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Elysium / Re: let the music play - nail painting
« on: February 24, 2020, 09:04:32 PM »
  Watching Sanzu apply the paint to her claws, Rin twitched her whiskers. Sanzu's technique wasn't especially precise, but nonetheless it was impressive considering she was using her tail as a brush. The paint had splattered her paws a bit, but at least it was hot pink- not easily mistakable for red.

  Once Sanzu had announced that she finished, Rin inspected the paint job. Yes, her claws were undeniably painted. While pink wasn't really her color, Sanzu had been thorough, and that much ought to be commended. "Yes, it does," she remarked after a few moments, with a flick of her tail.

  Remaining in her previous position to let the paint dry, she turned her head to watch Sanzu paint Nemhain's claws. Evidently the two of them had had the same idea, unsurprising considering the nature of their relationship. Her eyes flickered briefly over to Lemy, then back to Sanzu. Nemhain's talons were easier to paint than her own claws, of course, but moreover Sanzu's technique seemed to be getting more precise as she went.

  Soon enough, Sanzu was finished with Nem too. Rin tilted her head slightly, comparing the hot pink paint to the rest of the colors on Nem's figure. She was no artist, but she thought it matched well enough- ultimately, though, Sanzu had asked Nem's opinion, not Rin's.

  Once Sanzu finished with Lemy and offered second coats, Rin shrugged. "If you'd like to, I won't stop you." Second coats or not, the paint would have chipped off by the time she made it to the Typhoon anyway. Still, if Sanzu was having fun... she might as well play along.

Elysium / Re: seeing double / warringkingdoms
« on: February 24, 2020, 05:56:03 PM »
  Introducing himself formally, he said, even as his gaze wandered. Before Rin could say anything else, he was already going deeper inside- a smirk appearing on his face. Did he know? He had to know, otherwise he wouldn't be smiling. She had to get him out of here.

  Striding forward, she attempted to stand in front of Alastor's path. If he'd just asked first, or even apologized for coming in and looking around without asking, she wouldn't be so on edge, but the way he smiled even as he nosed around in her belongings... she had to force herself to stay stoic. Maybe he was just a nosy individual, but she thought she could see brief flickers of blonde on his fur and green in his eyes, and she couldn't just ignore that.

  Adopting a neutral expression, Rin said, "If you want to talk, I'd prefer to do it outside." Glancing over her shoulder at the thin layers of dust on the shelves and certain areas of the floor, she continued, "I still need to dust the house, and I'm getting things together for my visit to the Typhoon." With that, she would attempt to usher him towards the front door- if he allowed her to do so, she would escort him out to the porch and close the door behind them.

  Why was she so uncomfortable? It didn't make any sense. But something about allowing this person, who had intruded without permission and showed little regard for personal boundaries, to poke around in her home... it made her irrationally uncomfortable.

The Typhoon / Re: luck will travel -- visiting
« on: February 24, 2020, 04:38:29 PM »
  Goldenluxury's approach caught Rin's attention, and she turned to face her with a nod of greeting. It was nice to see a familiar face- less nice was seeing the bloodshot look in Goldie's eyes and the exhaustion in her posture. Her tiredness and the growing weight on her frame were two details that rarely went together, with one major exception... but if Goldie wasn't volunteering the information, it was probably best to leave the matter be.

  Meeting Goldie's eyes, Rin listened as she spoke. Hearing that Idyll hadn't been seen recently, she furrowed her brows. She hadn't accounted for the possibility that Idyll might not even be around anymore. If that was the case, then... that could pose an issue.

  Mighty kind, Goldie said. Well, it was only fair to bring compensation when you were going to ask a favor, but Rin would get to that in a moment. As for how they'd been, well... that was less pleasant. Blinking, Rin answered, "...Mostly fine. We've had a few encounters with hostile individuals, but they were taken care of in short order." She briefly debating describing what had happened with the Captain, but decided against it. Glancing to the side, she added, "But a few days ago, there was... an incident."

  That's putting it lightly.

  "...There were two joiners," she murmured, her ears flattening back. "Er, they seemed like joiners, at least. They didn't get to say much before..." The words, so simple, yet so insistent on clogging her throat with the taste of blood. Her eyes shifted towards the ground, counting the grains of sand. She had to keep it together. It wouldn't do to lose her mind now. She swallowed again, forcing down the bile in her throat.

  Finally, she uttered, "They were murdered. Right in front of us."

  Shuddering even as the words left her mouth- it probably seemed like she was overly shaken by this, but words couldn't convey all that she had seen- she shook her head. "Something... weird happened to me then," she said, her voice slightly more even as she looked back up at Goldenluxury. "Something that... I was hoping Idyll might know about." She wasn't sure if she should elaborate; she didn't think Goldie would have any use for the details of what had happened to her, but someone else in the Typhoon might.

  Clearing her throat, she managed to adopt a neutral expression. "I was also hoping to ask Idyll if they could provide their services as a therapist," she continued, tugging at her scarf. "For myself and some of the other members who witnessed the incident. I'd be happy to provide payment in whatever form the Typhoon would like."

Elysium / Re: the more things change -- "reattaching"
« on: February 23, 2020, 10:18:20 PM »
  /tw: blood mention in italicized bits

  Nemhain's voice, soft and even, quelled the nausea roiling in Rin's chest. She'll be here soon, she repeated to herself, counting the grains. One, two, three, four splatters of blood. She shuddered. One, two, three seconds and it was all over...

  Stifling a whimper, she squeezed her eyes shut. Of all the days for counting not to work... of course it wouldn't. Nothing would be able to scrub what she'd seen out of her head. Nothing could get the stains out of the floorboard, or the smell of death out of the forest. But to think she couldn't even hold it back for Nemhain's sake anymore... she was a disgrace of an owner.

  The sound of the door creaking open cut through her thoughts. Someone was intruding again? No, she heard the voice in accompaniment. Playerone, not Alastor. Friend, not stranger. Here to help, not to pry. The feeling of a paw on her shoulder startled her out of her trance, but she made no move to distance herself from Playerone.

  "Talk to me."

  She turned her head to meet Playerone's gaze- and for a moment, violet eyes stare back at her, flames reflected in their depths. She can't stop her eyes from wandering to their throat, their stomach, blood dripping from the gashes onto her paws- she killed them, she killed them all, they screamed again and again in overlapping chorus- with a wheeze, Rin jerked away, staring in horror even as reality glitched into existence before her eyes.

  It's only a matter of time.

  "They're dead," she whispered, her breathing ragged. "They're all dead and it's- I could've saved them. It's my fault." Choking back a sob, she shook her head. "Monolith City is gone. The Ascendants is gone. And soon Elysium will be too."

The Typhoon / Open luck will travel -- visiting
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:49:42 PM »
  Well, they'd made it here.

  Apples, cherries, freshkill, various herbs, paper and writing utensils, and some other odds and ends were tucked snugly into the basket. It seemed right to bring gifts, considering why she was here. Hopefully she could work out a deal that would help Elysium without inconveniencing the Typhoon, and if she did have to inconvenience them, she could at least repay them for their trouble.

  Approaching the end of the railroad tracks, Rin glanced behind her to check that Nemhain was still there, then looked back at the island proper. "Hello, it's Rin," she called aloud, twitching her ears. "Nemhain and I are here to see Idyllfields. We brought gifts, too." She figured that mentioning Nemhain, and thus clarifying that the giant fenghuang was with her and not just some stranger, would limit the amount of shocked and terrified reactions that the members of the Typhoon would experience.


Elysium / Re: Build me on your cowardice [Woestyn Invite]
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:20:53 PM »
  He smiled once more, and puffed out his chest as he pronounced its name- Woestyn. Rin had to wonder about the etymology of that name, but she decided it didn't matter much. In time, she would come to remember it, whether for good reasons or for bad.

  He took a moment to answer her question- not suspicious in and of itself, as delineating a clear purpose was hard even for the most driven of groups. Significantly more suspicious, however, was the name "All Mother" coming out of his mouth. Moreover, this "All Mother" apparently had specific intentions for them, that revolved around survival. That... sounded like a cult. Maybe that was just her own personal biases getting in the way, but any mention of deities was enough cause for caution.

  "Interesting," Rin said, tugging at her scarf with one paw. After a moment, she asked, "If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about this 'All Mother.' She's your god, I assume? What is she like?" Eventually he might get tired of the questions and leave, but she would get as much information as she could first.

  /it's all good

Elysium / Re: let the music play - nail painting
« on: February 20, 2020, 07:42:27 PM »
  Just a few more pieces of freshkill, and the basket would be ready for tomorrow's trip to the Typhoon.

  As Rin walked through the town towards the mountain camp, however, she happened to hear Sanzu's call. Turning her head to glance towards the sound of the voice, she saw Sanzu sitting with a bucket of hot pink paint, claws gleaming with that same pink. And she wanted to paint others' claws the same color?

  Rin's first instinct was to leave- she had other things to do to get ready for the next morning, and there was no tactical advantage at all to having hot pink claws. After a few moments, though, she sighed. The basket was almost ready, and Sanzu seemed very excited about getting to paint others' claws... and Rin didn't know who else would be in the mood, if anyone. It couldn't hurt, she supposed.

  Approaching Sanzu slowly, she took a seat a few feet away from the bucket and nodded. She was going to have bright pink claws by the end of this- she had never thought she'd see the day. "Proceed," she said softly, extending her front paws slightly.

Elysium / Re: WHERE MIGHT WE GO / joining
« on: February 20, 2020, 06:23:48 PM »
  As the kid looked between them with puffed cheeks, Rin twitched her ears. In retrospect, maybe they should have waited for him to answer Nemhain's question before asking more, but oh well. Once he opened his mouth, she listened intently to his speech.

  "Bandidos," she thought she heard. Her first assumption was that it meant something like "bandits," but making assumptions about foreign languages was a great way to end up committing a severe faux pas. He spoke again, and this time she managed to catch the name "Spanishkit." His language must have been Spanish, then.

  Glancing over at the others, Rin asked, "Do any of you either know your way around Finnloch's library, or know someone who knows Spanish?" She could go get the dictionary herself if none of them knew where it was, but Nemhain and Valerian could both get to the library faster if they did know. Turning back to Spanishkit, she gestured with a paw towards herself and added, "Rin."

Elysium / Open the more things change -- "reattaching"
« on: February 19, 2020, 05:28:20 PM »
  The bodies are buried, flowers resting on their graves. The forest has been checked, and the attacker is no longer there- it fled in the opposite direction. She plans to set up a trap later, to catch it if it ever comes back. Reed and Lemy have been located and secured, and will be fine until a deal is reached with the Typhoon.

  Rin walks into her house. The voice in her head has gone silent, but the horror and guilt still rage beneath the surface. While contained now, she won't bet on the emotions remaining contained for very long. The sooner she speaks to Idyllfields, the better. Walking over to the counter where she has set the basket, she retrieves various items- winter fruits, assorted herbs for common ailments, paper and writing utensils- and places them in the basket one by one, methodically.

  There is no threat now.

  It's safe.

  Rin's eyes snapped open, and she staggered back with a yelp. Glancing around wildly, she flexed her claws, gripping the wooden floor. She was in her house, not by the border. She was staring at a basket of plants and plant material, not at a-

  Inhaling sharply, she leaned against the counter, staring at the wooden planks and counting the grains. The danger was gone. She knew it was gone, though her memory of what had happened was hazy. Still, she couldn't fight back the tears that welled up in her widened eyes, not while struggling to keep her breathing even.

  What happened to her? She just... went blank. She wasn't supposed to do that, she was supposed to be fully aware and in control at all times. She wasn't supposed to lose her mind over a couple of dead strangers- and yet she had. "Stop crying," she hissed to herself, her voice cracking, but she couldn't make it stop.

  Had it all just been a nightmare? Was that why she was here, alone- wrapped up in the feverish concoctions of her mind? It felt so utterly, sickeningly real...

  She wanted to retch, but she knew it wouldn't help anything. No, she had to talk to Idyllfields- but they weren't here, and with the time they had left in the day she and Nemhain wouldn't be able to make it before nightfall. And the basket wasn't even ready yet.

  Swallowing back the bile in her throat, Rin messaged Nemhain, Bring me Playerone, please. She just needed to calm down long enough to function. Once she was in front of Idyll, then she could worry about whatever had just happened to her.

  /tl;dr: after "detaching" for long enough to deal with Rosy and Abigail's deaths, Rin goes back to her house, starts getting together a gift basket for the Typhoon, and abruptly "reattaches"- becoming fully aware of the situation and freaking out, she asks Nemhain to bring her Playerone
  /don't feel the need to match muse, I mostly just posted this for reference in future replies/threads

Elysium / Re: Build me on your cowardice [Woestyn Invite]
« on: February 19, 2020, 04:50:30 PM »
  He realized that now, he said, with a small smile. Rin had given similar smiles before, when she was in a particularly sarcastic mood. Maybe it had been obvious, now that she thought about it.

  Then he remarked that it wasn't exactly important, causing Rin to glance to the side and touch a paw to her temple. Had he read her mind, or had she voiced her assumption that it was important aloud? She thought she'd kept it to herself... maybe she hadn't, though. For all the grief she'd given Nemhain about the "dropped on his head" quip, she might have just made a similar lapse in tact.

  Shaking her head, she turned back to the stranger. Food and a fire probably meant a party, and sure enough he confirmed that he was holding a festival- for a new pack. Rin had to admit she was curious about his intentions for said pack, so it would probably be worth a visit just for a few hours.

  "If I have the time, I think I might visit," she answered, with a nod. "And I'll bring it up at the next meeting. Out of curiosity, though, what is the name of your pack, and what is its purpose?"

  /it's all good, sometimes I just have random bursts of muse- I don't expect matching
  /also this is retro to the Rosy and Abigail incident

Elysium / Re: A mother & her fawn - JOINING.. with a twist
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:01:09 PM »
  /tw: graphic violence in italicized bits

  The words left her mouth, an invitation to speak further. Rin could see the words forming from the elder doe's mouth-

  -then crimson spilled from her lips as she fell forward, child and mother slaughtered in a single blow.

  Rin took a step forwards, reaching a paw out- for what? to stop this? There was no stopping their fall, collapsing into the grass, the blood spattering on

  her own paws.

  She's covered in blood, the tendrils creeping up from the ground below. Claws rip into her skin, but her eyes stare helpless, horrified, at the victim. A head on a pike, viscera scattered about like party streamers. Intestines spilling from their torn-open flesh. There's blood on her paws, she repeats to herself, as if to ground herself. This is a nightmare? This is

  Fractured ribs ripping open lungs, a fallen leader she can't save. Mangled, broken bones from the impact. Rebar slices open organs, the hanged man dripping blood on the soil below. She can't save him. She can't save them. Any of them. They're all dead and gone and it's all her fault.

  A strangled cry escapes her maw. Helpless. Useless. That is all she is and ever will be.

  You killed them, she hears them repeat. You killed them just like you killed us. Burning up, screeching, suffering in a fate that she brought upon them. You killed us. You KILLED us.

  She screams aloud, and yet is unable to hear her own voice.


  She felt a sudden detachment.

  She was still screaming but her mouth shuts of its own accord. She moves forward towards the bodies, her eyes glazed over, her face blank. She places a paw on each of their necks. No pulse. There is no saving them now.

  With a small nod, she turns to the side and begins digging into the soil, slowly forming a hole large enough for the two victims. Once they are given a proper burial, then she can attend to her brother and Lemy. They'll need to be taken to Idyllfields, most likely, but they aren't hurt. Afterwards they can deal with the intruder who did this, and finally, after that, she can tend to the other voice still screaming in anguish inside her head.

  After finishing the hole, she glances briefly at Reed with blank eyes. Probably best not to ask him for help moving the bodies- he's scarred enough as is. Turning back to the bodies, she gently takes the mother and drags her over to the grave.

  /tl;dr: Rin kinda just... goes blank
  /what the other characters will see is Rin reaching for the bodies, screaming, then abruptly going silent and blank-faced for long enough to start burying the bodies

Elysium / Re: A mother & her fawn - JOINING.. with a twist
« on: February 18, 2020, 05:41:47 PM »
  Rin had evidently picked a good time to patrol, as the scent of deer caught her attention. Lifting her head to gaze towards the forest, she perked her ears. Deer were technically prey for some of the species they had here in Elysium, but she didn't know any Elysites who cared to hunt them down. Far more likely, these deer were sentient- and that probably meant visitors, maybe even joiners.

  That, or attackers. There was no harm in being cautious.

  Approaching the forest, Rin watched as a fawn and an adult deer emerged into the open air, their scarves and the adult's straw hat giving a... quaint first impression. The scarves weren't surprising, all told- it was cold up here, enough that her own habit of wearing a scarf pretty much all the time was well-suited for the weather.

  At the adult's question, Rin nodded. "Yes, this is Elysium," she answered. "I suppose you're here seeking shelter?" They looked like they'd traveled a ways, so it was a fair assumption to make, she thought.

Elysium / Re: Build me on your cowardice [Woestyn Invite]
« on: February 18, 2020, 05:30:00 PM »
  Strangers had turned up inside the territory surprisingly often as of late- they probably needed to set up actual, physical signs on the border, at this rate. Still, Rin had yet to see anyone unfamiliar appear as deep in the territory as the edge of camp.

  Until today, at least. Approaching the odd-looking creature, she quirked a brow. He looked so tired that she had to wonder if he'd used the scaffolding system to scale the mountain, or if he'd climbed the ledges himself... she suspected it was the latter. He didn't carry the scent of any of the other groups she knew of, so perhaps he wanted to join, or maybe he was starting a group of his own.

  "You'd have been better off waiting at the border," Rin remarked finally, twitching her whiskers. "What do you need?" It must have been important, if he was willing to come this far.

Elysium / Re: WHERE MIGHT WE GO / joining
« on: February 18, 2020, 04:52:48 PM »
  There was another unfamiliar child in the territory. The fact that they were so common around here said a lot about the society on this island, but at least this one had made it here relatively safely.

  Approaching the child, Rin twitched her ears. He'd said something in a foreign language- she was pretty sure it was Spanish, but she wouldn't have bet money on it, as she didn't know much of the language either way. Hopefully he someone here was fluent enough to speak to him.

  Nemhain was the first to speak, asking him if he'd been abandoned- the conclusion that Rin had already come to, unfortunately. Either that, or he had gotten woefully lost. With her queries and Valerian offering shelter, Rin had little to add; though, now that she thought about it, the library probably had dictionaries in other languages. If the language barrier proved an issue, she could work around it.

  Still, that was a long walk. Glancing behind her, Rin watched Sanzu approach, and listened as she asked to go play. "We'll need to check on him and make sure he's okay, then you two can play if he wants to," she answered, with a small nod.

Elysium / Re: seeing double / warringkingdoms
« on: February 16, 2020, 10:06:27 PM »
  Rin rarely retired to her quarters this early, but she was rarely this exhausted, either. She had a lot to do tomorrow, besides. Between preparing the next meeting and planning her visit to the Typhoon, plus seeking out research materials in the library, she wouldn't accomplish much if she went without sleep tonight.

  Walking through the doorway, she casually pushed the door behind her, but didn't check to make sure it was shut. She had to check something first, then she would close and lock the door. Heading towards her bedroom, she went in and glanced around. Now, where had she put that basket-

  The sound of creaking behind her snapped her to attention, and she spiraled, yanking an arrow out of her quiver. Whoever had intruded on her would have another thing coming. Stalking towards the door, she cautiously peered out of the doorway- and released a breath upon seeing Alastor there. Placing her arrow back into the quiver, she brushed past the doorway and approached him.

  "I'd thank you to knock first," she said, narrowing her eyes. Following his gaze over to a seashell necklace hanging off of the shelf, she subconsciously moved forwards to block his view. These particular objects weren't exactly hidden, but considering she hadn't given him permission to come in, there was something... almost invasive about having him peeking in on her possessions.

  With a sigh, she added, "What did you need?"

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