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Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades Can't Take Me! // O; Training
« on: November 24, 2020, 12:42:16 PM »

You know that feeling when you want to improve, no matter the pain you endure? No matter the pain, no matter the struggle? Medusa felt that after her return, and even more after Rhine's return. She knew they had raids to do, and god damnit she was not going to stay behind. She was going to fight, weak legs or not.

She had started stretching her legs every morning before going on patrol. Stretch out, bring in. Stretch out, bring in. After patrols, she would stretch again. Stretch out, bring in. Stretch out, bring in. Did it hurt? Sometimes. Did she care? No. In fact, the pain made her more eager to get stronger. It was working, too. Things started to hurt less. Hopefully she'd be in enough shape to perform well at the Typhoon raid. Hopefully? No -- absolutely. She would absolutely be in shape for it.

It was a cool morning, the day she decided she was going to do some combat training. Not against anyone.. yet. Against a little training dummy she had made. She had set it up out of camp, on the sandy beach, facing the ocean. In a way, she was also proving to herself that the ocean was a bitch, but a respecting and respectful one. It had no bias, but provided the clan with food. Maybe soon she could finish her plight.

Her hind legs were stronger now, not as shaky, but she was only able to keep them up for maybe up to two hours. As she faced the dummy, she acted as though it was her. It made Medusa more violent, yes, but when it came to Stheno, she felt that violence for violence was the rule she had to go by. Even if it was the rule for monsters and beasts.

She lunged, clamped her jaws around the clothen neck of the dummy, and twisted so that she could be on the back. Always get on her back. That way, Stheno couldn't bite her. She was out in the open, though, so anyone could see her training against a cloth-and-straw dummy.


Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades Once Upon A Time -- O; Return!
« on: November 17, 2020, 02:20:50 PM »
♡ — Seven days. Well, she was awake for only 3 of those seven, the first four days she was stuck in a limbo, watching a dark world. With each day within the limbo, she felt her body grow warmer and warmer until she was suddenly back in her body. Greeted by an old cat who called themselves Healer, she began to relearn how to walk and use her hind legs. It was how she realized that her hind legs would not work properly anymore. Her hind legs would move in stuttering motions, sometimes just locking up painlessly for a good minute before resuming movement. Despite this, she did not give up. Healer told her that another feline was questioning them on who their patient was. When they described the feline, she almost got up and left to see Rhine.

The final day had been filled with a hollow sorrow. Healer wasn't going to be able to join her for the reunion. They made a pact with their old group -- they could not pass until they healed one more animal. With Medusa's revival and healing complete, they could move on, join their family. Even though she felt happiness for them, she was saddened that she would have to leave her new friend. But on a loving note, a song, she parted for the camp. She knew exactly where to go -- her paws guided her, hind legs moving at odd angles. Home. Her fear of the ocean was non-existent now. She was going home.

But her body faltered at the edge of the forest, the sudden fear kicking in again. No. She could not, absolutely could not, let fear override this. She was going home. She was going to her family. Family over fears.

It seemed no one was out for patrols yet, so going to camp was easy. Even with her permanently injured legs. Stopping mere feet from the camp entrance, she took a deep breath. Home. Family. Safety. She took the final steps into the arms of camp, head held high. The silence that swallowed camp was enough.

"Palmclan, I have returned. I'm finally home. I have so much to say.. So much to tell all of you." Instantly palmclan members surrounded her, questioning, welcoming, concerning. She stood in a way that only a rabbit could stand, hind legs tucked halfway in. She had so much to say, and judging by those who questioned her injuries, so much to explain. But she was home.


Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades How Much Can You Withstand? -- O; Death
« on: November 10, 2020, 11:56:50 AM »
♡ — It was still there. That nagging feeling that she was going to die. Even with the feeling on her heels, she did her usual work. Visiting camp to deliver prey, tidying up around the house, but always looking over her back, over her shoulder, peering into bushes and the trees. She tried to go on as normal, to just ignore it, but it was always there. But eventually, the calm settled in, she could breathe easily. Usually, a calm happened before the storm, but Medusa didn't care. Oh, how she should've cared. Maybe this tale would not be as tragic.

Wandering the forest surrounding her home, she felt the air tighten in her chest. The overwhelming scent of wild animals, wild canine, took hold. Before she could even think, or even see, pain exploded around her midsection. Shaking. She was being shaken. Through the pain, a fire started on her front paws, which she used to force the attacker to release her. She dropped down, pain throbbing, blood coating her scales, and fur on her midsection. She tried to run, but the canine took hold of her hind legs and crushed them in its bite, sending a violent screech from her. She turned, felt and heard her lower back break under the movement, and clawed at the beast's eyes. The beast released her and she tried her best to crawl away, fire on her tail and back, repelling another attack. The beast thwacked her tail with their paw but was burned by the fire, and ran off further into the forest. Good. Leave.

She feebly crawled toward the house, growing weaker and fearful. Palmclan. She wanted Palmclan. She wanted Rhine, Quasar, Vaas, Foam... She wanted her family. There, she could die peacefully, surrounded by them. But why would fate treat her kindly now? Entering the front yard area of the house, the smell of lavender and honey, a sweet, peaceful smell, she collapsed. Breath going shallow and quick, she let out a quiet sob. Why did she have to die here? Was fate that cruel to her? Why? Why did she have to die alone, without even a single friend or family member around her? As the sobs kept coming, She saw someone arrive from the forest, clad in a robe and larger than her. They smelled heavily of lavender and mint. As they spoke in unfamiliar tongue, she reached out to them with a weak paw.

Strength gave up, her body collapsed, fell limp. Light and life left her eyes. The stranger approached with solemn eyes, gently picking her up by the scruff, aware that she had friends and family who would rather attack them than mourn with them. Knowing this, they simply dragged her away, to their own secluded cave, where no one would find them. There, they would spend days mending her body, drawing her soul back.

When any Palmclan member arrived, they would not find Medusa's body.


////Long story short, Medusa gets attacked by a wild canine, crawls/drags herself to the house, and dies in front of it. A stranger arrives and takes her body to a place where they can revive her. No one will be able to track them, but anyone can search the area.////

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades I need someone to rely on.. Open
« on: November 08, 2020, 08:39:58 PM »
♡ — Emotional exhaustion was a painful thing. Worse? Being a little lost, and not physically. Being lost in oneself, not knowing where she belonged if she belonged anywhere. In Palmclan, she had a friend group. But she had been physically distant from them ever since she nearly drowned. Avoiding the ocean was paramount now, she did not want a rerun of that. But when the group she made herself a part of had the ocean as part of its identity, then where was home? Where did she fit? Where did she belong? There was just so much troubled water in her mind. Nothing seemed solid or clear anymore.

Passing a fallen tree, she felt its branches stare at her. Meeting the gaze, she felt herself tremble again. She quickly left the tree and ended up at a small stream. Staring at the clear water, her reflection, she felt a rock drop in her heart. She looked.. ugly, in her unblinking eyes. Horrific, forever staring. The arrangement of scales and fur placed upon her face framed the ugliness in all its glory, golden eyes the only pretty thing there. Opening her jaws, she wanted to bite herself. Teeth that felt too large, too strange, too different. Ugly. She was just ugly.

"Get a load of this monster,
She doesn't know how to communicate.
Her mind is in a different place,
Would everybody please give her a little bit of space.."

Gentle the song she whispered, turning her face away from the reflection. What she would give to be normal, to be just a regular cat or even just a regular snake. If she could've just not been here, had let herself drown. But that was selfish. Her friends would have been hurt by that. So even if she wished to escape from this mental war, she mustered herself to stay alive. Her heart was cracked, no cast set for it. So as she walked away from the stream, she felt herself getting heavier and heavier with pain that wasn't there physically.


Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades This FIRE I began -- Open; power discovery
« on: November 05, 2020, 10:24:57 AM »
♡ — Traveling and traversing the twisted forest was doing its part in soothing the annoyed and aggravated hybrid. A burning feeling had surfaced in her chest, growing, like a fire, into her legs, midsection, tail, her head, searing her mouth with the feeling. It crackled and roared like an angry beast within. It made Medusa furious. She should seek help, right? But it would be misdiagnosed, and Medusa didn't want that. Thoughts turned to starclan -- dead cats who meant most everything to palmclan members, yet very little to Medusa and a few others. Tail lashed angrily, spawning fire in its wake that died before Medusa knew it was there. That burning feeling became a fiery roar in her chest, threatening to burn her alive.

She turned her angry gold eyes to the sky, and she swatted angrily. Once, twice, three times. On her fourth swat, a fire was summoned, bright and golden, flaring up from her paw toward the sky. Anger that raged her fed the flame as it grew larger and hotter, becoming bright white and covering her forearm from the elbow down. She stumbled back and the fire shrunk, still hotter than summer, whiter than the snow around her. An angry hiss erupted from her, and she watched the fire grow with her anger.

A sarcastic laugh left her, "Is.. Is this some sick joke? Does whatever run this world want me to be singled out?? I'm already a hybrid, I'm already unordinary! I don't like this! I DON'T FUCKING LIKE THIS JOKE." She yelled angrily, then suddenly shrieked as the flame essentially slapped her on the nose.


Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades FALL INTO THE HANDS OF SORROW -- Open
« on: October 31, 2020, 05:35:37 PM »
♡ — Thaw. A small rise in the general temperature. It was enough for Medusa to move. She had begun to clear out the snow from the path, thinking. Starclan: the group of divine spirits of Palmclan. Dead ancestors. They were looked to for guidance, for hope. But where were they now? Lives were at risk - hardly any food within the forest. The ocean was definitely freezing now; any cat unfortunate to fall into it would get hypothermia.  How were the cats doing? How was Rhine? Vaas? Quasar? Everyone seemed distant now. Physically and emotionally.

Tired, the hybrid climbed her way to the top of the house, facing the sun, the sky, where stars were outshone. Anger boiled inside her, anger at the stars. "Where are you? Are you not supposed to guide them? Guide me? Are you not supposed to help?" Her voice became louder and louder until it was a ripping scream. "WHERE ARE YOU, STARCLAN. PALMCLAN NEEDS YOU. ARE YOU HIDING? WHY? DO YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACKS ON THE ONLY GROUP ON THIS ISLAND WHO BELIEVES AND TRUSTS IN YOU? THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!"



Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades Wonderfully Wandering Alone -- Open
« on: October 19, 2020, 09:55:59 PM »

Body shook at the sight of the sea, her paws bent on going back into the forest. Leaving the hunting party she was assigned with, offering them a quick goodbye, she raced away from the ocean. Not today, not again, not ever again. Sand became grass and then grass became a stone pathway. Relief settled into her bones as she approached the ruins, a heavy sigh echoing from her chest. She was safe now - nothing could hurt her, nothing could drown her. She was unable to tell if anyone followed her, or if anyone saw her dashing away from the blue ocean.

She really, really tried to act as though nothing was wrong, and it had gone on for some days with her acting completely fine in regards to the ocean. But today the dam broke, all panic set in, words caught in her throat and claws gripping at the soil. Dirt. Not sand. She wasn't close to the ocean. She couldn't drown in the forest.

// Have a character follow her, either from the hunting party or their solo hunt or separate hunting party! //

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades I'm Crying, How Sweet The Sound -- Open
« on: October 11, 2020, 12:11:40 AM »

Wading along the shores of Palmclan territory, the Hybrid found herself staring out into the ocean. It was alluring, much like a siren, capable of pulling even the strongest and mightiest into it's deep blue. It was beautiful. It was about as deep as one can imagine and then some. It was terrifying, but calming. Cold but loving. Harsh but healing.

Cold water lapped at her shoulders now. But she didn't know.

The waves welcomed her, graced her body, tired by worry. The motion lulled her. Paws lifted from the ocean floor. They carried her a bit further from shore.

Suddenly, a yanking motion ripped her out from above the water, dragging her under. Her tired legs kicked into overdrive. She forced her head back above water as a wave crashed her under again. Holding her breath, she tried to swim back to shore. 'Stay calm - Don't panic.' She repeated the phrases in her mind but as she found herself drifting away from shore, the panic set in. Her legs kicked and kicked, spending precious energy. Eyes searching the shore, her heart sank - was no one going to save her? Hopefully she just couldn't see well among the panic of her mind, and someone was trying to figure out how to get to her. But couldn't most of Palmclan swim?

She found herself a dock's pillar, and gripped onto it for dear life. Climbing above the waves, she suddenly breathed in salt water, and she coughed. She kept coughing before her claws became slick and had issues scrabbling on the wooden pillar. She climbed further up, claws hitting the dock itself and hauling herself upon it. Shaking with panic and adrenaline, as well as cold, she dragged herself away from the edge of the dock, coughing out salt water. The ocean tricked her. It betrayed her.

Eyes blurring from either tears or salt water, she felt herself fall on the dock, heaving heavy breaths, too tired to try and move. She was safe, the dock was a safe spot. But the ocean wasn't. Not anymore.

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades Oh Wonderland, I love -- Open
« on: September 25, 2020, 11:32:09 PM »

Slowly but surely, those who initially turned Medusa away were taking her in. It was a painful process; she was still deemed a bit untrustworthy of a few things, like watching things during the night, though this was never of Rhinestonestar's doing - just clan members - clan mates, who were skeptical of her. She was already good at hiding emotions, as her face and absence of eyelids or brows didn't allow much of a shift in mood, so looking as though nothing had phased her was easy.

But during the nights, she found herself still woken up, and would move out of camp to sleep somewhere else. She didn't feel secure within camp, for some reason. Maybe it didn't seem home to her yet; despite being friends with some of the npc clan mates. She thought it was her snake behavior that favored cramped spaces, but her den was as cramped as one could get, and she still wasn't secure.

On a particularly beautiful night, which was slowly aging to dawn given a few hours, Medusa slinked out of camp again. Obviously there was no where to go but the shores - she wasn't too comfortable trying to walk the boardwalk, especially with her limited eyesight. Gentle pawprints led to the shores, and she was there at the end, watching the waves. She had done this before, yes, but that was during the day - where she was more noticeable.

Diurnal life was something to praise when you slinked away at night and pondered to yourself, coming back before dawn and still being tired. It was a privilege for her, not a right anymore. She didn't want anyone to worry, but she knew that eventually someone was going to follow her - heavens forbid a kitten or someone as small as Foam or Drift.

Shrugging aside the downess she felt, she stood up and stretched, then walked toward the waters. The salt water felt different to her as opposed to the fresh water she often swam in, but since the beach took up most of the territory, and at some point she would have to catch something from the beach, if not for the clan, then for her.

Getting to chest deep waters, she let the water lift her paws and she began to swim. It was a rough cycle - learning on her own to stand strong against the waves, or go under them and avoid undertow (to her that was impossible). But she got the hang of it, and before long, she looked as if she was dancing in the water, humming a gentle tune.

Palmclan was a wonderland for her - odd traditions she was willing to seek, an open mind was her, soaking words from clanmates like a sponge. Every day she felt like she belonged a little more. The swimming was clearing her mind, but her mind kept wandering. Words gently drifted into the night air, hitting deaf ears unless one was close enough.

"Not sure if anything's real, or a dream. But the only thing sure from the start, is the song that's inside of your heart. Don't let it leave. And if this is a dream, then at least I've got memories for when morning comes.."

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades Calm and Quiet -- Medusa's Warrior Plight (open)
« on: September 22, 2020, 07:37:04 PM »

Medusa knew she had to do the plight, so the day after she shed her skin, she decided to set out. Feeling the cool air against her freshly shed scales was welcoming as she set out for the strip of forest the clan hunted in. She guessed it was her rat snake nature that loved being in the forest, where she could hide without issue. Or maybe it was the security of the trees that comforted her - not that she hated the beach or anything.

She was wandering just off the edge as she noticed a few stones within the ground, packed tightly so that no weeds or plants could grow in between. She thought it a sort of sign for the clan, and went to investigate.

The rocks were a part of a path, leading further into the forest. It was a clear cut path, save a few bushes and such blurring the edges of it. But no weeds were seen breaking through the stones, Medusa noted as she began to travel it. The path was ever so slowly going down, so slowly that Medusa didn't realize until she saw that the ground around her had risen slightly. While the path thus far was tight and narrow, it had now opened up before her, leading into a stone platform.

The stones here were still tightly packed, the platform lined with strange stone boxes that had over grown flowers and bushes within them. It all led to a large stone house, broken in areas, missing it's roof, and having lost all its windows. It was still mostly intact, and had what seemed to be 2 levels. It also had an opening that led below the house, with two old oak doors broken off their hinges. Infront of the house was a circular stone pit fit for a bonfire; it even had charred wood from a previous fire still there.

She took a brief investigation of the house, top to bottom. She found that nothing lived within the confines of the house - no rodents, no snakes, nothing. It was odd, but calming in a sense. The 2nd level of the house had an old human bed, with a table next to it; upon the table was a small piece of quartz. Feeling an even calmer air with the quartz there, she decided to keep it there.

 The ground level of the house was what humans would have considered a living room and kitchen, though it was somewhat primative in nature. A stone wall divided the area, and a doorway led to the other side of the area. There wasn't much, but it would make for a nice shelter should things get messy out in the beach. On the window sills, Medusa noticed, were even more of those stone boxes with even more gorgeous plants - they weren't starting to wilt even with the cool weather. Late wilters, maybe?

The below level of the house was a bit eeriey, but still calming enough that she didn't feel uncomfortable within it. It was a large open area, with a few pits in the corners presumably for a fire in each one, and a small statue in the back. It was a statue about as big as Hurricane sitting atop a pedestal, the statue one of a large lion (or tiger with a big mane) holding a crystal orb. It resonated with a serene calm unknown to Medusa before.

Satisfied with her findings, she went back to camp, a calm smile on her face. "I would like to say that there is something I wish to show whoever is willing to join me. It is part of my Plight, and despite it's location it's calming." She called out, pride absent in her voice. Once a sufficient group had been made, she added softly, "if kits wish to come they can - just stick with adults and don't go off the path." Once there were a few kits among them, she led them.

The path seemed easier for her now, and she led them without issue to the ruins. "i love this place. It's calming. There's even a statue at the lower level. It's big enough to house a fair amount of cats incase we must flee inland." She pointed out as she let the group explore the area. "i see the stones as a sign for us - close together, we won't let roots and weeds separate us." She let out a nervous laugh at the end - she didn't want to get philosophical by any means.

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades This is Home -- Open
« on: September 15, 2020, 07:07:41 PM »

Furless, scaleless paws treaded across warm sands along the beach, eyes scanning the area. On one side, she was met with the unfamiliar ocean and it's glittery waves, and on the other side, she was met with forest, a landscape she was familiar with in a sense. Scaled body heating up under the sunlight, Medusa found herself simply pacing the shore, walking back and forth.

There were many reasons for her pacing - on one hand, she was trying to figure things out about herself, her past, and on the other hand, she wanted to get away from some prying eyes of her clanmates. There weren't many of them who found her weird, but they were still there. Jaws parting in a yawn, she looked up to the sky, still fresh with morning.

She flicked her tongue a few times, trying to get used to that salty scent of the ocean. Medusa tried to catch a few fish beforehand, but was unable to - damn things be too slippery. A soft hiss trickled from her throat as she turned to pace around again. She was still trying to pinpoint why she ended up on the island, and what her life was beforehand.

God, if only she wasn't so young back then, if she was able to find that out.. was anyone else from... where she was from, on the island too? She was so caught up in the thoughts that she couldn't even catch a mouse. She stopped pacing and sat down where the water lapped at the sand, getting what little fur she had wet. She let out a heavy sigh, curling her tail around her legs in an attempt of hugging herself.

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades Rat snake Appetites! ~~Joining, Open
« on: September 10, 2020, 11:44:11 AM »

The hybrid had little issue navigating the forest, passing into more spacious land with ease. Her smooth body loved the sunlight that now hit her, seeming to energize her as she started to move faster. Flicking her tongue, she caught scent of rat, one of the few things her teeth actually let her eat. She dropped into a crouch/slithering position, body so low to the ground that her scutes were actually touching said ground. As she moved forward, the scent of other felines, as well as odder scents than her own, drifted toward her, but she ignored them as she focused on the rat ahead of her.

Closing the distance, she springloaded her haunches, and coiled her tail so that it would aid her in the lunge. Blinkless eyes focused on the sizeable rat, jaws opening in preparation. She stayed still for a second, then lunged at the rat, claws out to grasp it. It squealed in panic before she wrapped her tail around it, squeezing the life out of the Rat until it gave into her grasp.

Unhinging her jaw, she clamped down on the head of the rat, starting to eat that fool whole like the snake-thing she was. She's pretty quick about it, too, finishing in little time. Rat snake appetites, gotta love them.

Anyway, she finds a flat rock and lays down, coiling her tail around her. The scent of cats and other things still there - and she was choosing to ignore them.

Neutral Grounds / Open How Sweet The Sound -- Medusa
« on: August 29, 2020, 06:43:27 PM »
"I know I'm not normal, please don't stare at me."

God, how the hybrid loved warmth. and August was full of it, yes it was. Her furless, and scaleless, paws loved the warmth of the river rocks. Medusa felt no eyes prying at her as she walked along the river, eyeing the water with staring, unblinking eyes. Her forked tongue flicked outward, and as she touched it back to her Jacobson's organ, she let in all the wonderful forest scents.

She spotted a large, flat rock poking up out of the river. The perfect perching rock, perfect sunbathing rock. Just, the perfect rock for the hybrid. However, the way to the rock was through the water. The cat part of her despised the idea of getting what little fur she had soaked, but the snake side of her wanted that perch rock. Her paws prodded the rocks as she crouched for the leap.

3...2....1... now!

She lept toward the rock, landing in the water near it. Her legs kicked into action and it wasn't long before she got to the rock. As she situated herself, laid on her side, her head somewhat hanging from the rock and her tail coiling itself up, she listened to the river as it bubbled. How sweet the sound, the river made, drowning out most everything else.

There, she drifted to a peaceful sleep, her eyes still open. If anyone who never saw a snake sunbathe saw her, they'd think she was dead.

Biographies / Animal Medusa Bio
« on: August 29, 2020, 01:38:34 PM »
"I know I'm not normal, please don't stare at me."

Name, Age, Appearance
Name: Medusa, after the gorgon of the same name from Greek Mythos
Age: 1 year, 6 months, ages every 21st.
Appearance: Due to being a hybrid between a rat snake and a domestic house cat, she has both snake and cat characteristics. Her head flat, with a sharp ending maw filled with a combination of cat and snake teeth. Fur starts around the back of the head, though she has cat ears and cheek fluff. Fur goes down her back and ends around 1/4 the way down the tail. Her tounge is snake like and forked. As a result of her revival, she now possesses markings akin to shattered glass; the markings are gold in color and are on her haunches and hips. She is also possessing a set of line markings that depict a star-esque design, also in gold, between her eyes.
Everything else is scaled, including belly scutes. Her body is relatively cat like, including paws and legs like a cat. Her body scales are black toward the top of her body that transitions to a light grey toward her belly scales, which are white. The sensory scales on her upper lip have a line of black between them that go down to the scutes on the lower lip. Scales start to disappear on her legs, her paws becoming scaleless.
Her fur is a dirty grey/brown color with a darker color adding stripes that help her blend in to her surroundings. Her eyes are a golden color. In colder seasons, her fur gets longer, and will shed back to usual length when spring and summer rolls around.

Personality and History
Personality: Due to her odd appearance, she's self conscious. She loves to stay hidden, but often comes off as aggressive out of fear. Give her a moment to calm down, or console her if you're close to her, and she becomes rather shy and quiet. She tends to get attached to people after being around them for a good few days. Sort of based after Astral/the one who came up with her. After her revival, she is less self conscious and is more headstrong with opinions. She's still motherly to her friends and groupmates, but is unrelenting and merciless with enemies.
History: She was created in a genetics facility, but when she was extremely young, the facility went under and they just sorta placed her on the island. Due to being so young, the island is all she knows.

- She does shed! It may take her a while, but she generally will shed like a normal snake. Similarly, her lower jaw can split and unhinge.
- She's really strong, and her tail can grip things
- She loves herself some rodents and birds, and usually won't eat anything else because her teeth won't allow it.

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