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The Typhoon / Open It's your reflection // return // in the glass
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:25:05 PM »
Jacob hated destiny. Jacob hated dying. He didn't know exactly how long it'd been since he dragged himself here, begging to see Pincher but ultimately bleeding out before ever seeing hte ma. He had no concept of how much time had passed but he could only hope he wasn't too late. What was important was the people that threatened his family were gone and they were all safe. Nothing else mattered, though he would like to come back and see things as he mostly remembered them. His heart ached. He could remember what happened before he died, but he suppressed the memories. He didn't matter right now. While Jacob Wickliff could be accused of sometimes being cowardly, being too slow to act, being too forgiving and too trusting, most wouldn't describe him as selfish. He did all he could for his friends and family bu, still, sometimes that wasn't enough. This was often taken to unhealthy degrees but Jacob didn't care. He just wanted everything to be like it was.

He wanted to be married to his husband, to love his children, to give out lots of sweaters and pasta. That was all he wanted. He didn't care if he was some sort of sorcerer meant for a higher calling. His calling was living with his husband, making sweaters, eating pasta, and that was all. There was nothing beyond that. At least he hoped not. The universe had a way of throwing that back on him but that didn't mean he would stop trying. He was persistent, at the very least.

He wasn't sure what happened but he woke up in the submarine. He woke with a start, sitting up quickly and gasping. his paw flinging to his chest but only meeting the soft fabric of a bright yellow sweater. Where was he? His eyes darted wildly in his head but he soon relaxed when he saw he was home. He couldn't claim to know how or why he was here, but he was. He vaguely remembered something about Pincher. Something very important that someone had told him while he was dead. He wasn't in any immediate danger, though. So what could it have been? Pincher very well could be the danger. That thought made him smile. He missed him. He missed Goldie. He never even got to meet any of his own kids. Slowly, he got up. He winced. He had hoped dying would take care of his legs but that didn't seem to be the case. The universe was not that merciful. That was alright, he could accept one miracle. 

He rose from his dead and made his way out. He wasn't sure why, but there had been a rubber duck in the blanket he'd been sitting on. What a perfect gift to give Pincher on his first day back. Maybe the universe was more full of miracles than he thought. "Deniz? Goldie?" The man called, hoping that either of them would be around. He glanced down to his body once again. How could the wounds just be gone? Maybe it was better not to think of it. He wondered if he had scars from what had happened before he died. No, that wasn't important. No more of that. No more. He couldn't bear it.

The Typhoon / Open let it hurt // return // let it burn
« on: September 07, 2018, 08:56:41 AM »
He had been sick. The pregnancy was harder than he expected, especially with the conditions he'd had before it even estarted. He told himself it didn't matter, that he'd be able to handle it. In the end, he'd changed back into his original body almost immediately and he'd tucked himself away as he tried to recover. Finally, he had worked up the strength to get out. He didn't want to go with anyone else. He wanted to prove to himself he was self-sufficient, that he could do it. Besides, he had the best surprise planned for Pincher. A nice dinner, someone to look after the kids, their first proper date since everything had happened. He knew that the man he loved had a way of withdrawing when things happened and Jacob didn't want that, so he was pushing himself maybe a bit harder than he should've. Jacob was stubborn, but he wasn't stupid. He'd never been stupid. So he wasn't sure what made him do it. He should've taken someone with him, he should've just told Pincher what was happening, or if not Pincher than someone- anyone.

But instead as the dinner was half set up, someone had come. He still didn't know who or what they were. Before he knew it, he was unconcious and then he was somewhere else, in the dark. It was so dark. Not even a glimmer of light slipped through it. He felt like he was breathing ink. And then came the questions. There were too many for him to count, too many for him to remember. Most he didn't understand or know the answer to. He sobbed most of the time and claimed to know nothing. It was something he was trained to do from a young age. But they didn't believe him. He couldn't describe the things that happened after that. He didn't even necessarily remember all of it. He wasn't sure he wanted to. No, he knew he didn't want to. They asked him about Pincher, about his Deniz, his mare, about his kids, about someone named Emrys which sounded familiar but he couldn't place, about his dad and his family, about everything. Jacob wasn't even sure what he'd said or hadn't said in the end, he had just wanted desperately for it to be over.

Eventually, he gave them what they wanted or they got tired of asking. Either way, he was back at the place they'd started. He had no idea how long it'd been. He was glad to feel rain against his skin, although it made it hard to breathe in the cover they had him in. There was still something veiling his sight and he spoke, "W-Where's my husband? Where's Deniz? Is 'e safe? Where are my kids? Where's my family-" It was the first time he'd said something on his own accord in... however long it'd been.

"We've determined your husband is a threat. It's a shame but-"

"Wha'? H-How? I-I-I-I didn't- I don' remember-" Jacob's frustration was clearly growing and tears stung his eyes. "I can't let ya' hurt him. I can't let ya' hurt 'em. I-I-I can't-"

"Don't make this harder than it needs to be. We've determined you are not Emrys and therefore we have no quarrel with you. You are not a threat. Now-" At this point, the cover on his face was removed and he took his first deep breath of clear air and was tempted to stop to feel the rain. He hadn't been sure he'd ever feel anything like this again. "We have greater things to accomplish here so-"

"No." Jacob moved as best he could, spinning around and trying to pin whoever it was down. He was vaguely aware of claws slashing at him but he didn't register it. Or rather, his skin wouldn't. He was so detached and his nerves had been shot long ago. He wasn't sure what happened. All the sudden, though, the rain formed into a large spike. Jacob knew vaguely that it was him doing it, though it was more of an instinct than anything else. It then ran itself through the stranger. It was then Jacob realized he hadn't just been fighting another dog. The creature before him was some sort of large cat, though the name of it's species escaped him. This is when he looked at his body. There were scratches all over his body and some deep wounds. He didn't feel them really but that didn't mean anything. If he stayed here, he would bleed out. He might bleed out anyway.

He tried to walk home. He tried to push himself in that direction but the scent was confused by whatever had happened to him and the rain itself. "Deniz!" The word came as a desperate cry and now the man seemed to allow himself time to register everything that had happened. He told himself all that mattered was that his family, that Deniz, was safe. He didn't care about anything else. But even if he couldn't feel the cuts, he knew he was slowing down. He just had to make it home to say goodbye. Finally, he came to camp. He tried to drag himself to the submarine but it was too far. He collapsed before he made it there and he felt a sob rise from him. "P-P-Please, I don' wanna' die. Don' let me leave him 'ere alone. Help me, please, please-" He wasn't sure what he was pleading to. He'd never been one for any sort of religion but here he was. He didn't want to leave, he didn't want Pincher to be left alone. What if Deniz didn't think he tried to come back? What if he didn't understand he hadn't wanted to go? "D-Deniz! Deniz!" he sobbed the name desperately, over and over again.

Adoption Agency / Re: SUNSHINE ✶ ABYSS — PINCHER & JACOB [HPR]
« on: August 10, 2018, 05:50:39 PM »
2 gay dad track

The Typhoon OOC / Open Which idea should I use for this plot?
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:35:46 PM »
Hey guys!! So basically I have two ideas for this plot for Jake and I couldn’t decide which to go with lol. Both are detailed below. If you have any other comments or suggestions just leave them in this thread!

A.) The spirit that is in jake’s head is an actual spirit. That’s p much all there is to it lol.

B.) The “spirit” is a manifestation of Jacob’s trauma combined with powers he’s p much unaware he has. His mind created it to protect him from any future trauma or danger he might encounter and to help cope with his past and get over his fear. It’s more prominent now that he’s healthier because it wants to make sure what happened to him in the past will never happen again and that his new life in Typhoon is protected.

« on: August 03, 2018, 12:13:51 AM »
[Jacob watched as Jerseyboy, Goldie, and Connor all went out before him. He took in a deep breath, his stomach twisting even more ash he slowly stepped up as each one went out. He could see that it looked like nearly the whole of the Typhoon had showed up and he couldn't help but smile. He may not be a pirate, he may not even agree with them, but he knew enough to know that this was the best crew possibly in the entire world. He wasn't sure if he was qualified to say that but it certainly felt that way. Jacob wasn't a fool. He wasn't blind to the injustice that Typhoon sometimes served, with his soon-to-be husband being the leader of it all, but he was at peace with it. Jacob was convinced that, when it came down to it, Pincher was a great man.

He loved his family and his friends more than he had possibly seen anyone love anyone else before. It was in his own way, of course, but there was no doubt in his mind that Deniz loved him and every single member of his crew and family. He was brilliant, often speaking of things that even went over Jacob's head. He was brave, especially when it came to maintaining the safety of his crew and family. He was loving and romantic and charming and attractive and all the other lovely things one would want a partner to be. But was he a good man? Jacob would say that, yes, of course he was. He was a good man in the way that only men who've made poor moral decisions could be. Men like his Babbo, who stood by him today, and men like his Pa, who he hoped was looking down in approval. He wasn't sure that he would or not but he hoped that, wherever he was, he was happy that Jacob was finally happy. That he'd finally gotten the happy ending they both wished for.

Deniz being a good man or a great man was not nearly important as the other factor that went into why Jacob had chosen to marry him. Jacob loved him. Not even in a purely emotional way where when he saw him he got warm fuzzy feelings in his stomach (although he often did) or even in a physical way where he just thought he was extremely attractive (although he did). He loved him in the way that he knew that he'd do anything for him without a moment's thought, that he'd do anything to make life easier for Deniz but not because he thought he'd get anything in return. It wasn't because he thought he owed him some sort of debt, as he had when they first met, but it was because he trusted him more than anyone and that whatever decisions he might be making, were probably for the best.

He knew there were likely limits to that but he knew that for some unexplainable reason (if he were to listen to the spirit that sometimes liked to sneak into his mind, he were to believe it was through destiny), Jacob would die for the man without even a second thought. Not because he wanted to see him the next morning or because he wanted to spend another moment with him but because this world, the one where Deniz existed, was definitely better than one where he wasn't and Jacob couldn't bear the thought of that kind of world. If he were to sacrifice seeing Deniz again to save him, he'd do it. His life and happiness were far more important than anything else to Jacob and he would do anything to preserve it. That was the way that he loved him.

Today was all about that. Today was about why he loved him and the fact that he loved him so much he was more than willing to spend the rest of his life with him. He could tell his big brother wasn't particularly happy but, honestly, Jacob hadn't even been sure he'd show up so things were off to a good start so far. He glanced to his Babbo has the man arrived beside him and he looked down the aisle. How could just a few steps look so far away? He smiled at the man before they stepped forward, making their strides down the aisle as he saw his husband for the first time that day. Jacob could already feel tears pricking at his eyes, an uncontainable smile spread across his maw. Finally, they came to the end and Vito stepped to the side while he stepped up, coming to a stop across from his mare. He looked only at Deniz, unable to look anywhere else as his full attention went to the man before him.

The Typhoon / Re: THE BIDDING | o, attack on eggs
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:38:01 PM »
While Jacob hadn't been there to find them, he'd heard about the eggs some time ago and decided to go investigate. He wasn't sure if there was any sort of parent around for them but it certainly didn't seem like it. He had plenty of experience with creatures that came in eggs, primarily birds. He also had minimal experience with some reptiles , although he knew it'd be better to call upon Roxanne if they were seriously considering this to be a reptilian creature. While he had experience, it was incredibly minimal and he wouldn't want to mess anything up. He wasn't sure what kind of creature they'd be or how intelligent or sentient they'd be, but he felt a need to keep them safe. They were children, after all, just like any other child in the clan and he wanted to be sure they were safe given they were even more defenseless than usual. If they needed some more heat or had to be kept in safer conditions, he almost felt as though it were his duty to provide that for them. It was a ridiculous thought given he had no real attachment to these eggs and they could be some terrible man-eating monsters that intended to consume him the moment they hated, but he still couldn't convince himself to stay away.

For that reason, he'd gone out to study them, taking a little journal with him and jotting down some notes. After he'd wrote down everything he could think of to reference back to his books, he began to gently sketch them. He may sure to include a key so he could remember their approximate size. He had come out both because he wanted to make sure the eggs were safe and also to gather some information so he could reference his books and learn a little more about what they might be. Not only that, but it was relaxing. Between his wedding and being stuck in Ascendants for a bit, things had been a little crazy and stressful lately and knew they wouldn't slow down anytime soon. It was nice to take a moment to himself where he could be alone and breathe, only doing the things he enjoyed such as sketching and taking care of something else. If only his patients were always this easy to take care of and this willing to cooperate. Jacob did all he could to help his clanmates but the simple truth was that some of them would always refuse his help and there was nothing he could do about that. For now, he'd have to be content taking care of his eggs.

Jacob thought he heard something nearby and lifted his head, a small frown forming on his maw. He set his sketchbook down and stood to get a better look at everything, at which point he noticed the snake. He sucked in a sharp breath, his paw briefly rubbing his stomach before he moved forward, glancing back at the eggs. What should he do? He knew he couldn't just let it eat them but he also wasn't too sure he should be fighting, especially after his experience in Ascendants and when his own legs were already so weak. He knew he'd never be able to live down the guilt of doing nothing and letting them be eaten, though. So the man drew himself up as tall as he could, taking in a deep breath before calling, "Go! Shoo! Get outta' 'ere! Ya' can't 'ave these eggs!" He spoke as loudly as he could without breaking into a full shout and hoped it'd be enough to scare the creature off. He also hoped that it wasn't venomous.

« on: August 01, 2018, 11:08:28 AM »
Maybe it was a little weird but Jacob had been looking forward to this day for as long as he could remember, even long before he ever met Pincher. He loved weddings and all sorts of formal gatherings, even as a child, and he'd always imagined what it'd be like. It was safe to say this wasn't quite the way he'd planned it out in his head when he was a child, given Deniz was neither a woman or completely free of the life of crime Jacob had only dreamed of leaving in those days. This was perfect, though. He knew Deniz was the one he loved more than anyone and he wanted to be with him forever. Nothing seemed to matter other than the way the other man cared for him and the way they'd supported each other all this time. He didn't care what Pincher did or what he wanted to one day be, he cared about the person Pincher was and that person was absolutely wonderful. Jacob wouldn't want things to be any different. The legal status of his husband's work no longer troubled him and he had certainly gotten over the fact Pincher wasn't a woman fairly quickly, given that was sort of a necessity for their relationship to ever flourish. He knew those facts wold change some things but he was more than willing to take that risk. Thankfully, it hadn't changed quite as much as he thought it would. His family still spoke to him and there were even a few of them here for the wedding.

When Pincher told him to relax and that he'd gotten cookies for him, Jacob knew that his fiance must be truly stressed. They'd barely seen each other all day but the big moment would soon arrive. He'd put on a yellow bow tie and carefully brushed his fur and had made sure to take a bath with his favorite lavender soap. It smelled lovely but it was also rather calming. He was excited about this day but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little nervous. Still, there was no doubt in his mind that this was what he wanted. He'd found a plain black long sleeved shirt and put it on to be sure that none of his scars would show before pulling on what appeared to be a hand-made poncho with patterns of blue jay feathers across it. He hadn't worn it in a very long time but he felt like it'd be appropriate now. It was the last thing his Pa had made him before he passed away. He was also wearing yellow bandages with feathers across them. They looked a little older than the ones he usually wore and that was because they were the ones made by his Ma. Neither of them could be here today but he wanted them to be represented, at least.

When he was done getting ready, it was time to head to the dome. Pincher had gotten ready separately and he couldn't wait to see his soon-to-be husband. Now that the moment was almost here, he felt his heart beating unusually fast but for once it wasn't because he was terrified. He was nervous, of course, but he was more than ready for this ceremony. He knew that Jerseyboy and Goldie would have to enter before he did and then he'd walk down the aisle with Vito to be given away to Pincher. Then the real ceremony would begin with Lucifer and Rosemary. He wanted so much to just walk in now and get the ceremony over with so they could finally be married but he knew he only had to wait a little bit longer. Soon the bridal party would begin entering and then he'd finally be able to see Deniz again.

Uncharted Territories / Re: BEYOND THE INFERNO | CAPTURE
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:33:50 AM »
Jacob could hear other people arguing in his defense and he felt relief beginning to trickle into his chest. Of course bast wouldn't let this happen to him. They were friends and he was sue the man knew nothing about Roy or his plans to hurt him. As soon as he saw this, he'd make it stop. Jacob was sure that everything would be fine. Then he heard Roy's response to those that were arguing for his freedom and his heart sank back down, fear beginning to grip it's icy claws over his lungs. The man began to talk to him again and he pressed his ears again his head, trying to push himself further away as the claws continued to inch closer. "I know Pinch real well, better than anyone, but I dunno' nothin' 'bout stuff like tha'. It ain't my job ta' know n' 's not like we sit 'round talkin' about work when we get home. I can tell ya' what events we got planned through the next month but I don' do things li-" At the comment that Pincher took joy from harming innocent people, Jacob felt his heart twist.

He knew what sort of people he attracted and what sort of people he chose to spend with his life with. People who weren't in his situation would never understand. There was no sense in trying to explain to Roy how he could love Pincher more than anyone in the world but also have such differing morals from his fiance. It'd been that way his whole life. There were people that couldn't understand why he stuck by his father or why he still held fond feelings for his Pa and even for Jersey, after all they'd done and been through. Jersey was by far the most mild example he had but the basic ide was the same for all of them. He felt anger bubbling up in him and, for a moment, before Roy's claws had made even a spark, he began to try to speak. He wasn't sure what the point of it was, he knew that someone like Roy could never understand. "Ya' don' get it n' ya' don't want to n' tha's fine but stop tryin' ta' act so righteous when you're doin' the exact same thing you're accusin' him of. I ain't done nothin' ta' you or ta' Ascendants n' I-I don' have what ya' want or know what ya' want me ta' tell ya' n'-n' I jus' wanna' go home-" his voice continued to falter with each word and seemed to gain more emotion as he spoke.

Then there was fire again and Jacob shut his eyes and pressed his head as far against the ground as hard as he could. He seemed to barely contain sobs from escaping his maw as he trembled on the ground, his breathing suddenly speeding up once again. He tried taking in air but they came as short, shuddering breaths. "N-No! No, fermo! F-Fermo, stop! I-I-I-I-" he seemed nearly incapable of forming words now as he trembled beneath the bobcat. Then someone else seemed to step in, putting himself between Roy and Jacob. He wanted to thank the stranger or maybe tell him to get out of the way, that he didn't want anyone getting hurt for his sake again but the rate of his breathing stopped him from saying anything at all. Dots were beginning to appear in his vision and his sides heaved as he tried to get his own breath under control but there was too much panic for that now.

The Typhoon / Re: BE OUR GUEST // OOC prompts 7/29
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:17:04 PM »
could i get a prompt for jake?

Uncharted Territories / Re: BEYOND THE INFERNO | CAPTURE
« on: July 31, 2018, 09:52:00 PM »
Jacob wasn't completely sure what haed just happened. He'd only come out to the raid because he was angry that Pincher had even decided to do it. He'd intended to invite quite a ew people form the Ascendants, especially given that his best man was currently living here. It wasn't a permanent situation but the fact still stood. Suddenly, though, he wasn't yelling and he wasn't asking Bast to come to the wedding, there was just absolutely nothing.He briefly felt something on the back of his head and that was it. He woke up to a very angry man yelling in his face and pinning him to the ground. "Wh-what? No, ya' don' understand, we don'- I don'- we don' talk about thing like tha' n' ya'll shoulda' known way before now 'cause I visited not tha' long ago 'cause my best man kinda' live 'ere right now n'-" before he could even get the words out, there was a heat source. Suddenly, the man was completely still and totally silent. The rambling from just moments ago seemed totally forgotten and he couldn't think about anything except the fire that the angry man was holding. The moment Roy brought it to existence, he seemed to hold his breath briefly before it sped up exponentially. It wasn't quite hyperventilation yet but it would be. When he extinguished it, it took a few moments for the man to recover before he could speak. "L-Listen, I dunno' anythin' 'bout stuff like that. I don' 'ave much interest in it n' it ain't my job anyway, I'm jus' supposed ta' throw parties n' sometimes spy on people but I really haven' done none ah' tha' yet so-so it's not a big deal-" his voice shook as much as his body had only moments ago and tears were gathering in his eyes. "I-I jus' wanna' go home-" 

The Typhoon / Re: ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE / o, gifts
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:22:21 AM »
Goldie was one of the sweetest people Jacob had ever met. From the moment they'd met each other, Jacob had absolutely adored the little girl. it was obvious in the way that he'd always brought her cookies and new recipes every time he visited even when he'd still been living in Snowbound and long before he began dating Pincher. It certainly helped that he loved kids in general but Goldie in particular held a soft spot in the Dealer's heart, and not just because she'd soon be his step daughter. He adored how kind and hardworking she was and he was so proud of how she'd grown since he first met her. despite all the difficult things that came her way, she persisted onward and continued to come out and smile every single day. However, Jacob did worry about her. While she might be pushing through her situation, sometimes it was best to slow things down and process them. Jacob had a variety of awful coping habits, one of which involved overworking and he was starting to notice that trend in Goldie. Today, though he wouldn't bother her about that. At least he wouldn't right now, not while she was with all these people and handing out presents.

Instead, the man approached with a light smile and settled down, happy for a moment to rest his weak legs. "This is awful nice ah' ya', Goldie. Everythin' ya' 'ave looks real nice," he complimented as his eyes went over all the presents everyone had received. He didn't want to ask for a present, necessarily, as he didn't want to come off as though he were entitled to something. It was enough for him to see Goldie out enjoying herself and helping some of her clanmates while doing so. He didn't need anything more than that.

The Typhoon OOC / Re: FLASHING LIGHTS — collage aesthetics for y/c
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:42:17 PM »

Uncharted Territories / Re: FUCK YA CHICKEN STRIPS — RAID
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:14:19 PM »
Upon seeing the Astral Seraph, a wide smile spread across Jacob's maw despite his tears and his attention shifted from Pincher for a moment. "Bast! 'S good ta' see ya'. N' tha' ain't true, Pinch is a real wonderful man. I love 'im a whole lot. I know ya' might see tha' right now 'cause he's attackin' ya' n' everythin' so tha' might look kinda' bad but he's real sweet n' nice, I swear. I think if you two jus' sat down n' got ta' know each other, ya' might get along real well," he answered hopefully. Did he actually think that? Not particularly but he liked to be optimistic and he wanted his fiance to be friends with his friends so here he was. "Actually, ya' know what? I think ya' should come ta' our wedding! It'd be a real good time for ya' ta' see us n' I've wanted ta' come n' catch up with ya' anyway. Jersey is already in the wedding so I don' see what the problem would be ta' have another uh... ascendant with us. Besides, you're my friend n' I want ya' there." At this point he glanced towards Pincher and spkoe in a slightly louder voice. "And seein' as I made my way all the way 'ere ta' help my fiance from killin' himself, I think I deserve at least one guest tha' I wanna invite outside ah' Typhoon. I mean, really, I got three bad legs. I coulda' killed myself comin out 'ere, for all anyone knows."

The Typhoon / Re: A LITTLE TOO LATE - open; eating
« on: July 30, 2018, 10:59:06 PM »
Crippling fear. That was how Jacob would describe how he felt towards most fire. It was the reason that he used battery operated candles to set the mood on he and Pincher's dates, the reason he never attended any of Typhoon's bonfires, the reason he seemed perfectly fine cooking and baking but couldn't bear being anywhere near an open flame. Every hint of orange grasping at air, longing to spread itself as far as it could, sent shivers of terror in Jacob. The flame wasn't just a single one but something that pulsed, something that devoured all it came across, something that devoured his life. His fur, his skin, his legs, his Pa, his Ma, everything from his old life. All taken, devoured by fire. Crippling because it didn't stop at chill and shivers down his spine. It locked his legs, wrapped around his chest and held it tight in it's grip. It stopped him from moving, from even breathing, and he couldn't stand it. He'd tried to face it before. He'd tried to just face it head on, to pretend it wasn't a problem and do his best to power through but he couldn't do it. Every single time he was frozen in absolute terror. It wasn't just nerves. Suddenly he would see the building collapsing all over again, his Pa' body disappearing in flame and smoke while he ran away.

He knew that there were a few people in the clan with the abilities to create fire from their paws but most didn't do it on a regular basis. That was why the canine seemed so shocked when he came across Dagda. He could tell he was an intelligent creature, that Jacob shouldn't be so afraid, but his breath was caught in his chest and his throat felt as though it were closing. While it might not be an open flame, it was close enough. The lava that pulsed on his body was enough to make Jacob freeze, his breathing and heart rate suddenly increasing at a rapid rate. Jacob had passed out on several occasions from hyperventilation while seeing fire. It hadn't happened in some time but it didn't mean it couldn't happen anymore. He knew he shouldn't stare, that it was rude and that he'd make the child feel uncomfortable but he couldn't bring himself to tear his eyes away or to move or to speak. he should say something, he should say hi, he should say his name, he should say anything that would distract him from the fire but he couldn't bring the words past his lips. He watched as the being consumed a rock and he only felt his terror increase. His paws were shaking badly now, especially those that were heavily bandaged. he tried to stay standing and tried to just force himself to turn away but he couldn't. He should just tell him to leave, that he needed to collect himself but he still couldn't speak and he felt tears gathering in his eyes. Why did he have to be like this? He just wanted to be well. 

Uncharted Territories / Re: FUCK YA CHICKEN STRIPS — RAID
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"Pincher Roux! What do ya' think you're doin'?" Jacob was not a fighter. He didn't get involved in things like this due to the fact he only had one completely functional legs. However, when he heard about this, he couldn't not come. He and Deniz were going to be married in just a few days and he was not going to let him get impaled again. Now that he arrived, though, he saw the man was soaking wet in some sort of water and Jacob was not about to jump in there and ruin his bandages and sweater to save him. He looked like he was fine anyway. If he was actually drowning Jacob would help but he seemed fine, which somehow made Jacob even more angry. "Our wedding is in three days, what were ya' thinkin', puttin' yourself in danger like this? Ya' don' see me runnin' around n' tryin' ta' sprint a marathon or-or go in a house fire or- oh, I dunno' but ya' get the point! I don' think you'll live through gettin' impaled twice n' I intend on gettin' married regardless ah' if your alive or not-"

That wasn't all necessarily true but Jacob was angry so he was allowed to be as dramatic and angry as he wanted to be. "Pincher, do ya' realize tha' I only have one functional leg n' I came all the way out 'ere ta' get ya'? Did ya' really think I'd just stay home? I have ta' admit, 'm a whole lot slower than a lotta' the other Typhoon members but I got 'ere eventually n' now my legs hurt really bad n' I'm in an even worse mood than I was before." He was really just ranting at this point but he might as well let it all out before he couldn't anymore. "N' another thing, did ya' forget tha' my best man currently lives 'ere? Ta' be fair, Jersey's living situation is a li'l weird sometimes n' I'm sure he'll leave this place jus' like he usually does when he wanders 'round but still! Half of the people 'ere are supposed to be in our wedding. I actually thought 'bout invitin' some ah' them but I guess I can't now 'cause  you're throwin' some kinda' weird bachelor party where you smash everything and punch people! Would it 'ave killed ya' ta' at least wait until after the wedding for this-" Jacob barely acknowledged all the fighting going on around him, his main concern was that Deniz knew exactly how upset he was about their current situation. Even as he yelled, though, tears started to gather in his eyes. "I jus' don' need this kinda' stress righ' now, Pincher. Ya' had ta' know how this would make me feel n' I'm tryin' ta' get everythin' all set up n'-"

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