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Biographies / Animal doctor take my brain away from me;; romanempire
« on: April 14, 2020, 11:33:48 PM »

A million people around all I see is you

The echoes of that news ring loud

This time I might just disappear

You chucked me out like I was trash

Black out every fear I've been facing

Doctor take my brain away from me

Elysium / Open tell me again about how it hurts;; open- joining
« on: April 05, 2020, 06:47:00 PM »
"I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls"
He'd been wandering for a while now, through each group and through the neutral lands, visiting rouges, conversing with new people, until finally he missed what came with being in a set group. Although it wasn't his roots, Roman had decided that he wanted to go to Elysium and try to stay there longer than a week. He'd once been part of the Ascendants and had found a home there with old friends, but they were all gone now, and he'd have to make new ones, no matter how hard it would be.

He had no intention of hiding who he was, despite the new body he was in. Normally seen as a domestic feline, the male was now a mutated snow leopard in an attempt to stay warm in the mountainous biome without having to use his elementals. They tired him out and made him seem less approachable due to where they resided on his body most of the time. "Hello?" He would call out, rounded ears pricked as he listened for a response. "I'm here to join..." Hopefully he'd be allowed in.

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The Typhoon / Open I'm the best worst thing that hasn't happened to you yet
« on: March 19, 2020, 09:25:52 PM »
"I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls"
Roman had, in all honesty, been here for a while. Although that was the case, he hadn't yet come out of hiding completely, and had instead decided to save himself the troubles of getting too close to the water, and simply hiding. He couldn't hide any longer though, he was bored and lonely. So, coming out of his own little residence, the cheetah had pad forth, curiosity urging his feet forward as he did so.

Would there be anyone here that he knew? He was sure he'd known many a long time ago, but even so, would they recognize him? Normally donning a domestic feline's body, he was oddly different now comparatively, his telltale missing leg no longer missing for the time being, and fire cooled into embers along his body. "Hello?" The old male would speak, ears pricking as he waiting for but a moment before speaking once more. "My name's Roman, I joined a while ago and just kinda haven't been around much..." Oh how he wanted to change that.
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The Typhoon / Open I'M LOST INSIDE THE SANITY;; open - joining attempt
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:14:45 PM »
"I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls"
Roman recognized that he had moved too much in his life here on the island. There was a time before, when he would have stayed in one spot until he died, but that time had long since passed since he had found out who his father was, and had found out that he just couldn't seem to die. He'd be drowned too many times than he could count, and he had paid dearly for it, for his fear of water was a strong one, but he knew that if he wanted to control the souls within him, he would need to go somewhere that he hadn't been before, and try and live there, and that was the Typhoon. They were surrounded by water, and was a place his father wouldn't try to look for him because of it, yes? He hoped so.

Roman knew that the way into the territory of the Typhoon was one of traversing a large rail road track, spanning across the water that scared him. He had tried to pull himself together in order to go across it, but hadn't mustered the strength to go at it at a proper pace, and had, instead, found himself to be a cheetah, and he ran. Roman ran as fast as his legs would carry him across the railroad tracks, the water lashing up on his legs and causing him to cringe and shy away with fear.

Glad when it was finally over, he pad towards the large doors, grasping onto the rope that led to the bell, and pulled, and waited.
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Uncharted Territories / Halls of Hiraeth ARE YOU HERE TO DISTRACT ME? open; midnight snac
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:50:34 PM »
Grey fog, swirling around his feet, dark corners of his vision, echoes of breathing and the faint dripping of fear, Roman knew he was in a nightmare. He had had them many times before, and because of that he knew they were nothing to laugh at, nothing to ignore. They were important to him, they usually meant something.

And he had the feeling that this one would mean something horrible.

The scent of blood float around the male, and his ears pinned to the back of his head as a faint laugh echoed through his head, and a sharp pain coursed through his body and he jolt awake.

A snake had been let into his room, hungry and latched onto his foot.

The Typhoon / Open I'VE HAD MY ADVENTURE;; open - joining
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:44:41 PM »
Careful pawsteps touched the tracks on the small bridge that connected the large island that all the animals resided on to the smaller one that the Typhoon called home. He didn't want to get his feet wet, didn't want to slip, so he walked, and continued on his way, rounded ears pricked as he listened for anyone that could come up to him as he kept his head down, watching where he set his large paws down, careful to catch his balance when he slipped.

The tiger couldn't afford to get wet right now, he had to make a good impression on those that resided here.

Paws placed themselves on the ground and Trojan would let a smile spread across his maw, lips pulling back in pleasure as he made his way forward, grasping onto the large rope that connected to the bell in the front of the territory, pulling down hard, hoping that someone would reach the border soon.

Uncharted Territories / Halls of Hiraeth I've been ghosting for so long;; open - storm
« on: November 25, 2019, 03:41:45 PM »
Slow. That was the only word to describe the day thus far, at least in the eyes of Roman as he had decided that it would be best to walk around the territory, watch out for trespassers, concerened that there had been one so far into the territory recently without them noticing until they were already comfy and cozy inside a small cave. He didn't like the idea of animals that he didn't know, or animals that were simply going to go about their day and not even think of joining the group wondering around the territory. Maybe it was the fact that he was getting used to being here, being happy, or maybe it was the paternal instincts in him, but the demigod needed to make sure that nothing happened here to harm those that lived here. Now, jumping into fire by yourself was a different story and he couldn't stop that, but he swore he was going to stop everything that he could when he could.

The male had been walking around for a while, getting ready to turn back around and head back towards the apartment complex before a sudden flash of lighting ribboned across the sky, and he would pause for a moment in shock before looking up, eyes wide and ears pinned to his head as a large drop of water splashed down onto his nose, the rumble of thunder soon following.

So he began to run as the sky drew darker, and the rain began to fall more and more heavily, his blood pounding in his ears. Afraid as he made his way to the apartment buildings, the three legged male would kick up water in the puddles, more and more fear escaping him as he finally made it home as the thoughts of swirling water flashed around him, his throat closing instinctively as he tried to save his breath, unknowing that he was safe, that he was okay, that he was not drowning, but was simply soaking wet and, in fact, safe inside.

Uncharted Territories / Halls of Hiraeth doctor take my brain away from me;; open - medicine training
« on: November 15, 2019, 04:45:18 PM »
"I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls"
It seemed as though the longer Roman stayed here in the new group he was a part of, the more things he had been seen doing, or had been asked to do, the more Ro got paranoid about things that could happen. The last time he had been this happy, his father had come to try and take that away from him, shattering his soul and spreading them out into different bodies, forcing him to not have control of things any longer, up until his plan backfired, and Ro was suddenly himself again, though the shattered souls of others were inside of him, always fighting for the power to take over. Although Pluto's plan hadn't followed the plan exactly, it still tortured Roman, but the feline knew that there would be more eventually, his father was never happy with how much Roman was tortured, and wouldn't be able to help but come back when Roman was at his happiest point.

But here the undying immortal feline was, pretending as though everything was okay, and doing one hell of a job too. If he had seen himself from an outside perspective he'd think nothing was wrong, which was good, because Ro didn't feel like explaining things right now.

Clearing his throat, the male would pad into the middle of the lobby in the apartment buildings before sitting down and speaking, letting his voice ring out so that any inside could hear him clearly, and hoped that those outside would stumble in or be able to hear him as well. "I'm hosting the medicine training thing now, if anyone would like to come to learn things, or, uh, if you're interested in being the cleric." For now he guessed he was the honorary one, though could only hope that he wouldn't have to hold that title for too long.
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Elysium / Open SHOW ME THE PLACE WHERE YOUR WORDS COME FROM;; open - apology
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:05:55 PM »
"I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls"
The scent of the Pitt was long since gone from his pelt, now laying a new scent of a group that many animals would not have heard of yet, at least, animals from most of the groups. Those that resided in the Pitt were likely to know due to Vox having said something about it before he left, but Roman had spoken no words before leaving the groups he had been a part of, whether it be the Elysium before he ventured off into the Pitt, or the Pitt before he just up and left in the middle of the raid, off to find his new home in the group that Redvox had started.

Roman felt horrible because of his leavings, and even though he wasn't going to go back to the Pitt to do so, the male felt as though he should go back to Elysium and apologize to them for his short stay before leaving to go live with the enemy. He had good reason to, though he didn't believe that it was something that required explanation at the time being.

Padding over to the border, the three-legged male would simply sit down before clearing his throat. "Um, hello!" He would begin, brows scrunching as he thought for a moment, "I'm Roman, and I want to speak with the leader here, and I come here with no ill intent..." Just in case they remembered him from the raid, when he had been on the wrong side of things.
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Uncharted Territories / Halls of Hiraeth JUST LIKE BALLOONS;; open - moving in
« on: November 05, 2019, 10:36:50 AM »
When he was younger, Roman used to have many things filling the walls of his room that he stayed in. A bed in the corner, covered in pillows and blankets, painting supplies scattered everywhere, a painting he had made of all his friends on the easel when it wasn't being used to make a new painting. Playing cards were usually found in little piles around the room, old electronics that didn't work anymore that needed to be charged scattered all over the bed from when he had been able to play them.

Now? His rooms had been dark and drabby, unable to keep too many of his things with him at a time, until eventually there had been nothing left. He had tried to save as many things as he could, but over the years they had been lost or stolen, or even damaged to no repair either by himself on accident when his emotions had gotten the best of him, or by his father, who had seen it fit to take the things Roman loved and destroy them, since Pluto couldn't actually kill Roman.

The thought of having a place here that he could once more fill with things, filled Roman's heart with Joy, a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time. The small feline made his way into the old apartment building that they called the fortress, ears pricked as he listened to the sounds around him, a smile forming on his maw. This reminded him of his old home in the castle he used to live in. The sounds of old structure surrounding him, although were not the exact same that he remembered from back then, they were similar, and it made him forget about the bad things that had happened to him in the past year, and so he journeyed on, going up to the second floor of the apartment buildings, then the third, until the three-legged feline finally made it up to the fourth. It wasn't as high up as he could go, but it would be considered high for someone with a limb missing, but he managed to make it. Making his way down the hallway to the end, Roman would carefully open the last door to the left, and walked inside, the tip of his tail making out a little spark of fire in joy.

The room wasn't his perfect dream, but it was something he was happy with. There was a bed, and there was carpet. Old and dusty carpet, but carpet. And it made him happy. Flopping down, the male decided that later, he would look through the old storage closets he would surely be able to find in an apartment complex, or even some of the vacant rooms, in the hopes of being able to find some art supplies to drag here.

Uncharted Territories / Halls of Hiraeth STOP, DROP, AND DRAG ME INTO PLACE;; open - joining
« on: November 04, 2019, 05:18:47 PM »
Roman remembered a time long ago, when he had decided to run off with the love of his life and form a group of his own with her, to make sure that those that wanted sanctum from the bad things of the world and simply wanted to be able to live in a good place could come from far and wide to live there. It had been a much simpler time, and even so, it reminded him of this in some ways. Leaving the worst place imaginable in the area and forming a better place somewhere close enough to walk to, but far enough away where they were hidden - at least for now - and out of the way. Even if they had decided to set up shop next door to the Pitt, though, Roman imagined them not having any issues for a while either way, due to the battle that raged on between the four main groups that most heard about around the large island that the animals called home in their little band of misfits.

After deciding to leave the battle that had come to them, Roman had heard the last bit of Vox's speech, and waited a bit, debating with himself, before deciding to leave and try and follow the scent of his former group mate. They had little conversations in the past, and it was something that Roman had regretted in the end. He seemed like an individual that seemed to know what he wanted, and it seemed to be close to what Roman's original plans for his own world had been, though not exact. Roman's views had long since been known, however, and it had taken the three souls in his body to gain the recognition of him wanting peace among the group that he lived in his main goal. Although he had gone to the Pitt in retaliation to finding out about the souls, he had regretted the decision almost immediately, and the battle, when he had attacked someone that couldn't really fight back was the last straw for him. The Pitt was too bloodthirsty, and they were something that he didn't want to get himself involved in. He couldn't do it any longer. He only hoped that this would be a place that would accept him, even though his past was not somewhere that had been clean on any account, whether or not those accounts had been of his own free will or not.

Padding up to the newly marked borders, the male would open his jaw, soaking in the scent, nostalgia running through him as a small sigh went through his body, and the domestic feline would simply sit down, resting his three paws until someone came around to check on the borders, to make sure there were no threats, to check for new members of the growing group. Eventually, he wanted to get rid of the body he was currently in, but he figured it'd be best for him to keep this form for as long as possible, just so that those here from the Pitt that knew him - likely non considering he kept to himself in all reality - would recognize him.

The Pitt / Open sorry about the dirty night clowns && prisoner
« on: September 16, 2019, 03:22:00 PM »

When Roman had joined the Pitt, one of the first things he had noticed was the stench of prisoners. The scent of many different animals from different groups all in a similar area, the stench of their different groups all muddled together. Though this was the case, it seemed as though the main scent that came from the area was that of the Typhoon. Fair enough, considering that they had just been attacked by them not too long ago, but it was still odd, considering there were two other main groups to choose from.

Noting that there were not that many from one particular group, Roman had ventured off on his own, coming back eventually with a new prisoner for their ranks, bound up by rope and unconscious. Throwing the male down onto the ground Roman would shift into his domestic feline form, fire licking at his body as he sat there and waited until the other woke up - he wanted to see the pain in his eyes as he was tortured before throwing him wherever he was meant to be.

[[ sorry, this is very rushed, also please wait for Stark's post before responding here ]]

Tanglewood / Open CUMBERSOME AND HEAVY BODY && Attack
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:53:18 PM »
[[ before any confusion starts, I want to mention that Moth is also my character, so I gave myself permission to powerplay lmao ]]

Roman didn't have control over his actions, and hadn't for a while now. The souls in his body had been fighting for control ever sense he had joined the Pitt, and, eventually, there was one that started to show his head every now and then, having fought Warpaint and won, it continued to try and attack the two souls that had once been one, now severed in half due to the actions that Roman had done when he was younger. The weaker half had been silenced for a while now, Tunnelkit dormant, his own little soul trying to heal and get stronger to no avail, so lastly it was Trojan, the victor of the two other souls, trying to take command of the vessel that they all shared, ready to fight the shard of soul that was Roman's. Even though it was only a shard, however, it was still stronger than the three others, but it was getting tired, and Roman was starting to become more and more drained the longer he fought, and there were many times where he slipped and Trojan took over, this being one of those times.

Although he was a Pittian, Roman didn't like to harm others. He'd sit and watch, sure, but he very rarely participated in things such as torture or fighting. Of course, the exception being if he had been attacked first, then he would attack in retaliation - and he was a strong fighter too, despite his missing limb. Trojan, however, had come from a long line of war-bound lineage, each member fighting more and more to keep strong, to make sure they could be the best there was, and didn't care about who it was they were attacking and killing. They simply liked to do so. Trojan in and of himself, however, was a kiss-ass, and would do anything to get on the good side of whatever leader they were under, so, of course, when the soul had taken over, he decided to try and take revenge on Tanglewood for Jervis. He didn't care if he had been told to or not - he was going to do it in hopes that he'd be able to wiggle his way into the rankings and gain the trust of the vulpine leader. Even if he didn't respect the other, he still held the power, and it was best to not get on his bad side.

Padding into the swamp of Tanglewood, and annoyed hiss could be heard coming from the male's maw. The territory here was not the best for a three legged feline, especially not one used to the body that he was currently in, unsure how, exactly, to shift into another form at this point in time. But he couldn't complain too much. Roman was usually in a form of a domestic feline, but currently the male was the form of a Mexican Wolf, large enough to take on most of the creatures here, he was sure.

He had been keeping close to the border, jaws open as he drank in the rank scent of the swamp and those who resided here, nose wrinkling in disgust as the scent of a tangler drew closer, though ears would prick, keeping watch of the sound to make sure he was ready when they neared, a smirk on his maw as he saw a small glimpse of golden fur and ruffled feathers walking slowly. He'd creep forward, making sure to keep down wind and watch where his paws went, making sure to keep her in sight before realizing what she was doing - collecting herbs. That made this better. If he was able to take out one of their medics there'd be less in the group to heal those that were harmed by their own rankings, and while she was distracted, that's when he pounced.

Muscles bunched up and the one controlling Roman's body would use his back leg to propel himself forward, front paws outstretched before he made contact, landing hard onto Moth's body, knocking her over, causing a loud yell for "help" to come from her before he slammed his front paws onto her face, pushing it into the mud to muffle her yell. Moth closed her eyes tightly before she felt pain wash over the left side of her face, and a growl came from Roman's throat. "Shut up, and I'll make this easy for you." He'd bark out, pushing her face further into the mud, a small whimper coming from Moth's throat in fear, causing the canine to push harder, causing a small popping noise to come from Moth's jaw and paw would move to her throat as he began to push, hard enough for her to only be able to breathe slightly. "I said quiet, but I guess you can't follow orders." He'd growl, finally pushing down hard enough for her to pass out, before he lifted the paw.

Padding to the side of the unconscious leopard, he would sink his teeth into her front leg, breaking the skin before beginning to pull, hard, in an attempt to begin dragging her out of this territory so that he would have enough room to drape her over his back and begin his trek home. Too bad he didn't know there was someone else nearby.

The Pitt / Open when the storm is here it's hard to tame && weekly task
« on: August 25, 2019, 02:13:00 PM »
It was odd, his task that he had been asked to do, so soon after joining. Give a tour of the tunnels, make sure there's nothing collapsed, look for refugees. The word *refugees* is part of what got him. How could someone who they didn't accept into the group for protection be refugees? It was more like stowaways, but they weren't on a ship. Padding over towards the temples where the entrance to the tunnels, were, Roman would take his time to sit down and look over the area, thinking for a moment. He could fake that he knew the tunnels already - and that's likely what he was going to do - but it would be nice to actually learn them while he was here. "We're touring the tunnels today!" The male would call out, "Seeing what we find, who we find, making sure there's no cave ins." Maybe there'd be a cave in at the front of the tunnel and he could go about his day? One could hope.

The Pitt / Open we're the losers on the back seats && open; joining
« on: August 24, 2019, 01:23:52 PM »
Roman remembered his days in another place where they were ruthless and didn't care about others, they captured, they stole, the killed, and they didn't care. At first, he had been hesitant while there, but, eventually, he had learned to accept the place, and they turned out to be the best days of his life, the most memorable being that he met the love of his life there. As much as Roman missed her, he knew that he had to move on though, find a place he could call home, and it didn't matter how. He had joined the Elysium but had immediately left - it hadn't felt right. He couldn't decide if it was due to the spirits living inside him being restless at a place such as that, or if it was because there was one finally becoming dominant - and he feared if that was the case, he'd not be able to control himself against many others - so he had decided to come to the Pitt. He knew the spirit was loyal to clanmates, but ruthless towards outsiders, so if that spirit was becoming the dominant one, it was best to join a place that matched it.

Ro could certainly say, however, that he did not miss the desert, and was glad to see that it was just a ploy and the Pitt actually resided in a jungle. The three legged feline would sit down, the parts of his body that burned with flame dying down until it was just a simmer, low smoke rising from his pelt in the spots that looked burned and melted. "I'd like to speak to someone about joining." The feline would call out at last, eyes narrowing slightly as he tried to see into the jungle, looking for a form of sentient life.

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