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The Typhoon / Open ALL CORRUPT EVERYTHING [ body change ]
« on: November 24, 2018, 02:16:42 PM »
It had been a while since they had achieved true intangibility, so distanced from their home that it had become nothing more than a vague concept. They had cared about how they looked like if only to keep the mortals and those unaware of their true form privy of the fear it often brought. No one spared one glance at a wolf that looked just as normal as the next one. A few golden accents didn't make the void stand out, but that had been their goal for a while now. Don't stand out. Don't act strangely. Be as normal as those around you needed you to be.

They were tired of it.

Keeping a form that resembled something was too much work, the effort put into it taking up a lot of the time Lirim could have been doing something vastly more interesting and important. They were the void. They should have had the freedom to travel in between every world, dimension, creature, soul they wanted to, not be bound by mortal physics and bodies. They were vast. Endless. powerful.

They were tired.

The thought to change back to their true nature hadn't been a one-time event. It had crossed their mind many times already, a deep part of their core urging them to shed this foolish outer layer and give in to who they were supposed to be. An endless mass; dark, devoid of everything but the atoms that formed everything, shifting and changing in an endless dance with the universe itself. Freedom. Their name was freedom and yet they had none when bound to rules that should have never applied to them, to begin with.

And so they changed. There was nothing left holding them back, the last person they cared to present even decently as no longer affecting them as he had before. Bubs would love them regardless of what they were, who they looked like. He was family, and if their family didn't care... there was nothing else stopping the void from it's freedom. It started with a vibration, starting seemingly from everywhere and nowhere at once, faint enough to be ignored as a distance earthquake or impact. Still dangerous, though, still searching, especially when the quake only seemed to get closer with each passing second until there was nothing else left but the all-consuming shake that seemed only present in the subconsious. The outside world was fine; the trees were as they should have been, and the ground had not yet split open, but it was the minds that could have not taken the transformation.

Not that Lirim cared much. Whoever was too weak to take it was not their concern.

And then, just as it seemed the entire world was to implode, the whole thing stopped. The vibrations, the low rumble, the pulsating throb of the universe itself ceased, leaving in it's wake the dark mass who Lirim was always meant to be.

A low, deep, shaking rumble resonated around the creature once more, although this time it was far tamer and obviously based in reality, sending their body into another frenzy as it morphed in tandem to the vibrations in what could be described as their throat but wasn't quite. Not anymore, at least. Their throat was gone the moment the growl had left them, replaced and reformed somewhere completely different. Shapeless. Shifting. Free.

[ yeah so I wanted to go back to Lirim's original design, and so they're sorta just a dark vaguely-shaped mass that can shift it's appearance at will. For now this is the closest I can describe their current appearance, but note that it changes on a whim.

The Typhoon / Open hymn for the weekend [ dual joining ]
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:59:28 AM »
There weren't a lot of groups that Lirim liked. There were problems with all of them one way or another, whether personal or general, and it was one of the very reasons that had inevitably forced the void to simply return to their origins. Staying somewhere they didn't care much for was obsolete... until you had to come back for something greater.

The news of Des' death wasn't surprising to them. The man flirted with it on the daily with how many cigarettes he smoked, drinks he drank, and people he angered. He had already died once, but they had attempted to give him a second chance in life... only to have him make a child and then die again. Their entire life would have, in hindsight, been easier if they had just left their son alone the first time he chose to stop existing... and now they had to deal with this.

A small child, running ahead of them on the train tracks that led to the home of his father.

"Soba," their voice was strict, urging the cub to a halt before he went and completely threw himself off of the railroads and into the sea. It would be little more than an inconvenience, something that Lirim had their arsenal of powers to thank for... but they didn't want the child to get hurt even if they could ease the pain quickly thereafter. Maybe it would be better to let him learn life lessons and consequences... but they had a parental streak a mile long with this one, if only because they felt like it was their once chance to apologize to his original father. Lirim had failed Des... and now that the man was dead, leaving behind nothing but this tiny bundle of fur... they had to do something.

But their words did little to deter the small cub, as he continued to prance around the railroad tracks, clambering all over the sticks and stones and metal, coming close to slipping multiple times already and falling into the waters around them. A nervous, warning growl left the lion's throat when the white ball of fur almost tumbled headfirst into the liquid, a strong paw flicking out to steady him, and the grin and tiny 'thank you' send their way nearly caused their heart to melt. Lirim didn't claim to be a great parent; they had flaws that were often greater than those of others, and problems a mile long... but shit, if they weren't going to try and do something with their life until little Soba grew up to be someone good. Their usual murderous and apathetic tendencies were being pushed to the background.

"Be careful. The water is cold and you'll get sick," the feline huffed out, before letting go of Sol as he attempted to wriggle away from their grip, watching him nearly fall forward onto his face only to catch himself last minute. An exasperated sigh left their jaws, but it was undertoned with affection. They had forgotten what it was like to have children; they hadn't had someone to take care of in so long.

Biographies / Storage nonchalant [ lirim ]
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:37:48 PM »
character study, table of contents
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