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Plotting / Open Sitewide Plotting Forms
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:08:09 PM »
Yeah! So this is smth I tried out awhile ago in Asc and quite a few people seemed to utilize/enjoy it, so I thought I'd adapt it a lil and make a sitewide version! Basically, if you're looking for plots, this is supposed to help pair you up with different people! Feel free to post as many of these as you like in this thread with your various characters and then just look through other forms that have been posted and reach out to those you may be interested in plotting with! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and if you have any categories that you want to add/remove, feel free to do that as well! I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible but I'm sure I missed a few things haha.

Code: [Select]

[i]Your preferred name: [/i]
[i]Your pronouns:[/i]
[i]Character's name:[/i]
[i]Character's pronouns:[/i]
[i]Character's age: [/i]
[i]Character's allegiance/group:[/i]
[i]Character's rank:[/i]


[i]Pet Peeves: [/i]
[i]Positive qualities:[/i]
[i]Negative qualities:[/i]


[i]A mentee/mentor (please specify which one):[/i]
[i]A best friend (if yes, what are some things another character might bond with your's over?): [/i]
[i]A casual friend:[/i]
[i]A smoking/drinking/party buddy:[/i]
[i]Adopted family (please specify what relationship you're specifically looking for. Would you like parental figures, adopted children, adopted siblings, etc?): [/i]
[i]Biological family (same as above): [/i]
[i]An enemy:[/i]
[i]A rival: [/i]
[i]A serious romantic interest (if so, please state your character's sexuality and if you'd be willing for this other character to be in another group):[/i]
[i]A casual romantic partner:[/i]
[i]Unrequited love: [/i]
[i]A tragic love plot: [/i]
[i]A betrayal plot (would you like y/c to be on the side of the betrayed or betrayer? or could they be on either side?): [/i]
[i]A relationship (friendship, mentorship, etc), that bonds over difficulty? Do you have specific ideas for this? And what kind of relationship specifically would you like to see grown this way?: [/i]
[i]A partner in crime (literally or figuratively? Try defining this a little more. Actual crimes or just mischief or perhaps just for adventures?): [/i]
[i]Someone to discover your character's secrets (if yes, what specifically?): [/i]
[i]Someone who's secrets y/c could discover (do you have a specific plot in mind?):[/i]
[i]Someone to start a club/organization with (what kind of club? How can other people help you establish this IC?):[/i]
[i]Is there anything else your interested in finding for your character not mentioned above? What is it? What kind of character are you looking for to fill it?:[/i]
[i]Is there anything you are completely closed to in terms of plots?: [/i]


[i]Do you have a Discord? If so, what's your username?: [/i]
[i]Are you comfortable with being private messaged on Discord?:[/i]
[i]If you do have a Discord, are you in the Ascendants Discord and would you see messages about plots in your character's channel?: [/i]
[i]Are you comfortable with being private messaged on site?:[/i]
[i]Do you have a plotting thread for your character? If so, please link it: [/i]
[i]Do you prefer expanding plots in open or private threads?: [/i]
[i]Are you open to plain interaction threads or do you prefer something with a plot behind them?: [/i]

Helpful Hub / Re: Current clan climates?
« on: February 05, 2019, 10:01:58 PM »
i can't really speak for any other clans, as i only have clarence as an active character rn but elysium is a generally p peaceful group that's sorta trying to get it's footing in a lot of ways. there are a lot of newer characters and with the merge between sun haven and ascendants, there's a lot of new and old aspects combining. recently we've gotten a pretty interesting mix of old sh or asc members returning as well as newer elysium members and i'm pretty pumped to see what those interactions will lead to.

Helpful Hub / Re: anybody got tips on how to get back motivation?
« on: February 05, 2019, 10:00:06 PM »
something that always helps me a ton is redoing profiles/switching up exactly how i do things i guess if that makes sense?? like recently for clarence my muse was sorta struggling and so i took some time to make some new graphics for him and thought about how i could make his style a lil more immersive and now i have +1000 muse n motivation.

another big thing for me is i have a specific playlist that's for 'work' (or writing or whatever else i need to concentrate on really) and it's specifically designed to help me focus. for me that p much means it's all p mellow instrumental music. i find that music in games is pretty great for this because it's usually designed to help you focus. i love the nintendo soundtracks bc they tend to be pretty chill but also help me focus. another one i use is any of sleeping at last's instrumental music

another big thing is finding new plots/threads that i really enjoy and take time to oocly chat n plot it all out with the other person! that always helps me a ton with getting some motivation

Welcoming Board / Re: hawyee
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:59:19 PM »
heyo! i don't think we've ever met before, although i was (very briefly) on bb as well! welcome to bob!

Uncharted OOC / Re: Ascendants Reorganization discussion
« on: January 28, 2019, 05:22:38 PM »
It's all good!

Uncharted OOC / Re: Ascendants Reorganization discussion
« on: January 28, 2019, 04:16:59 PM »
Did you mean to put that in the other discussion @axiom?

if it was we decided to divide it because we're dealing with 3 pretty big systems and, speaking from experience, it's a lot for one person to handle and manage. These are also things deps can't/don't really help with becuase you actually have to have access to the account so then the dep kinda just becomes another leader and it's just kinda mess in my experience, so we though it'd be simpler to just have two leaders. If it doesn't work out or we think that's no longer necessary, we'll go back to a more traditional set up. Also to emphasize the theme of having two "sides" balancing each other out and working as one.

« on: January 28, 2019, 02:06:07 PM »
I typed up a guide using our current ideas! Apologies for not putting it in a spoiler, the coding kinda went wild on me when I tried doing that lol.


Welcome to Elysium, a group where balance is their primary goal. With one side that represents justice, and another that represents community, they want the best for their members. "Never give too much of yourself, yet always contribute for the greater good." Their motto, this phrase directs how the clan is structured and how their priorities are aligned. They never want members to overextend themselves, but they always want to hear what they have to say. With a court system, they enact their justice in a way they see as more balanced than simply seeking out their enemies to capture or kill them. With their merchant system, they bring in beneficial resources and connect to the clans around them. As a community, Elysium's primary goals are to encourage development and an open, inviting atmosphere. Currently, @kicksie ! and @apricity run this group. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them on site or on Discord.

general territory

Elysium is located in a mountainous region that often experiences cold temperatures, although they do have all four seasons despite this. Winter tends to be a bit longer and a bit more harsh and they can also face extreme conditions in spring when all the snow begins to melt. Their summers are relatively mild and fall is rather short due to the long winter. Their land is incredibly fertile and lush, as they aren't so high up on the mountain that they're near the permanently snow covered peaks (although more adventurous members may venture there if they choose to do so). All primary locations are connected via a pulley system that helps members travel through the mountainous region quickly without having to actually climb the rough landscape.

main camp

Elysium's central camp is located behind a myriad of tunnels in a mountain. These trails are confusing enough to ward off any unwanted outsiders, but easy enough for new members to remember after traversing several times. Once you get past the tunnels, you'll reach the main camp, which is an open air area in the mountain. Here they've carved out small caves and shelters for themselves within the naturally occurring formations. There's one large cavern near the back of the camp, away from where members initially come out from the tunnels, where meetings and large events may be held or where temporary shelter may be taken in times of crisis.


Leftover from when Elysium was once two separate clans, this location now serves as the "justice" center of the camp. This is where all court meetings are held and it now acts as a sort of armory in times of war or crisis. Most training or discussions about defense would be held here. If prisoners are held following a court hearing, they would be held here, in the bottom of the observatory, which once served as housing.

floating sea town

Another remnant of a previous clan, the floating sea town now serves as the primary base for community. The merchants' shops are located here and most large social events, such as festivals, are held here.

One of the most important traditions in Elysium is the use of necklaces to represent what titles have been earned. Each necklace has a special, engraved bead specific to the character, and then also holds the beads that represent their respective titles. To see what those titles are, look in the title section of this guide. To check what titles you've earned or to log a new one, make sure to take a look at the title tracker linked in the header of this post on the site.

shop system

This is yet another important aspect of Elysium's culture. Members can create their own shops creating and selling various items on the floating sea town. They can also go and purchase things from other shops. The main goal of this merchant system, however, is to visit neutrals and allies in order to not only have their wares purchased, but also to gather supplies that Elysium may need or want from other territories. This is also another way that Elysium connects to other groups. This particular tradition is primarily guided by the Helion.

court system

In order to make sure their enemies receive justice, Elysium have a court system. There is a trial held with an open jury made up of their members, while the individual being tried answers a variety of questions, first from the Magna and then from the jury itself for a period of time. The Magna is the one who leads this process as the judge and therefore this is something primarily guided by the Magna. These trails are held in the observatory.

Another aspect of this court system is joining. Elysium does not auto-accept members. Instead, newcomers at the border are granted permission to stay on the territory by either the Magna or the Helion and then, at the next meeting, they must agree to always keep the group's interest above all else, followed by the Helion or Magna asking if anyone has any objections to their joining, and then they are granted membership.

stellar collision festival

This is festival that occurs every year during the month of February to celebrate when Ascendants and Sun Haven came together to become Elysium. There are a variety of events and all allies and neutrals are invited to come and celebrate the new bond made between the two groups, now formed to one. It's generally about a week long celebration and it's headed by the Helion.
→ Helion → The Helion is one of two leaders in Elysium. While both leaders have equal power and make all major decisions together, each one has a specification. The Helion is specifically involved with the community and merchant system. This means that they announce all titles, hold events, and help regulate the merchant and shop system. The only thing either leader may do alone is grant a newcomer permission to stay on Elysium's territory before they officially join.
    → Bex, played by @kicksie !
→ Magna → The Magna is one of two leaders in Elysium. While both leaders have equal power and make all major decisions together, each one has a specification. The Magna is specifically involved with protection and the court system. This means that they announce all new alliances or declarations of war, raids, trainings, and hold court sessions. The only thing either leader may do alone is grant a newcomer permission to stay on Elysium's territory before they officially join.
    → Clarence Aston, played by @apricity 
→ Warden of Community → One of the second in commands, this position specifically focuses on the community aspect and is next in line to be Helion. They specifically deal in events and are in charge of making sure the community is welcoming and that everyone's needs are being taken care of. 
    → TBA, played by TBA
→ Warden of Justice → One of the second in commands, this position specifically focuses on the justice aspect and is next in line to be Magna. They specifically deal in things such as military trainings, protection, raids, and court proceedings. While they do not hold court, they are often put in charge of the care of prisoners' should there be any.
    → TBA, played by TBA
→ Elysites → These are normal members of Elysium that have been accepted as official members through their first meeting. They may hold events with the permission of either leader, start their own shops, and visit allies.
→ Newcomers → These are members that have been accepted past Elysium's border, but have not been sworn in yet as full members.
→ Prisoners → These are individuals either awaiting trial in the court system or have been sentenced to prison time. They are held beneath the observatory.
Elysium has Zodiac titles, Odyssey titles, and Quark titles. Zodiac titles recognize personality traits or significant factors of a character, while Odyssey titles can be earned through specific tasks, and Quark titles acknowledge progress in the Elysium Characterization threads.

zodiac titles

Zodiac titles are assigned based on personality traits and characteristics. The titles earned can be used in-character to introduce your character. (For instance: "Exampleman, advisor of Elysium.")

Spoiler: ShowHide
PROTECTORS - (Earns Title: "Protector of Elysium")
Skilled combatants, war-like, active training and battle participants. These members may be short-tempered and quicker to pick a fight with their fists rather than their words, but they might also just be highly skilled in battle. Alternatively, these members have shown to be great protectors and defendants of their family and of Elysium, either through physical combat, or other means. They do everything in their power to ensure the safety of others. This title earns a red bead.

PROMISED - (Earns Title: "Elysium Promised")
Promising newcomers. These members stood out in their first one to two weeks in Elysium, hitting the ground running and getting involved from the start. Their characters grab attention and become integrated very quickly. This title earns an orange bead.

GUIDES - (Earns Title: "Guide of Elysium")
Socialites and greeters. These members are quick to greet all newcomers, show them around, and are friendly and welcoming from the get-go, often found socializing with others. They are not only rather social internally, but they like to visit allies and get involved with joint events. This title earns a yellow bead.

ADVISOR - (Earns Title: "Advisor of Elysium")
Clever analytics and strategists. These members are smart, but not just smart -- they are schemers who always have a plan, track details, and like to be prepared. In addition to their wits, their insight and advice is well respected and heeded. This title earns a blue bead.

CLERIC - (Earns Title: "Caretaker of Elysium")
These members have a working knowledge of healing and medicine, and can help in the middle of battle or crisis. They are always willing to help their clanmates with medical issues, and have shown to be trustworthy in difficult situations.  This title earns a green bead.

JESTER - (Earns Title: "Jester of Elysium")
Jesters, morale boosters, those who don't take things too seriously. These members can be a very diverse and dynamic group -- some may come across as rays of sunshine, bringing up everyone's happiness around them, while others may be the sort with dry humor who aren't exactly bright and shining but are very casual and not too serious. They keep things light. This title earns a purple bead.

HISTORIAN - (Earns Title: "Historian of Elysium")
Bookworms, intellects, historians. These members are smart in the bookish sense, coming equipped with their libraries, notes, and interest in history or other sorts of Humanities. Not only do they have a love of bookish knowledge, but they perhaps have also shown an interest in keeping and maintaining Elysium history alive and well through culture, ceremony participation, and more. This title earns a white bead.

THERAPIST - (Earns Title: "Therapist of Elysium")
In contrast to advisors, these members have shown to be nurturing, deep conversationalists. Instead of wits and strategies, these members show genuine care and willingness to connect on a deeper level with their other Elysites. They might help them through a tough time, or always check up on others to make sure they're doing alright. They tend to be very caring and considerate of others, and these connections help strengthen the bonds of community in or out of Elysium. This title earns a silver bead.

VOLUNTEERS - (Earns Title: "Supervisor of Elysium")
Go-getters, active volunteers. These members are first to volunteer for anything and everything, whether it be hosting things, coming up with ideas, or voicing their opinions. They are everywhere; it is hard to do something without running into them, either leading the way or jumping right on board with the plan. This title earns a pink bead.

PEACEKEEPERS - (Earns Title: "Diplomat of Elysium")
Peacekeepers and mediators. These characters are true pacifists, trying to support Elysium's alignment as such, and they can often be found smoothing out conflicts and trying to refuse situations. Invaluable when it comes to ambassador discussions and inter-clan relations. This title earns a gold bead.

odyssey titles

Odyssey titles are so named because they require that members quest, so to speak, to earn their title. There are five named for constellations, and in order to earn these titles members will have to complete the tasks correlated with each star in that constellation. They require much more work and effort to earn, but they also help encourage involvement and development from members. Those who earn these titles will denote them on their necklaces with obsidian beads engraved with golden constellations.

Spoiler: ShowHide
The Monoceros (Unicorn) title is meant to reward and acknowledge meaningful life milestones. It shows that a member has been an active participant in Elysium and accomplished a lot of meaningful goals that go along with being a member. One that was born into Elysium or joined young might have an easier time of achieving the Monoceros constellation, but only 3/4 stars are required to complete this constellation and earn the title.
☆ ALPHA MONOCEROTIS: Mentor a younger member. This can be in fighting, healing, cooking, or any other activity important to both characters.
☆ GAMMA MONOCEROTIS: Train under a mentor. Older members can also partake in this by learning from one another.
☆ EPSILON MONOCEROTIS: Participant in monthly ceremonies 5 times (getting a rank, accepting membership, partaking in court, getting rank/title beads, etc).
☆ PLASKETT'S STAR: Participate in at least one traditional event (festivals, getting a bead, partaking in court, making a shop, etc).

The Draco (Dragon) title is meant to reward and acknowledge contributions to the Clan on a daily basis. It recognizes that a member has been helpful in presenting new ideas and keeping things flowing forward. 6/7 stars are required to complete this constellation and earn the title.
☆ ETAMIN: Plan or help plan 6 internal or allied events. (Please do not simply spam several events in one day for this task.)
☆ ALDIBAIN: Participate in at least 2 ooc discussions regarding brainstorming, feedback, or idea generation. 
☆ RASTABAN: Attend at least 6 internal events.
☆ ALTAIS: Complete a weekly task 3 weeks in a row.
☆ THUBAN: Host weekly tasks 3 times.
☆ EDASICH: Make 3 unique open threads in one week.
☆ ALDHIBAH: Launch or aid in planning a Clan-wide plot attempt (can be on a smaller or larger scale as long as it is pitched to the leaders for approval).

The Pegasus title is meant to reward and acknowledge aid with foreign relations. It highlights members who have contributed to allied events or been involved on a site-wide basis, helping to further Elysium's name. Only 5/6 stars are required to complete this constellation and earn the title.
☆ ALPHERATZ: Participate in 3 raids (against others or on us).
☆ MARKAB: Act as an ambassador for 5 occasions.
☆ SCHEAT: Attend 6 ally or neutral hosted events.
☆ ALGENIB: Complete a three-stage (or more) plot with character outside of Elysium. (Your interpretation of "three-stage" is up to you. That can mean 3 threads contributing to it or 3 different steps to complete the plot.)
☆ MATAR: Contribute to a plot involving alliances and politics in some form (affecting an alliance status, forbidden loves, alliance litters, spying, etc).
☆ ENIF: Seek help from or offer aid to an ally or neutral in some form.

The Centaurus (Centaur) title is meant to reward and acknowledge character development and in depth plotting. It recognizes members who have worked hard to grow their characters and to get involved with others. Only 5/6 stars are required to complete this constellation and earn the title.
☆ RIGIL KENTAURUS: Win an ic event competition of some form (clan-wide games, etc.
☆ PROXIMA CENTAURI: Complete 5 development prompts (either archived or current).
☆ HADAR: Complete a three-stage (or more) plot with another member. (Your interpretation of "three-stage" is up to you. That can mean 3 threads contributing to it or 3 different steps to complete the plot.)
☆ MENKENT: Have at least 10 genuine interactions with 3 other members. (Again, "genuine interactions" up to your interpretation.)
☆ ALNAIR: Complete and document a character arc with at least 3 contributing threads.
☆ MA WEI: Complete at least 1 1,000+ word one-shot.

The Hydra (Serpent) title is meant to reward and acknowledge long-term membership and citizenry type achievements. It points out members who had made a lasting impact on the Ascendants or been well integrated into Elysium for some time. All stars are required to complete this constellation and earn the title.
☆ GAMMA HYDRAE: Maintain activity in Elysium for at least 3 months.
☆ ZETA HYDRAE: Win an ooc competition of some form (choice awards, games, etc).
☆ BETA HYDRAE: Collect 3 titles (zodiac, odyssey, or quark).
☆ ALPHARD: Participate in at least 10 joining threads.
☆ MINCHIR: Attend at least 10 meetings.

quark titles

Quark titles are based on additions to Characterization threads and plotting. In order to receive these titles, make sure to look at the pendent tracker thread and note which ones you have completed. They're meant to encourage plotting and diving deeper into both your character and others. They're blue with gold engravings. To add to your characterization threads, take a look at the Elysium Title Codes thread, linked in the header above.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Complete all the characterization codes with images in them.

Include a thread tracker, playlist, and heart chart in your characterization thread.

Complete the in-depth biography provided on the Ascendants Characterization Codes thread.

Post on 5 other people's characterization threads either to find plots or to discuss the content there.

Complete the plotting form provided in the Ascendants Characterization Codes thread.

Elysium is a neutral clan and makes allies and enemies not based on their own political stance, but instead on their interactions with them. However, they also have a strong sense of justice and morality so it's much harder for them to side with clans that do not fit those standards of justice. The primary way Elysium interacts with their allies and neutrals is through their ambassador and shop systems. To learn more about those, check out the link in the header of this post.

allies: none
neutrals: anyone not listed
enemies: none

template (c) kicksie | info (c) apricity & kicksie

« on: January 28, 2019, 09:30:47 AM »
So our idea for the observatory was kinda to have it be a place that represented the “justice” side now, which is why it’s used as a court and for more important meetings related to war and allies and whatnot. Almost similar to an armory I guess. We do still have the full title system which is heavily connected to stars, but do you have any suggestions as to how we could have a greater connection to it? I think that’d be interesting but I’m not sure how it’d be implemented within what we currently have.

The cave system isn’t the primary point of camp. Basically there are just tunnels that lead into camp, but then they stop and open up into the central area, which would be outside.

It’s all good! We want to hear your ideas and that’s still something we could consider, I just personally don’t think that’d make a ton of sense ic and I think it’d be really difficult to implement with everything else we have going on as well.

Nothing is currently set in stone and if you’d like to discuss what you don’t like specifically and offer solutions, that’s fine! None of this is really decided on at all, Kicks and I just wanted to put our ideas out there because the merge has to happen relatively soon, so we don’t have a ton of time to vote on every single aspect. If not, it was fun rping with you and I hope to see you again!

« on: January 28, 2019, 01:06:45 AM »
So basically for the territory there’s one big mountain type area that has basically outer “tunnels” that lead to an inner open air area that’s kinda like the main part of camp. The observatory is at the very edge of the territory, in a completely separate area, and the floating sea town is on the other edge (think of them as side borders to the territory). They are accessed via a pulley system from the main camp that’s kinda like a zip line sorta situation

I honestly am very against the idea of any sort of religion. Unless there’s a plot, it doesn’t make sense IC and it’s a huge thing to keep up with that generally isn’t utilized. I’m not completely closed to it if that’s an idea more people would be interested in but personally I don’t like the idea of including a religion. I also feel like we have a lot going on anyway without also trying to tie it in with gods/religion.

Honestly, I would rather not do a huge plot to make the merge happen. The simple reason I was thinking would just be that both groups are incredibly small at this point and they’re coming together to become stronger and a little better defended. With all the new concepts and changes, I think it’s best to keep the actual events themselves as simple as possible. Kind of like the religion situation, if a big plot is something a lot of people would be interested in, I’m definitely down for that, but currently I think something a little more simplistic is probably for the best. Also, we’re using some territory elements from both groups so we wouldn’t be able to do anything that permanently damages either side.

« on: January 28, 2019, 12:33:11 AM »
Our hope is that since the leaders will each head one side, it’ll be simple to take care of both systems! Also the justice system is hopefully going to be kept relatively simple, only being used in times of crisis or to swear in a new member at a meeting (which is literally just said member repeating a phrase and no one objecting to membership). I can’t speak a ton about the merchant system because that’s kicksie’s territory more than mine but we’re hoping the co-leaders will help make both system manageable!

Helpful Hub / Suggestion Possible Ascendants reorganization?
« on: January 12, 2019, 06:38:36 PM »
So!! it has come to my attention that maybe the current way of running a clan in Ascendants (and on BoB as a whole tbh) is not effective for the actual audience here, but instead intended for a younger, much more active audience. So I decided to try reworking some things to better reflect the community here. These are all just a bunch of suggestions to help out with Ascendants and will hopefully help improve RPing here and the overall expereince! This is an ongoing discussion in the Ascendants but I also wanted to get overall site opinions and all that jazz. So basically I’m just looking for any thoughts/opinions on all this!

Spoiler: ShowHide
The primary idea I have for this is simply to reduce our positions all the way down to only two to three positions. Currently, I feel like oftentimes positions just act as titles rather than being a way to encourage meaningful involvement, or only encourage someone to post quickly on a board but not to actually engage with anyone there. Also, I feel like there’s honestly a very toxic idea of the expectation of activity. RPing is not a job. RPing is not anyone’s responsibility. It’s a game that should be fun and I think positions oftentimes add more stress than they do fun.
All that being said, I’m thinking I would only keep the leader and deputy position, and then possibly a medic position (although tbh I’d LOVE to see this incorporated as a development challenge where the character has to gradually learn the skill and then earns a title after a certain amount of time).

But yeah! So basically the idea is to shift the emphasis on ranks to titles in order to make for a more open environment rather than one where people feel obligated to engage.

Development Challenges
Spoiler: ShowHide
So this is actually the simplest section and it ties in with the previous one. Basically there would be a development prompt every week and completing them would get various OOC and IC rewards. I don't have a fully fleshed out idea of what these rewards are but I'm thinking IC ones will be special titles/items and OOC ones may just be some gems or, if badges are added by then, badges for various events. I’m definitely up for discussing what these rewards look like and what they are exactly, but I’m kind of leaning towards titles just because we already have a pretty good system in place for those and they have both IC and OOC value.

Characterization Threads
Spoiler: ShowHide
This one is sort of a combination of what I’ve seen utilized well on other RP sites that I’d love to see have it’s own version on BoB. It’s sort of like an open storage thread that doubles as a plotting thread. You’d be able to store a bio/tags there, as well as any images, playlists, one-shots, etc there and there would be a lot of encouragement from the Ascendants for other members to take a look at them and plot through these means. The whole idea is that I really want people to actively seek out plots they’ll enjoy and to make an open environment where everyone is comfortable doing that, as not everyone has a Discord (or is on it consistently) and not everyone likes being messages directly on site. 

OOC Challenges
Spoiler: ShowHide

This ties in with the previous section. Along with the direct development challenges, there would be OOC challenges directly related to the characterization threads. This might mean you have to make something specific to put in yours or it might send you off to someone else’s characterization thread in order to create plots. Like the other challenges, there would likely be gem rewards for these or some sort of badge. The entire purpose of these is to encourage development and communication in the community.

Helpful Hub / Re: Thoughts on The Ascendants?
« on: December 31, 2018, 02:38:17 PM »
Tbh I’d agree and I feel like that’s because the member base is all very, very new. We don’t really have anyone that’s been there for much over a month (I’ve only been there a little over a month myself) and for that reason no one really has a handle on the traditions or community. I was thinking of putting out some ooc games and tasks and things, as well as taking an in-depth look at the traditions once the holidays pass and I have time to have a discussion about what needs to be kept/enforced/changed etc. I also think it’s hard because none of the characters are too established because of the aforementioned fact none of them are that old so plotting is kind of difficult but I have some ooc ideas I want to try out to help a little with that soon.

Helpful Hub / Feedback Thoughts on The Ascendants?
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:47:13 AM »
Hi y’all! So I just recently became leader of the Ascendants and just thought I’d get an idea of what everyone thinks of it right now. Currently my plan is to first work on getting weekly (or, depending on the size of the event, bi-weekly) events going and I’m hoping to brainstorm some clanwide plots as well. But yeah! I’d love to hear what y’all think of it right now.

Helpful Hub / Re: Request threads to be stickied/moved/locked here.
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:08:57 PM »
could i get this stickied as well please? Thank you!

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