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Biographies / Animal WRITER IN THE DARK & sybil morag
« on: November 23, 2018, 07:51:17 PM »
but in our darkest hours,
i stumbled on a secret power

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« on: August 05, 2018, 03:20:47 PM »
hi so i'm lowkey bored, and i figured this would be a fun little thing to do (and s/o to Percy for coming up with this idea a few weeks ago)!! basically, just throw your character here, and i'll write up a few things that remind me of them!

margaery ―
dusty, pink roses in the early sunlight. love letters sealed with a kiss. beautiful destruction. blood-red wine in crystalline glasses. dimples from small smiles. hidden weapons. the feeling of first waking up, when everything is still peaceful and the sun is just beginning to grace the earth. sculpture gardens. new beginnings. princesses from days of old. soft laughter and even softer eyes. castle gardens. unconditional love. the sound of high heels against a marble floor. taking what you deserve and not questioning it. well-kept antiques. being equal parts delicate and deadly. old souls. soft epilogues.

moonmade ―
growing up and trying to find yourself. sneaking out. dark circles under your eyes and bright minds that blind you. garage bands. the dimples on the moon's surface. best friends. stars that look like bullet holes in the sky. sideways smiles. lazy saturday afternoons. tinted windows. laughing so hard you cry. inner strength. lavender. still being young enough to listen to your dreams. kissing and telling. inside jokes with those closest to you. self-doubt. making change happen instead of waiting for it. tiny plants on windowsills. soft green colors. bear hugs. holding hands on the walk home. beat up sneakers that fit perfectly.

roy ―
seeing your breath on a cold night. smoke rings. fighting for those you love. the beauty of a forest fire. the smell of struck matches. volcanoes. smiling in spite of yourself. never letting your inner fire burn out. cold nights with warm friends. leadership. the fine line between control and its antonym. bruised knuckles. sharp tongues and kind hearts. shadows and sunshine. old photographs. bravery. keeping promises without failure. fireplaces. summer nights with fireflies. antique lanterns. old fashioned ways. fighting until there is nothing left. falling for coworkers and realizing the sun has a reason to shine now. flint. old dogs and new tricks.

washington ―
marching onward and never backing down. lightning strikes on the horizon. battlegrounds. bullet shells on the ground. shadows. the fear of not being good enough but trying anyway. memories. deep breaths. spitting blood. mushroom clouds. knives. hiding behind masks. dark grays. dog tags from your best friend. running until your legs give out. raindrops on flowers. gentle eyes. closed doors that beg to be opened. inner turmoil. the search for home and heart. cracking knuckles. remembering what used to be. searching for lost keys. battle worn. tarnished gold that doesn't shine like it used to.

carolina ―
taking charge and leading the way. bloody knuckles. trying to ground yourself. rebirth. not being afraid to get your hands dirty. clouds with silver linings. closed fists. fighting like a girl. crooked smiles. rewriting history to suit yourself. boxing gloves. the color of the sky. dream catchers. war zones in the mind and heart. stormy weather. searching for where you belong. natural skill. having a kind heart but being scared to show it. homesickness. waking up from a dream that lingers longer than it should. rebellious hearts. a true fighter. trees and their roots. burning from the inside out. gentle embraces. bruises.

thea ―
sunshine during rainstorms. stargazing. swords. craving to be more than a weapon. childlike wonder. being a believing creature. growing up. bravery. band-aids. running wild and free. independence. blooming and always growing. the fear of being weak. shaking hands. hopelessly hopeful. dreams of a brighter future. wishing on stars that are really just satellites. missing something you've never known. blue neon lights. learning to be better. wanderlust. a heart made of gold. infectious laughter. hand-me-down coats that are still warm. refusing to give up. soft singing. cheerful smiles that go for miles. a fighting spirit.

imperia ―
stars burning in your eyes. walking with grace. white lace. crystal balls and tarot cards. flower crowns. looking to the sky with questions and finding the answers in yourself. kindness. fog in the mountains. polished silver. selflessness. the smell of an old library and your favorite book. tart baked goods. letting flower petals decide if they love you or if they don't. soft as silk. the pale light of the moon. french poetry. lullabies. the swords of ancient warriors. laughing eyes. crystals. smiles so bright they light up rooms. architecture from days of old. healing the hurt. solace. still waters that reflect the stars.

hearteyes ―
sunsets the color of blush on your lover's cheeks. bath bombs. heart-shaped sunglasses. riding in the car with all the windows down. cherry blossoms in early spring. first kisses. not being afraid to fall in love. slow dances. making a cassette for your crush. faint rainbows. putting letters in bottles and sending them out to sea. planting flowers. record players. sewing patches into your clothes. starting over. angel wings and butterfly kisses. homemade happiness. taking pictures with your best friends. fairy lights. retro drive-in movies. temporary tattoos. laughing until your sides hurt. pink sugar packets.

« on: July 22, 2018, 01:50:54 AM »
omg okay so this was a thing way back in the day, and i think this would be fun to bring back and mess around with when i'm bored

basically, just submit your character's name, and i'll tell you what would be contained in their contact information on suite's phone if she had one

character name:
contact name:
when does she text them / how often:
group texts:
most recent text:


character name: ada
contact name: adds (with a crystal ball emoji)
when does she text them / how often: on most weekends or whenever she's in the mood to party
ringtone: good girls go bad by cobra starship feat. leighton meester
group texts: suite for sure has a group text with ada and play, and she's in the huge family group chat
most recent text: "hey girl, what's your plans for tonight?"

character name: margaery
contact name: babe (with heart emojis)
when does she text them / how often: suite texts marg whenever she gets the chance and like all the time!!
ringtone: broken by lovelytheband
group texts: so many honestly - the ot5 parents group chat, the small family group chat, the group chat with cece and diya, a group chat with roy and riza, and a group chat with all of their kids
most recent text: "it's 3 in the morning and i love u"

character name: roy
contact name: prince zuko (with fire emojis)
when does she text them / how often: probably in the middle of the night / extremely early in the morning, as often as she can!!
ringtone: burning down the house by talking heads
group texts: yes omg - the ot5 parents group chat, a group chat with marg and riza (see also - the couples dates group chat), the huge family group chat
most recent text: "you ever think about how we're practically like sharkboy and lavagirl lmao"

character name: versaillespalace
contact name: my girl vi (with the sparkles emoji)
when does she text them / how often: so often in like the middle of the night for girl talk
ringtone: turn by the wombats
group texts: absolutely - there's a group chat with she and bastille, and the huge family group chat
most recent text: "gdi vi we are two halves of a whole idiot i love us"

character name: diya
contact name: my dove (with the dove emoji)
when does she text them / how often: all the time and as often as she can!!
ringtone: sweet child o’ mine by guns n’ roses
group texts: yes!! - the group chat with cece and marg and the huge family group chat
most recent text: "hey!! good morning, darling! i hope you have a great day today!! (followed by a handful of heart emojis)"

character name: cooper
contact name: bartholomew (with a moon emoji)
when does she text them / how often: in the mornings and evenings / as often as she can!!
ringtone: space oddity by david bowie
group texts: y e s - the ot5 parent group chat, a group chat with he and play, and the huge family group chat
most recent text: "hey, buddy, i’m omw to the coast. meet you there?"

character name: warringkingdoms
contact name: rinny bby [alternatively: side hoe #1] (with a green heart)
when does she text them / how often: throughout the day as often as she can!!
ringtone: the ballad of mona lisa by panic! at the disco
group texts: of course! the ot5 group chat and the huge family group chat
most recent text: "pssssttt let's get together tonight and sing and listen to music i miss you. also i saw these and thought of you"

character name: riza
contact name: reeze's piezes (with an orange heart)
when does she text them / how often: in the afternoons or whenever roy does anything noteworthy (good, bad, funny), and that's almost every day
ringtone: passenger side by smallpools
group texts: yeeee - she's in the group chat with margy and roy, and she's also in the huge family group chat
most recent text: "girl you'll never believe what roy motherfucking mustang did this time,"

character name: playerone
contact name: gamer g1rl (with the purple space invader emoji)
when does she text them / how often: super late at night or super early in the morning practically every other day
ringtone: cough it out by the front bottoms
group texts: the group text with them and ada, which is memes, and the huge family group chat
most recent text: "bitch!!!! where ya at"

character name: anzarel
contact name: space dad (with a star emoji)
when does she text them / how often: in the evenings, every few days or whenever she needs advice
ringtone: father figure by george michael
group texts: the huge family group chat!!

character name: beverly
contact name: bevs (with a lightning bolt emoji)
when does she text them / how often: throughout the day every couple of days, just to check in and say hello and also gossip
ringtone: high by young rising sons
group texts: yes! the huge family group chat
most recent text: "sooo... you and ilijas, huh? ;^)"

character name: washington
contact name: soldier boy (with the comet emoji)
when does she text them / how often: early in the mornings when she wants to patrol with him, which is every few days
ringtone: s. o. s. (sawed off shotgun) by the glorious sons
group texts: she put him in a group chat with he, carolina, and church! he's also in the huge family group chat 
most recent text: "do you always wake up so early? like what if we set the patrol back and hour or something? think about changing it bc im super fun to hang out with lmao ;))"

character name: moonmade
contact name: moon boy (with the crescent moon emoji)
when does she text them / how often: at random points throughout the day every few days - or whenever she finds some dumb thing to talk to him about or show him. also she sends him weird 2am messages
ringtone: 27 by fall out boy
group texts: the big family group chat!! and she probably also has him in a big group chat with all the healers
most recent text: "anyway im setting you up on a date with peri. its in twenty minutes. be ready lover boy lmaoo"

character name: thea
contact name: fighter bby (with a sword emoji)
when does she text them / how often: pretty often actually!! she likes to check up on thea throughout the day
ringtone: andy, you're a star by the killers
group texts: the big family group chat!!
most recent text: "hey, im proud of you, kiddo"

Elysium OOC / HUM HALLELUJAH ; 2018 cdc tracker
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:15:52 PM »
this is suiteheart's character development challenge tracker!
feel free to track and comment!!

prompts: ShowHide
1. Greetings
2. Sickness
3. Coverage
4. Beach
5. Dream
6. Shooting Star(s)
7. Video
8. Hopeless
9. Obsession
10. Dream catcher
11. Rose(s)
12. Thunderstorm
13. Revenge
14. Insanity
15. Disappear
16. Summer
17. Darkness
18. Winter
19. Dusk
20. Dawn
21. Soaring
22. Curiosity
23. Blue
24. Autumn
25. Comfort
26. Pictures
27. Crash
28. Rescue
29. Broken
30. Spring
31. Beautiful
32. Anger
33. Sweet Things
34. Christmas
35. Smells
36. Seven
37. Panic
38. Happiness
39. Wish
40. Rejection
41. Run
42. Love
43. Accessories
44. Heat
45. Laughter
46. Letters
47. Dinner
48. Sneeze
49. Idiot
50. Clouds
51. Greenery
52. Contagious
53. Purchases
54. Terrified
55. Rising Again
56. Hurt
57. Excitement
58. Anniversary
59. Hotel
60. Sleepy
61. Courage
62. Icing
63. Knives
64. Shock
65. Halloween
66. Strange
67. Leaving
68. Court
69. Strong
70. Horror
71. Lost
72. Food
73. Forget
74. Triangle
75. Memory
76. Blizzard
77. Key
78. Childhood
79. Lie
80. Fight
81. Tree
82. Classroom
83. Different
84. Quiet
85. Forever
86. Apologize
87. Heartache
88. Star(s)
89. Mirror
90. Camera
91. Waiting
92. Never
93. Locked
94. Monster
95. Fire
96. Birthday
97. Dying
98. Stop
99. Peace
100. Perfection

« on: July 04, 2018, 12:02:37 AM »
hey all!! i'm rehoming an ascendants kitten from margaery and suiteheart's litter!

this is a first come, first serve type of thing! all you have to do is state the kitten's name, a tiny bit about their personality, and their appearance (if needed, margaery is a chocolate point with dark blue-silver eyes and suiteheart is solid white with baby blue eyes)
as far as relations go, suiteheart is the current ecliptic admiral (deputy) of the ascendants while margaery is the current cosmic general (assistant deputy)!

some important things to remember:
- this kiddo will be a vampire
-this kiddo with carry the mikaelson-folie or folie-mikaelson last names
-this kiddo will also remain in the ascendants
-this kiddo is roughly 3-4 months old at current

if you get this kitten and something comes up and you are no longer interested, please let me or florence know!! <33

"i like that you're broken, broken like me, maybe that makes me a fool.
i like that you're lonely, lonely like me, i could be lonely with you."


Margaery Mikaelson and Suiteheart Folie have been together for three years now. Their time together has been marked by endless challenges, but the two of them beat the odds - they always have. Whether it was losing memories or being separated in an accident for an entire year, they always found their way back to each other. They're the true definition of soul mates.

After troubles with both of their first litters, each is willing to try again. Needless to say, these kittens were born entirely out of love, and they will always be loved.

- all of these babies will be vampires! Margaery is a vampire herself, which is the reason every single baby carries the gene for it
- any genetics are allowed as long as y/c is a domestic feline! however, if you would like to base y/c off of the mothers, Margaery has chocolate point coloring with dark, blue-gray eyes. Suiteheart is solid white with baby blue eyes
- please keep your character active! Florence and i reserve the right to rehome your kitten. additionally, if you would like to drop your character, please pm us to let us know!
- please keep your character in the Ascendants!
- these kiddos will either carry the Folie-Mikaelson or Mikaelson-Folie last name!
- after the birthing thread, y/c will be four months old!

- Margaery is currently a Lunar Lieutenant (hp) in the Ascendants. She is also the matriarch of the Mikaelson family. She is the daughter of Caroline and Niklaus Mikaelson, and is heavily related to the Harbringer family.
- Suiteheart is currently an Ecliptic Admiral (hp) in the Ascendants. She is the matriarch of the Folie family. She is the daughter of two npcs.

Applicants have been selected!
- Kara
- Connor
- Gale
- Simon

There is no set form you have to follow, but the typical basic information is needed and greatly appreciated (name, gender, appearance, personality)! Any additional information/plots/little things that make your character who they are would also be a nice addition. However, the selection process will always be quality over quantity!

Uncharted Territories / HOLLOW ; dual joiners
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:17:08 AM »
● ● ●
"Well, I guess it's a damn good thing you're not leading the way then," the short, obsidian wolf retorted, voice heavy with annoyance. The words were directed at his traveling companion - a very tall coyote. The size differences were almost comical, but it somewhat mimicked their former human selves. The dark wolf supposed he should be used to this type of unfairness, for even in this form, he could not win.

Tim let out a sigh as they continued onwards, nearing the snowy tundra of Snowbound. The winds had become harsh and freezing, even for near summer. The wolf narrowed his eyes as everything suddenly became cold. He was not used to this. Not at all. Had they taken a wrong turn? God, they probably had. Before his companion, Brian, could mouth something, he barked, "Don't say anything. I know where we're going."

His eyes shifted from the cold place to the coyote for a few heartbeats, wondering if this were all really worth it. When they had last parted ways, he had killed the other. Granted, he had not meant to, but it had happened. He had been in anguish over that for some time, but after succumbing to his own cruel end, he found this existence was punishment enough. Brian hated him now, he was sure. The only real reason they were together again (as far as Tim knew) was because they had formed somewhat of a rocky truce. Nevertheless, fighting had ensued immediately. They bickered about everything. Always.

"Oh, and how is this just my fault?" he growled, arching a metaphorical eyebrow. "You're the one who said we should take that stupid shortcut. If we hadn't gone that way, we probably would've been there by now." His eyes were narrowed as he spoke, not looking at the other.

Brian continued mouthing words, and Tim was growing increasingly aggravated as the duo encroached upon the border. In fact, he was so peeved that he had scarcely noticed the scent markers. Luckily, he had stopped just before the boundary, whirling around to face the taller being. "You make me so angry sometimes, my God," he said, fur bristling. "Sometimes, you make me glad that I pushed you," he added, words spat with venom. He knew that was a sore spot for Brian, but did he care? Well, actually, kind of. But the words were there, and there was no time to take them back.

A fight had long since been brewing, and now, surely it would begin.

[please don't post until tricky does!! <3]

Adoption Agency / Animal play otgw based characters?
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:22:28 PM »
hello!! i love seeing all the fandom inspired characters, and ya girl is of course joining in. anywho, as the title says, this thread is about characters from Over the Garden Wall! i've loved this animated series since it first came out, and i've recently created a character based off of Beatrice (who's name is also Beatrice, but it is subject to change)!

Beatrice currently lives in the Typhoon, where she is possessed by The Beast though that is somewhat unbeknownst to her, and she is stealing souls for them. she originally sought him out in order to find out what happened to Greg and Wirt. additionally, she has also been turned into a red heeler by Adelaide, who still roams

but enough about my character!!

there are a ton of otgw characters to chose from, and a Wirt and/or Greg character would be absolutely amazing to see (as they're tied to Beatrice's plots). i'm not putting any restrictions on characters either bc why cap creativity lol

characters taken -
Beatrice - Beatrice, the Typhoon, grassina

Elysium / I CONFESS ; open, no backspace challenge ; I MESSED UP
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:40:06 PM »
uhh so anyone who's ever chatted with me knows i make typos all the time (and i'm on mobile so s/o to autocorrect). anyway, if you do too, then this should be fun.

basically, you post like you normally would, but if you make a mistake, you can't go back to fix it!! you also cannot look at your screen and/or keyboard when typing. super simple and easy and also kinda funny. okay go

Suiteheart padded j it the observatory,vibe wasn't sure what she wanted to do today. But she knew she would Rey to make the most of it, That being said. She came to a halt in front of the geadn stark case and lol,Ed around for any of her friends. Maybe she could spend the day chatting ho some of her bodies. Yeah,vtalmkng with friends would be a food ah to spend her sag'

"Ho. Whars everyone doing today?,"[/b\[/xolld\ she as,Ed, voice ,led than she wanted it to be. But she was a polar bear after all. The girl took a seat and waited, hoping someone would come forward and relief her of this Nordic.

uhh that feeling when you accidentally hit enter before you're finished with the title

The Typhoon / I GOT SOUL ; joining ; BUT I'M NOT A SOLIDER
« on: May 03, 2018, 12:22:04 AM »
She was a long, long ways away from home. The reality in which she had once lived was vastly different from this one, and she cursed Adelaide to the high heavens for altering her appearance again. A deep, agitated sigh fell from her lips. First a blue bird and now a red heeler? Why couldn't she have just remained a human?

She shook her head; she shouldn't have ventured so deeply into the unknown. She shouldn't have searched so hard to find Wirt and Greg. Her mistake, she supposed. Dark brown eyes rolled mightily. 'That's what you get for trying to be the good guy, Beatrice.' Well, no more of that, she would tell herself. She hadn't been good in a long, long while.

The beasts was a persuasive creature by nature, and the ginger canine was not strong enough to fend of his powers. She had been manipulated, but it was unsurprising. For weeks, she had gone through with his biddings. She had done everything he asked, and in return, she received information on the whereabouts of her friends. Recently, he had promised her their safety should she collect the third soul of that tri-souled creature from the Typhoon. And this was the reason her paws carried her to said group. After all, what could be easier?

She smirked.

"My name is Beatrice," she barked, voice loud, confident. Her dark honey eyes remained vigilant, forever searching for that feline named after a flower. "I'm here to join."

Helpful Hub / power question
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:19:43 PM »
hey, so i have a character named Beatrice

long story short, she's been manipulated into thinking she needs to steal souls from others in order to bring back friends she's lost
i know there's really not a power for that in the shop, but i was wondering if possessions would work for this? lmao i have no idea. but if possession overthrows a host, then technically she's stolen their soul? idk does that make sense?

if there's another power or anything, please let me know!! alternatively, if the possession thing works, let me know about that too!!

thanks in advance! c:

Coding Corner / plastic flowers ; catch-all
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:41:57 PM »
they say the good thing about plastic flowers is
you could spray them with any type of perfume

grassy’s storage/testing/ideas — the big catch-all

Welcoming Board / peace sign emoji here
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:44:15 PM »
hey, y'all!!

i used to rp on wcrpg/feralfront! my character was Suiteheart, who was the deputy of BlizzardClan and literally everyone's gay mother. but i'd left the site right as everything was going down, so i don't know much of what happened to the site (aside from tumblr and friends who stayed on). but a super good friend recommended this site to me!!

but anyway, my name's Grassy! i really want to try to get back into writing fairly often, so hopefully i'll be posting soon. i just wanted to get an intro out of the way lol,, and here's a bit of info about me: i'm super into fall out boy (and most music in general), i like ghost adventures, pokemon, game of thrones (though i've only read the first and half of the second book), the walking dead, and avatar the last airbender&the legend of korra!! 

[ooh, and if you're from BlizzClan, you should totally hmu!! i was also in BoneClan and ShadowClan for a little while, rping Tim Wright!]

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