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The Typhoon / Open luck will travel -- visiting
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:49:42 PM »
  Well, they'd made it here.

  Apples, cherries, freshkill, various herbs, paper and writing utensils, and some other odds and ends were tucked snugly into the basket. It seemed right to bring gifts, considering why she was here. Hopefully she could work out a deal that would help Elysium without inconveniencing the Typhoon, and if she did have to inconvenience them, she could at least repay them for their trouble.

  Approaching the end of the railroad tracks, Rin glanced behind her to check that Nemhain was still there, then looked back at the island proper. "Hello, it's Rin," she called aloud, twitching her ears. "Nemhain and I are here to see Idyllfields. We brought gifts, too." She figured that mentioning Nemhain, and thus clarifying that the giant fenghuang was with her and not just some stranger, would limit the amount of shocked and terrified reactions that the members of the Typhoon would experience.


Elysium / Open the more things change -- "reattaching"
« on: February 19, 2020, 05:28:20 PM »
  The bodies are buried, flowers resting on their graves. The forest has been checked, and the attacker is no longer there- it fled in the opposite direction. She plans to set up a trap later, to catch it if it ever comes back. Reed and Lemy have been located and secured, and will be fine until a deal is reached with the Typhoon.

  Rin walks into her house. The voice in her head has gone silent, but the horror and guilt still rage beneath the surface. While contained now, she won't bet on the emotions remaining contained for very long. The sooner she speaks to Idyllfields, the better. Walking over to the counter where she has set the basket, she retrieves various items- winter fruits, assorted herbs for common ailments, paper and writing utensils- and places them in the basket one by one, methodically.

  There is no threat now.

  It's safe.

  Rin's eyes snapped open, and she staggered back with a yelp. Glancing around wildly, she flexed her claws, gripping the wooden floor. She was in her house, not by the border. She was staring at a basket of plants and plant material, not at a-

  Inhaling sharply, she leaned against the counter, staring at the wooden planks and counting the grains. The danger was gone. She knew it was gone, though her memory of what had happened was hazy. Still, she couldn't fight back the tears that welled up in her widened eyes, not while struggling to keep her breathing even.

  What happened to her? She just... went blank. She wasn't supposed to do that, she was supposed to be fully aware and in control at all times. She wasn't supposed to lose her mind over a couple of dead strangers- and yet she had. "Stop crying," she hissed to herself, her voice cracking, but she couldn't make it stop.

  Had it all just been a nightmare? Was that why she was here, alone- wrapped up in the feverish concoctions of her mind? It felt so utterly, sickeningly real...

  She wanted to retch, but she knew it wouldn't help anything. No, she had to talk to Idyllfields- but they weren't here, and with the time they had left in the day she and Nemhain wouldn't be able to make it before nightfall. And the basket wasn't even ready yet.

  Swallowing back the bile in her throat, Rin messaged Nemhain, Bring me Playerone, please. She just needed to calm down long enough to function. Once she was in front of Idyll, then she could worry about whatever had just happened to her.

  /tl;dr: after "detaching" for long enough to deal with Rosy and Abigail's deaths, Rin goes back to her house, starts getting together a gift basket for the Typhoon, and abruptly "reattaches"- becoming fully aware of the situation and freaking out, she asks Nemhain to bring her Playerone
  /don't feel the need to match muse, I mostly just posted this for reference in future replies/threads

Elysium / Oneshot signed on for a sequel
« on: February 06, 2020, 08:25:50 PM »
  /tw: "death" by throat slash in paragraph 10, alcohol mention in 2nd paragraph after HR line

  She awoke within a cave.

  A jolt ran through her entire body as she scrambled to her feet, her eyes frantically sweeping her surroundings for a way out. The walls gleamed with a rippling light, but none of them led to open air. Her breathing quick and shallow, she staggered back, whipping around wildly- it had to be there. There had to be an exit.

  “Not to worry, this is only a dream.”

  She spiraled to face the speaker, her claws extending in preparation to fight. The voice belonged to a dragon, platinum scales reflecting the dim cyan lights. Lowering their head, they twitched their whiskers. “This cave has a way out in the waking world,” they remarked, “but if you die here, it doesn’t matter so much.”

  “...I’m gonna go out on a limb,” Rin said, lifting an arrow and pointing it in the direction of the dragon. “I’ll guess… Saturn?”

  They smirked. “Ouranos, actually,” they answered, “or the Skyborne. Good guess, though.”

  The Skyborne, appearing to her in a cave? “Couldn’t be much further from the sky,” she quipped, lashing her tail. If she joked about it, she could distance herself from the fact that she was in just as much danger as they were. “Unless this is your idea of interrogation?”

  With a low chuckle, the Skyborne stepped to the side, revealing an ornately-carved stone behind them- disturbingly reminiscent of an altar. “I wanted to show you something,” they said, waving their claws in a circle in front of them- mist gathering around its forelimbs, forming into the shape of a four-legged creature. The creature’s finer details faded into view, until Rin realized she was looking at Lemy, his eyes closed and his body relaxed despite his odd position.

  “Let him go,” she warned, taking a step closer and preparing to fire the arrow. “He doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

  “Fool,” the Skyborne cackled, “this is a dream. Killing his reflection here won’t affect him in the waking world.” Before Rin could say anything, they swiped three claws across Lemy’s throat, scoring gashes that spilled crimson fog.

  Rin surged forwards and flung the arrow at their eyes, but they calmly lifted a forelimb and halted the arrow mid-flight. “Watch,” they murmured, holding Lemy’s figure over the altar-like rock. The blood spilled onto the altar- and immediately light shot out of the stone where the blood touched it, flooding the room. Rin squeezed her eyes shut to avoid being blinded.

  As the light faded, she reopened her eyes, and Lemy was gone. The Skyborne flicked their tail towards the still-glowing rock. “It’s a simple sacrifice,” they said, twitching their brows. “Forsake your loyalty to Elysium, and prove your loyalty to your old home... Spill an Elysite’s blood, and the altar can bring your friends back.”

  Did they seriously think…? “Why would I do something like that on your word alone?” Rin asked, narrowing her eyes. They were out of their mind if they thought she was going to break her oath on the promises of a god, particularly one who had everything to gain from her downfall.

  The Skyborne twitched their whiskers. “If you really want your friends back,” they replied, lashing their tail, “if you really want them to be happy, you’ll take that chance.”

  Betraying her own word for the sake of what could easily be a lie wasn’t a chance any sane person would expect her to take, but Rin was more interested in why the Skyborne was bothering with this. “What’s in it for you?” she demanded with furrowed brows.

  “Simple.” They leaned in, smoke wisping from their breath. “I don’t want the rest of my family killed.” Lifting a clawed forelimb and inspecting it, they went on, “By the time I figured out how to reach you, the Captain was going to get himself killed no matter what I did. But no one else should have to die unnecessarily.”

  Before she could shoot back that an Elysite’s sacrifice would itself be unnecessary, the Skyborne growled, “Too bad you’re too selfish to do it.”

  Selfish? In what way- shaking her head, she snapped, “Yeah, it’s super selfish not to blindly follow the orders of a god who’s been trying to kill my friends and I since day one, isn’t it?”

  With a harsh, crowing laugh, the Skyborne extended their claws towards her. “It’s selfish that you aren’t really willing to make sacrifices for them.” Their eyes flashed. “It doesn’t mean anything to you to spill our blood. Our lives never held any value to you.” With a shrug, they leaned back. “If it really meant that much to you, you’d give anything for them.”

  "I can’t break my word.” Rin maintained a stoic expression. “I couldn’t sacrifice an innocent life, even if I believed that it could actually bring them back.”

  “Well, then that’s that, isn’t it?” The Skyborne grinned, their teeth gleaming under the strange light. “Despite claiming that your loyalty is unconditional, there are some things you just aren’t willing to do- like sacrificing someone. Or, say... setting Nemhain free.”

  Rin jolted. Had they just said… “What do you mean, ‘set her free?’” she growled. “If she’s really a manifestation of me, then-”

  “There’s a way to separate a persona from its owner, allowing them to live as their own person.” They chuckled. “Multiple ways, in fact, but I can only think of one that wouldn’t horribly injure everyone involved.” Swishing their tail, they continued, “I can’t tell you what it is, of course, for multiple reasons- but it does exist.”

  And she was supposed to believe this, why? Rin opened her mouth, but the Skyborne interrupted, “Could you imagine, though? Nemhain being free, not being stuck within the confines of Elysium… not being bound to her selfish excuse for an owner.” Rin flinched again, and they fixed their gaze on her. “I can see why you wouldn’t want that, now that I think about it.”

  “But I do, Rin shot back after a moment, her ears flattening back. “If there’s a way for her to be free, then she deserves to be free.”

  The Skyborne’s grin faded, their expression becoming neutral. “Perhaps, but you know full well what’ll happen then,” they said, narrowing their eyes.

  Rin remained silent.

  “She’ll leave you behind and forget about you. Just like the others all did.”

  “They didn’t leave me behind!” Rin snarled, her fur bristling. They dared imply that the others would- would just forget? This arrogant, lying- who did they think they were?

  The Skyborne waved a forelimb, and the rippling lights morphed into glass, an entire world behind the waterfall. Turning her head towards it, she gazed through the window, though she kept a second arrow pointed at the Skyborne the whole time.

  She could see… the mental hospital. Not burnt to the ground, either- it was intact, figures emerging from the doors to meet the day. Creatures she had never expected to see again, let alone getting along… the plucking of strings rising into the air to reach her ears, laughing and chattering, people she knew basking under the glow of the night sky. Stars studded their frames, like each of them held a sky of their own.

  “Monolith City,” the Skyborne whispered, their words echoing over the strains of ukulele and guitar in accord. “All of them genuinely enjoying themselves. For all they care, you might as well not exist. They don’t miss you.”

  “And why should I believe you?” Rin hissed, turning to him and lifting a paw. “It’s as you said- this is a dream. You could easily have conjured up an illusion out of whole cloth.” Even if she really had seen their afterlife, one moment of contentment out of context didn’t mean they’d forgotten her.

  The fact that she’d already been trying to make her peace with being forgotten was shoved to the back of her mind. If the Skyborne was trying to capitalize on it, she had to fight back.

  “They could come back any time they like.” The Skyborne smiled in a false expression of sweetness, as if speaking to a child. “Even as a spirit, they could have visited you, if you mattered to them. But most of them never have, have they?” They lifted a claw to her chin, meeting her eyes directly. “Recall how Suiteheart was the only one who ever visited you. The others didn’t bother to give you so much as a goodbye- and even Suiteheart only cared enough to do so once.” Leaning in closer, they sneered.

  “She realized you aren’t worth it, Zharin.”

  Lashing out with one paw, Rin smacked their claws away from her face. “Shut up,” she hissed, her voice uneven. They… they dared invoke that name?

  “Nemhain will realize the same if you give her a chance, and you know it.” The Skyborne’s voice grew angrier. “And so you won’t let her go. You’d rather keep a slave than be alone again, because you’re nothing but a spoiled, selfish-

  “I said SHUT UP!” she roared, jets of flame bursting out from underneath her bandages. Nausea and dread burned within the pit of her stomach, tearing away at her insides. They were wrong. She wasn’t- she couldn’t be…

  After a few moments, the Skyborne chuckled. “Well, think about it then. Or don’t. It’s up to you, really- no one but you and I will know unless you tell.” Lowering their head to meet her eyes, they said calmly, “Come back here if you ever decide to do the right thing for once.”

  Rin lunged at them, but they waved a forelimb, the world exploding into light-

  -and she awoke in her bed, wind and rain beating relentlessly against the window.

  Curling in on herself, she felt her claws grip the bedding. The temptation to locate the nearest consumable form of alcohol crawled to the front of her mind- much as she despised it, maybe if she drank enough, she’d black out and forget all of this happened. The Skyborne’s whispers would fade from her memory, and she wouldn’t… have to deal with their threats anymore.

  Realization hit her like a brick, and she messaged Nemhain, I’m fine, just a bad dream. Go back to sleep. She didn’t need Nemhain investigating this. The Skyborne was right that she wouldn’t even consider sacrificing an Elysite- she couldn’t break her oath over the words of a god- but Nemhain…

  ...if she thought about it too hard, would they both realize?

  No, Nemhain didn’t need to know about this just yet. Not until Rin knew if the Skyborne was telling the truth. She couldn’t get Nem’s hopes up for something that might not actually exist. For all she knew, it might not even be what Nem wanted.

  ...but she got the feeling it was.

  Her stomach twisted into knots. She had to do it. She had to do the right thing, regardless of what she actually wanted- what she wanted didn’t matter.

  Rolling off the bed, she stumbled out of her room and over to the bathroom, then climbed onto the sink. Staring into the mirror, meeting her own sunken-in gaze, she set her jaw. If she opened her mouth, she might actually retch.

  The cold of the sink’s surface seeped into her paws, freezing her there. Selfish. Spoiled, selfish brat. They know you’re not worth it. Shouldn’t you be happy about that? Shouldn’t you be happy that they figured out the truth, that you can’t hurt them anymore? She could barely hear the squealing, her claws scratching against the stone, over the roaring in her ears. Elysium will realize too. If they’re lucky, history might spare them, and kill you in their place. As if- as if your soul is worth the same as theirs? You could die a thousand times and it wouldn’t add up to even ONE of them.

  She could see tears collecting at the corners of her eyes.

  Stop crying.

  Rubbing the moisture away with her scarf, she swallowed back the bile in her throat and descended from the sink. She couldn’t do this right now. She had to go back to sleep, and forget it for now. She couldn’t think about it now. She wasn’t strong enough.

  Returning to her bed, she curled up and squeezed her eyes shut. Not now. You can worry about it in the morning.

  /word count: 2070
  /tl;dr: one of the gods, the Skyborne, visits Rin in her dreams to manipulate her- after waking up, Rin has a crisis about it
  /don't feel the need to reply to this unless you have muse you'd like to burn, I'm just using this to foreshadow some stuff

Elysium / Open whatever it takes -- evacuation drills
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:02:48 PM »
  Well, she'd come up with a plan. She couldn't see any real way for the Captain to beat it, but it was reliant on everyone knowing what to do and following directions. That included her, in this case. She wasn't going to throw herself into danger- she'd let the Captain come to them, or take the time to mount an offensive once he'd tired himself out.

  Rin stood in the middle of the sea town, with a rough map of the streets sitting in front of her. The more experienced Elysites would know the fastest way out of the town from any given location, but the newer ones could use some help. They would also need to cover what to do if the flood prevented them from leaving town. Luckily Nemhain was capable of airlifting multiple creatures at once, so anyone who was trapped wouldn't be trapped for long.

  "Drill time, come here for instructions," she called out, glancing around.

Elysium / Announcement haunted -- assembly 1/26
« on: January 26, 2020, 09:45:12 PM »
  Well, her schedule had slipped quite a bit.

  There hadn't been any signs of the Captain on the coast, but if he had been truthful about his deadline, he would be here in a few days. She needed to make sure Elysium had a plan. Taking into account the dimensions of a blue whale's tail and the fact that he most likely had power over water, the waves could be extremely dangerous even to those who weren't fighting. And that wasn't even getting into whatever can of worms the Halls of Hiraeth might have opened.

  Stepping out into the middle of the mountain camp, Rin called, "Assembly time. Everyone get over here." At her paws, she had notes written on a sheet of paper. There was quite a bit to talk about today. Once a decent number of creatures had gathered, she began, "A quick welcome to Cosette, Quennel, Adelaide, and Wheatley- and welcome back to Finnloch and Kade."

  Tugging at her scarf, she swept her gaze over the crowd. "Also, shout-outs to Sanzu and Valerian." Promoting anyone while the curse was active would probably be a bad idea unless the person explicitly volunteered- and now that she thought about it, she probably ought to ask Lemy if he wanted to resign. She'd put him in enough danger already, after what the reapers had done to him. Maybe as stubborn as he was, he'd figure he might as well hold onto the position until she repaid him, but...

  ...well, regardless, shout-outs would do for the moment. Now for major point number one. "The Halls of Hiraeth asked for an alliance, and invited us to a festival. However, I do have some concerns that I wanted to bring up," Rin said, twitching her ears. "First, the Pitt is invited. If I recall correctly, Goldenluxury has stepped away from the Pitt, and Kydobi is in charge. Redvox claims that they've been well-behaved, but I still have my reservations."

  Narrowing her eyes, she added, "More importantly, this festival is apparently a celebration of the Halls' pantheon of gods. I don't know if the gods in question have any affiliation with the gods that we're currently fighting- I have no reason to suspect that they are, but I also have no reason to trust that they aren't." She took a deep breath. "I personally plan on visiting the festival to investigate both these gods and the Pitt's current status for myself, but I am leaving it up to each Elysite as to whether or not they wish to attend. If you do, be cautious."

  They'd probably yell at her for putting herself in more danger. If this were a typical festival, she probably wouldn't take the risk, especially after the ambush- but the costs of going were outweighed by the benefits. If the Halls and the Pitt were colluding, if the Pitt was planning something, or if the Halls' pantheon had any overlap with the gods that were threatening her, Elysium needed to know.

  "Speaking of gods, the end of the month is coming up." Rin glanced out towards the coast, then back at the crowd. "When the Captain attacks, there will likely be coastal damage. I will be hosting evacuation drills tomorrow. In addition, I suggest securing any valuables you might have in the mountain camp- and on the nights of the 30th and the 31st, I want everyone staying in the mountain camp until sunrise." Those measures should prevent any night attacks, minimizing potential casualties. If they insisted, she'd even stay in the mountain camp herself.

  Bringing up the option of sacrificing her seemed pointless, since it didn't seem like any of the Elysites were willing to do that- probably because of what she'd said after the Warrior incident. Bringing up her trauma had been beneficial in the sense that Nemhain had appeared, but it was never going to not feel like guilt-tripping to her. She could apologize all she wanted for forcing everyone to stay by her side, but once Pandora's box was open, there was no putting its contents back in.

  No, now wasn't the time to think about that. Shaking her head, Rin said, "We will need to fight him, but we can be smart about it." Letting him tire himself out trying to flood an empty town, then striking when he was exhausted, was probably their best move. They'd devise a more precise plan when she held the drills tomorrow.

  "That's all I have. If you're new and want to swear the oath, step forward."

  /tl;dr + ooc notes:
  /welcome to @Cosette @quennel ! @ADELAIDE @Wheatley and welcome back to @finnloch. @kade .
  /shout-outs to @Sanzu and @HALO MERCER
  /Halls of Hiraeth wants an alliance and invited us to a festival, but the Pitt is involved, and the Halls have their own gods- be cautious c;
  /the Captain will most likely attack at the end of this month, so stay tuned, move your valuables and be ready to evacuate
  /evacuation drills
  /if you want to swear in, have your character say so in their reply

Elysium / Announcement IC GAME: MURDER
« on: January 14, 2020, 09:49:00 PM »
Overnight, a curious game had taken shape.

Two pieces of paper were posted- one on a bulletin board within the sea town, the other on the walls of the mountain camp. The papers were identical, each containing a list of instructions and space for participants to mark down their names.


A classic game of assassination, with a twist.

Each person who signs up will be secretly assigned one of the other players as their target. As part of the game, you must "kill" your target by splatting them on the neck with paint. You are welcome to choose any color of paint you like, but please do not choose any color that could be easily mistaken for blood (dark reds in particular). Targets may not be splatted in their own room, but any other location is fair game.

If you are splatted, you may not tell anyone who splatted you. You must tell your "killer" who your target was; your former target will become their next target.

At any time, the remaining players can decide to host a trial, to determine who splatted the most recent victim. If a majority votes one player guilty, that player is "executed" and will be publicly splatted by the referee. Whoever had that player as a target will be given the player's former target. Splatted and executed players may not speak or vote in trials- remember, dead creatures tell no tales.

The last player left standing wins. Good luck, keep your secrets close to your chest, and stay alive!

Sign up here:

Neutral Grounds / Private Poe's masquerade -- Nemhain
« on: January 14, 2020, 09:32:59 PM »
  Rain drummed softly on the stone, the steady drops sinking into Rin's frame.

  The echoes of the rain's beat were oddly calming, a low white noise to fill the night. Loneliness was easily the least of Rin's problems, but she had to admit having background noise kept her from thinking about how alone she truly was. Most of that isolation was self-inflicted, sure, but that didn't make it any more pleasant.

  She was almost certain that something bad had happened to her while it was raining, at least once, but her memories remained quiet for the moment. She ought to appreciate that while she could. Any escape she could find from the past, even if temporary, was welcome.

  Every step was accompanied by a splash, the light shower having formed puddles that would remain through the night. The sunrise would evaporate any remnants of the moisture by noon tomorrow, if not sooner, but for now the water was here. Rin wasn't bothered by the splashing; it was better than sitting in one place all night. Apparently it was common for children to romp around in puddles, but she wouldn't really know.

  It occurred to her briefly that perhaps she ought to practice her archery in weather like this, in case a god ever decided to attack in the middle of a rainstorm- the lower visibility might pose an issue, as well as the winds. Actually, while she was thinking about it, she still wasn't sure what sort of power she had gained from the Ferryman, if any. It was possible his death simply hadn't brought about any new abilities, since the Torchbearer's death hadn't either. It was also possible that since she hadn't been the only one responsible for killing him, she wouldn't be the one to receive the "reward".

  Still, she had to wonder... and an idea began to form in her head.

  Focusing on the space ahead of her, she took a deep breath, and reached out with her mind to view the other side of the fog.

  And there were more of them on the other side- figures born of a jet-black mist, venomous eyes set in their skulls, claws gleaming white. Each one solidified into its native shape, twisted facsimiles of those she had once known. Their gazes met hers, words spilling from their maws to form violent threats, promises of revenge, summons for her to come join them.

  Every turn of her head, every blink of her horrified eyes, they loomed over her. The bodies rose up in a wave, crashing down-

  Rin staggered back, slipping on the cobblestone and falling onto her side. Wheezing, she jerked her head, her eyes sweeping her surroundings. The street was empty. She was alone.

  Why had she done that? She knew it was pointless, stupid even, to try and see the other side. What did she think, that the others would celebrate her arrival like some sort of hero? Like she was one of them, instead of a worthless outsider who had done nothing but hurt them?

  With a hiss, Rin clutched at her forehead with both paws. Selfish. "Stop," she murmured, her eyes squeezing shut. She needed a distraction again. Goldenluxury wasn't here with tea. Valerian was probably asleep. Who would be awake?

  So you're going to burden someone else with your pain? Again?

  "Shut up," she growled, forcing herself to get up and stumble back towards her house. Yes, she was going to burden someone else. Pointing it out wasn't going to soften the blow. Stepping into the house, Rin shut the door- more forcefully than she'd intended to- and glanced around. If she had to force someone else to help her, it might as well be the one other person here who had witnessed everything she'd gone through.

  ...or at least, that was the impression Rin got. "Nemhain," Rin said, forcing a straight face. Really, she didn't have to burden the fenghuang. A distraction would be enough. "Can we talk?"


Elysium / Open where were you? -- checkups
« on: January 09, 2020, 09:19:08 PM »
  Checkups had been slightly delayed, as had several other tasks she'd said she would complete, but better late than never.

  So far, everyone seemed to be recovering well enough from the Ferryman attack. Shock was the greatest threat in situations like this, and Rin hadn't seen anyone showing symptoms. Still, best to check everyone's wounds to ensure there weren't any infections or other complications- Lemy in particular, as he'd been cut up pretty badly. He'd had the wherewithal to appear at the meeting, so physically he must be getting better, but he seemed to be having hearing issues. Tena and Valerian had also been in the boat with the Ferryman during the battle, so they ought to take second priority after Lemy- then all the others who had been involved in direct combat but hadn't been too badly injured.

  Sitting down in the center of town with a collection of herbs beside her just in case, Rin called out, "Checkup time. If you were there when the Ferryman attacked, come here." If Lemy was still having trouble hearing, she could go get him herself, but she suspected he'd find his way there anyway.


Elysium / Open all these violent means -- first aid training
« on: January 06, 2020, 07:38:49 PM »
  Truthfully, first aid training had been a long time coming. The other Elysites ought to know what to do if the trained medics were unavailable, at least in the short-term. The populace knowing how to disinfect and bandage wounds, how to deal with venom and poison, how to resuscitate someone who wasn't breathing, and the like could save multiple lives in the long run.

  Walking out into the center of town, Rin set down a small stuffed toy intended to vaguely resemble a cat, with a tear in the fabric running across its belly, spilling out cotton. While offering up herself as a living practice dummy would probably be more lifelike, causing herself actual injuries would mean wasting actual herbs to patch her up- and that was impractical in this weather. "Everyone come here for first aid training," she called out, removing a few clumps of cobweb, sprigs of marigold, and sticks of comfrey from her bag; they wouldn't actually be applied to the toy, but having a visual aid would be helpful.

Neutral Grounds / Private in the shadows -- Mistrim
« on: January 04, 2020, 07:59:52 PM »
  The cuts that the snake had left on her leg seemed to be healing well enough. The flesh in that area wasn't swelling, and the lacerations had shrunk over time. Rin had seen no sign of infection, or of any side-effects that could be attributed to venom. Perhaps luck had taken her side this time.

  Wrapping up the wound in fresh bandages, she glanced towards the door. The air was warmer than the previous nights, albeit still chilly. She might not be the only one out on the docks tonight- someone else might decide to take a night walk. Certainly, some company might help her stay awake.

  If she was alone, though, it would be no skin off her back. With a shrug, she finished re-dressing the wound, then went outside. Glancing up and down the street, she then started walking towards the docks.


Neutral Grounds / Private reach for the stars -- Videogames
« on: December 31, 2019, 10:53:18 PM »
  Night watches would never get any easier, but this was the bed Rin had made- now she would lie in it.

  Sitting on the dock, feeling the chilly air seep into her bones, Rin curled her tail around her paws and stared out at the horizon. Perhaps she should have brought a blanket, or a jacket, or some other insulating fabric outside with her. Still, at least the cold would keep her awake.

  Making a point not to look at the stars, she instead peered into the water, searching for any signs of movement. Occasionally a shape would flit by beneath the waves, and she would take an arrow out in preparation- only to realize it was just a regular fish, or a patch of seaweed. Even then, a false positive was less dangerous than a false negative.

  Setting her jaw, Rin tugged at her scarf with one paw. Realistically, the odds of the Captain attacking now, when the Elysites were still recovering from the Ferryman's attack, were higher than she would have liked. Still, that was why she was here. If he chose tonight for a sneak attack, the alarm would be raised and he would be in for a bloody battle... especially since Eirny was still here if she recalled correctly, and the salt water would conduct electricity really well. The thought of the Captain being electrocuted in one shot was amusing, she had to admit.

  Rin couldn't count on such a possibility, though. At any moment, everything could fall apart again.

  With a sigh through gritted teeth, she focused her gaze on the horizon once more and tried not to think about it.


Elysium / Announcement wash away the anger -- assembly 12/31
« on: December 31, 2019, 10:25:25 PM »
  The cold permeated every inch of her form.

  Rin opened her eyes, and found herself- underwater? No, she couldn't be underwater, as she could still breathe, but she floated in an expanse of azure blue. Furrowing her brows, she turned her head to look around. She was the only living thing for what had to be miles around.

  She looked up. Glimmers of sunlight barely reached the depth she was submerged at, but at least she had some indication that the surface was visible. Not that it mattered, as long as she could breathe.

  Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a shadow. Turning to look at it, she watched as it grew larger, closer, more defined. Its gargantuan form loomed over her as it approached, every stroke of its tail displacing enough water to drown an entire clan.

  Blue whale, her brain supplied helpfully.

  "Neptune, I presume?" Rin asked, her voice only slightly distorted by the megatons of water separating the two of them. It was a fair guess, considering the surroundings. Instinctively, she unsheathed her claws, though she knew they would do little good.

  The whale gazed down at her. "AYE," he boomed, the sheer amplitude of his voice nearly shattering her eardrums, eliciting a shudder from her. Apparently cognizant of her discomfort, he closed his eyes, and his form shrank bit by bit- until the creature before her was an orca, slightly more manageable, significantly less likely to damage her hearing. She got the feeling she would see his blue whale form again soon enough, though.

  With a flap of his fins, the orca said, "I'm the Captain. Fallen god o' the sea." Displaying his teeth in a way vaguely resembling a smile, he went on, "Sent four o' me mates down to the locker, have ye, lass? Thought ye'd be tougher, after almost three years."

  Rin scoffed, twitching her ears. "Can't take credit for the Ferryman," she said, with a shrug. "The Elysites did all the work." Quirking a brow, she added, "And I suspect they'd do the same to you, if you decided to show up at the docks."

  The Captain laughed, a high-pitched chirp that seemed to come from all directions at once. "Feisty! I like it," he bellowed, his tail swishing through the water. As his laughter subsided, he bared his teeth in a grin. "Best watch yerself. Wouldn't want any more o' yer crew blown down, would ye?"

  Narrowing her eyes, Rin lashed her tail. So he would dare to threaten Elysium, too? "What do you want?" she growled, tugging at her scarf. He had to be here looking to gain something. "Let me guess- you've come to ask me to surrender?"

  "Aye, ye got me," the Captain replied, raising his fins in a gesture reminiscent of a shrug. "Simple trade, really- raise the white flag, and yer crew's got smooth sailing from then on. No more curses." Leaning in closer, he added, "Got time to think it over, too. I'll give ye 'til January's end."

  January's end? That was a lot of advance notice- suspiciously so. "Awfully patient of you," she commented, swishing her tail. "Well, I think I will think it over." She wouldn't be thinking over it alone, of course, but she and the rest of Elysium would consider his offer, though she didn't foresee them accepting it.

  The Captain nodded, then slowly turned to leave. "Just remember," he said, a degree of seriousness in his voice, far removed from his previously casual tone. "If they end up in the locker because o' ye... there's only yerself to blame."

  With a powerful strike of his tail, the water washed Rin away-

  -and she awoke, the ceiling of the house slowly coming into focus.

  They were due for an assembly. It seemed strange to worry about political affairs, after the mess she'd found herself in, but if she was to remain Magna she had to fulfill her duties as such. Even if they hadn't been due, a new threat had made itself clear to her- and she had to let them know, for their safety.

  Getting to her feet, she walked out of the house and towards the town square. She didn't feel up to going all the way up the mountain just yet. The other Elysites would appear either way. Standing in the center, she glanced around at the passersby, who met her gaze with curiosity.

  "Assembly time," Rin called out, twitching an ear. "Everyone get over here." She had missed being able to raise her voice to its normal maximum volume without her ribcage exploding in pain. As the first few residents settled in, she continued, "Regarding events, the market festival is still ongoing. There will be first-aid and combat trainings sometime in the next two weeks, along with checkups later this week. There will also be a game starting this next week- signups and instructions will be posted both in the mountain camp and in the town." Best to start with the lighthearted things, while everyone was arriving.

  Glancing towards the mountain, she said, "I want to welcome both Sanzu and Nemhain to Elysium. It's good to have you here." She wasn't entirely sure how to handle welcoming a part of herself that gained sentience- there was no protocol for such a thing- but given how different Nemhain was from her, they might as well have been two separate people.

  With a heavy sigh, she shook her head. With the positive things out of the way, that left the elephant in the room.

  "I've been meaning to apologize for all of this mess, really," she began, tugging at her scarf. "I didn't intend to get Elysium involved with my own problems, but that doesn't change the fact that I did anyway. Even then, I should have at least let you all know much sooner." Looking down at the ground, she continued, "I also shouldn't have been so defensive when I was explaining myself. All of you had a right to be angry, regardless of the reason." She was sorely tempted to add on that it had been wrong for her to bring past trauma into the argument, but... considering that it had apparently summoned Nemhain, maybe mentioning it had been beneficial after all.

  She lifted her head. "All of you protected me from the Ferryman, at risk to your own lives," she remarked. "I owe you a debt that I could never fully repay, but... I'm still going to try." Looking up towards the sky, she heaved a sigh. "I can't ask you all to put your lives on the line for me after what I've done, but since it seems like you're going to do it anyway... I'll just have to do the same for all of you."

  She briefly considered promising to do better, but... what good was her word now? She still had something she could do, though. "I received another message last night, while I was asleep," Rin stated, adopting a more business-like tone. "Another god- this one calling himself the Captain- informed me that I have until the end of January to surrender myself to him, and in turn, he would break the curse." Now that they knew she wasn't making up the whole "gods" mess, there was no reason to hide.

  "I can't say I trust him to break the curse, but... either way, I leave it up to all of you." She straightened up. "Considering the last god's defeat, we may stand a chance against this one, but it may still be risky. If he speaks the truth about us having until the end of January, we don't have to decide today- but in case he decides not to wait, I and anyone else who wishes to can keep an eye on the coast." Given that he'd appeared in the forms of an orca and a blue whale, she doubted he could approach stealthily enough to not catch her eye. If Elysium was worried about it, they could assign additional members to watch for him as well.

  Glancing towards the water, she added, "He appeared to me in the forms of a blue whale and an orca. I don't know if either of those are how he will manifest in the mortal plane, but a blue whale could potentially do some damage to the town. We should set up an evacuation plan for such a situation- I can host a meeting for that later." Really, they ought to have evacuation plans for multiple situations, not just floods, but this was just a start.

  Of course, it might not even come to that. "If you decide to take him up on his offer, I understand," Rin said, looking back at those gathered. "But if you decide to fight, we will need to be prepared."

  Allowing the words to ring out for a few moments, she remained still, appearing as sturdy as she could. The Captain's words remained in the back of her mind, chewing away at her composure slowly but surely. She was giving them an out, giving them a chance to preserve their own lives... it wasn't enough, it would never be enough, but it was better than she had done before. At least now they knew the danger.

  Finally, she said, "That's all I have. Tomorrow's the beginning of a new year, so... happy new year, I suppose."

  /OOC notes + tl;dr:
  -welcome to @nemhain. and welcome back to @Sanzu ^^
  -first-aid and combat trainings, checkups, evacuation drills, and a game are all upcoming- they'll be linked here and in the OOC board when they're posted
  -the market festival is still happening
  -Rin's apologized for some things, and thanked Elysium for protecting her from the Ferryman
  -a new god called the Captain is giving Elysium until the end of January to surrender Rin- Rin told Elysium about this and gave them a choice
  -Rin didn't mention this, but if anyone wants to swear themselves into Elysium they can step forward in their reply
  -Happy New Year! ^^

Neutral Grounds / Private as I'm falling through -- Playerone
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  /retro to Ferryman attack

  Everything is falling to pieces.

  Granted, that's mostly my own fault. I know I didn't want the clan to think I was crazy and depose me, but surely I could have at least
told Tena that someone was after her life. Being thought of as crazy doesn't matter nearly as much as the possibility that someone could have died.

  And Lemy?
What was I thinking? "Test the character," "possibility of social mobility," whatever. Someone could have died.

  How did I mess this up so ba

  The quill ran dry, only an indentation of the letter "d" suggesting that the word was meant to be finished.

  With a sigh, Rin set down the quill and glanced out the window. The moon was high in the sky. It was late and she needed sleep, but... she doubted sleep would come. Writing out her thoughts hadn't calmed her mind one bit. Of course it wouldn't, she didn't deserve to be calm. Peace was for those who made good decisions.

  Closing the notebook, she lowered her head and glanced down at her bandages. They probably needed to be changed soon, but she wasn't going to go knock on someone else's door for assistance. It was too late at night for that.

Neutral Grounds / Private cinnabar island -- Valerian
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  Valerian had offered to show her the recipe book at his house.

  As they walked, Rin couldn't stifle the part of her that insisted that this wasn't right, that she shouldn't drag him away from his fun just because she needed a distraction. The rest of her won out, however- the insistence that she couldn't isolate herself right now, with the past bearing down on her, was louder than any sense of selflessness she might have felt. Lemy had been right on the money that day: she really was-

  "-a selfish, spoiled brat."

  Rin nearly jumped out of her skin as the voice rang out behind her, turning her head to stare behind her. No one was there. Of course no one was there. That was the problem. Exhaling harshly, she returned her gaze to the path ahead- to Valerian, leading her towards his home. They would bake cookies, and the past would not catch her today. That was what she had to focus on.

  As they approached the house, Rin looked over at Valerian, and internally evaluated the situation. Once she got a hold of the recipe, would she be fine baking on her own? She didn't think there was any risk of causing a fire, and she'd clean up once she was done- damaging his house wasn't the problem. If she focused solely on the cookies, then surely she'd be fine until the cookies were gone. Valerian could go back to stargazing with the others, and everything would be fine. She didn't have to be a burden on him.

  Squeezing her eyes shut, Rin took a deep breath. "They were good snickerdoodles," she uttered, twitching her ears. "Everything just tasted right." Focus on the snickerdoodles. Stay alive.


Elysium / Open mourning the passage of time -- cartography shop
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  Rin had heard about Straw kicking off the festival.

  Truthfully, Elysium could've canceled it. It was her idea, after all, and it had become apparent in the past few days that her ideas could be horribly out of touch with reality. Provided that they notified Tanglewood and the Halls of Hiraeth before anyone arrived, the other groups could deal with any disappointment they might have felt.

  That said, if they were going through with the festival anyway, and Lemy at least was feeling up to running a stall, there was no reason for Rin not to set up shop. She had advertised the cartography shop to at least one of the groups, after all, and a little thing like nearly being choked to death was no excuse to break her word. Furthermore, if any of the more aggressive groups happened to attend, it would be best for them to see that Rin wouldn't take her injuries lying down.

  She had placed her herb supplies in a side room, and locked it for good measure. Maps had been set up around the house, some pinned up with thumbtacks, others rolled up on the sides. Some maps featured the entire landmass, labeled with either political boundaries or geographical landmarks. Others showed only the uncharted territories- she might have labeled the Halls of Hiraeth if she had had a chance to visit the territory itself. She had a general idea of where it was, but it didn't make sense to label its boundaries if she couldn't place them exactly. Some tables had also been set up with writing utensils, pieces of blank paper, shells and other small tokens to use as markers, thumbtacks, and similar odds and ends for the use of an aspiring cartographer.

  As she wasn't entirely sure what sort of goods the visitors would bring to barter, there was no point in labeling prices at the moment. She expected to see plants, food, and trinkets for the most part, but no matter what they brought, it was best to be flexible and take it in stride. Opening the door and setting out a sign that read "Cartography shop here" in black inked letters, Rin heaved a sigh. Maybe no one would show. Maps weren't especially interesting unless you were an explorer or a cartographer yourself.

  If anyone did show up, though, she'd be ready. Sitting by the entrance, Rin gazed out at the streets. The sky was clear for now, but she wouldn't be surprised if it snowed later.

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