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Elysium / Open SAD / power discovery
« on: September 12, 2019, 07:58:06 PM »
Stark had finally gotten Larkspurkit to rest and he took the time to see if he had anything abilities that would help him along the way, he had gone out into the cold staring out at the mountainous terrain that surrounded him. He would glance down at his collar with the reactor that was seemingly attached to him, he took a deep breath concentrating and would imagine himself lifting up the earth that was currently beneath him. He couldn't remember how to specifically use these abilities of his, he would reopen his eyes feeling something prodding his shoulder causing him to jump back to stare at the piece of earth that rose. "Alright, this should be easy. We can do this, Stark. Ya can do it," He proceeded to concentrate all of his power onto the curled bit of earth, he closed his eyes feeling the grand piece start to turn into small grains that began to form itself onto his body. He had to be careful with how he'd go about this, he didn't want to end up getting any of it in his eyes, he made a protective layer around his eyes that was made out of metal that would hopefully keep the harmful debris from his eyes. Eventually he had a protective layer around his body most of the rock having been a hint of red and the metals being. He flinched feeling warmth dripping out of his nose, he was having a nosebleed, he decided to ignore it as he took a step forward in his new "armor" that would hopefully keep him safe. The protective layer of earth and metals had formed itself around his collar and arc reactor almost using it as a base for all of it, Stark managed to find some ice seeing his reflection and he couldn't help but laugh in a rather hoarse manner. He had really done it, he couldn't believe it but he was actually happy for once being able to accomplish such a feat. Now, he could protect those he loved without worrying about him being too weak.

Little did Stark know was that his defense mechanism would cause more damage than protection as he had originally intended it to be. He hadn't realized that something - no, someone had been watching him - it was too late as he would turn around to see a large grizzly bear staring down at him letting out a loud growl. Stark wasn't as fast as he used to be and he could imagine it was due to the material that cloaked him, he took a step back recalling the last time he had a run in with one of these brutes and it made his heart ache remembering who had been there to save him. Alas, Steve wasn't there to save him from the big bad grizzly bear this time. He took a shaky breath seeing the bear aiming to swat him away with their powerful paw, Stark moved quickly clamping his jaws down onto the bears arm hearing them bellow in pain but it didn't seem to hesitate in biting down onto the back of the Alaskan Malamutes neck. It wasn't long before he was thrown into the bark of a tree, he hadn't realized it but the material that layered onto his body that was meant to protect him was dealing damage and penetrating into his flesh. He would let out a soft wheeze feeling the pain spreading through his body. He was about to electrocute the bear until he heard a small grunt from the shrubbery behind said beast, he noticed two little heads peeking out at him staring with eyes of curiosity and fear... It made him grow tense.

He limped away once the protective mother let out a roar, he managed to drag himself all the way out until he reached the pulley system and collapsed within one of the small carts. Once he had fallen, laying there, would his armor fall apart around him as he bled from his nose and from the back of his neck, he let out a few coughs feeling his body ache quite certain that some of his ribs had been broken by the throw. The fear within the bear cubs eyes reminded him of a grim day, a day that he regretted that was embedded within his mind and he was only ever reminded of it whenever he saw Pimostra. Her flank and that damned 'S', he hated what he had done in the past. He had been a mindless idiot who could have done the right thing and all of it could have been avoided, it hurt so much. He remembered when Licoricetwist had decided that he hadn't been a good enough father whilst Rocksalt had avoided him and rejected the aspect of speaking to his own father. These memories would cause a few tears to sting his eyes, he swallowed feeling his throat going dry "M'sorry..." His body began to shake as he laid there, his gaze growing blurry from the tears that began to flood his eyes. He felt that he had arrived at the Elysium's main territory, he would struggle to get to his paws but he pushed himself forward. He could feel his body had been weakened.

Instead of calling out for help, the canine would let out a few heavy sneezes continuing to travel despite how everything around him was spinning and he was growing dizzy. The trail he made with his pastels were not alone, the pawprints there were accompanied by droplets of blood from his injury and bleeding nose. He managed to get to his home, he fell near his doorway much too weak to continue on. He let out a few sneezes as he found himself having a bit of trouble catching his breath once more.

Elysium / Open 9-1-1 / Q&A + MEET & GREET
« on: May 11, 2019, 02:13:55 PM »
He was new here and frankly he knew no one in the clan aside from Killua, it was nice to have someone he considered his child to be here. He was a little more stable even if he was still a bit of a mess, he didn't even look like an Alaskan Malamute but rather some mutt that was picked up at the side of the road. He should probably at least try and make himself look decent for what he was going to do next. He began to bathe himself ridding the dirt from his long coat, using his claws and a brush that an NPC had given him, the canine would do his best in getting rid of the matted clumps of fur on his coat. It was taking quite a while for him to complete this task but he could feel his coat growing heavy as it pressed against his muscular frame though his ribs were visible. He was still quite malnourished but he was now hydrated so that was well, he felt a bit vulnerable though his thoughts strayed from this as he would dry himself off with a towel with his body shivering a bit. He released a soft breath. He eventually pulled out a dusty pair of sunglasses that he carefully cleaned with a cloth, he set them on the bridge of his muzzle adjusting the accessory so they didn't look completely stupid on him. Taking in a deep breath, the Malamute would let his fur dry since he didn't want to step into the cold still somewhat wet and he didn't want anyone in particular seeing how skinny he was. Eventually he stepped out from a home that an NPC was letting him stay within, Stark knew all too well that he would have to move out eventually to settle into his own place. He found a clearing slowly taking a seat and briefly looking down at his glowing reactor, he would glance up once more soon finding the words to say. A faint smirk on his face.

"Meet and greet with a soft twist, you can ask me questions too. I won't bite."


Premades & Shops / Shops PWYW COMMISSIONS / OPEN
« on: May 10, 2019, 08:00:13 PM »
basically pay what you want
with either DA points and USD (preferred)
here's the journal with info

Plotting / Animal BELIEVER / PLOT W/STARK
« on: May 10, 2019, 01:40:34 PM »
hey, here's a problematic bastard to plot with! I'd love to get him some interactions and more relationships out there, so definitely hit me up and if you have something specific send me a PM.

> Friends/Frenemies/Enemies/Rivals/etc...
> Small flings (litterless preferably)
> Stark teaching y/c basic science or Stark going off about science
> Short term relationships (aka very short, maybe only last a week or so thanks to his commitment issues)
> Y/C crushing on Stark (it takes Stark a bit longer to reciprocate feelings cause of what he's gone through)
> Drinking game
> Stark inventing or making something and y/c interrupts him
> anything not closed

> Long-term relationships
> Litters
> Being maimed/killed

Elysium / Open YOINKS SCOOB / joining
« on: May 10, 2019, 12:15:42 PM »
Heaving a deep breath, the Alaskan Malamute would walk through a bit of the snow feeling his pawpads growing a bit numb. It didn't effect him greatly since his breed was usually accustomed to the cold, said breed and Huskies pulled at sleds to transport items. It didn't matter how it ended but as long as those canines were able to accomplish such a task in this type of weather then it didn't bother Stark at all especially since the blood of those canines ran throughout his veins. He stepped onto a bit of cold stone, his gaze lifting up as he noticed a few odd looking machines that were meant for means of transportation yet his gaze diverted itself since he wasn't heavily intrigued by it. "Gotta lose some fat anyways," He murmured to himself trying to find some prey animal scents, his muzzle barely touching the ground eventually catching the scent of several animals in one area. He paused for a moment debating between joining or heading the other direction, his ears brushed against his cranium as he contemplated this decision of his. He hadn't realized that he was already taking a few steps in the direction of the border, his nose twitching vigorously at all the new smells. Using a large paw, the Malamute would brush some snow away but only enough so he wouldn't freeze his ass completely since he had been walking for quite a while now. His paws ached and were raw from the journey itself. His ears angled forward in an attempt to catch any noises and know if anyone was nearby but that didn't seem to be the case at the time, the canid creature looked down at his reactor watching it glow for a brief moment. It was why he was here living and breathing. It was part of him. It was a metallic heart bestowed upon him. Resurrection was an odd mistress.

He shook his head and pushed those thoughts away as he finally parted his jaws to speak aloud for anyone to hear especially the locals "Hello, Stark Ferro here to join your humble home. Also if I could please get some marigold and bandages I'd greatly appreciate it..." Eventually he'd probably end up walking away to find some pain killers but for now, he would ignore the sting in his rawed paws and wait for someone to show up with said supplies. He was tired, lost, almost dehydrated, and partially starving. His fluffy fur in some places were clumps of matted fur which was quite shameful for a dog of his breed then again he wasn't necessarily able to groom himself with his tongue since those were some hard to reach places. Thankfully, aside from the matter fur he didn't have any kind of flea or tick which he honestly would have expected with how malnourished he looked. Stark Ferro was plenty of things but a fleabitten asshole was not one of them. He was drained emotionally and mentally, all he wanted to do was close his eyes so that he could fall into a slumber that would feel like an eternity, he didn't care whether he ate or drank before he would sleep. He had been running and being tugged by the strings that binded him and whomever was watching his existence with amusement. He could die but he'd never resort to doing anything to himself, he decided that if he must go then he at least wanted to go out in a noble way. He had unfinished business and even if he wasn't one to admit things; he actually had dreams of his own that he wish to complete. He had many doubts on him even achieving these dreams of his but they were so blissful and they provided the only warmth he felt inside.

He hadn't dreamt since those days where he had just been wandering around the woods, lost, searching for a purpose. He thought he had found it but trial after trial, he was tested against things that he had managed to complete. Those dreams had been closer, he had became a leader of a whole group and their territory was an ashtray scarce with food and contaminated water, he had remembered the look on all his clanmates faces when he had come back only to hear the news of leadership. He never saw himself as leader admittedly, he had been a bit ambitious and thought maybe his role as deputy would make him a chick magnet but that hadn't been the case. The leader before him had done a terrible thing. Leaving Stark in charge of several starved and lost people without anyone to lead them... Until he stepped up. He had kids around the time and seeing them possibly grow in such a place wasn't settling with him, they were what pushed him forth. He was new to the whole leadership bullshit and frankly, he had found it quite odd on how it immediately clicked something within his cranium. 'They needed you.' Was a soft thought of his, the dogs eyes glazed as he remembered all of this and how it had effected him for the better and worse. He recalled how he had pushed them out from the old territory leading them to a new place, a city with a border that had signs of obvious deforestation yet the city was laced with foliage anf abandoned vehicles. It had been home. It had so much to offer. It was where he and his family could grow. It was the birthplace of many children and new joiners.

It was nearly his death.

His breathing grew a bit hitched. His pupils dilated into slightly thinner circles. His claws dug into the smooth rock and snow beneath him. 'Is there an earthquake?' He thought feeling panicked all of a sudden, it wasn't an,earthquake but it was his own body shaking with such intensity that he had confused it to be one. He had sent himself into a bit of a panic attack, his reactor flickering a bit, he could hear a ba-dump ba-dump drumming throughout his ears, his mouth grew dry. He could see it all crumbling before him. The building. Within the building someone he loved dear and an orphaned kitten. Where was he in the midst of this? Where he was now. Glued to the ground he stood on, face distorted and painted with pain, loss, heartbreak, panic, terror, and so much more. He was a painting, those abstract ones done by Picasso that only a few could depict and find out what was going on in the painting. Others just gave up in solving this mystery, they did not stay for long. Those were the people he had loved and cared for, he had chased them again. His shaking grew worse as he lowered his body to the ground slightly having difficulty breathing. Everything that was once automatic was now manual and he had forgotten his personal bodily function manual. He stood there for a moment without breathing, he looked down at his that were trembling and his eyes stung as salty tears dripped. His mouth moved as if he spoke but eventually he broke out of his trance with a gasp for air, he began to greedily gulp down as much oxygen as he could before he began to cough. His shaking didn't cease but it was less heavy, he continued sitting there but his muscles slouched as he tried calming himself. He couldn't think of that. He couldn't even think of ever being near such a tall building without the fear of it possibly crumbling down on him wnd those he loved.

He. Just. Couldn't.

[ tdlr: sORRY GOT CARRIED AWAY!! but Stark's waiting at the border and just went into a panic attack after triggering his PSTD on accident, he's finally managed to somewhat calm down but he's still a bit panicked and out of breath ]

Elysium OOC / Open NOTHING HOLDIN ME BACK / plot w/ stark
« on: August 15, 2018, 05:42:22 AM »
Stark is open to most things like friends, frenemies, rivalries, etc. . . He isn't open to romance/relationships, litters, and getting maimed. Stark has unhealthy habits and tends to try and hide his insecurities by being a sarcastic little shit though once people have gotten through that layer of him or his few layers. They'll come to find that he's actually quite kind and thoughtful of other individuals. He loves anything to do with science and enjoys fixing/inventing small things to keep him busy. He has past trauma/PTSD, a bit of depression, insomnia, and the fear of abandonment. Due to his fear, he tries not to get too attached to anyone.

Otherwise, if you have any suggestions or plots just hmu.


The Typhoon / Open DYING IN LA / o, visitor
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:36:17 PM »
From what he heard last in Snowbound, Jacob had left and went to the Typhoon. He was still unsure why but he didn't seem to think all that much about it as the mutt stayed at the border with his ears twitching, no scent clung to him specifically but he had recently obtained a few new wounds that were scattered on his body and some of these said injuries were still bleeding though the canine had made sure that he had bandaged them up well enough. He hadn't settled anywhere yet but he was planning to do it at some point but for now the former leader would take a seat wincing slightly at his wounds. His ears twitched slightly as he let out a soft sigh, it wasn't every day or night for that matter, you ran and got nearly slaughtered by a bear. He didn't know how far behind his travelling buddy was though the thought of finding Steve made his stupid curled tail wiggle to the sides. It reminded him of how the two had come across Snowbound but it was much more different than the first time, the sand underneath his paws made him feel quite warm on the inside and didn't seem to mind the grains of sand that got stuck between his toes.

So maybe being reunited by a grizzly bear isn't the most romantic but hey, Stark found his missing piece and finally silenced most of his reoccurring nightmares. The dog would wait there at the border with a twitch of his ears, the both of them had taken on different appearances. Hopefully, his reactor was enough to give away who he was. Steve would with his blond beach hunk appearance should be plenty of a giveaway as well.

/ wait until Holmes posts

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Uncharted Territories / Private WHATEVER IT TAKES / private
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:34:49 PM »
Being in the Ascendants didn't seem to ease these reoccurring nightmares of his and all of them were the same, over and over again. Where he and Steve would argue, Stark would say something so horrid that he wished he couldn't even speak, and Steve went to go rescue a trapped child within the building that wasn't at all stable. Every time, Stark wasn't able to move but only uttered out a silent whisper as chills went through his body. He'd fall the building collapse and he'd finally be able to move but he was always too late. The child being the only thing that was saved whilst Steve was lost in the rumble, Stark never found him in his nightmares and he believed it was for the best. He thought the nightmare would only get worse if he actually found Steve crushed or impaled by bits of a building, these dreams were often too realistic for his liking and by now, he believed that Steve had actually died and the thought broke his heart and made it ache. Tonight, it was worse. He woke up in a cold sweat and his breathing was ragged, his pupils were wide as he sat up quickly with his entire body shaking and his claws dug into the ground underneath him. "S-S. . . St. . . eve. . ." He finally said in a quiet voice though he didn't stay in his room for too long as he hobbled out of there quickly startling and waking up Dum-E, his robotic kiwi, though the wolfdog didn't stay there for too long as he dashed out into the open with his breathing becoming shaky.

He ended up in the Ascendants canopy where there was several trees with his breathing still quick, his body pressed against a tree. His ears twitched a bit trying to pick a few sounds and would hear an angry grunt from the side, Stark would lift up his gaze to see that it was a bear. The said bear would rise to its hind legs to intimidate the canine which wasn't very hard to accomplish as the dog would stumble back with his ears pressed against his ears "Hey Sunshine bear, p-piss off. . . Go back to Carealot." The wolfdog peeled his lips back to reveal his ivory fangs, the Akita mix would take a few steps back feeling the fur along his spine spiking up a bit as his muscles bunched up with tension. The bear immediately took Stark's defensive stature as a challenge thus causing the grizzly bear to suddenly swat the canine to the side and bite down on the back of his neck. This got a yelp out of Stark and the bear seemed encouraged by this as it continued to throw powerful blows at the dog, Stark eventually writhed out of the grasp of the large predator. He stumbled back until his back was pressed into the bark of a tree with both ears pressed to his cranium "A-alright, maybe I deserved that. . . B-but it was funny. . ." A pained yet cocky smirk formed on his maw as the bear snarled and lifted its paw ready to kill Stark.

"Being killed by a Carebear. . . Not the greatest death. . . But, I guess. . ."
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Elysium / SOLO / open
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:26:23 PM »
It was dark outside and the skies were dark, he was within the observatory and his eyes were locked onto the starlit skies. He was currently working on something, some kind of helmet for himself and well, he had already burnt himself multiple times and he would listen to the sound chirps that came from his robotic kiwi companion, Dum-E. "What? No." He said with a sudden scowl glaring the the robotic bird using a paw to push them away but they only came back with a few chirps and pecking at Stark's large paw "Hey, stop that or so help me, I'm going to dismantle you." This made Dum-E step back a bit only to squint its camera-like eyes at the wolfdog trying to figure out what was wrong with Sir Ferro yet it wasn't like he was able to talk especially since Stark had yet to make such an installation and he was sure that the canine wanted to keep it that way. Stark stared down at his small project reaching underneath it to try and turn it on but it ended up burning his paw, he shook it a bit only to glare at the piece of headgear "Fucking shit." The kiwi would let out a few robotic chirps taking the time to crawl into Stark's shoulder to nuzzle into the other's cheek, Stark wasn't amused by this at all though he didn't say anything else as he worked some more on the helmet.

Finally the lights in the eyes of the helmet lit up and Stark felt a happy all of a sudden, had it really worked "LOOK DUM-E! IT'S WORKING! IT WORKI-" That's when he felt a few sparks fly off of said headgear and soon enough one of the eyes popped and it went completely down. Dead. He let his head hit the table he had been working on covering his eyes with his paws and started muttering out curses what he didn't notice was that his back was on fire. He was so accustomed to pain that he barely even noticed it nowadays as he put his paw on the helmet "For fucks sake. . . Let it work. . ." Dum-E began to screech at the sight of the fire and proceeded to get some water in an attempt to extinguish it. It only partially worked though Stark eventually dumped some water onto his back not seeming to care that it smelt like burnt fur now, he took a deep breath staring at the helmet. 'Maybe, you're just a failure. . . Like man like his inventions, I suppose. . .' He thought hiding his face in his paws and pressing his claws into his cranium in a bout of frustration. "Failed." He muttered scribbling it down in his journal.

/take this as a type of meet n greet

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Elysium / GOOD IS NOT A THING YOU DO / o, joining
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:34:29 AM »
Well, he had decided to leave Snowbound for several reasons; one his "kids" weren't dwelling there anymore and two, he had originally went to Snowbound to settle down with Steve but it had never occurred thus he didn't think of even sticking around any longer. He saw no point in doing so as he walked to the border trying to get used to his new body, the wolfdog trotted about on robotic legs with his "wings" on his back. Stark never had these type of wings but he quite liked it though it almost felt like it was holding him together and then near his chest was his reactor, the thing that was keeping him alive and breathing. Surprisingly enough, once he halted at the border with his rounded ears flicking back before he would finally take a seat with a sigh escaping his slightly parted jaws. New life here we go.

"Stark Ferro, here to join," He blinked his blue eyes remembering back whenever he was the one to greet joiners into his clan. Oh, how that had been interesting meeting all those people. Some faces stuck whilst others didn't but Stark was a decent leader for five months, he supposed. His thoughts eventually were interrupted as he lifted his leg up to scratch behind his ear only to wait patiently once more.

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Uncharted Territories / SATURDAY NIGHT / o, exhausted/passing out
« on: June 24, 2018, 06:12:49 PM »
He was stumbling around tired with bags under his eyes with his paws covered in bandages from breaking his coffee mug and hastily picking it up, the shards of glass had pierced the flesh of his pawpads. He didn't want to bother anyone, his eyes swollen from crying last night because of a nightmare that he had. He had went out during the night since he couldn't sleep because of his insomnia but Stark was exhausted to the point where he hadn't realized that it was snowing heavily that night, it was a bad idea to be out at that time yet he pushed himself forward until he reached the lake staring at his reflection "I'm so tired, baby. . ." His legs wobbled with exhaustion as he turned his head not realizing that he was hallucinating but he smiled firefly at the hallucination that was Steve "Let's sit next to the lake. . . And watch the sky. I wanna tell you everything. . . About me. . . I love you, Steve Grant Rogers. . . I just wish you'd feel the same. . ." He would collapse into the snow as the hallucination of Steve laid next to him, Stark offered a weak smile and ended up closing his eyes "I'm a fucking joke. You're way out of my league. . ." The snow that was falling started blanketing his body and he stared at the lake with a slight tilt of his head, he wasn't able to move. Maybe it was time to die again? He didn't think so but death just sounded so appealing at the time, he closed his eyes "I'm a fucking mess. . . If there's a God let me know." He finally muttered seeing the sun peeking over and shining on the lake. His breathing slowed down as he passed out.

/he's not dead wHEEZE
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Uncharted Territories / Private DOG TEETH / private
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:14:57 PM »

The tiger was working in his den with his gaze concentrated onto the scrap metal that was held down with his large paws, he was trying to figure out how to work out a type of armor for himself, he didn't exactly have fire elementals like he used to in the past sure that he had lost some of his powers but made no complaint about it. His whiskers twitched having some bits of metal organized in a certain way on his small wooden table with blueprints held onto the wall by some tacks. He paced around a bit as he continued to stare at the blueprints with a small frown "I need to find a way to melt these metals and I need to make a dummy of sorts to hold it together, mold it. . . Hmm," He had a pencil nestled behind one of his ears only to pull it off with a paw and start scribbling a few more things on the blueprint trying to figure out what he would need to make said dummy. "Wood, wool or a sack of sorts, and maybe some stuffing so I can actually structure it and fit it to be my size." The former Visionary would trot away from the blueprints plucking some books off from the ground and opening one up to skim it over with his eyes letting out a soft breath, he gave a small shake of his cranium trying to think. His mind was clustered with several worries and well, just when you'd think he was thinking of the "love" of his life, he was actually thinking about Killua. The serval was like a son to him to seeing him hurt himself, even if it hadn't been on purpose, was still enough to startle the tiger.

He threw the book to the side going back towards the blueprint and the pieces of metal, he stared down at his reflection looking over the scar on his muzzle and his shredded ear that was once curved. He brought up one of his paws to the arc reactor on his chest letting out a soft breath, he shook his head a bit "God. . . I wish I could be strong enough to carry the world on my shoulders. . . I wasn't even strong enough to carry a huge building or hold it off," A bitter smile faintly appeared on his ebony hued lips, he stared down at his paws with his ears pinned against his cranium wishing he had been strong for everyone else when he had led his clan. He could have been the leader that everyone had wanted but his leadership had blocked out the importance of his own family, how his son had feared for being half-blooded and when he had seen Stark attacking or punishing his clanmates seemed to be enough to make his own child terrified of him. His gaze became watery and glazed with a flurry of unknown emotions, he had never had a father in his life and he had done the same with his own kids. He didn't want that happening again if he ever had kids again, he wouldn't be able to live with himself. This was his chance at a new start.

"I promise to be there,"

He uttered silently under his breath and his claws dug into the ground underneath him, feeling the muscles on his snout scrunching up as he gritted his teeth "Stark Ferro isn't mucking this up again," He stared down at the pieces of metal once more saying in a less audible voice "We aren't mucking this up again." His eyes dimmed for a moment before he proceeded to scribble a few more things onto his blueprint only to roll it up afterwards and hide it underneath his nest, he made sure none of it was visible. He eventually stepped back from it and started picking up the novels on the floor and glanced at each muttering something under his breath. Most of the books having something to do with science; Darwin's theory of evolution, Newton's law of motion, and Galileo's inquisition or whatnot. He had more, of course, but these were the ones that were currently cluttered with tiny slivers of paper as if bookmarking places that Stark was currently studying or reading about. If Stark had a religion or was a religious man then his religion was definitely science.

Uncharted Territories / FLY ME TO THE MOON / private
« on: May 12, 2018, 01:37:24 AM »

The heavily striped exotic beast would release a soft breath laying in the snow contemplating over his life and how he had gotten here with Steve, how he would get frustrated around the other and when he wasn't trying to would sometimes scoff at the sandy lion being more sarcastic than usual. He figured that it was due to the fact that the other hadn't made a move on him but, Stark wouldn't ever admit that since he knew that sometimes occurred to people when they liked someone else at this level. He heaved a soft breath using a large paw to scoop up some snow into his forepaw, he would stare at it feeling the cold snow kissing his paws until they were numbed and he had lost a bit of feeling in them. He would let out a soft huff escape his jaws as warm chocolate eyes surveyed the area and curved ears would try picking up any sound of approaching clanmates, he rested his cheek on one of his arms staring out into the distance feeling at home here but then again, he thought it was only home because he was here with Killua, Steve, and Jacob remained a familiar face even if there interactions had been minimum. Steve had taken a liking to the kid so Stark figured that he might as well try and socialize with the people around here.

"This isn't like t'city. . ." He finally concluded rising to his paws and starting to walk about, he could remember he had a tower of his own which he always liked to call the Stark Tower, oh, how he had loved it. Not dealing with personal issues but the way he felt like the place had been his type of kingdom and his tower was his sweet getaway. Names of his past clanmates were a blur in his mind but he could only make out a select few with a face or two that would be familiar to him. He could remember on how he had started when he first joined his home, he had proved to be a hardworker and slowly climbed up the ranks higher than anyone else ever had. Eventually he was the deputy of the joint but, it was short lived since the leader before him had decided to step down leaving him as the new leader and well, the old camp had gone into ruins. Stark had rose slowly telling all of those people that were now under his law that they would be safe and he realized from that day on that he carried the world on his shoulders. He led them out of the ruins of the old territory before introducing them to a city which had been their new home. Some of the things weren't remembered as much as others, some vague and others vivid. He recalled one thing, the clan being warbound.

Something Steve didn't like, it made his stomach do little nervous flips though he reminded himself that there wasn't anything to worry about. He needn't worry about those kind of things especially now that he was here in Snowbound where the climate was something he could tolerate and use it as an excuse to sleep with Steve, sleep being as next to him not the other thing. Steve Rogers was old-fashioned whilst Stark; he thought about the future and all the possibilities. Every single one of them. What difference they'd make and whatnot, he found it to be fun in imagining how things would be if it were different. One thing was for sure was that Steve was starting to rub off on Stark to the point where it felt like he couldn't live without the other, feeling as if Steve were his other half. It was funny really and endearing to think that way about Steve without uttering a word to anyone, Stark bottled it up like most of his feelings toward anything.

Uncharted OOC / FLAWED MAN / plot with stork
« on: May 04, 2018, 05:19:31 PM »
you made me a
no that wasn't a typo, he's legit stork

he's open everything aside from romance and death! suggest whatever maybe even his death if you want you'd like and we can see if it's a yay or nay.

Uncharted Territories / IT FELT SO REAL / o, meet & greet
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you made me a
Well, Stark hadn't slept in a few days so the tiger had been lounging around in his home that he shared with Steve for a while. His jaws parted into a yawn as his paws touched the snow below him, his pair of warm eyes surveying the area briefly before he sat down curling his striped tail around his forepaws letting out a soft inaudible mumble as he lazily scratched underneath his chin. He remembered when he had been leader that he had always had to be on his toes and usually busied himself, he had to be very observant as well seeing as he had to make sure that things ran smoothly and he promoted certain people to certain ranks if he saw or felt that they were worthy of the rank. The thought made him release another yawn though this one more obnoxious as he cut it off briefly as his tongue swiped across his lips, he would let out a soft hum flicking his torn up ear for a moment thinking to himself. He really liked this place and a little too much, he supposed as he thought with a soft chuckle erupting from his jaws, 'A good retirement home if I do say so myself.' He glanced over towards the place that was shared between himself and Steve, how he insisted that the two of them were just there to keep each other warm but, the way his old worn heart would start to run like an old engine. Just when he had doubts that he would ever feel that way about anyone, Steve would just need to smile his way and he could already hear the wheezing noises of his old engine of a heart.

"Meet and greet,"

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