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Private Rendezvous / Private ◜ do it all again : vale ◞
« on: December 31, 2018, 10:49:26 PM »
Well, it was that time of the week again. A time where he could have some time to himself and u n w i n d. Jerseyboy had brought a bottle of bourbon with him into the territory where he could drink and admire the sunset in peace. Everyone was either constantly badgering him about the dangers of drinking or asking him about what it was. He was convinced that everyone in that clan, save for a few, were total innocents. They may have drank for fun and social situations, yes, but he never saw anyone get drunk off of their asses or party like there was no tomorrow. It seemed that he was one of the only ones who engaged in some real fun around here and it got a little annoying when everyone was on his case about this stuff. It was his life, and everyone else obviously was irritated by him to some degree, so why did they care about what he did? They just needed to screw off. He had just gotten his booze back on track now that he had found the Ascendants' supply, and he was feeling the best that he had felt in weeks. No major conflicts, no drama, just relaxation.

The tuxedo tom chose a spot under a tree. Jerseyboy popped open the top on the bottle of bourbon and took a swig. In the distance was the horizon, where the setting sun could be seen sinking below the clouds. The sky was painted in orange, pink, and yellow; a picturesque sunset. It was too bad that he wasn't focusing on the actual scenery and instead focusing on guzzling this alcohol. With him was his cheesy-looking satchel, but hey, he needed it for a reason. How would he manage to drag his stuff all the way out here without it? Inside of it was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter which he had brought with him just in case he needed a smoke to go along with his drink. It was a goddamn miracle that the guy didn't have any major health issues as of yet, because at this rate, he was going to rot like a corpse in a matter of months.


Tanglewood / Open ◜ underneath the tree : ascendants invite ◞
« on: December 18, 2018, 01:30:38 PM »
Jerseyboy never got involved in politics. Did he give a shit about foreign relations and conflicts and that stuff? No. He told himself long ago that he wouldn't pledge his loyalty to a group; he would only remain loyal to people themselves. Those who gave their lives for a group of people that they didn't even know were stupid, at least in his opinion. He came and went as he pleased, just as he had with Tanglewood. It had been a long time since he had stepped foot on the swampy lands, and trust him, he wasn't going to stick around for long. This place reeked, and this was coming from a street cat who had dumpster-dove for his dinner.

He had offered to give out an invitation, though. Why not use this as an excuse to get out of the territory for a while? Plus, the more the merrier. It wasn't often that the Ascendants kicked back and partied, so he was willing to help make this a rager. Once the tuxedo tom arrived at the Tanglewood border, he spoke up to the first person he saw, "Ey, you're invited to the Ascendants' Christmas party or whateva'." Not very formal, was he?

[ party thread ]

Elysium / Open ◜ . breadstick in a bow tie ┊ spaghetti . ◞
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:12:43 PM »
Jerseyboy was fucking hungry. And no, not for "fresh-kill". Not for mice or rabbits, not for furry creatures bloodied and matted and reeking of flesh. No, he was in the mood for something more.

He was in the mood for overloading on carbs.

The tuxedo tom, with the power of a fire-heated stove and a small pot, had managed to boil pasta noodles as well as heat up marinara sauce. Although it had taken longer than his patience could normally handle ( which was not a lot anyways ), Jerseyboy had managed to make his own spaghetti. He hadn't had pasta since Jacob, and that was months ago. Oh, how he wondered about that kid sometimes... he wondered how he was doing with his new family and shit. The bitterness he initially held toward Pincher and Jacob's relationship was starting to subside, and now he just wanted to talk to the husky after three or so months.

Anywho, Jersey had plopped a spoonful of sauce onto his bowl of noodles. He whistled through his teeth and set it onto the floor before him. He then proceeded to dig into it head-first, slurping up the noodle-y goodness that was a bowl of spaghetti. God, this was heavenly.

« on: November 23, 2018, 11:57:11 PM »
[ the title says it all! your character's ages have swapped - adult turns into young and vice versa ]

"Say uncle!" "O-Ow!"

Pictured here was the feeble, small form of a young kitten, who couldn't be older than six months. He was pinned to the floor, his chin shoved into the dirt, his arm twisted in an awkward angle. Standing above him, with one paw holding him down and the other putting pressure onto the twisted arm, was an older-looking tuxedo tom kit. With deviousness gleaming in his olive hues, he pursed his lips and began to push even harder onto the poor kitten's arm. "You better say it or else you'll be sorry!" Threatened he, obviously determined to be the victor of this tussle.

Finally, desperately, the younger kitten cried, "Uncle! UNCLE!" With one swift movement, the tuxedo tom had stepped off of him, releasing him from the painful hold that had nearly twisted his arm out of its socket. While the young ginger kit scooted away, wincing and on the verge of tears, the victor gave a snort, "That was too easy." The local bully, Jersey, had just won yet another (rather unfair) round of wrestling. Hm, another victory to keep under his belt. He'd be the best apprentice in this place for sure.

Elysium / Open 「 SINCE MY BABY LEFT ME : OPEN 」
« on: November 21, 2018, 09:38:58 PM »
Come on, this place had to have some sort of music. Nobody had a fuckin... iPod or something? Then again, he supposed that these people wouldn't know the first thing about such technology. How the hell did they listen to things, if at all? This was starting to irritate Jerseyboy, seeing as he loved music and he hadn't heard a tune in what felt like ages.

The tuxedo tom entered an abandoned bedroom, in which objects and junk were sprawled about the space. Comic books, knick knacks, little collectors items... nothing really stood out to him. That is, until he set eyes upon the top of the dresser.

He jumped onto it and was faced with a rather large gadget. It was boxy-looking, and the inside contained a round plate-looking thing — he recognized it to be a vinyl record. These things were old-school, but they sure were cool. Plus, a lot of the records tended to be from classic rock bands, which Jersey could definitely appreciate. However, considering the fact that he couldn't fucking read, he was going to have to see what it played.

Jersey clicked what he believed to be the on-switch, and the record started to spin. The needle lowered down onto it, and wouldn't you know it, "Heartbreak Hotel" began to play. "Well, since my baby left me, Well, I found a new place to dwell. Well, it's down at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel..." He began to tap his tail to the beat, nodding his head in tune to the rhythm. It was lucky to have been an Elvis record; he enjoyed him a great deal.

"Where I'll be--where I get so lonely, baby, Well, I'm so lonely... I get so lonely, I could die..."

« on: November 17, 2018, 01:45:23 AM »
Small paws, practically socks that reached just above the tom's ankles, planted upon the familiar border. Huh — after months and months, this place was still the same as it had always been. He could not say the same for Sunhaven, whose territory had been reduced to miles of mud and debris. He didn't even know what was left of the seaside town anymore — he hadn't stuck around for the aftermath. When the waters started to rise? That was when the former Hearthkeeper had quietly dipped from the streets. He wasn't going to stick around until he was washed up in a flash flood and drowned. Jersey was smarter than that. Perhaps one could call it desertion, as well as an act of disloyalty, but he had never truly pledged his allegiance to Sunhaven in the first place. Jerseyboy never did, not with this place nor with Snowbound or Tanglewood or wherever he roamed. He was a loner at heart, traveling to his heart's content and reveling in the f r e e d o m of boundaries ( or lack of ).

And, perhaps, it had been a truly selfish thing for him to do... but who ever said that he wasn't?

He had found himself at the border of the Ascendants once more. Jerseyboy hadn't been here for a long while, not since before the whole drama between the two clans started. The tuxedo cat still smelled faintly of the stench, although most of it had been washed off by rain as well as the natural aromas of pine and earth and cigarette smoke. All of his prized belongings — whiskey and smokes — were tucked securely into a small sack that he carried around in between his teeth. Jerseyboy hadn't needed anything else; he hadn't valued anything else. The bed he slept in had been pretty cushy, but it wasn't like he could lug it around with him ( unfortunately for him. He had to get used to sleeping on the cold, hard ground once more ).

What to do, what to do. He could have alerted people to his presence instead of waiting around like a sitting duck. Or, on the other hand, he could take a break from all of that walking and have a smoke. That was exactly what he did; the feline set the sack onto the ground and undid the knot, nosing around the contents for a cigarette and his lighter. Jerseyboy took the stick into his maw and produced a flicker of a flame, which in turn lit the end and sent a flitting trail of toxicity into the air. The tuxedo tom sat back on his haunches and exhaled through his parted jaws, letting the chemicals ease his whelmed mind.

Elysium OOC / Open Opinions on this boi?
« on: November 05, 2018, 10:00:58 AM »
!!! Henlo y’all
I literally never do these anymore bc. Ya. But I’ve been left with no choice because I’m at a standstill with Jerseyboy tbh

This is not just for opinions but more for critique, suggestions, things you’d like to see from him as a character, etc.

Elysium / Open ◜ . ain't it fun ┊ new body . ◞
« on: October 27, 2018, 01:09:18 AM »
Jerseyboy hadn't been feeling too hot for the past couple of days, and anybody that had seen him nearly hunch over and vomit onto the floor could attest to that. So, he had taken to staying indoors and laying low for the time being, hoping that he would quickly get over this illness soon.

As the morning sun's rays d a w n e d into the window of the Hearthkeeper, the streaks of light beamed directly across his eyelids. He reacted with a wince and he opened up his eyes slowly, though he squinted upon realizing that he was being literally blinded. He groaned tiredly as he slowly got to his paws, the fur along the nape of his neck ruffled and tussled from sleep. What time was it, anyways? It felt early ( too early for him, anyways ). Jerseyboy padded over towards the window and reached up to adjust the shades. When he put up paw up to the certain, though, he noticed something was immediately off. His paw was h u g e , and it held an unusual dark-tan hue to it. Whoa. What the..? He hurried over towards the small mirror that he had and gazed into it, his now-chocolate colored eyes flaring up in shock. "What the fuck!" Jersey exclaimed.

The mutt barreled out of his front door and onto his porch, his jaws parted as he panted. He stared back at his large paws and pinned his single-pointed ear against his head, clenching his jaw. Fuck, fuck.. was there something to cure this? Some pills? He needed to get back into his normal-self! Jerseyboy huffed in frustration and tugged at the bow tie around his neck, which had grown too tight throughout his transformation. "Who th' fuck's a docta' around here? Anyone?" He barked, trotting into the street ( though nearly losing his balance ).

// new body ref

Elysium / Open ◜ . only the good die young ┊ sick . ◞
« on: October 24, 2018, 11:56:08 PM »
Jerseyboy had woken up that morning feeling a little... off. His head was a ( radiating ) warmth and his throat stung every time he gulped, though he just assumed it to be the result of his late-night drinking ( even if he didn't even drink that much last night ). The tuxedo tom rolled out of bed groggily, a haze lingering over his brain like a raincloud as he brewed himself a cup of joe. Maybe coffee would get him out of this state; perhaps he was just a little hungover. Jerseyboy waited for the hot water to boil, and as he did so, he hummed a soft tune. As he opened his maw to produce a note, his voice cracked and seemingly split the air around him. It did not sound pretty, and it definitely wasn't what he had been expecting. The fuck? He wasn't a morning person, sure, but he knew that his voice never cracked on the first note. Ah, shit. "Don't even tell me..." He thought to himself, folding his ears against the back of his cranium.

Although he felt a little lightheaded, he ventured out of his residence into the outside. So far, the male was denying any doubts that he had in his mind. He ventured into town, his eyes heavyset and his movements sluggish. He had picked out a tasty-looking fish for himself from a local vendor, though before he could even start heading back home, the fish dropped from his jaws and he let out a loud sneeze. Water brimmed at his green eyes as he wrinkled his nose, and moments later, another sneeze was expelled from his lungs. Jerseyboy took a deep inhale, sniffling as snot matted his nostrils. With his dark fur tousled and an overall air of sickness radiating from the Hearthkeeper, he looked like a total mess. Where the hell did he get this cold from?

Elysium / Open ◜ . dead man's party ┊halloween party au . ◞
« on: October 20, 2018, 12:58:57 AM »
With Halloween quickly approaching, less than two weeks away, there were celebrations and events popping up all over town. There were a variety of events, from kiddie festivals to Oktoberfests, but tonight was the night that the costume party would take place. Kids and adults alike were invited to the large house, presumably belonging to one of the more wealthier citizens. Friends invited friends and in the end, everyone in town was pretty much invited to attend. Everyone was bound to have a good time, right?

The house was massive, practically a castle compared to the rest of the town. Only a few people really knew the person who was hosting the person, but hey, who was complaining? There were different foods to go around, from small snacks to full plates to spooky-themed desserts. There were bottles and cans of liquor for the adults. Festive decorations were scattered around the house, including the vast backyard which included a patio, pool, and hot tub.

It was around six in the evening when people started arriving, some in colorful clothing but most in their Halloween costmes. Loud music blared from the speakers, the guests chattered with one another, and it was evident that it would be one hell of a night.

Tommy had, of course, somehow gotten word of the party and invited himself. He was clad in a plain t-shirt and a worn Yankees baseball cap, which he wore backwards on his head. He barged into the front entrance, confidently swaggering into the crowd and sporting a cheesy grin, "Someone order a pizza?" No, obviously, but he had just wanted an easy excuse to bring his own pizza to the party.

Private Rendezvous / Private ` ✦ ° ┊ send me your location ﹙ p, clove ﹚
« on: October 16, 2018, 07:52:27 PM »
Could one say that walking around in the woods after sundown was stupid? Why, yes. Yes they could. Not that Sunhaven's territory was usually f r a u g h t with danger and malicious creatures, but now more than ever, it was stressed that you never go near the border alone. Those star-nerds—the Ascendants—were hot on their trail after a few less-than-pleasant incidents. Raids, murders, accusations being tossed back-and-forth between the two warring sides. Honestly, Jerseyboy hadn't kept up with any of that nonsense. He didn't particularly pay attention to politics—if it didn't involve him, that is. Jerseyboy had come here to sit back and enjoy the waves, and that was what he was going to continue to do. Politics weren't going to ruin his stay here.

While he had no problem doing what he wanted, he didn't feel like getting jumped by an angry Ascendant. Jerseyboy trailed away from the border, eyes open and looking around alertly. Streaks of bright orange and pink still painted the horizon, which he locked his eyes on as he walked. The sunsets here were the best, he had to admit. Perhaps he could get home fast enough and catch a view of the colors g l i s t e n i n g over the sea.

// yikes this is SHIT

Elysium / Open ✧ ┊ EVERY NIGHT I LIE IN BED ❪ OPEN ❫
« on: October 14, 2018, 02:12:35 PM »
After days of digging out of garbage cans and dumpsters, he had finally unearthed a delectable delicacy: a chicken wing. The meat on it was mostly gone, but at least Jersey could gnaw on the bone and tear apart whatever was left of it. He locked his eyes on it, eyeing it like it was the most delicious meal he was receiving in a long time. Like he was a weary vagabond in the sweltering desert and this was the o a s i s .

The young tuxedo cat, proud of his find, drug it into the middle of the alleyway. Little did he know, there were some eyes on his prize already. Before he could bite onto the wing, a pigeon had landed beside him, cocking its head at the measly piece of meat. Jersey glanced up at the pea-brained avian and frowned, and he waggled his haunches before leaping forward and chasing the pigeon away. "Get outta’ here, stupid bird." He growled, lashing his tail. There was no way that some feather-brain was going to swipe his—

A flutter of wings sounded from behind him, and in an instant, his food was gone. Another pigeon had made off with it, retreating into the distance. "Hey! That was mine!" The young tom exclaimed, a few seconds into a pursuit before he figured that he was too late. Jersey wrinkled his nose and pinned his ears against his cranium before he let out an aggravated R O A R , "GrrrrraaAAHHH!"

The scruffy adolescent plopped right into the dirty floor, hopelessly burying his face into his paws.

"What’re you doin’ out here, kid?" A raggedy, old alley cat had asked Jersey upon witnessing the robbery.
"I found myself some dinner, but a stupid bird took off wit’ it."
"Yeah, well, that’s how it is out here. You got a family or something? You a house-kitty?"
"Hell no. I can take care of myself." But hell, he had to admit — he missed Mama’s food. She’d never let him get this hungry.

Still, he’d never go back... at least not now. His Mama would probably grab him by the ear and demand to know where he ran off to. His step-father would probably yell at him like he usually did, and would make sure he damn well learned his lesson. His brothers? They’d all laugh at him. That was why he wanted to be independent — he’d never make anything of himself if he was just another kitten in a litter, a nobody.

Seeing as Jerseyboy was hungry as shit, he couldn't pass up a chance to score a juicy meal. The male had been lingering on the outskirts of the town, solitary just how he liked it. He came to a halt and swiveled his ears in the direction of a noise, a rustling sound coming from the bushes. While he much preferred pasta, his inner alley-cat had given him plenty of experience hunting rodents. That wasn't to say that he wouldn't eat that stuff, though. Food was food.

Jerseyboy dropped into a crouch instinctively, tail twitching ever so slightly. He crept forward, eyes narrowing into slits, and once his prey skittered out from it's cover, he quickly leaped. He sent himself right into the bush, though, and the gnarled twigs and branches dug into his neck and face. Jerseyboy grunted yanked himself out, grimacing and shaking out his fur. "You fuckin'—puttan'!1" He snorted bitterly towards the squirrel that got away.

1. bitch


Elysium / Open ` ✦ ° ┊ oh fantasy, free me ﹙ o, ghost ﹚
« on: October 11, 2018, 07:20:16 PM »
The evening was already shaping up to be quite the spectacle. Wispy, cirrus clouds lingered near the horizon where the golden sun had pulled the ocean's blanket over its head, now concealing its warmth and rays from the world. The sea had swallowed it whole, and it was now as dark and inky as a void. What lingered beneath its depths were unknown, but hell, it was pretty neat to look at. Night after night, the waves had been an endless marvel for the tom. All he would do was stand on his porch and gaze out onto the waters... maybe light up a smoke as well.

The tuxedo tom sat still, peaceful and tranquil ( for once ) as the chilly breeze weaved through his short, black fur. He wasn't sure how much longer he'd stay outside, though he figured that he should head inside soon to get himself somethin to munch on. Suddenly, an airy and soft feminine voice broke the natural ambience, "It is beautiful, isn't it?" Jerseyboy had turned his head, only a little. "Yeah, I guess."

The fem paused for a moment, rolling her shoulders and looking back out onto the horizon once more. "Do you like to look at the sea?" This girl liked to ask a lot of questions, didn't she? "Sometimes." And just who was she, anyways? The tuxedo cat craned his head, this time farther than the last time, just to get a good look at her. "Are you—whoa."

He was cut off, stunned as he gazed upon her misty flank. She looked pale and almost transparent; it certainly didn't look normal. One would perhaps think that she was... a ghost ( but then again, ghosts weren't real ).

The she-cat looked down at herself for a moment before looking back up at Jerseyboy. She explained in her airy voice, "Oh, it is just a condition I have had for quite some time now. Do not worry about it." He... wasn't sure if he should've believed her or not, but he couldn't think of another possible explanation. So, he accepted it with hesitance. "Okay..." Jersey furrowed his figurative brows.

He cleared his throat. "So... you're new around here?" She gave a small nod and responded, "Yes. I am afraid I don't know many people yet." A new girl, huh? Well, Jerseyboy was just a sucker for new girls, especially if they didn't know anybody else. That only meant that nobody could tarnish their opinions on him. "Well, if you need someone to keep ya' company..." The tuxedo cat sported a small, toothy grin.

The girl had seemed to ( literally ) light up at his offer, her doe eyes shining like silver moons. "Oh, would you?" At her enthusiasm, the Hearthkeeper managed a chuckle and reached his tail out to rest on her backside. "I'd be more than ha—"

His tail had gone right through her, coating it in a shimmery residue.

Eyes? Widened. Smile? Gone. Fur? Standing. Heart? P o u n d i n g . "Che cazz1what the fuck's wrong wit' you?!" Jerseyboy had leaped back, his triangular ears pinned against the back of his cranium. While his jaws parted in shock, the girl giggled, "Heehee! You fleshies are so gullible~" She then proceeded to levitate off the ground and circle around him, mocking him and teasing him with every little twirl.

The Hearthkeeper jolted back once more, nearly tripping over himself this time in a graceless fashion. "Get away from me!" Jerseyboy shouted at the ghost. He was not having a fun time right now, especially now that he learned that ghosts were real.

1. What the fu—
// the ghost is going to disappear from sight by the time anyone shows up!

Elysium / Open ` ✦ ° ┊ castles made of sand ﹙ o, guitar ﹚
« on: October 06, 2018, 04:59:33 PM »
It was no secret that Jerseyboy was quite the musician ( at least to anyone who knew him well enough ). The members of Sunhaven really had yet to learn about his musical abilities, though Jersey didn't intend on keeping it a secret. He quite liked showing off his skills. So, he had managed to acquire his go-to instrument here in Sunhaven- a red Fender Stratocaster. It wasn't his usual black-colored one, though that one was still with Jacob. He had also managed to get his paws on a mini battery-powered amplifier, and he honestly couldn't be more than excited. Jersey hadn't played in what felt like m o n t h s . He was definitely going to feel more at home this way.

The tuxedo tom settled down onto his front porch, his back against the wall as he used his arms and body to support the guitar. Jerseyboy had plugged in his guitar to the battery-powered amp and played with the knobs, making sure that the tone was right. He leaned back, lining his paw toes up with the frets and strumming the chords to a song. It was "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd; an excellent song to cover on guitar in his opinion. The male wasn't afraid to sing, either. How could he not do so to this tune?

"So, so you think you can tell, Heaven from Hell? Blue skies from pain?" Hearing Jersey's voice wasn't half bad, either ( you know, when he wasn't mouthing off at someone like usual ). "Can you tell a green field from a cold, steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell," His visionaries were glued to the frets, as he was clearly pouring all of his focus into this task.


Jerseyboy was just returning from one of the local markets. Dirt and earth covered his paws, though it did not overpower the interesting stench of tobacco and alcohol that constantly clung to him, as if it were his natural scent. It wasn't necessarily pleasant, but a lot of people recognized it to be his own unique scent. A lot of people tended to scold him for his behaviors, but he had been keeping these habits ever since he was an adolescent and he wasn't going to change for anyone. They'd just have to deal with him, and they have been doing it for this long, right? Nearly a month now.

The tuxedo tom cat swiftly carried his "bag of goodies" into his temporary residence. Soon after, Jerseyboy appeared in the doorway of his quarters, holding a pack of Camel-brand smokes and a lighter in his maw. He glanced around, lazily watching his clanmates going about their day, before setting his stuff down and fiddling with the pack. He retrieved a cigarette and stuck it in his maw before igniting a flicker with his claw. Jerseyboy proceeded to light the end of the cigarette. He drew in a long breath and exhaled the smoke through his maw, and he remained there on his front porch. The tuxedo tom watched the streets, observing the people that walked by. Hm, he wondered on what he should do today. Perhaps he would head to the beach later on, seeing as there was really nothing going on at the moment.

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