts and opinions of those around her, often putting individuals down or outright insulting them. I wouldn't go as far as to call her a bad person, but I do believe she's not one of high morals. Perpetually bored by her surroundings, Daphne doesn't often take things as seriously as she probably should; however, life is somewhat dulled for her—it tends to be that way when you understand that your very existence is a sham. The best way to describe how she acts would be by simply saying: rebellion. She's angry at herself, at her parents, at the world. [develop more]

Artist Loft / Re: THE BUTCHER'S MEN | whirl's trad. art shoppe, 5/5 OPEN
« on: February 15, 2019, 04:38:13 PM »
finna track this
gonna be a supportive parent

Uncharted Territories / Open VANITY 「 JOINING. 」
« on: November 27, 2018, 03:14:47 PM »
A G O N Y . She was in agony .

She was screaming , she was certain of it . There people standing around her , watching and pointing at her while he body ached and her lungs burst . Why were they standing there . . . what had she done ? Her body was shaking , her eyes rolling into the back of her head and , distantly , she could smell the burning of her own flesh . They were watching this , watching as she begged and yet they did nothing .

Laughing , laughing , LAUGHING ! They were mocking her , laughing as she herself screamed , cried , and begged for mercy . " Release me ! " she wished to demand , wished she had the ability to cry out anything but jumbled words of pain . Although she was sure her words would fall upon deaf ears , her cries meant nothing to people who believed themselves in the right — who believed themselves saviors . Were they wrong ? She wasn't sure .

" God , save the sinner ! " they chanted .

Sinner ? Oh no , no , there were many here — everyone screaming gleefully as her flesh melted . She knew they would repent , as all beasts must , and she swore she would be the one to bring about their demise as they brought upon hers . Again , again , again , she'd play this game again ; of course , she knew , she could never win but it was a game she'd come to love . Play it over , and over , and over again . The voice whispered . She intended too , she had no other choice , she would always play the game over again . One day she would be the winner . She could make them suffer in their dreams , drive them all to madness . . . yet she had lost , oh , but how they would still suffer .

Laughter filled the air , growing louder and louder until she felt as if it could deafen her . There were murmurs now , then there were screams . Her throat felt raw , she was sure blood had splattered against her lips but she was certain she was no longer the one screaming . It was they who now screamed , had they seen her body yet ? She wondered if she was still beautiful to them , if her melted skin was still a grace to their eyes . . . her heart pounded wildly in her chest , body heaving as her mouth opened again to gulp in burnt ash .

Oh , she realized then , the laughter belonged to her .

The fire wrapping around her limbs no longer hurt , oh no , now they welcomed her .
When she awoke the first thing she noticed was the pounding in her head , a dull thud against the inside of her skull . She couldn't help the groan that slipped from her lips , green eyes clamping shut as though to block out the brightness of the sun . . .  to little avail . Everything seemed like too much and Tomie was concerned that the black spots dancing around her vision would attempt to , once again , send her crashing into waves of forgetfulness . She blinked rapidly , sighing a little as the black spots faded slightly and the brightness of the sun was no longer blinding .

She moved to push herself upwards , cursing when aching limbs simply buzzed with pin-pricks ; ah , she had been here for quite some time if her body had grown this numb . Thinking about it now , Tomie was not sure where exactly here was . Her mind was fuzzy and while her memories were not simply black spots they seemed distorted , as if she were trying to listen to them through water — there was nothing she could make out . She winced slightly , shaking her head to push away the nausea that seemed to bubble to the surface the harder to attempted to see through her own mind .

" Oh G— " her voice cracked slightly , her throat burning as her world seemed to spin rapidly before slowing . The dingo paused , pressing her face against the ground an attempt to push blood into her brain ; why was she so painfully dizzy ? No matter , Tomie did not have time to sit here any longer but . . . well , she wasn't sure if she could make it far from here either .

" Bloody hell , " She whispered , body drawn taught as she finally took the chance to take in her surroundings . Odd , she had not seen the mountains there before nor had she heard the thundering of the sea in the distance ; Tomie must have been too caught up in her own pain. She wobbled slightly as she moved forward , eyes glancing over her shoulder in the direction of the mountains — no , she knew she would have better luck of survival if she found the ocean . She knew it , for she could hear it calling out for her .

Coding Corner / Re: 「 ✩ °。❝ . . . J'ME TIRE 〢 STORAGE ; V.II.
« on: November 26, 2018, 02:35:38 AM »
Tracking with Tomie my big bitch lesbian demon. Post first, join server, finish profile and finish tags.

Just go for it, no plot, no story, just blank canvas.

Coding Corner / Storage 「 ✩ °。❝ . . . J'ME TIRE 〢 STORAGE ; V.II.
« on: November 26, 2018, 02:07:00 AM »
」 Je me tire, me demande pas pourquoi jes uis parti sans motif. Parfois je sens mon coeur qui s'endurcit, c'est triste à dire mais plus rien ne m'attriste; laisse-moi partir loin d'ici. Pour garder le sourire, je me disais qu'y a pire—si c'est comme ça, bah fuck la vie d'artiste. Je sais que ça fait cliché d'dire qu'on est pris pour cible mais je veux te dire juste pour la rime. Je me tire dans un endroit ou je serai pas le suspect, près je vais changer de nom comme Cassius Klay. Un endroit où j'aurai plus besoin de prendre le mic, un endroit où tout le monde s'en tape de ma life. ( J'me Tire — Maître Gim )
It's pretty self-explanatory. This is where I'm going to start storing everything from coding, to character things, graphics, etc. Feel free to track and chat, I don't mind, just try not to blow it up because my dumbass still has to be able to find things, lmao. That said, I don't think anyone will because my shit is garbage, but don't take anything from here / ask if you want to use a template or something.

death's child naming privileges have been revoked

“I wonder what God must have thought then / When He saw the work of Cain's hand / That the first baby born on the planet / Grew up to kill the third man.” ― Brian M. Boyce, Genesis Beginning

Biographies / Re: ﹙ Adrastair ﹚ 邪悪.
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:37:28 PM »

Parents: Cronus Nequit x Rhae Nequit
> Status: Unknown, unknown
> Generation: One

Siblings: Petrichor Nequit, Soltima Nequit
> Status: Alive, deceased
> Birth Order: Petrichor, Adrastair, Soltima

Other: No other family members
> Status: N/A

Orientation: Greyromantic Apothisexual
> Status: Single
> Explanation:

They consider themselves Greyromantic and Apothisexual ( a fancy way of saying sex-repulsed asexual ) and she does not have a preference when it comes to attraction, she hates everyone equally.


Biographies / ﹙ Adrastair ﹚ 邪悪.
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:21:42 PM »

Full Name: Adrastair Aurum Nequit
> Pronunciation: Ad-ra-stair, our-um, neh-quit
> Nicknames: Adra, dislikes other nicknames
> Name Origin: Mostly Latin, unique/original

Gender: Non-Binary
> Sex: Female, DFAB
> Pronouns: They/she/any, predominately they/she
> Other: Has never put much thought into gender or gender expression, to her, gender is not a big deal and therefore she really doesn't mind what people refer to her as. While she predominately uses she/her pronouns she does not consider herself female, she simply is just Adrastair.

Age: Two years
> Birthday: July 29
> Zodiac: Leo
> Mortality: Semi-immortal

Allegiance The Pitt
> Rank: Member
> Titles: None
> Loyalty: Adra is not loyal to groups nor is she loyal to individuals. They will do what they believe is best for them and their goals, it makes them an extremely flaky person and someone you're better off not relying on.

Biographies / Animal ﹙ Adrastair ﹚ 邪悪.
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:39:43 PM »
Will edit the first post later.

testing !

characters i want to create whether for my own personal use or to play
— liqueur / smoke family where they're all named after types of cigs/cigars/liqueurs
— springday or gravedigger? another death kid, i dunno
— the imaginary friend character ( personal use )

The Typhoon / Open FUNKY, CHIC & SMOOTH | joining
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:38:43 AM »
To this day, there was and never would be anyone Bodkin admired more than his Nana. She was one of the strongest people he had ever had the pleasure of meeting, her presence alone brought people to their knees and had them baring their throats in submission—she took no names, held no prisoners, and had a heart so golden one would have thought King Midas himself had held it. She set every single standard Bodkin had for what a good person should be, what the purest of people were. There was a time when he’d thought her invincible, that she was a storm that never ended and there was nothing in this world that would stop her, nothing that would even dare get in her way. He had, however, forgotten that no matter how powerful a storm may be it would always come to an end; death bent for no man, it made no exceptions for anyone and Kin’s Nana was yet another one to fall in the grand scheme of things. It still felt unreal, like reality was playing a cruel game on him like the other children had done when he was far littler. Why did people take things from him? Why did the universe feel the need to lessen the amount of goodness in the world? Why, specifically, did it have to be his Nana? He had no one else, why couldn’t it have taken someone else instead?

Everyone else in his community taught him what evil, destruction, and unprecedented hatred was. They taught him to hate himself because he wasn’t normal, that he would never be normal because he simply did not meet their own expectations of what purity and goodness should be. He felt terrible for wishing it upon them but he couldn’t help himself—why couldn’t it have been one of them? Why couldn’t someone else have died? They were… mean, maybe they didn’t deserve to have death wished upon them but Nana had never done to him what they had and he simply couldn’t wrap his mind around this. He wasn’t sure he was even thinking straight anymore, his mind had always run fast but now it was jumbled and flashing and no train of thought outside of his feeling of unfairness truly wanted to run. He believes whatever being out there that held some proverbial hatred of him felt that this wish, this similar desire that he knew others had held for him all his life, was cause for punishment. Kin supposed he’d deserved it.

The home he’d shared with his Nana burnt to the ground.

His home.

Reduced to ash.

He can’t remember much else of that night, it came in blurs and an emotional agony that Bodkin had never felt before—not even after the truth of what happened to his parents had come to light had he felt so broken. It was selfish, he felt, to feel more love and heartache over the loss of his grandmother than the loss of those who gave him life. He felt guilty, he felt bad. But he couldn’t change it and, even now, there was a hollow feeling in his chest that he was sure would ( could ) never be filled. His Nana had been his everything, she was the only one who looked at him with warmth and love in her eyes. It was a little biased, of course, seeing as how they were both a little odd and their shared blood brought them closer but… it still meant the world to him. Her love was what kept him going, what kept him happy despite everything his fellow villagers put him through. She was the light in the darkness and she had been snuffed out and now the young boy had no idea what to do with his life. He had never thought this far ahead.

He had no idea where he was, where he was going, or what he was going to do anymore; before everything, he had assumed he would be taking over the shop but now… his life felt, well, empty. What was there for him to do? He didn’t know how the world worked outside of his village, he’d never had to leave the safety of the village limits before now. There were creatures out here that could kill him, that would kill him if given the chance and he would have no idea what to do. He didn’t want to die, not out here, not yet. Heck, how would he know if something wanted to kill him? How would he know the difference between angry and murderous? He still didn’t know, he didn’t understand—why were things like this? Why couldn’t he breath? His chest hurt, it ached deep inside of him and it was confusing and his thoughts were moving too fast, the world was moving too fast, he wanted it to slow down.

In an instant Kin’s feet fell out from under him, his shoulder slamming against the ground and a confused shriek ripping from his sewn lips. It didn’t hurt, nothing ever hurt, but he was confused and disoriented and his heart pounded harshly against the inside of his ribcage. He hadn’t been watching his feet, hadn’t made sure his elongated mess of limbs weren’t flying off and doing their own thing and as he slowed to a stop he let out a huff of air. He wasn’t sure if anything was broken, wasn’t sure if there was anything wrong at all but as he pushed himself onto shaking paws he felt nothing distinctly off. He paused, breathing in and finally allowing his mind to rest—it hadn’t been planned but maybe he’d needed the fall, he knew becoming too wrapped up in his mind was dangerous. Nana wouldn’t smacked him upside the head if she knew what he’d thought, what he’d allow himself to think. He let out a small smile, moved a paw to secure his dirty hat and nodded once.

He was hurt, he was lost and confused, but he had to be optimistic; holding onto the hatred and fear of the past weren’t good for him, for anyone. He had to make the most out of what he had, no matter how little it actually was.

[ ooc ] Holy shit, it’s been so long since I’ve actually written something please excuse… all of this.

« on: November 13, 2018, 01:07:25 AM »
Tracking !

Biographies / ﹙ Notes ﹚
« on: November 12, 2018, 11:53:30 PM »
— Completely mute. Bodkin is unable to communicate verbally or telepathically with others and relies on body language and other cues in order to help him communicate. It's difficult, even more so because Kin is illiterate and outside of the wobbly symbols of their own name they simply don't know how to read or write. Although, he's made due with what he has and has a few tricks up his sleeve when worse comes to worst.
— Mortal with no powers. Kin is just your everyday little freak child, nothing really supernaturally special about him. There are times when he becomes obsessively interested in individuals who are supernatural. It's rare but he's a curious idiot and likes to know things so if you get a clumsy cat following you? Let him be, he'll wear himself out.

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