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Storage Sector / Re: JUST IMAGINE THAT |✦| storage
« on: April 14, 2020, 04:27:43 PM »
the queen has arrived lol

Uncharted Territories / Re: you give love a bad name / open
« on: July 20, 2019, 06:02:28 PM »
Although London had never been in love before, she knew heartbreak like a dear friend. One she hoped no one would ever have to deal with. She could still feel the phantom pain of having lost her entire family way before it was their time to go; to see another filled with the same ache from loss and betrayal was awful. But what was she to do? London had yet to meet Play, so the albino clouded leopard had no idea how she could possibly make her feel any better, especially without knowing the kind of situation the other was in.

Was it better leave her alone, or offer some kind words of encouragement? If it were London, she wasn't sure if she would be particularly fond of a stranger offering their two cents to a private issue. Although then again, London would also not wallow in alcohol. But since Killua was there, offering support, she figured she might as well join him. Standing next to her friend somehow made her feel a little more confident. It made her want to stop being an ignorant bystander and instead become a concerned clanmate. "Hey, sounds like you've had it rough. If there's anything I can do to help, I'd love to." the girl offered sympathetically, her voice carrying a British accent.


« on: July 10, 2019, 08:04:28 PM »
The way he said that made it sound like the simplest thing. As if suddenly attempting to attack your friend was just a casual occurrence. But with actual fighting, there was a lot of planning that went into every attack, and the longer you thought about your moves, the longer an opponent has to think of ways to counter and retaliate against whatever you throw at them. "Okay." London replied with a nod of her head.

Seeing that there wasn't much distance between them, there were a lot of options as to how she could try to attack Killua, but instead of clumsily rushing at him, she figured she'd play to her own strengths. And so the girl would bunch up her hind legs and attempt to leap over Killua, using her tail to twist in the air so she would land facing his back. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she would swiftly attempt to knock his legs out from underneath him, making sure her claws were sheathed. Regardless of if this worked or not, she then flinched. Trying to hurt Killua just seemed so wrong, but then again she wouldn't get any better at fighting without some kind of sparring session.

« on: July 09, 2019, 12:51:34 AM »
War and battle, that had never really interested London much, and as a kid, she hadn't felt the need to worry about that. She'd had other things to worry about, like her brothers. She hadn't learned fighting back then, but she had learned how to hunt from her mother, because having six mouths to feed wasn't easy for Mum to do on her own, and the other four were incapable of helping out when their conditions were steadily growing worse because of illness. Mum had once tried to teach London how to fight, just in case she might need it, but after an accidental scratch had become a pool of blood that training was over. With her having inherited father's blood condition, it was just safer not to risk it.

That didn't mean that London didn't want to learn how to fight, in fact, she did. She wanted to be able to protect and defend the people she cared about. And after watching her father die in a brawl, that became far more obvious. Medical knowledge and battle skills were things she desperately needed to acquire, and after having already dabbled in medicine a fair amount, the only thing left was for her now was to learn how to fight. To have Killua offer to teach her was incredibly nice of him, especially since she knew what an incredible fighter he was. He had been there to protect her in Snowbound when Guru attacked, and she was still grateful for that.

Arriving at the clearing in which they would be practicing, London tried her best to seem excited and ready to learn, but seeing Killua appear to be a little on edge didn't exactly appease her already present nervousness. "Hi." the albino clouded leopard greeted with a smile. She felt a little bad for not having brought anything to give Killua as a gift for these lessons, but she there was plenty of time to shower her friend with gifts later. Now was a time to focus and not let her mind wander off.

Uncharted Territories / Re: m+g game [★] I LIVED
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:21:10 PM »
London had seen a few meet and greets during her time in Snowbound, they were usually pretty awkward in her opinion, but it was nice to put names with faces, and being a new face here, this was a welcome event to partake in. Though the three questions aspect seemed like it could get a little intrusive. Most people had things they would rather not share, the clouded leopard being one of them. Still, this was just a bonding exercise, so it should be harmless and fun.

Tena seemed to be the one to start, a face London had yet to see around, but then again she was a newcomer here, so it wasn't that surprising. And as Straw had only asked one question, London figured she would go ahead and ask another.  "What's your favorite sound?" the girl asked, her British accent lacing her words. She hoped the question was fairly random and impersonal, nothing that could set anyone off. It would suck if she pissed someone off within her first few days here.

Uncharted Territories / Re: where we came from — return
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:08:47 PM »
A stranger at the border was a common sight for London, she had been one herself, not too long ago. It was nice to live in a clan again, like her previous home, Snowbound. There were people everywhere, coming and going. Smiling and crying. Everyone within a clan had lived lives so different from the others around them, so many different stories that time had given these people. For the clouded leopard didn't see time quite as mundane as the ticking of a clock, but as a battle against whatever obstacles life threw your way. It shows you what you could become, and where you've been before. And it seemed time had brought this stranger, like so many other, to Elysium.

Seeing as Rin had found this stranger before her, London would enter the scene with a smile and a nod of her head in greeting to the two. "Welcome to Elysium." The albino greeted, her British accent poking through. Rin had already asked most of what needed to be addressed, so there was really nothing else to say.

Uncharted Territories / Re: Sun sick [Joining!]
« on: June 25, 2019, 03:10:26 PM »
Abandonment was something London felt rather familiar with. Her story was quite different from Naru's, but that base concept was the same. She would never see her family again, just the graves she had dug for them. How strange that she, who was such a weakling in most aspects, had been the sole survivor. She wished that she could see their smiling faces again, and play those silly games they had made up. But the recent events of having visited the place of all those memories reminded her of just how impossible that was. Everything that she had once thought back on so fondly was now tinged in a heavy blue sadness. Her head was filled with 'what if's and 'if only's, it was nice to take a stroll of her new home and clear her mind.

It was warm here, and while the sun felt nice on her back at first, the clouded leopard was starting to feel the heat. If only a cloud could cover the sun for just a minute, or there was a stronger breeze. If nothing else, at least the temperature was a good distraction from the heavy thoughts that constantly rested on her mind. Like a fly buzzing around your head, it was an irksome, but welcome distraction. However, she soon grew distracted by something more attention-grabbing. Something she had seen before when she had lived in Snowbound. How strange that these clans acted like magnets for those in trouble.

"Hello? Are you alright?" the girl asked, her soft voice carrying with it her British accent. As she approached she mentally facepalmed, noticing the scar on this poor, collapsed kid's body. Definitely not alright. Laying around out here when it was this warm wasn't exactly the smartest idea either, especially with such lovely black fur. Conjuring a water bottle, London would aim to pour it gently on his muzzle. It seemed like a good idea to help him cool down. As for the injury, she was no medic. She did know a little though, so with luck that would be enough until someone else came who could help better.

Now where to start? She figured she should try talking to him a little, help him wake up if the water hadn't already done the job. That way she could treat his injury better. "Hey there, can you hear me? I'm London, and I'm going to try my best to help you out. Can you try to wake up for me?" the albino asked. "Is it okay if I tare care of that scar on your back? It might sting a little, but you'll feel better soon." She offered, already conjuring up the supplies she would need once she got a response.

Uncharted Territories / Re: why is the ice so cold || joining
« on: June 22, 2019, 07:16:22 PM »
If only there was a way to make someone's worries disappear. Because it seemed like Killua was always concerned about one thing or another, especially when it came to her health. London already knew she was pathetic, but she had survived okay so far, aside from that one time in Snowbound, but even that wound had healed by now, only a sliver of a scar remained. Besides, she was trying to become stronger, she'd even learned a couple of moves to better defend herself if something of the like occurred again. And running away was something she seemed to be good at, seeing as to how she had fled her home after her family died and then Snowbound too. Ouch, that was a bad joke.

To look at the stars from an observatory, London couldn't imagine what that would be like. Up until now, she'd just been using her cheap gas station telescope. She wondered how much more she would be able to see through the observatory's telescope. How many more stars she would able to see. She might even be able to get a closer look at Mars, how cool was that? Just the thought of it was enough to excite her. They would only need to fix it first. "I hope so, that would be cool." Though Killua said that no one here uses it. That's pretty sad, they were missing out. Well, as soon as they fixed it, London would have to try to find someone to share her hobby with. Sure, she could always stargaze with Killua, but he didn't really seem like the type to get passionate about astronomy. She didn't want to force him into a potentially boring situation when there were tons of other things out there that they could do together that he would probably appreciate more.

There was something that London found quite fascinating about her friend, and that was that he seemed unwilling to show weakness. She had to really observe him, all the minuscule, unobvious details that betrayed his true feelings. It was honestly impressive how guarded he constantly was. Though with the kind of life he had lived, it was no surprise he was this way. How could he just mention meeting his brother like it was the most casual thing in the world when London knew he had injured his family so that he could run away from his previous home? It was honestly impressive. Meanwhile, London was practically the opposite. Her emotions tended to leak out in the most obvious ways, besides the few occasions where she managed to keep them in check.

And so, when he said this, her shock and concern became evident. It seemed like he would rather not like to share the experience with her, and she didn't want to push him either, seeing as he hadn't pushed her about what she had been up to during the past months. Instead, she just opted to attempt to wrap her paws around Killua's neck in another hug. Even though he was smiling, seeing his brother was likely not something he was happy about. London knew she wouldn't be glad to see her uncle ever again, even if he was her only known living relative, so she could relate a little.

Uncharted Territories / Re: why is the ice so cold || joining
« on: June 21, 2019, 09:18:13 PM »
It was nice to not be alone anymore. It was nice to feel wanted and missed. Technically it was her own fault for leaving, but that didn't mean she couldn't appreciate how it felt to be reunited with someone she had dearly missed. The comfort of a hug was something she hadn't felt in a long, long time. Probably since her mom was still alive, though the circumstances back then had been much different from now. More of a 'we will get through this' and less of an 'i'm so glad to see you again' kind of vibe. This was a lot less hollow, and much more pleasant.

London noticed the change in Killua's breathing, something rather obvious when the two were so close to each other. It was odd, but she wouldn't question it, knowing that if something was wrong he would end up doing so sooner or later. At least she hoped he still trusted her enough to do so. There was no undoing the few months they had been apart, but then again they had never hugged before so maybe the distance hadn't shattered anything just yet. They could continue right where they had left off, as friends.

Where did you go? That was a question she should have expected. "I visited my old home. Tied up some loose ends." There was so much more she should say, but now was probably not the time for that. Her time away hadn't been too happy for the most part, unfortunately, but she had grown from it. She was able to smile at the bittersweet memories, even if it still hurt to have yet another family member robbed from her as suddenly as he had appeared. At her friend's concern, she couldn't help but think of her late father. He had been the same when they met. "I've been okay, and I didn't run into any trouble on the way here." If he'd asked if she had run into any trouble while she was gone that would have been a different story, but all those scars had healed now.

To hear him say that the typhoon still exists was puzzling though. Did clans ever disappear? She hadn't heard of it before, seeing as she still had very little knowledge about clans, but it made sense. Disasters happened, like when Snowbound had moved to a different territory. Was that place still around? Were Atbash and Izuku and everyone over there safe? She really should never have left, but it was too late to change anything now. To hear about this clan was a welcome distraction. The Ascendents' observatory was something he had mentioned before, it seemed he had remembered her love for the stars. "Lovely, I'll have to go see it soon then." the brit mused.

One thing that stuck out though was that Killua had said 'when we left.' That meant he must have disappeared too. She wondered what had happened to make him leave, probably nothing too pleasant. "What about you, how have you been?" she asked. The girl was curious to hear what her friend had been up to. A lot had happened in her life in those few months they were apart and she could imagine he probably felt the same.

Uncharted Territories / Re: why is the ice so cold || joining
« on: June 20, 2019, 11:56:28 PM »
Coming here had first seemed like a mistake, London hadn't wanted to hurt any more people than she already had. But now that she was here, she was glad that she had betrayed those earlier misgivings. Even if it turned out Killua hated her, it was more than enough just to see his face again. To know he was still alive and well. And that he remembered her. That in itself was already a treasure. For him to reciprocate her joy at their reunion, well that was worth more than any treasure. Even though she'd left Snowbound, the friendship she had made with him was something she still held dear. It would be wonderful if they could just pick right up where they had left off. If time and distance hadn't ruined anything. But there was still this nagging fear that it was too late.

She hadn't been hugged by anyone since back when her family was still alive. So to feel the warmth, or in this case chill, of being embraced was almost a foreign feeling. But the contact was quite welcome. It showed that Killua still cared, and it erased all of her trivial worries. London would attempt to wrap a paw around the wildcat and lay her head on his shoulder, reciprocating the hug while still maintaining balance as to keep the two of them from falling over. This was more than she had expected as a greeting. It seemed he had missed her just as much as she had missed him, if not more. That was surprisingly cute of Killua.

To hear him state that she was alive was heartwrenching. She knew she had left Snowbound at a horrible time for people to go missing, but she had never wanted anyone to believe that she had died. Especially not Killua. But there was no need for him to worry anymore because now that she had found him, there was no way she was leaving. Never again would he have to question her wellbeing. She wanted to apologize again, but there's just no way to say sorry for something like making him question her mortality. 'Sorry' just wasn't the right word for that, no matter what adjective was placed in front of it.

Though the comment about him missing her almost made her laugh. His gestures already made that obvious enough, but that he put it into words was sweet. She appreciated it. "I would hope so." the clouded leopard lightly joked. The fact that they could talk so casually was something she had rather missed. It was nice to have that again.

Uncharted Territories / Re: why is the ice so cold || joining
« on: June 20, 2019, 09:16:46 PM »
The memories of snowbound seemed to overflow the girl's senses as she gazed up at the vast expanse of mountains. She'd remembered fondly the fun times, like when they painted cavern walls, and the gloves she'd made for Killua to keep him safe. She wondered if he still had them after all this time. Was he was able to sleep more easily with them? She sure hoped so. Her memories with the albino serval had been pretty wild, ranging from fond memories like looking at the stars together, and rather crazy things like finding him covered in blood, and her almost bleeding out in front of him. He'd been her first friend, and he had trusted her with his secrets. If only she had stayed. That was her only regret, leaving Killua. She hadn't even said goodbye before she left. She was a terrible friend.

Would he even want to see her again? She couldn't imagine anyone would. With her condition, she was a terrible liability, and not to mention trouble seemed to follow her wherever she went, just like it had in Snowbound. Not only had her biological family been wiped out many months before she joined, but misfortune had fallen upon Snowbound too. She blamed herself for the events that had occurred in that place, even if though seemed ridiculous. She blamed herself for not having been able to help, for running away.

But this here was another clan, and perhaps another opportunity. No, London didn't want to get herself involved again. She didn't want her bad luck bringing misery to even more people. Once was enough. The girl was just about to turn around, head away from the mountains until they disappeared behind her. But the sound of her name stopped her. It couldn't be... could it? No, there was no way, fate would not be so kind. And yet, as she turned towards where the sound had come from, she knew. There was no way that she would ever be able to forget that albino serval.

Tears welled up in the clouded leopard's eyes, streaking down her pale cheeks and falling to the ground before her paws. "Oh my god." she whispered, starstruck. It took her just a second and then she made her way towards her friend. "Killua?" She'd missed him so much. She stopped in front of him, suddenly a little hesitant. She wanted to hug him, to tell him how happy he was to see him, but her earlier worries of him possibly wanting nothing to do with her returned and she was unsure how to continue. "I-I'm sorry. I-" she began trying to find the words to say. Somehow it seemed like she was always apologizing. "I've missed you so much!" she finally managed to say. The girl would wipe her tears, a little embarrassed that she'd started crying so easily. This was just a lot for her heart to deal with. 

Uncharted Territories / Elysium why is the ice so cold || joining
« on: June 20, 2019, 07:38:34 PM »
After she'd left so long ago, returning to the clans had been the furthest thing from her mind. She brought damage to everyone she encountered, or so it had seemed. But she never quite forgot the more pleasant experiences she had had in Snowbound. The friendships she'd made. Every now and then she would wonder how they were doing, and if they were happy wherever life had taken them. She sure hoped so. The desire to see them again was strong, but she suppressed it, not wanting to hurt them again. But it seemed her travels just landed her back to the place she didn't want to see again. Or at least somewhere similar. The snowtopped mountains and the scent of many creatures, which should have made her turn away and leave, seemed to only coax her closer.

Just a peak, that's all. A promise that would likely be broken. London was incredibly certain that this was a bad idea. That she should turn around before she even had the chance to regret it. But her paws wouldn't turn and walk the other way, and the way her heart was beating in her chest told her to stay put. Just a little longer. Surely there was a reason she'd been brought back here, fate was trying to tell her something. Usually, she would try to fight fate, but maybe just once it was time to listen.

Uncharted Territories / the truth untold -- open, return
« on: July 02, 2018, 03:15:51 PM »
London was a horrible person. There was no way of beautifying that, not now at least. Not anymore. For the second time now, she hadn't done anything when she should have. She should have helped and yet, she ran instead. It had just been all too familiar, too close to her heart. Her family had died of an unknown illness that just came randomly, like a knock on the door. And Snowbound's situation had been much too similar. She hadn't been able to take it, she could almost hear the futile comfort her mother had attempted to offer back then, saying it would be okay, that her brothers would get better soon and she would be allowed near them again. But they never did, no, they got worse, and she had just turned a blind eye, trusting that her mother knew best. Watching as doctor after doctor came to tell them the same news over and over and over. That they just didn't know what was wrong. They offered medicines to ease the symptoms, but there wasn't much else that they had done. But at least they had tried, rather than doing nothing at all.

It was pathetic that these dreams still haunted her, but after another unfamiliar illness had come into the picture, poisoning the prey and her friends, she just couldn't stay. She was a traitor, a turncoat. Whenever things got rough, she just couldn't handle it, and instead of fighting through it with everyone else, she had done what she knew best and run. The girl was not proud of her actions, no rather the contrary. In fact, she doubted that if Snowbound survived, that she would even be allowed back after her blatant display of cowardice. Still, she wished to see if there was anything left in the rubble of a place that had once shone with so much energy. A place that she had grown to love, even if her actions did not do the best job of portraying that. The clouded leopard ventured over to the old cave, finding the fleeting scent of the clan rather dispiriting. But then she picked up a fresh trail among the stale scents. It led off away from the cave, but she supposed it was only logical to relocate after everything that had happened. She wondered who she would find if she followed the trail, who would still be there. Briefly, her thoughts drifted to Killua, and she felt sick with guilt. She was his first ever friend and she had ditched him. She really was horrible. Would he ever be able to forgive her? Would she ever be able to forgive herself? And Mel and Jacob and Izuku, they all had meant so much more to her than she could put into words, and she'd hurt them all.

Perhaps it would be best if she just left. They would likely be happier without her there to ruin everything. The thought seemed to cause her pain, but London felt that she deserved that for what she'd done. Should she at least go and apologize, or would it be best to just leave now and do her best to erase Snowbound from her memories? The girl wasn't sure which option she should choose, but her heart yearned to see her friends again. It was a selfish desire, but eventually, the girl gave in, following the trail to where Snowbound now chose to reside. It wasn't too far from their old territory, so the journey was short, but as she stood at the new border she felt so lost. Like she had been when she had first wandered into this snowy wonderland all those months ago. She wasn't sure if she had the strength to face anyone here, new or old. Surely they would judge her for leaving, they would eventually realize how horrible of a person she really was, and the girl's legs seemed to weaken at the thought. She didn't know what the faces would look like that would come to greet her. Relieved and happy, or cautious and betrayed? And the girl wasn't sure which was better. She'd really screwed up this time.

It was almost frightening how the small animals of this land had started acting over the recent days. It certainly was far from normal, and, after having her brothers die from an illness, she believed this might be a malady as well. Erratic changes in behavior seemed to be diseases from what she had seen before, though whether this was a mental or physical ailment would be slightly more to figure out. Either way, Atbash was right to try to find uncontaminated prey for nourishment, just in case. As anyone else, surely, London would rather be overly cautious than eat something she may end up regretting. "I can come with you, though I'm not sure how much help I'll be." the arcticplayer would offer, her soft, British accented voice hesitant, but determined. There was no way she was going to sit around and do nothing while this wonderful place that had become a second home to her got destroyed. She would move to stand next to Killua, casting her friend a glance before returning her attention to Atbash.

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