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Elysium / Open Monster Zero Suite -- Joiner(s)
« on: November 17, 2020, 04:45:49 PM »

Tired was the beast of the heavens, half-n-half body landing on a cluster of rocks at the base of the mountain range. From shoulder down, they seemed pretty average if it wasn't for the two tales and bi-color scheme of their scales. From the shoulders up, they were two long necks with heads atop them, a 9 foot tall giant. A black talon reached across its body toward a white-scaled shoulder, pulling out an arrow that was lodged into it. "Do you think we flew far enough from the mainland?" The dark head questioned, voice soft and slow. White eyes bore deep into his brother's void black ones. The white head snorted, using his white talon to gently tap at his brother. "Yes, I'm positive of that, Yami."

Yami huffed and stretched out his black wing. Slowly furling it back in against his side, he looked around. "There had better be a group here, or I'm taking this body elsewhere. You hear me, Hikari?" Yami hissed, his barbed tail shuddering, creating a rattling sound.

"I hear you, I hear you, for god's sake."

"Yami Speech"  "Hikari Speech"

Biographies / Animal Balance -- Yami+Hikari; Yamikari
« on: November 17, 2020, 04:13:20 PM »
I beg of thee bare with me my teeth hurt and its hard to focus

Names: Yami and Hikari
Name meanings: Yami is Dark, Hikari is Light
Ages: Estimated 200-400 years old
Genders: Male

Appearance: Yami and Hikari share a joined body. They are a western dragon with two heads and two tails. Yami's half is all black, save for his pearly white eyes and teeth. His horns curve upward, with jagged edges lining them. His facial structure is slim and gentle, with slim eyes. Hikari's half is all white, save for his void black eyes and teeth. His horns curve downward and outward like a combination of a ram and a bull. His facial features are square and bulky, with larger eyes compared to his brother's. Their two wings are wide and broad. Spikes line their backs, ending in a clump of barbs and spikes at their tail tips. Their claws are similar to bird talons. They have somewhat long necks as well.

Personalities: Yami is calm, cool, and friendly to most. He's open to ideas and differing opinions. He has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to act on it, even taking over his brother's control of the body to exact vengeance. Hikari is bull headed and stubborn, the exact opposite of his brother. He shares his brother's strong sense of justice. Both are Pansexuals. Yami takes a while to fall in love while Hikari is a very hard faller. Both brothers know Japanese.

Uncharted Territories / The Palm Glades I still remember. -- O; Encounter
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:10:30 PM »
Gentle the breeze that swayed the wind as the large domestic feline pushed their way out of their hidden cave, where Medusa lay, bloodied and broken, slowly being mended by the feline. They needed just one thing to continue the process. The only place they could rightfully find it was either along the cliffs or in random grass pockets on the beach. The old, creaky body moved with haste toward the open ocean, checking each and every grass patch for the star-shaped flowers. Pack on their chest filled with various herbs that they''d never give, for they needed them for Medusa. Not like the herbs would help with illness -- that wasn't Healer's job. Their job was to revive and heal. Medusa was their final order -- it had to work or both parties would be royally fucked.

A frustrated huff came from the cat as they looked to the blooming dawn sky. They had to find that flower. They had to. As they continued to search the grass, they were unaware and unknowing of anyone watching them or getting ready to ambush. All they cared about was that flower.

Biographies / Animal What I Once Was -- Guss Bio
« on: September 23, 2020, 12:36:35 PM »

The threshold one passes when death covers them is a strange one - they may go into another world, with the memories of their past life, or simply cease to exist. Both ideas are equally disturbing.

Full Name: Guss 'Gusso' Armstrong
Name meaning: Guss was the name given to him by his old owners, Gusso was his nickname, and Armstrong was his old family name
Age: 2 years
Gender, pronouns: Male, He/Him

Species: Boxer Canine
Physical Description: Brown base coat with black on his muzzle and ears, white on his neck, and a patch of white on the top of his neck, toward the left side. He has hazel/brown eyes. His neck has a few scars from his previous life, and he also has a large scar on his left armpit, which somewhat hinders his ability to walk due to some neurological damage.

Personality: He's a family/friends forever kinda guy - the fights he had with one of the dogs in his past life hasn't changed that. He is protective of anyone he becomes close to, and will not hesitate to fight for them. He's not the best fighter, though, so that's something against him. He'll take care of others before he takes care of himself, which will often get him into difficult situations. There isn't much else to say on his part, but more personality traits will reveal themselves in roleplaying.
Physical Difficulty: Not too hard to win against in a fight, but not too easy as to take him down with like one hit. He's a hearty bastard.
Mental Difficulty: Medium

History: Before he awoke in BoB, he lived a good life with his human owners, who had taken him from a dumpster when he was a puppy. He was named Guss in respect for the family's late Rottweiler, Gus. He lived a good, happy life with the other family dogs, growing close to the black lab they had, Beau. They had grown old together, and when Beau passed away, he was devastated. Then his family got a pitbull named Puppers, and the two had gotten along semi-well. One fateful night, Guss and Puppers got into a fight - Guss had completely given up on the fight, and 3 of his owners took him to an emergency vet. They found out that Puppers had tore into Guss' foreleg/armpit, creating a gash all the way to the bone causing neurological damage. They gave the family a choice: Amputate the leg or put him down. Guss was a heavy dog and would not have been happy on 3 legs, so the family painfully decided to put him down. With the world fading around him, and the matriarch of the family by his side, he passed away. He thought that would be the end of it, but he woke up here, on BoB's island, young and spry, but with scars of his past life. His memory had not been wiped, and he was fine with that - the memory of his family and the dog who determined his fate (who he still loved and held no hate for) was something he would rather keep than forget, for it was his everything, his comfort.

Neutral Grounds / Open Feels like... -Lost, open/intro
« on: September 05, 2020, 04:18:12 PM »
"Just because I am blind, does not mean I cannot see."

The day was new and foggy among the grassy plains. Anyone could see that. Unless they were blind, like Lost. Nestled into a small patch of grass and small brushwork, the sightless, mellow hybrid sits, breathing the air of a new day. Her stomach rumbled, crying to her for food. In response, she let out a soft, eerie chuckle. "Easy, now. It's still early!"

After a while, her stomach cried out to her again, and she stood up and stretched. She extended her cat claws and tore at the ground for a moment before blindly walking forward. She was noisy for the most part, fumbling around in search of food. Suddenly, her paws hit something wet, almost like water. But it was warm, and the scent of metal hit her nose. Cocking her head to one side, she crouched down and gently lapped at the liquid. "Humm... tastes like... like.."

Blood - food is nearby. She lifted her head up, and followed the scent. It lead her to something small and furry, that smelled of cat. Poor cat - food for me, though! She shrugged and quietly started to eat. Turns out it was an ncp cat that got wounded from something and bled out


Biographies / Animal Some kind of Animal Cannibal [Lost's Bio]
« on: September 05, 2020, 03:35:42 PM »
"I am blind, yes, but that does not mean I cannot see."

Name, age, gender, appearance
Name: Lost (originally Celyne, but she forgot her name and others called her lost)
Age: 2 years, 3 months. Aging scheme is realistic, as she ages on the 20th of every month.
Gender: Female, prefers She/Her pronouns but not against They/Them
Appearance: Lost is an unnaturally created hybrid - her base body is a tortoiseshell cat. Her right leg is a brindled dog leg, her left hind leg is a white dog leg. Her right ear is a brown dog ear, her tail is made up of three segments. The base of her tail is her original tortoiseshell tail, the middle segment is a white cat's tail, and the tail tip is a long-haired brown dog's tail. Her chest fur is from a fluffy orange tabby. Stitches permanently keep her body together - but can be broken only by extreme force or really stong scissors. Agony is etched in on her face via large self-inflicted scars across her eyes, which are stitched shut.

Lost is permanently mellowed out due to past issues. She manner of speech is long, drawn out and quiet. Her voice, however, is eerie - a calm tone with more sinister undertones. Despite this, she seems poses little to no threat to anyone. She's a sweetheart by default, and despite everything that has happened to her, she treats everyone as kindly as possible.

One small quirk about her though - she tends to lean to cannibalism. This is due to not being fed correctly at the facility and growing a taste for cat - and dog. This hardly happens now that she's now on the island, but she wouldn't turn the opportunity up should it present itself. Should anyone treat her with disrespect, she may find ways that would make them regret ever doing so.

~ Voice claim: (Warning, this video is pretty on the creepy side.)
~ Face claim: Sharon from Possibly in Michigan

Ezrakel Tsune
"It's as if he's haunting my every step, wanting me to break under his maddening presence."

Where's Ezekiel, Ezrakel?!

Where is he, where is your brother?

Their voices were all around him, begging and yelling at him for his brother. Their featureless faces swarmed his vision, along with the sound of waves crashing against him. He tried to yell, tried to lie to them, say 'I don't know!' and let the nightmare all be over with, but he couldn't speak.

W̸͕͛ȧ̸̡ḳ̸̯̿́e̸͕̔ ̷̪͒ȕ̷͈̯̅p̵̦͍̐͐,̵̙̓̊ ̴̹͋̿l̵̰̰̽î̷̙͚t̶̰̺̀t̴̢̔l̵̤͖̈́̿ê̴͕̔ ̶̞́̐ͅb̸̜͌r̶͔̮͘o̷̧̳͛̕t̷͖͆h̷̳̝̚e̸̟̊́r̴͙͔͌͆.̷̛̳̈

His own voice rang in his ears like a warning drum.

I̴̹̲̟̣͒̌͜ ̴̻̲͚̲̮̹̀Ȃ̴̝̫͗M̸̡͈͕͇̂̉̈̇ ̵͇̟̼̦̜̦̾̒͜ͅN̴̛̘̎͑̆̈́̇̚O̴͎̞̺͊͌͆̇̕͘Ť̴͕̮̜̮̗̋̑̿̀͐̕ ̶̪̪̭̌̐͘Ḏ̴̢̃̌̒Ö̵̦̖͉͍̖̅̽̈̈̓͆͜͠N̶̟̍̾̇̀̂̊E̶̝̻̠̻̊̔̏̈́̅͆̎̕ ̷̨̬͖̻͇̦̗͙͑͊W̴̨͐̓͝Ĭ̶͖̇́̓͗͗͘Ť̷̹̭͈̝̝̹̠̟̆̐̚͝H̴͈̦̻̜̿̇̇̎́̈́̏ ̴̘̔̆Ŷ̵͚̙͈͖͇̍͠Ò̴̼̟̺͙͔͛͗̇U̶̯͕̪̺̎͑̌̀͑̓͝ ̸̢͎̯͖̭͔̮͑̉͒̌̑͜͝Y̸̢̱͈̫̬̰͙͐͌̄͂̀̋Ę̵͖̲̤̓́̅͂̈́͗͝Ţ̴̦̹̱̠̫͎͕̋̏́͒̑

He jolted awake, body shivering as waves rolled over his body, lapping at his chest. For a moment, he didn't move. Then, like lightning hit him, he sat up, sand stuck in his fur as he looked at his bandages. God damn, did his wounds hurt, and they were almost fully healed.

Slowly, he came to realize 2 things. 1) His wounds hurt like the devil himself stuck his ugly claws into them, and 2) He had no idea where he was. The only thing he really remembered was slipping off the small cliffside during a rather bad storm. The sky was a dull blue with the late dawn, but he remembered it being nighttime when the storm hit. But, where the hell was he??

After quickly redoing his bandages, hissing every now and then due to the pain, he stood up. His eyes scanned the area as his nose sniffed at the air. Among the salty air, a faint feline scent hung in the air, along with other animals. For a moment, he relaxed, but then he tensed up.

'Other animals don't always mean safety.' But by god, did he want to have a group. He had heard of the ones at the main land, and the Typhoon (none of which really stuck his 9 month old fancy), but he never saw this island - perhaps there was another group?

He felt something brush against him, and he turned to look, yet saw nothing. He let out a deep sigh, then looked to the sky. After a moment he looked back at the shore.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" A stupid question, but a question nonetheless. He just had to make sure his voice was broadcasted as best it could be.

Biographies / Animal Thy Genius Sates A Thirst For Trouble -- Ezrakel
« on: August 22, 2020, 01:57:44 PM »
Ezrakel Tsune
"I refuse the idea that I can be good - though it's been in my mind, it has been pushed to the bottom and left to drown."

Name and Aliases
Name: Ezrakel Tsune (Pronounced 'Soon')
Aliases:None as of yet

Species, Appearance, and Personality
Species: Ezrakel is a 9 month old Oriental Shorthair cat.
Appearance:Ezrakel's fur is a deep black in base color, with white stocking markings on all four legs. A distinct golden marking, resembling a 4 pointed star, sits on his forehead. His eyes are a brilliant sky blue, with splashes of green and purple mixed in like spray paint on a blue wall. He has pronounced fangs that can be seen when he closes his mouth, and abnormally long claws, both of which are caused by mutations in his family. Another mutation is his long tail, which sports a mottled golden pattern, the gold appearing on a cluster of feathers on his tail (think of what a feathered raptor's tail would look like at the tip). He has old, bloodied bandages on his haunches for private reasons, a pouch on his side containing more bandages and herbs that he's collected, and a bandana tied around his neck - the bandana has a cherry pattern, and is dark red aside from the cherries.
Personality: Ezrakel, since a major point in his life, has seen himself as a nasty piece of work, in a sense. He sees himself as an unlikable individual, and some people may agree with him on that. Even at his young age, he carries an aura of mean and aggression. This is further given life as he can get a bit angry pretty easily, and when he's angry it can be a while before He actually calms down. Given time, however, he may learn to like others, and others may be able to see past this threatening arua. He's hard to trust and hard to trust others. He carries himself with a low head, heavy paws, and a low tail. Despite all the stuff he doesn't like about himself, he loves nighttime and stormy weather.

Plot and Engagement

- His voice is soft and hard to hear right now, but as he ages, his voice will deepen and become more pronounced.
- He has excellent night vision, which actually ties in to his love for the night.
- He has a northeastern amercian accent

General Discussion / Discussion What song(s) fit your characters?
« on: August 20, 2020, 12:05:38 PM »
Basically, what song(s) fit your characters/ what song(s) were used as inspiration for them?

Asteri has a small few:

Resonance by Home-->
Sweden By C418-->
Hidden in the Sand by Tally Hall-->

L. Rex has only 2 atm:

Brittle Bones Nicky by Rare Americans-->

Plotting / Open Plotting with my babeys?
« on: August 18, 2020, 01:53:04 PM »
Zip Zap Zop

Wanting to do something with either Lyxio or Asteri - keep in mind School just started and I have off days on Tuesdays and Thursdays; on those days I still have work to do

Asteri - The quiet, polite pushover of a wolf, I'm open to most things.
Open to
~ Friendship
~ Attempts to persuade her to join a group
~ Visits
~ Meet 'n Greets
~ Attempts at romance
~ Long term plotting

Kinda iffy about
~ Corruption (this may connect with persuading her to join a pack)

Closed to
~ Killing her, for obvious reasons

Lyxio Rex - My humble Komodo Dragon, still growing and still able to be kinda influenced
Open to
~ Platonic/ Friendship
~ Long term plotting
~ Persuading him to join a group
~ Attempts at romance (Good luck)
~ Minor Injuries
~ Mischevious Activities (Causing a raucus and such the like, if you can persuade him to participate)

Iffy about
~ Corruption
~ Major injuries

Closed to
~ Death, again for obvious reasons

If you have any other ideas don't hesitate to hit me on discord (ShallousAngelous#8262) or say so in this thread!

Neutral Grounds / Open Let's sing a little bit -- Lyxio Rex Intro
« on: August 16, 2020, 12:10:25 AM »
Lyxio "Bone'Crusher" Rex
"I've begun to call myself 'Bone`Crusher'. Don't ask why, I can't really show you."

The forest wasn't a new sight for Lyxio's eyes. But he usually didn't like to stick around in them. Too crowded for the 5 foot, 40 pound Komodo. If push came to shove, his claws and a bite would have to do. Or his tail if someone tried to get him from behind. He subconsciously flicked his tail for a moment, then continued dragging himself along the forest floor. His tongue extended from his mouth as he moved along, a slight breeze pushing his feathers about. He stopped for a moment and tried to scratch as his shoulder with one of his hind legs. After a few failed attempts, he hissed in annoyance and dragged himself to a tree.

As he started to scratch his head, shoulders, and haunches against the tree, he thwapped his tail against the ground a bit, creating a bit of a beat. He continued to scratch, and after a bit he began to subconsciously sing.

"I hate my frickin feathers, oh yes, oh yes, I fucking do."
"I don't understand why I grew up with them, don't get why I'm cursed!"
"They do nothing for me, they have me itchin', but I guess they can keep me warm."

His voice slowed down to a stop, and from then on he hummed the tune he had made. Albeit, it was pretty bad, but he didn't care - it took his thoughts away from his, in his opinion, absolutely garbage feathers.

Biographies / Animal Can't really show you -- Lyxio bio
« on: August 15, 2020, 12:05:41 AM »
Lyxio "Bone'Crusher" Rex
"I've begun to call myself Bone'Crusher. Don't ask why, I can't really show you."

Please bear with me I have a headache as of typing this.

Name and Aliases
Name: Lyxio Rex
Known Aliases: Bone'Crusher, Lyxi, Runty (family name)

Species, appearance, and personality
Species: Lyxio is a male Komodo Dragon

Appearance: He is rather small, being only 4 years old and not even matured, measuring at 5 feet long and only around 40 pounds. His hide is a rusty brown/red in color, with a black mask pattern on his face and black sock markings on his legs. His back is littered with Ash grey tiger stripes that fade into a black down by his belly. He has a mutation causing feathers to grow on the top of his head, his shoulders, and his haunches. These feathers are small and black colored, and don't do much.

Personality: Lyxio is still somewhat young in Komodo Dragon terms, so his personality isn't quite set yet. However, He has some definite personality traits. He's humble, even if the fact that he gave himself the Alias of "Bone'Crusher" doesn't show that. His hard life up until this point has made him wary of things larger than him, and he will often avoid large animals. Earning his trust is hard, but once a friendship or trusting bond is made, He will be loyal unless he is betrayed. He doesn't like being aggressive unless he's protecting food, so he doesn't quite have his priorities straight yet.

Plot and engagement


Accent?- Yes, he has a southern USA Accent - think south carolina

Neutral Grounds / Open Stop to smell the flowers every now and then -- Asteri
« on: August 13, 2020, 11:11:31 PM »
"The stars listen, so don't say anything you'd regret."

The heat was almost bearable. Almost. Asteri felt herself stagger for a moment, her thin legs like wobbling like sticks before she sat down, and rather hard. She made a 'harumph' noise and looked around tiredly. How long had she been walking? Had to had been a few days? She shook her head, her thin cheek fur moving with her. Her ears drooped for a moment, but then she saw something among the green of the forest. Something small and yellow. A flowering weed, maybe?

Asteri's body felt a new energy as her frail figure suddenly shot up and loped over to the yellow flower. A dandelion, but still a flower to her! And a cluster of them, too! She sat down and rolled over next to the dandelions. She let out a deep sigh as she wiggled her back around. She was able to relax for the first time in a long time. No overbearing, abusive brothers, no overly harsh father, just herself and these flowers/weeds.

Biographies / Animal Lost me at 'fighting' -- Asteri
« on: August 13, 2020, 12:19:12 AM »

1. Appearance and Personality
2. History, name meaning, and lineage!
3. Extras and such!

This will be updated and added to as things go on, so please bear with me!

Welcoming Board / Open Hello there!
« on: August 12, 2020, 11:47:10 PM »
Hi there! I'm new to this site, so I'm rather eager to join.
My name is Astral, I'm 17 years old, and going into high school as a senior! I've actually roleplayed a fair bit on other sites and even on discord servers (find me! ShallousAngelous#8262), but I haven't been able to roleplay for a while, so I'm sorry if I am a bit rusty. I love to draw, write, and create characters on a whim. Feel free to talk to me whenever, and I can't wait to meet so many amazing people on here!

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