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General Discussion / Re: [THE SONG NAME GAME]
« on: Today at 05:12:13 PM »
slide it in by whitesnake!

Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
« on: Today at 01:40:45 PM »
//Got it! I do like that twist.

Of course. The staff quarters. Severus grimaced, his expression turning sour at Dumbledore's words. Dark eyes shifted to Minerva who was slightly smirking. Truly, she did not understand why Dumbledore put so much faith on the former Death Eater. After all, Snape had done amounts of dastardly deeds, but deep down McGonagall knew there had to be reason. Still, the gaps in information bothered her. The half-blood prince was capable of changing his position anytime and betraying Dumbledore's order. She knew she had to trust Dumbledore though. His faith in Severus was overexerted and he displayed his trust in him so freely that there had to be something that convinced the headmaster to rely on him...

Before Severus spoke up, Minerva burst out. "I'll offer up homage," she exclaimed.

And of course, Dumbledore's answer was no. Severus unwillingly was left with the child in his company. With Ellie trailing behind him, the professor trailed through the castle in silence. He did not stop once for Ellie to marvel in the castle's wonders, but kept on walking. Eventually the two reached the potions professor's office nearby the Slytherin headquarters and his adjacent classroom.

Within his office laid a single desk in the corner. There were little possessions linger upon the tabletop, only a name tag and a few papers. Every paper he possessed, especially the exams, laid within the dresser drawers underneath with a protective spell for lurking students. Across the room laid a tabletop with cauldrons. Overhead, several cupboards were lined with rare potion-making ingredients, various-sized beakers, and further necessities for his work.

Upon walking in, Severus lingered by his desk till Ellie followed him in. With a flick of his hand, the door slammed behind the two and locked out anyone who wished to come in. Like any other professor, their quarters remained within their office. Snape's, in particular, was behind a bookcase lined potions books adjoining to the counter tops. He sauntered over to the bookcase, his hand laying on one specific red book within the middle of the case. Upon pressing down on it's top, the bookcase moved off to the right and revealed his own quarters.

A golden hue kept the room alight from a lamp mounted on the wall that laid over top another desk of his, this one presumably being covered in various notes (some even crumbled away in the wastebin). Behind that laid a mess of potion shelves lined with some of his more preferred choices, along with artifacts of his own laying there. There was a single photo of Lily Potter within the corner of one shelf, followed by a dreaded family photo. Across the room lied a posh leather chair with a wooden side table. Not far from it laid a messy bed. To the naked eye, his quarters would seem rather normal, but somehow so unnatural for the secretive professor. To Severus, there was much more to this room.

Letting go of the book in his grasp, Severus prowled into his quarters. With his wand, he cleaned up the area. Unimpressed, he watched as papers flew to their designated area and his bed was made by magic's invisible forces. As it finished, an exhausted sigh left him. "You may keep yourself accustomed here as long as you don't touch anything of importance-" Severus rudely gestured towards his desk and potions. "And remain to yourself while I work." His brow furrowed, one side raising to question her. "Got it?"

Helpful Hub / Re: Gem question?
« on: Yesterday at 12:18:54 PM »
Solved over Discord DMs! Marking it as so.

Coding Corner / Re: codes codes and more codes
« on: February 15, 2019, 08:59:32 PM »
Avatar Storage:

cool avatar made by me :)

Hiya! I want a headshot for my man @JERVIS !

His current form is a red fox with reddish-brown eyes. He's a self-absorbed and greedy, along with vaguely sexually-driven, character. He tends to formally address people, be over dramatic, and show a facade of appreciation. If you could draw him with an expression that fits one of those, that would be wonderful. Other than that, he has no special accessories/scars/whatever. For now he's pretty bland. :)

Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
« on: February 15, 2019, 07:16:06 PM »
//I'll give it a try! Is that how stuff went down(like the last time he saw her)? I'm a biiit confused.
//HopeWings has permission to powerplay/roleplay Severus for me b/c this is their plot and need to direct it wherever(note for anyone reading lol)

Severus's gaze landed upon Dumbledore as they arrived. By his side stood McGonagall with a pitiful smile and her usual drapes, pointed hat and all. Snape did not like the attention that had been already pointed towards him as if Ellie was an accessory on his hip. He his expression just remained cold, almost annoyed. "The girl no longer has a home," he drawled. "She needs a place to stay."

Minerva straightened out, considering offering the girl a place to stay. Obviously no one wanted to stay with that wretched creature called a man, but Ellie's attachment to him was already surpassing that thought. For now she just looked over at Dumbledore. Perhaps he had a plan.

Helpful Hub / Re: Give me lists of things!
« on: February 14, 2019, 06:22:51 AM »
no problemo!

Helpful Hub / Re: Give me lists of things!
« on: February 13, 2019, 08:30:19 PM »
Twenty Mutations / Accessories:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. Horns
2. Jewelry
3. Hat
4. Odd skin/pelt coloring
5. Amputated Limb
6. Wings
7. Mask
8. Significant Scar
9. Blindness
10. Piercing
11. Crown
12. Dwarfism
13. Ability of choice
14. Bag / Satchel
15. Sunglasses / Glasses
16. Scarf
17. Bandanna
18. Weaponry
19. Something pertaining to their past / current aesthetic
20. Side-kick / Companion animal

Twelve Personality Traits:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. Opportunistic
2. Depressed
3. Mischevious
4. Cocky
5. Judgemental
6. Joyful
7. Idyllic / Mellow
8. Madness
9. Romantic / Flirty
10. Anxious / Stressed
11. Cranky / Annoyed
12. Curious

Ten Animals / Races:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. Feline
2. Canine
3. Human
4. Elven
5. Angelic
6. Wizards
7. Equine
8. Reptile
9. Demon
10. Bird

Eight eye colors:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. Green
2. Brown
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. Purple
6. Grey
7. Red
8. Heterochromia of your choice

Six Accents:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. American
2. Asian
3. African
4. European-based
5. Gangster or someone who commonly uses improper language / slang to speak
6. Stutter, accent / language of choice

Four Builds:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. Heavy
2. Average
3. Skinny
4. Bulk

tbh i couldnt come up with anything for six

Coding Corner / Re: codes codes and more codes
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:58:09 PM »
example thingy for tikki
This box is expanding as you type further. The gradient from the background rolls into the photo and this post template can commonly be used for simple character posts with an image at the top that represents them or guides!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras euismod tincidunt tincidunt. Fusce maximus dolor eu dolor facilisis posuere. Nam molestie tempor rhoncus. Suspendisse non nibh posuere, maximus massa in, varius sem. Aenean odio sapien, tempor ut elit a, blandit maximus sem. Aenean tempor, risus eu pharetra luctus, tortor lectus accumsan velit, et tincidunt dui ligula ut tellus. Maecenas et mi finibus, vehicula nulla sed, malesuada ante. Fusce rhoncus rhoncus arcu sit amet fermentum.

Maecenas tristique neque risus, commodo posuere neque egestas et. Aenean non eros tincidunt orci pretium semper. Cras nec leo dolor. Morbi justo ante, porta faucibus lorem vitae, pellentesque vestibulum dolor. Vivamus eget ex euismod, consectetur tellus id, tincidunt quam. Integer id velit eu velit viverra gravida. Aliquam blandit feugiat erat at congue. Phasellus accumsan nunc ante, hendrerit interdum elit lacinia in.
information like tags can go here

Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:43:01 PM »
//Don't you worry about it. I was tired too, so it was for the better.

The vile intrigued Severus. Not only has Dumbledore shown him the art of extracting and indulging into memories, but Snape had gotten quite good at it. He knew that he had no business taking a look at Elizabeth's property... but he didn't care. The woman abandoned her only love and disregarded his sister. If he wanted to invade her privacy, he most definitely would with delight. Though he could not do it now. Mentally he made a note to grab it's contents away from Ellie and return before she noticed it's disappearance.

As they walked in silence, after about an hour later, the quiet broke. 'Thud!' A yelp left the girl. Dark robes whipped around, turning on Ellie. His lanky fingers reached out for her, but she did not see and continued to stare down at the ground. Instead he lowered to her level. Dark clusters of hair fell forward as his pointed nose lured over her. Eyes of resent stared down at her, curious at what she had to say. Even so, he figured that he already knew what she was going to ask... And he didn't know the answer to it.

"I..." Severus winced. "... Do not truly know." If only he knew. That was a question they both wanted to delve into and would soon discover the answer for. In the meantime, they were in the dark. "I assure you I played no part in my sister's- your mother's- death whatsoever." He would continue on, but he knew that even he would be repulsed by the next words to leave him. "But I cannot assure you that she is alive," the Death Eater would of explained. Truly, he couldn't though.

//I don't mind at all! I actually quite enjoy it.

Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:53:16 PM »
//My heart just dropped. Holy SHIT, yours was great too. I was going to fall asleep for the night and wait till the morning, but I don’t think I can!!

All along, Ellie knew. Severus’ eyes squinted partially, staring down at the child. His sleeve rolled back into place helplessly. No longer did he have to bear his mistakes to their general view of the two, as the one he wanted to sway over had already known. By her knowing, the death eater expected a revolt and uncertainty, but there was none of that. The mark to others signifies him as a threat. To her, Severus was just another man who’s mistake turned into the story of a tragedy. He had to give credit where it’s due.

The situation unfolded. Elizabeth was most obnoxiously appalled by her ‘daughter’s decisions. She practically broke down after the truth was revealed, blaming him for the death of his sister. Though not proven, the woman seemed to know something that he did not and decided to lead him on. Ellie tried to reiterate her hopes of Sage being out there still. Coincidentally, he still felt as if he wasn’t sure either. Whether his sister was roaming throughout the world or burrowed in the ground was up in the air. It seemed as if Elizabeth was only using persuasion to sway her child back into her arms but failing to realize that it only pushed Ellie further away. Eventually giving up, the woman left considerably. ”What would Sage think of you now?" ”Strong-willed, unlike you,” he wanted to respond with as the door slammed, but held his tongue. ”You raised a girl to be independent, yet you doubt her decision.” It was better to let things simmer before Elizabeth flared up again.

Ellie turned heel on him, begging for him to be by her side. Severus didn’t have to pause, as he already offered her shelter previously and was intent on his plan. ”Gather your things, we will leave straight away.” That said, he turned back to table and grabbed a quill off of it, along with a piece of parchment. The man began to write a short note.

”Elizabeth Grey,

If you are ever willing to accept our help, which you did not desire previously, you’re welcome to come to Hogwarts as long as your mindset has changed.”

Severus wanted to add that she would need to kiss the tip of his boot, but due to time constrictions, he moved past it.

”I assure you’ll be safe. Please consider this option in the future.

Severus Snape...”

When finished, he adhered the note to the wall with a spell that prevented her from removing it. With the time he had, that was the most shame he could inflict.

//time skip or a nice lil chat in the woods about that happened momentarily (then a skip to preparations)??? whatever works for you, this is your rp/plot + mobile againnnn

Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:38:49 PM »
Severus was a man with few regrets. She just happened to prod at the very little he had, causing him to blow. As Elizabeth continued to speak, he maneuvered his wand out from its holster and placed it out in front of her chest. His wand’s tip aimed for her heart. She wandered past him and circled him like prey, but his narrowed gaze followed and wand remained at the ready. It seemed as his threat of a curse was nothing to her though, frustrating him to no end. Just like Quarrel, she did not want him as her enemy. Indirectly because of Severus, the vessel for the Dark Lord had succumbed. Even if there was truth in her words, he refused to acknowledge the honesty within them. The halfblood just listened silently while his anger boiled.

As she progressed, he remained quiet. A cold expression stared back at her. Not only did she believe her cowardly independence was helping her along the way, but Elizabeth thought that she was best option for Ellie. Truly, that was not correct. Someone isolated for so long was only go to delay their demise, not completely remove it’s chance. Without proper training, the girl would succumb to her enemy’s power.

Through the door came Ellie. As she mentioned her intent to return to Hogwarts, Severus’ sneer returned. ”Very well,” came his taunting coo in the direction of Elizabeth, but his words were soon to fade as she continued. Her intent was clear as day to him. Before Snape could prevent her from speaking, the words had already left her lips.

His wand lit. Langlock.” If successful, her tongue would fly upwards and stick on the roof of her mouth. Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to talk till he released his curse. Snapping, he attempted to throw her back against the wall with ‘expulso’ and corner her. He prowled up to her position, his unused hand laying on the wall in a fist. If she wanted a reply and a reaction in front of the child, she would receive her wish instead of his stone cold silence. ”You know very well what happened,” he growled. ”They’re dead.” Severus grew nose to nose with her, his pointed nose flaring up as he did so. His mouth pulled over to her ear. ”Just as you will be.” The whispered words rolled off his tongue, covered in mischievous venom and with very serious intent. ”I offer you safety and you bring me disappointment, Elizabeth,” he continued in a mischevious tone. Severus was intentionally keeping quiet for those last two lines as it prevented Ellie from knowing his bitter intent.

Severus pulled away. His head craned, testing her. Black strands of hair fell over his eyes, unlikely to bother him until he regained his sanity. ”You’re a coward, just as you said. While you have remained alive in the shadows, I too have prevailed,” he challenged. ”If you believe that hiding in the dark in fear of fighting for a noble purpose is a better example for her-“ A pale hand gestured towards Ellie. His other hand remained still with a wand in its grip. ”-then so be.” A flash of fury appeared in Severus’ gaze. ”Consider yourself the anecdote.” His sneer widened. ”And that result can very much change depending on your willingness to comply.” That was a threat to anyone who was willing to read inbetween the lines, but to Ellie it might just seem like he was referencing the fact that they were in an unguarded clearing with little wizarding experience, which could result in their death. Rightfully so, he wanted to preserve her innocence. If he could sway her to his side of the argument, perhaps she would be safe. Unlike with this mongrel.

”While I may have the dark mark, it is hidden underneath my sleeve for a reason.” His wand lowered. With his free hand, he rolled up his sleeve to expose the mark many feared. The tip of his wand wavered over the snake twisting throughout the skull, causing its content to blow faintly. ”My foolishness has reamed me of pleasure many times, enough for me to realize it’s effects after Lily’s death and Sage’s own disappearance.” While some parts of working with the Dark Lord he did not regret, especially within the times in his late adolescence, the negatives had begun to rack up over time. The death of Lily and burden of her child caused him to change. Even so, Severus Snape deserved no pity. ”It may appear as if I side with the Death Eaters, but that is dishonest. I serve Dumbledore loyally.” No one could walk the line like he could. That’s why Dumbledore had taken advantage of him as a double agent when possible.

His spells begin to fade. Soon enough, Elizabeth would be able to speak and move freely throughout the room. ”If you do not wish to receive my assistance, I will leave the premise.” Dark eyes moved over towards Ellie. ”I told Ellie I wouldn’t leave her astray though,” he enthused, ”-despite her thinking otherwise before I could finish.” A small smirk graced his lips momentarily. If she couldn’t see him out then, why would she bother this time? Ultimately, her decision could of been impacted due to the novel information Grey presented, but Severus hoped that it hadn’t.

//mobile blegh

Helpful Hub / Re: Request Badges Here
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Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
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Dark eyes stared back her as she grew close to his face. His brow rose at her words and he mustered a smirk out his pale lips. Elizabeth was smart. She knew that Severus’ first priority was himself and was going to use that to counter his argument. Her skewed position brought him little perspective and definitely was a glorious attempt to sway him, but it was no use. One thing he enjoyed more was putting down others and if this old friend of his wanted to damn him, he’d surely fight back.  Without warning, he sunk to the lowest level. Fury and venomous intent lopped onto his words.

As she rose, so did he. Severus trailed behind her with his robe floating elegantly behind him and a mischevious saunter in his step. He let her ramble at first. She dug her verbal knife deep into his side and continued twisting, hoping to make an impact. Her monologue about Sage had been rather interesting, but Severus knew that his sister was not of importance when it was her decision to isolate Ellie and herself in the first place. Fools... Eventually, he interjected. ”And are you going to continue raising a lamb for slaughter?” he challenged. ”When she dies by the hands of my colleagues, you will be reminicising on what you could of done.”  Not the defenseless child, nor the half blooded uncle. Just Elizabeth. Only she was preventing Ellie from getting her much needed education. ”You cannot keep her from the truth forever.”

He rounded onto Elizabeth. ”But she has a chance of gradually transitioning into our world.” Just like Potter had went from being a mere mortal to one of the school’s most admirable wizards, Severus believed the child could do the same. ”Innocence does not equal safety.” Sage had learned that the hard way. ”Now either she learns the curses and charms of the wizarding world or the words she thought I spoke will now be true.” But even he knew that he couldn’t just leave her behind. Snape could barely leave Lily’s child in the dust after all these years. ”It’s noble to die trying to make an effort rather than giving up...” He let his words drawl out. ”-Grey.”


Other Roleplay / Re: Learning of Worlds-Private
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:05:43 AM »
”... Not.”

Before his last word, Severus had paused. He was hesitant to agree, but something knew that it was the right thing to do if he was going to go searching for Sage and finally reunite himself with someone. Isolation hadn’t treated him well. For example, it caused him to watch his words. Unable to be open and speak his truth left pauses in his speech as he hesitated. Hence why it bit him in the ass. Despite that, even before Snape finished speaking, she was out the door. For a moment he remained on one knee in shock, but eventually rose up from the ground with his face donning a puzzled expression. The halfblood loomed over his old friend. His gaze stared down at her, searching for features for any sign or clue that could help him figure out the ethics of the situation. All he saw was exhaustion though.

Living a sheltered life he could understand. ”The daunting magic and power that lies oh-so close to your home would most definitely persuade the child undoubtedly,” he enthused back. Severus slinked back onto his chair before and resumed his upright posture. ”You can’t restrict her for any longer, Elizabeth.” Curiousity raged within children understandably. All of those at Hogwarts went through role confusion and began to figure out their truest purpose in life. Without it, many wizards would remain unpredictable with their magic and become like Potter at the zoo. Who knew what they would do. ”She will soon enough decide if she wishes to stay with you or head out to the castle to learn in good faith. Severus would like to think she had Elizabeth’s interests in mind too. In reality though, the professor was just swaying the conversation to benefit him.

Steam practically left his ears. His jaw clenched, teeth grinding against one another as he stared at her with a sullen gaze. ”What if Hogwarts could provide the both of you shelter?” It was the best he could do. Severus had no get away home for them to escape to, nor would he offer his own personal house. Even so, this decision would benefit Ellie mostly. They would receive the help they needed and she would learn magic at a proper age.

//Definitely. His character is fueled by reminicising on the past and letting those things fester, hence why his frustration is so understandable.  + mobile

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