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Welcoming Board / Open Back!
« on: January 05, 2019, 03:54:37 PM »
i was gone for a while, but i'm back again and planning to start over!

« on: July 15, 2018, 01:28:07 AM »
the days since their joining had been long, and, to rhys, they sucked. it wasn't anything with the group, besides the fact that he had never wanted to be here in the first place. the whole thing had been raizen's idea since they had started out, his brother insisting that finding somewhere to stay would be their best bet. he was right, in his own way, but that didn't mean that rhys had to enjoy staying here. in fact, he was debating heading off on his own. maybe it'd lead raizen to believe that he was the one in the right, for once. maybe his brother would forget anything about staying in some group they had found fastest and follow his lead this time.

his brother's scent, faded and leading away, washed any doubts and ideas of leaving from his mind. he was probably out exploring the territory, right? despite rhys disliking having to stay here, he began to follow, black and white paws leading him out of the camp and into the territory. suddenly, it took a turn, twisting and turning as rhys followed, expecting to see the brown and white form of his brother somewhere close by. it didn't take long for him to catch on to the fact that his brother's scent was leading beyond the border, just faded enough that following would be a challenge. it wasn't impossible, sure, but it would be tough.

the realization hit rhys, suddenly, and he swallowed heavily, trying to push the thought away. but he couldn't, not this. raizen had abandoned him; his brother had left him in a group that he knew rhys didn't want to be in to do whatever it was he wanted to. he hadn't planned to bring rhys along, like rhys was a burden to have with him. there was a lump in his throat, and his eyes stung as he turned away, trying to force his expression into something angrier. something that would let those around him know to just leave him alone. swallowing heavily, trying to calm himself, he turned away, releasing a shaky sigh. "shit." his voice cracked with whatever emotion he was feeling. anger, sadness? they all tumbled in his chest, a mix of emotions that almost left him unsteady.

lowering his head, he turned away, his breath heavy with the struggle of keeping his emotions under control. rhys didn't know why raizen would have just left, and, at the moment, he didn't want to find out. in fact, he didn't want to hear anything about his brother. he was the last thing rhys wanted to think about right now.

[raizen's roleplayer wanted him to be missing, so here's the thread for that! they said it was fine if he left, so i went with that idea~]

Biographies / Animal MEET ME AT THE OVERPASS -- RHYS' INFO
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:49:41 PM »
tags :: updated 7/11: ShowHide
✯ rhys // rhy
✯ male // he/him pronouns
✯ nine months physically // nine months mentally // nine months spiritually
✯ rookie of tanglewood
✯ no official titles // no unofficial titles

✯ wolf
✯ white pelt with black patches throughout fur
✯ bright purple eyes
✯ no accessories, but amethysts rise partially from back and shoulders
✯ no scars or marks

✯ no current best friend
✯ no mentor, no apprentice
✯ npc x npc
✯ homoromantic // homosexual
✯ single // no crush
✯ no offspring

✯ physically medium // mentally medium // no current powers
✯ attack in #8E388E

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