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« on: September 24, 2018, 06:03:41 PM »

"Hey Roy, how strong are your beliefs?"

When Roy was asked that question from Thea, Roy had zero time to think on the matter. His train of thought had been lost the moment she disappeared, and then materialized right before him. He barely had time to react to the sudden teleportation, and by the time he noticed her claws- it was too late. Roy remembered the skin on his neck piercing open, blood instantly spewing everywhere. He remembered collapsing to the ground as he struggled to breath, beginning to choke on his very own blood. He can't die- he couldn't! He's suppose to spend the rest of his life with Riza, he can't suddenly leave her like this! As he continued to struggle, barely hanging onto the thread with each droplet of blood, his attempt to snap his claws failed, as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. no, I can’t let this happen— I don’t want Riza to break again! One final thought ran through his skull, before everything went quiet.

Suddenly his light blue eyes snapped open to complete, eerie silence. Everywhere Roy looked was white, and when he looked over his shoulder- he saw his gate. Oh no, is he here again?

"Long time no see, Flame Alchemist!" Roy heard that high pitched, creepy, familiar voice that the bobcat only heard once before- the moment he got himself and Riza sent to that world. Roy slowly looked away from his gate, his widened eyes landing on a white silhouette that was an exact replica of him. It looked like the shape of a bobcat, and it was even missing a back right leg. It's outlined by dark, ebony circle blotches, and it had a large grin on it's muzzle. This is who Roy learned was 'Truth'- who's essentially a deity being. One who regulates over gates of Alchemists and punishes them if they commit the greatest taboo. Even as an entirely different species than what he used to be, Truth is still looking over him, and even seems glad to see him.

"So, I'm dead now, correct?" Roy questioned, as he found his eyes slowing drifting down to look at his neck wound, blood dripping onto the ground. Roy wasn't expecting any other answer- he knew what happened back there. His throat was ripped out, and there was so, so much blood. Despite how many people came back to life in Ascendants, the way of an Alchemist is still drilled into his skull. It's not possible for him to come back.

"Well, Flame Alchemist technically you are, but..."

Wait a minute, but?

He didn't get to think very long on it, Truth continued speaking.

"When I sent you to this world, I wasn't expecting you to go out so quickly. I think it will be a real shame if you stay dead, so I will make an exception."

Roy froze at those words, eyes not blinking once as he kept his gaze locked on Truth. Was Truth offering to send him back? Roy couldn't believe it, Truth wouldn't just offer something like this! There has to be a catch!

"But, if I were to send you back to your body, with that wound scarred up, it will cost you a toll."

There's the catch. Roy gave a nod to these words- what would he loose in order to get back? Maybe a few internal organs? A limb or two?

"Of course, you can always stay dead and wait for your beloved to join you. It's your choice, Flame Alchemist."

There was no way in hell Roy was going to let Riza live there on her own. Roy knew Riza was strong, even as a lioness, but he knows what it's like to feel alone. It doesn't help considering Riza is a world away from the people she loves and cares about. He also remembered hearing Riza's cries when she thought he was dead months back as a human- it must be way worse for her now that it's the real deal.

He'll go back, whatever the toll is. He'll learn to adjust to another missing limb, or a few internal organs. It will be worth seeing Riza again. "I'll go back," He decided, with a firm nod.

That grin on Truth's face only grew. "As you wish, Flame Alchemist!" It said, as Roy heard his gate behind him open up, and while getting dragged out, everything turned black.

Suddenly with a gasp, Roy was alive in the real world again. Except... It already felt different. As Roy slowly got up onto his paws, he knew he didn't loose another limb. Okay, Truth didn't take his limbs as a toll, maybe some internal organs? He probably wouldn't know if he lost those until later- he should head back to the observatory. But when he opened his blue eyes- everything was pitch-black. I'm not buried underground, am I? No no- he can breath and he feels the light breeze against his fur. It's probably the middle of the night, yeah! But that thought was quickly tossed out the window the moment he heard some birds sing in the trees. It's the middle of the day, Roy thought to himself, as the sudden realization began to hit him, his ears flattening to his skull, My sight! Truth took my sight as a toll! His cloudy, blue eyes widened, as he took a shaky step forward, unsure of where he was going. Roy knew he was in Ascendants territory, he didn't need sight to pick up that scent.

"Riza!" The now blind male suddenly called out, continuing to take steps without a clue as to where he's heading. He knew that the Lieutenant must be hurting, and shocked by his death. She was the first person that came to his mind, he has to let her know he's alive! "Riza! I'm alive!-" He continued to yowl out, before he lost his voice to a yelp as he suddenly tripped on a tree root, bruising up his chin on the ground.

He grunted slightly as he forced himself back on his paws, as a single thought ran through his mind. Who killed me? As he began to look through his head for an answer, he should be able to remember who attacked him. Besides seeing Truth again, it's his last memory. But to his shock, he could only remember how he died. He couldn't remember the face of his murderer, or what kind of animal even attacked him. "Fucking Truth took the memory too!" He muttered with frustration, sniffing the air for any familiar scents.

Private Rendezvous / Private IT'S A TERRIBLE DAY FOR RAIN // SUITEHEART
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:22:45 AM »

[ retro to lockdown !! ]

Roy couldn't possibly imagine what Suiteheart is currently going through. While Roy considered her and Margaery to be one of his closest friends, he knew the confusion and anger he felt regarding Margaery's disappearance was nothing compared to her. She lost her wife for a second time, after she so firmly believed Margaery wouldn't leave again- a promise that wasn't meant to be broken. Suiteheart and Margaery were practically like the perfect couple- the chemistry the two have with each other is incredible- they've stuck with each other for a thousand years or more, through the thick and thin. Roy hated seeing how miserable and distraught Suiteheart had been when Margaery died in childbirth, and now, he felt more anger to see her in an even worse condition. When Margaery temporarily died, most likely it was out of her control. Margaery most likely didn't decide to kick the bucket, no it definitely didn't seem like her choice- as she came padding right back after a few days. Roy might never know how exactly she came back to life, but her life with her clan, wife, and children weren't over. But her disappearing, leaving behind a note explaining she left with her father, is far different. Margaery must have known what she was doing when she wrote that note, and left it with her necklace and pendant as she padded off with her father. She must have known people were going to be hurt by this, in ways others can't even imagine. To Roy, Suiteheart is probably in a far worse state than the first time Margaery left them, as this time around, the Cosmic General abandoned them.

When Margaery originally died, Roy tried to reach out to Suiteheart. He wanted to be there for her, in the same exact way she had been to him with Maes. Despite the efforts he set forth, Suiteheart didn't open her doors to him. Roy didn't want Suiteheart to shut him out again, not this time around. Roy knows she must feel even worse than the first time, and that she shouldn't be left alone to mourn. She made sure Roy wasn't alone when Maes died, she went out of her way to make sure he was okay. If he didn't check up on her, then it wouldn't be fair. She deserves the same support, and he's going to make sure she gets it. As after all, that's what alchemists believe in- equivalent exchange. Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

Roy found himself padding up to Suiteheart's and Margaery's room, a sigh escaping his lips as his eyes landed on the door. The door was left ajar, and the scent of Suiteheart invaded his nostrils, the scent getting stronger as he reached the room. He's going to check up on her, give her the support and company that she needs, whether she wants it or not. With a flick of his ear, Roy reached forward to push the ajar door open. "Suiteheart," The Flame Alchemist's commanding voice left his maw, "I'm coming in." The Flame Alchemist was leaving no room for an argument, padding right in once the door opened enough.

As he padded into the room, his blue gaze landed on the feline, ears pinning back to his skull. "I want to check up on you," He explained as that commanding, militaristic tone dissolved into concern and worry.

[ @Suiteheart ]

« on: August 08, 2018, 12:42:06 PM »


This was just great, isn't it? Somehow the observatory is left in a power outage, and along that, everyone is locked inside! Roy wasn't sure how the observatory managed to get into a lockdown, he hoped it can get fixed relatively soon. There were so many dangers and risks that came with them being stuck inside- such as shortage of food, medicine, and most importantly no way to get out. Roy wasn't claustrophobic, and it was just by the Flame Alchemist's luck that he had his flame alchemy. Once orders were handed out to all the groups, Roy used his small flame like a candle, weaving his way through the dark building to be lead to his room.

Roy had candles stashed in a drawer. They were old fashioned candlesticks, but they would work perfectly for his group to pad around and search for more candles. Without another thought, once he was in his room- he ripped the drawer open, and pulled out four candlesticks. Without another sound, the male padded out of his room, using his flame as a source of light to lead him back to the grand circle.

Once the bobcat re-entered the grand circle, the male placed the four candle sticks down on the ground. With a snap of his claws, the male used his flame alchemy to light each candle, emitting more light to the area. "Versaillespalace! Cass! Onision! Beverley!" The Lunar Lieutenant called out with a booming, commanding voice, ears flattening to his skull. "Come over to me and grab one of these candlesticks! We need to search the rooms in the observatory for more candles- I know others have some in their rooms. We need all the candles we can get our hands on, we need to get the observatory lit up with light as much as we can. Also, don't feel bad about taking the candles- people can replace them later on if they wish."

« on: August 06, 2018, 03:32:41 PM »

Well, without a doubt, this visit was long overdue. The last time Roy arrived at Snowbound's border was back when they were still neutrals. It was his mistake not to visit as soon as the alliance was formed, it was honestly quite foolish of him. A new month quickly came upon them, to which Roy decided he was going to do ten times better at his job. He has to be a good ally, they've been making their way to go out to the Ascendants, so he'll make sure he'll do the same.

The melanistic bobcat came padding up to the border, holding a basket in jaws. In the basket were gifts, which Roy hoped would be of good use for Snowbound. Some of the gifts happened to be books, journals, herbs, candies, and more. The Flame Alchemist placed the basket in front of him, blue eyes scanning the territory for anyone nearby. "Roy Mustang, ambassador from Ascendants- I'm here for a visit, and I brought gifts." Roy called out to Snowbounders in the area, deciding to introduce himself and state his reasoning for showing up at the border.

With a flick of his ear, he sat down on the ground, waiting for Snowbounders to arrive.

« on: August 06, 2018, 02:06:29 AM »

It felt so surreal that this day is already upon them. A few short weeks ago, they reunited again for a second time after months of separation- Riza searching for a way home, and Roy going through each day knowing there was no going back. It wasn't long until Riza discovered the truth herself from Roy, and that in the end, her search for answers went down the drain. It left them both deep in thought, wondering what they'd do next. There is, and never will be, a way for them to return home. Whatever hopes and dreams they had for Amestris were gone, and replaced with this life. A life where they'll live the rest of their days as animals, and without a doubt it caused them to think. Each came with the sudden realization of their feelings for each other, and how it no longer could be ignored. The constant thought of the anti-fraternization laws no longer being in effect only got stronger and stronger after the day he reunited with her. Once he got advice from Suiteheart and Margaery, Roy proposed to his lieutenant. And she said yes.

Usually in the preparation of weddings, generally months and months are used in planning to make the big day 'perfect'. Well, it's a little different here- Roy & Riza had some great wedding planners- Suiteheart & Margaery. Rather than taking months to plan, organize, and set up their wedding, it only took around two weeks. And Roy felt pretty good about it, and he had a feeling in his chest that Riza felt the same way too.

The location of the wedding is at the southern area of the Observatory, but to be more specific the Planetarium. Inside the large doors, instead of being lead to a theatrical like room, the star-projector was not the center of attention. The center of attention will rightfully belong to Roy & Riza, once the maned lioness precedes in after the procession. Each aisle was draped with white fabric, anchored at the top of the seats with lavender flowers and small lights at the edges. Down the aisle, a path made out of purple and white petals made it's way from the doors and all the way to the Flame Alchemist, a perfect path to lead his queen to her king.

As the procession made it's way in, Roy quickly went through his vows in the back of his mind, making sure he had everything correct. Roy never imagined himself memorizing vows back home, but when he got engaged it became a big priority. He wanted to make sure they sounded perfect, especially for the person he loves and cares for so deeply.

The procession was considerably small. Imperia was the priestess, Suiteheart was his best man(there was also an honorary spot for Maes), Cooper(though, he didn't precede in with Bast) and Bastille were groomsmen, no bridesmaids, Magraery as the Maid of honor, Aaliyah as the flower girl and earring bearer, and finally Riza walking down with Cooper. The size was just perfect.

When the doors opened again after Aaliyah made her way down the aisle, his gaze landed on Riza, with Cooper by her side. He couldn't help it but smile lightly at the sight of his bride, feeling the excitement in his veins as he began to watch her walk down the aisle.

[ retro to lock down!! Sorry if this isn't good ahh!!! Also @Lt. Hawkeye yeeee ]

« on: July 31, 2018, 09:10:49 PM »

It was incredibly foolish of Jacob scold his fiance in the midst of a raid. With no intentions to fight, only to scold his fiance while people are dying left and right. The smart thing to do would have been waiting until home, but no Jacob had to make his way out there. He was loud. Idiotic. Impatient. He threw information around left and right like they were flies, as if they'd only reach Pincher's ears. But oh boy, it was ridiculously stupid to tell a battle field of people who your important ties to people are. Roy heard everything, deciding that Jacob could not be allowed to walk away free. Jacob was Pincher's significant other, his fiance, and he seemed to swear that Pincher was genuinely a real nice guy. Bullshit, complete udder bullshit. Either Jacob doesn't know his fiance as well as he thinks or is wrongly convinced that Pincher is a genuine good person. From what Roy can see, Pincher causes havoc without any sort of reason, as if it's an enjoyment to watch other people suffer.

But despite all of that, Jacob knows Pincher relatively well. Unlike his fiance, Jacob seemed quite sweet and genuine. It shocked him that somebody like Jacob was associated with a person such as Pincher. Roy hated to think of it, but Jacob reminded him of Alphonse Elric. If they were in a better situation, Roy would have been pleased at the thought. But Jacob's alignment, it was severing that from ever being a reality. Roy didn't think much on the thought, quickly tossing it to the side when he remembered who Jacob sided himself with. He is an enemy. An enemy who might have valuable information.

Snatching Jacob turned out to be relatively easy, even with Pincher nearby. Jacob made himself a very easy target- the wolfdog was entirely focused on his fiance, rather than watching his back for any angry Ascendants members. So, so so foolish. Roy snatched Jacob the moment his paws were free, tearing the wolfdog away from his love in the matter of seconds.

The melanistic bobcat came padding into the observatory, dragging a conscious, non-willing Jacob by his scruff. Once Roy was at the grand circle, the Flame Alchemist acted fast. In a matter of seconds, Roy released and pinned Jacob to the ground, not allowing Jacob to get any chance of running off. Roy kept him pinned by one paw firmly on his head, and the other close, poised and ready to snap. "You were quite foolish to scold your fiance back there," He hissed, ears drawing back to his skull, "Now that we know your ties to Pincher, you will tell me everything he has planned against us."

"And, if you refuse..."


His poised claws quickly rubbed together, a spark coming to life. It was so quick that it can be missed by a blink of the eye. Not a second later, a small controlled flame blazed beside Roy's claws, like a flame torch. Hopefully, Jacob will understand the memo. As this was merely a demonstration of what Roy will do. Roy manipulated the oxygen in the small flame, killing it as he waited for Jacob to speak.

"Now, talk."

[ @jacob w.c.
edit: also retro to pinchob wedding !! ]

« on: July 30, 2018, 12:35:03 AM »

[ retro to owen & raptors leaving !! @delta ]

Roy still wasn't sure what Bastilleprisoner was thinking when he allowed those feral raptors into the Ascendants. So far, it's been a miracle that no one has gotten attacked by any of them- considering they seemed to act up by almost anything. At first, Roy was cautious with padding around by himself- as initially he wasn't sure if the raptors were free to roam the territory. But, time past and no one fell victim to the raptors. So, the Flame Alchemist began to relax while patrolling- which was a mistake. He knew better than to let his guard down so easily.

His ears were instantly pricking up at the crack of a tree branch, a few meters away from him. Roy came to a pause, ears turning back to listen to the sound. Roy swore he was alone, he was heading down his designated path- he generally didn't have company while on these patrols. Unless he was being followed- and then the thought hit him. Oh no, it can't be more of the raptors, can it? Slowly, Roy found himself turning to face the source of the sound, blue eyes widened with caution. What his gaze landed on was the last thing Roy wanted to see. A few meters away from him was Delta, who easily towered over Roy. Roy couldn't remember what raptor he snapped at, but he remembered all four of them circling him after. So basically, there is a high chance this feral raptor wants to bite his face off- it probably holds a grudge against the Flame Alchemist.

Without another thought running through his mind, the bobcat brought his front right paw close to him, claws poising for a snap. Maybe even Roy bringing his claws close to him would set the raptor off, but he has to make sure he can protect himself. "Get any closer and I'll do it," He threatened with a deep, dangerous voice, mutated claws inching to rub against each other to create a spark.

Elysium / Open READY AS I'LL EVER BE // MEETING (7/29)
« on: July 29, 2018, 05:15:59 PM »

Roy considered himself to be quite surprised, when Bastilleprisoner confronted him this morning with a favor to ask. Bastilleprisoner wanted him to host the meeting, which Roy wasn't expecting to hear. He thought Bastille would go to Suiteheart and Margaery far before him, but Bastille proved him wrong. The bobcat accepted the offer, and soon after was filled in with what Bastille wanted him to announce. Roy found himself padding to the regular platform Bastilleprisoner goes to during meetings, finding it peculiar that he was heading there instead. Sitting himself down on the ground, Roy spoke up with a loud, commanding voice. "Ascendants! Gather around for a meeting!" For a short moment the male fell silent, as a crowd slowly gathered before. His blue eyes scanned it momentarily, and when he decided there was enough people to continue, the Lunar Lieutenant opened his mouth to speak again. "We have quite a few things to discuss today, so listen up!" He said with a militaristic tone, ears drawing back to his skull.

"First and foremost, we had quite a number of people joining and returning this week. Welcome Gaatkaaras, Emmaera, René, Pimostra, Hearteyes, Stark, Lucia, Rosetouch, Harland, Owen, & Naomi! Soon a trip to the starpool will be set up for you newcomers, so stay tuned for that." The Flame Alchemist spoke, as his blue eyes continued to scan the crowd, "Cass, Church, and Thea- welcome back!"

"Next, our ally Snowbound has invited us to two events! The first being a murder mystery, and the second being a mass gathering! Make sure to go and attend these!" The bobcat continued, knowing that he himself had to attend these events very soon. Roy was an ambassador to Snowbound, and it would look bad on him if he didn't make time to participate in them. Hopefully his groupmates will chose to attend one or both of them as well.

"Lately, the Typhoon has caused us quite the amount of trouble. They captured Pele and Thea- recently Thea returned to us harmed from them. And most recently, they raided us at the starpool. This is my warning to all of you to stay alert and watch your back- as it's looking tense." Roy was (unfortunately) unable to declare official enemy status with the Typhoon, but at least he was allowed to warn his groupmates about the pirates. If the Flame Alchemist had the ability to make them enemies, he'd do it in a heart beat, but that decision is all up to Bastilleprisoner.

"This week there will be no promotions, demotions, or warnings," He said with a flick of his ear, eyes blinking slowly. The week turned out to be a bit slower at the end, which was fine. Roy knew that this was the most 'exciting' part of the meeting, so the no promotions part might sound disappointing- but he wasn't done yet. "Shout-outs to Gabriel, Thea and Carolina!" For a moment, Roy's eyes scanned the crowd for the three individuals. "Keep it up and there'll be a promotion in your future." With that, Roy tore his gaze away from them, as he continued to speak with a commanding tone. "A few titles as well. Gemini for Moonmade, Cancer for Imperia, Taurus for Shininglight & Lessa, and Leo for Gabriel!"

"And finally, a few quick reminders!"

"Reminder that there's a discussion going on about cliques and the buddy system- make sure to go put your input there!" The more input they get on it, the better they can fix the current problem. "Attention to the semi/high position team: volunteers are needed for weekly tasks! If you haven't volunteered before, now's your chance!" He mentioned with a flick of his ear, coming close to the end of the announcements. "Final call for the choice awards- voting will be closed in two days! Lastly, with July coming to an end, August ceremonies will be up and running in a few days."

"That's all, meeting dismissed!"

[ Recap!
- Welcome to Ascendants: @GAATKAARAS , @EMMAERA , @RENÉ. , @pimostra , @HEARTEYES , @s. ferro , @LUCIA A. , @ROSETOUCH , @Harland. , @OWEN. and @NAOMI INFINITIUM !!
- A trip to the starpool will be made soon, you'll get a mention when it's created!!
- Welcome back @CASS ★ , @CHURCH and @THEA !
- Snowbound events, please participate!! murder mystery & mass gathering
- Typhoon raid: click
- Typhoon situation addressed, stay alert & watch your backs!
- No promotions, demotions or warnings!
- Shout-outs to Gabriel, Thea, and Carolina! Keep up the good work guys!!
- Titles handed out: Gemini for @MOONMADE , Cancer for @imperia , Taurus for @Shininglight and @lessa and Leo for @GABRIEL !!
- Quick reminders!!
-- Make sure to post your input on the cliques & buddy system discussion here!! The more input the better!
-- Semi/high positions, weekly tasks are open for volunteers! To volunteer, please mention madi in the shp-chat in the Ascendants discord server!
-- Choice awards close on the 31st! If you haven't entered a form, you still have time to! Plus, if you have a form, remember to make any edits you wish to include before voting closes! You can find the choice awards here!
-- And finally, in a few days the August ceremonies will be up and running with the end of July! ]

« on: July 24, 2018, 12:51:44 AM »

It's been a long past few days lately. When Roy wasn't spending time with Aaliyah, Riza, or any of his friends here, the male was thinking. He was thinking back to what Margaery and Suiteheart suggested to him- advice on marriage. They were the only ones who knew what Roy was thinking of doing- proposing to Riza. Roy was well aware that he has feelings for her, and that she has them in return. He's definitely taking a huge risk of skipping the whole dating part, but that wasn't necessary for them. Their relationship, the bond between the two, has gone back for years. Roy trusts his life in Hawkeye's hands, even to a point where he gave her the permission to shoot him in the back if he ever went down a dark path. In their past life, the sense of dedication and loyalty they had for one another was strong, and even here Roy can feel it. When Riza said she'd 'follow him into hell', she really meant it, huh?

There was one more thought that ran through his mind. "What will we do now, Colonel?" Roy could almost hear Riza's voice ask him, thinking back to their conversation they had before Roy went to Margaery and Suiteheart. Back there, Roy wasn't entirely sure what to say. Whatever life they had before coming here was over- everything they worked for went down the drain. She was no longer a Lieutenant and he's no longer a Colonel. He knew if he told her that they could finally live their lives together right then and there, it wouldn't have gone well. The two lived their lives understanding what they wanted was illegal, and nothing could be done about it. Back there, it would still have felt impossible to do. But now, long days of thinking have past by. He can't let these old thoughts plague his mind, he has to do it before it's too late.

Roy made his way over to Riza's room, biting back a sigh as he stepped into the doorway. Roy took one step forward, gaze instantly landing on the maned lioness. Roy's face wore a serious, authoritative expression, as if he was her commanding officer once again. "Lieutenant," He spoke with a commanding tone, "I need to speak with you, follow me." Without leaving room for an explanation, the bobcat quickly turned around and began to pad out of the doorway, heading to the grand circle of the observatory. It was probably weird that Roy mentioned he wanted to speak with her, especially in a public area. He was certainly hiding something, but hopefully she'd follow his orders.

Roy would find himself sitting down on the ground, hiding an earring box behind him. Roy made sure it was well hidden- he wasn't about to allow Riza to see it and ruin the surprise. Roy had something special in mind, his proposal to Riza involved some flame alchemy. It wasn't much to worry about- he'll make sure the observatory doesn't set on fire and hopefully Riza will say yes. Now, Roy can only wait for her arrival.

[ @Lt. Hawkeye ]

« on: July 17, 2018, 11:04:58 PM »

Oh boy, oh boy. Roy Mustang was pissed, pissed beyond belief. Bastilleprisoner trusted Beck, he trusted that Tanglewood would give them peace and hopefully a strong alliance. Roy on the other hand, he wasn't as open to the idea. Roy had been trying to interact with his allies, get to know the members themselves. Roy remembered how people said the Tanglewood members were kinder than Beck. What a lie that turned out to be a few days ago.

A member of Tanglewood- a white hellhound who wore armor- trespassed into their territory. After approached by his groupmates, the bastard lunged for Washington. Roy remembered walking into chaos- Washington had a broken arm, Carolina some broken ribs, and Playerone was in the middle of a fight as a dragon against the Meta. When Roy caught wind of the Tanglewood scent, some could say that Roy was smoking with fury.

The melanistic bobcat came marching forward to the Tanglewood border, ears drawn back to his skull. Roy's blue eyes were hardened with anger, a frown featured on his maw. Not far behind him was Bastilleprisoner, who Roy himself requested to come along with him. For a moment, Roy's nostrils took in the scent of the swamp, the Flame Alchemist hoping that someone was nearby. If they weren't close by, hopefully Roy's voice will grab their attention.

"Tanglewood!" Roy called out with a commanding tone, eyes scanning the territory for any people nearby. "I am Roy Mustang, Lunar Lieutenant of the Ascendants! I am here with Bastilleprisoner, our Astral Seraph! We demand to speak with Beck at once!"


Private Rendezvous / Private WHO KNOWS WHAT'S RIGHT // MARG & SUITE
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:08:16 PM »

It's been a few days since Roy gave the news to Riza, that there is no way to return home. All the time she went around searching for a way home, was all for nothing. All that work she placed went down a drain the moment Roy told the truth, but at the end of it all, it was for the best. Roy cared about Riza, he wouldn't have kept something like that away from her. She had every right to know, he wasn't about to let her live on with false hopes for something that couldn't be achieved.

With a few days passing by, it got Roy to begin thinking. Back in their old lives, the two knew each other through their youth and military. Roy learned flame alchemy from her father, and when he passed, Roy learned the rest of it by the flame array tattoo on her back. Roy entrusted her with his life as a personal assistant and bodyguard, even giving her the permission to shoot him in the back if he ever stepped out of the righteous path. They both held a genuine sense of concern for each other, and the devotion they put into each other was strong. Roy would never admit it in a military setting, his devotion and care for Riza can be seen as love. For a long time, Roy has deeply cared for her, and he's almost positive she's felt the same way in return. Just they never admitted it to one another due to the military regulations in Amestris.

It felt weird to be thinking of marriage, especially with Riza Hawkeye out of all people. There are still thoughts running through his mind, trying to convince him this is wrong. Illegal. That he shouldn't be thinking this, shouldn't be thinking of a possible future with her. Roy has lived for so long with the mentality that dating, or even marrying, his subordinate isn't possible and most importantly, it's wrong. It was illegal, surely they would get in a lot of trouble if they were caught- but Roy had to stop these thoughts from running wild. They aren't in Amestris anymore. They're no longer obliged to follow the military regulations, they're free to do whatever as they please without their say. But despite this, a sigh escaped Roy's lips, knowing he has to speak to someone about this.

This was why Roy was making his way over to Suiteheart's and Margaey's room. There wasn't anyone else in Ascendants Roy would trust to have this conversation with. The two felines were good friends of his, and most importantly, they were both happily married. Surely they'll be able to understand the situation he's in and how he should approach Hawkeye with it. Riza would probably be unsure if Roy went and proposed without any thought, as she too had a mentality set in her mind that they can't be together thanks to the military regulations.

Making his way up to their door, Roy noticed the two inside. "Suiteheart, Margaery. I need to speak with both of you," The Flame Alchemist spoke up, making sure he was loud enough for them to hear him, but no others. He wasn't about to risk getting overheard by Riza or anyone else! He doesn't need this accidentally being spread around. "I need advice... Marriage advice, how did you propose to another?" He questioned, not getting into complete detail just yet. He would guess they'd make assumptions on what he meant on that, ready to explain himself to them.

[ @Margaery & @Suiteheart ]

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In the three months Roy has spent in this world, he hasn't traveled to a different group. Unlike Riza, who traveled around searching for a way to return to Amestris, Roy stayed in Ascendants. He learned the truth himself, but in a different way than Hawkeye. It was through a vivid flashback, that explained everything- going from the way they were sent here, and their fate. Was this possibly a punishment from Truth? Was that white figure grinning at the gate right now? Maybe, Roy shook his head, pushing these thoughts out of his head.

The male came padding up to the border of Snowbound, nostrils taking in the scent for a moment. The last time Roy wandered up to a border, it was when he was lost in Ascendants. If you told Roy Mustang back then he'd be traveling to other groups as an Ambassador, he'd laugh his head off. It's crazy how different things can change with only a few short months, huh? Closing his eyes for a moment, the bobcat let out a sigh.

Blue eyes opening wide, the Lunar Lieutenant spoke up with a loud, commanding voice. "I am Roy Mustang, Lunar Lieutenant from the Ascendants!" He called out, to any Snowbounders who might be padding by. It would be hard to miss a voice like Roy Mustang's, it often had a militaristic ring to it. "I'm an Ambassador from the Ascendants- I am here to invite your group to a sparring competition!"

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"Ascendants!" Came Roy Mustang's booming voice, who was standing in the middle of the Observatory, purposely trying to grab everyone's attention. Fellow ambassadors, such as Gordon, Margaery and Suiteheart, knew exactly what Roy was planning. He suggested an idea to them all a few days ago, and it's finally time for it to take place. Flicking an ear, Roy continued to speak with a commanding tone. "Meet me outside at the Plains for a sparring competition with Snowbound!" There was no way that Roy was going to host a sparring competition in the observatory, a smooth, grassy field would work best. What Roy had planned in mind was setting his clanmates up with Snowbounders, so both groups can gain experience in fighting. Whoever wins in each fight will continue to a new round with a new opponent, until it's just two members sparring in the final round. Whoever wins the last round will win the sparring competition all together. Without saying another word, the Flame Alchemist made his way out of the observatory, heading to the Plains.

When Roy arrived at the Plains, Roy could smell the scent of the Snowbound coming. Good, they're almost here. Roy sat down, waiting for his clanmates and Snowbounders to arrive before he began to set people up and explain the rules.

Private Rendezvous / Private Kono basho de piriodo ni // riza
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In Riza's absence, she was asking around for a way to return to Amestris. It's been on Roy's mind for a few days now, ever since she returned to the Ascendants border. Before he knew the reason why she disappeared, the small worries in his chest brewed. Roy was well aware that Riza is a strong, capable woman- she's one of the last people you want to target. The worries grew when he realized he had no idea where she ran off to, how well she was doing, etc. Those worries, before the day she arrived again, continued to brew with each passing day. Thankfully, those worried thoughts died down when she showed up at the border, and this time she seemed here to stay. Roy didn't have a chance to fully react to her reasoning, as the Lieutenant noticed his leg and it sidetracked from there.

When Roy never gave a proper response, it made him think. Does Riza think he found some sort of way to return home? That he was possibly waiting for her return, even if he didn't know when she'd come back? Riza had no idea of his flashback, how Maes Hughes was alive for a second time. She doesn't know that Roy remembered exactly what happened, and the horrible truth that comes with it. With a sigh, he decided that he can't hold the truth any longer from her. She has a right to know- while he's been living his life for the past three months trying to adjust to a new world with the full and complete knowledge of not going back, Riza was looking and hoping for a way home.

The male got up onto his three paws and made his way through the observatory, the scent of Riza entering his nostrils. In the past few months, Roy has gotten used to his new senses, one of them being his sense of smell. It's far stronger than to what it used to be as a human- he wouldn't have been able to smell Riza out as a human and follow her scent like he's doing now. Eventually, the bobcat was lead to the room Riza picked out to stay in. He stopped at the doorway, gaze landing on the maned lioness. "Lieutenant, I need to speak with you." He spoke up with a flick of his ear, beginning to make a few steps into the room. "A few days ago, at the border, you said you were searching around for a way home and found nothing."

"I discovered information regarding us getting sent here," He said with a sigh, eyes blinking as he prepared to tell the truth to her. "It involves whether we can or can't go home, and it isn't good." He said with a frown, waiting for Riza to react before he fully explains what happened.

[ @Lt. Hawkeye ]

Elysium / Open AGAIN // HUMAN AU
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[ AU: y/c turns into a human while still in Ascendants!! ;o;
Roy's outfit reference: click ]

When Roy opened his eyes, as the sun light shined into his room, he felt different. The room felt smaller than what he's used to, as if he grew overnight. For so long, Roy was used to be confined to a body of a bobcat. Roy would have wondered if he was a tiger again, but even as a tiger, the room felt large. Plus, he felt cold on the top of his bed, as if he didn't have fur covering his body. And then, it all clicked in his head, the puzzle pieces coming together in his brain. While this feeling is different than what he's been used to for three months, that didn't mean he didn't recognize it. Human, he has to be human. Laying in bed, Roy lifted his shaking hand, bringing it in view to his face. As his hand came into view, his gaze locked on his gloved hand, his heart beginning to beat in his chest. I'm human. He thought to himself, as he forced his body to sit up, That must have been some horrible dream... But when Roy stood up onto his feet, he wasn't expecting himself to stumble at his balance. As he stumbled, he quickly leaned onto the wall, realizing how shaky his legs were.

Wait, if this was all one big dream, then why does it feel like I haven't walked in months? He thought to himself as his eyes began to scan the room, eyes freezing on Maes's urn and his bedside stand that had his pendant resting on it. No. He thought to himself as his eyes widened with surprise, looking over his shoulder to see Aaliyah's small bed unoccupied. "It was all real! I'm still in the Ascendants!" He muttered with shock, eyes full of expression that screamed denial. He was human again. He was no longer a bobcat, but he isn't home. "There's still no way to go home..." He muttered as he realized the situation he was in, looking out his doorway. While he might be human again, it's still impossible for him to go home. Amestris will continue to live on, unaware that the Flame Alchemist is alive and well, but stuck.

Roy didn't get to think much more on the top as he began to hear others crying out in the observatory, pulling his thoughts away for a moment. Well, it seems like the tables have turned. He can hear some cries from groupmates yelling things about being human, crying for help. They're finally going through his shows, and this time, he's in theirs. They don't know how to function as a human, and he does. They probably need his help. Roy closed his eyes and shoved his disappointed emotions to the side, as he began to walk forward. Roy was wearing a blue military uniform, stylized for the early 1900s, while wearing a black overcoat. He had jet black hair, pale skin, and dark colored eyes. At first, his few steps were rigid, but quickly they became normal as he made his way to the center of the observatory, unable to recognize his groupmates new appearances. "Alright! Who's who?" He commanded with a loud voice, raising his right hand into the air and snapping his fingers. Quickly after, his ignition gloves caused a spark, a controlled flame heading straight into the air above him with a crack. Not long after, the flames died off as he lowered his arm to his side, hoping he grabbed everyone’s attention.

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