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Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: November 16, 2019, 08:33:49 PM »

(im impatient ill worry about this later SDHFKJDSHF)
Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: September 14, 2019, 06:51:45 AM »

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Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: September 05, 2019, 09:01:00 AM »

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Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: September 05, 2019, 08:55:16 AM »

(yes,, a recap of 6k years will be here,, eventually)


8/4 | joining tanglewood
10/19 | conversation with snarl
11/5 | flight attempt
11/10 | thread with aurum
11/17 | fight
11/21 | injuries
12/4 | snake
12/10 | confession


| playlist
| pinterest
Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: September 05, 2019, 08:47:20 AM »




they thought it was a necklace
➵ NAME: ******* -> crawley -> anthony j crowley
anthony: "priceless"
goes by crowley
(currently no nicknames)
named by God Herself as an angel, but was given a name by the denizens of hell upon falling. named himself crowley, later.
is generally still called crawley by hell, though.

➵ AGE: 6k+ years
no birthday
was created near the beginning of the universe :'^)
its hard to place how old he looks, beyond being an adult. some people thinks he looks young, some think he looks older.
➵ GROUP: tanglewood
no titles
➵ GENDER: nonbinary, presents as male.
asexual panromantic
doesnt,, actually have a sex. no Efforts have been made.
gender is FAKE. he doesnt really go out of his way to present as much of anything.

why did you he choose and stay in this group?
crowley joined tanglewood to get away from the rest of the world. heaven and hell, as a general rule, stayed far away, so maybe he'd finally be left alone? tanglewood seemed to fit him best. currently, he has no particularly loyalty to the group itself. however, he enjoys the company of most of the members, and seems to enjoy the flow of it all.
how does he feel about his rank? why did he choose this path?
crowley is uninterested in rank climbing, but doesn't really care either way.
and reckless they fell into hell
➵ APPEARANCE: Crowley is a tall, skinny serval with large ears. His fur is black, darker up higher and lighter down farther. He has a pair of large, well-groomed black wings, tipped with a darker black. The tip of his snout, tail-tip, and paws are all lighter in color. Along his spine, and the top of his head, along his spine, the fur is darker.  His pelt is covered in a serval spots colored a rusty, firey color. Similarly to the rest of him, it's a gradient, the spots getting lighter the farther down they go. The tip of his right ear is torn, and his left is tipped with ashy black. His face is covered in shy black spots, most similar to freckles. His claws are non-rectactable. he has yellow snake eyes.
british / scottish
[WIP] pounds
wip height
there's like, no fat to his body. he's all bone!!

As long as Crowley is feeling relatively okay, his fur is well groomed.
his fur & wings are much more soft than one would think looking at him. pretty silky, even.
no matter what expression he's making, with most people, it seems somewhat broody, or mischevious.
crowley's smiles can look a bit more like smirks, or are otherwise pretty toothy.
crowley always wears sunglasses to cover his eyes, what with them being ... somewhat offputting. They help protect his expressions.

despite being a serval, Crowley functions more like a snake.
he's coldblooded! in the winter months, he will be much slower, and tends to gravitate to whatever warmth he can get.
his eyes are entirely a snake's, though somewhat improved. this means he can see very well in the dark, and can make out figures more clearly. However, snakes are dichromatic, meaning he can't see reds.
His jaw unhinges, and his tongue is split like a snake's! unlike a snake, he has the ability to taste, but not Very Well.
Scattered along his body, small patches of snake scales can be found! They're not the most comfortable on this form. They're most common along his more vulnerable parts, such as his stomach.
this is all because his base form is a snake! it influences him in, a lot of ways. He's most comfortable when he's closer in function to that of a snake, but he can only turn Some of the functions off.
crowley is actually much, much lighter than an average serval. This is so that he would, under normal circumstances, have the ability to fly. Which, he can't, for unclear reasons.
[wing build/function here. more research :'^)]
oh god oh fuck these all count as mutations right

➵ VOICE CLAIM: david tennant (as crowley)
The tone of his voice generally makes it seem like hes Up To Something.
he likes to swear when given the opportunity, but is not in the habit of doing so frequently.
speaks casually, and with a matching casual vocabulary.
where you both hang with nothing to do but
➵ PERSONALITY: WIP cause rn .. i dont want to.
dependable, honest, imaginative.
curious, rebellious.
impulsive, stubborn, arrogant. artificially inconsiderate.
gryffindor, chaotic neutral.
restless and prone to dramatics.

➵ MORALS: not really sure,, what to DO with his morals. He doesn't want to kill, but Hell, etc.
very causal/loose etiquette.
crowley has a good sense of self control. however, in contradiction, he's very impulsive.
crowley (tries) to act Cool and Casual in public. he fails.
in private, crowley is somewhat more relaxed and more prone to, like, actual conversation. instead of snarky remarks.
with friends, [WIP]
crowley was a little Too curious when he was in heaven, and it was his downfall. when he fell, he felt betrayed, and became slower to fully trust, not helped by his fellow demons.
crowley reacts to loss as gracefully as one can. being immortal, he knows nothing is permanant. that doesn't mean that he won't sleep it off, though.
HOWEVER, if he wasnt EXPECTING to lose it, or got That attached, he'll respond with frustration, and move towards self-destructive habits. probably won't Really get over it for a long time.
(ggg etc)

sleeps in till late morning, if he decided to sleep for one(1) night. immediately sets to figure out Today's News(tm)
Immediately causes some minor mischief once he's caught up.
  conks out as soon as he lays down, when he sleeps. he sleeps like a goddamn ROCK, unless he's having a nightmare.
somewhat slow at picking up new skills. better at working behind the scenes.
he's fucking terrible at instruments.
good at baking(but its TOP SECRET), enjoys tending to plants. well-versed in astrology.

➵ MANNERISMS/DEMEANOR: crowey tries to give off an 'unapproachable Bad Person' vibe and fails miserably. more generally he just looks like a mischievous, broody stranger.
moves very smoothly! a .. little inhumanly(in a manner of speaking), though.
somewhat low, slinky stance & walk.
avoidant fighting style. he'll do what it takes to get it over with.
enjoys gesturing, though not when it sacrifices his Appearance(tm).

his favorite season is summer. he enjoys the heat!
while he feels it's too juvenile to admit it, his favorite colors are reds and blacks. presumably. maybe blues.
listen he doesn't like food, but he is fond of apples. and eating eggs whole. and also sweet things.
his favorite plants to grow are snake plants.
he wont admit it, but his favorite flowers are forget-me-nots. MAYBE.
one of his favorite places to be is the ocean!
he finds the scent of tea and books comforting. not that he'll,,, admit it.
scratch kick let gravity win like
➵ RELATIONSHIPS: crowley is very devoted to people he cares for, though his ways of showing it vary.
he doesn't technically have family besides all of the angel stock. and god. but none of them count.
crowley has,, a strange relationship w god. he used to to talk at her when hes in a Mood, though doesn't much anymore. he resents her for the fall, and whats happened to heaven since.
his closest friend is, in fact, aziraphale.
presently friends with aurum and snarl.
hes been in love with aziraphale for SIX THOUSAND YEARS ...
has a Bit of a crush on aurum but its so different from how he feels abt aziraphale that he hasnt noticed yet DSFHJDSF.
crowley is .. somewhat judgy, but not in a genuine way. he'll poke at anything but he doesnt Mean It.
crowley likes(but is not friends with) feza.
the most important person in his life is ... aziraphale.
crowley hasn't really dated or had Physical Relations. anyone before? being immortal and all he avoids it. that and they just dont interest him, esp not with the regular folks.

(how is this character misunderstood, and why)
crowley has pretty much lost contact with aziraphale since coming to tanglewood. it was pretty much an impulsive move for him to do so, but it hasn't like. hit him. yet.
(what types of individuals does your character like to associate themselves with?)
(what do family/friends like most about this character?)

what are the biggest influences on his personality and behavior?
Aziraphale is his foremost influence. Crowley frequently abides by things that Aziraphale prefers. Aziraphale has prevented Crowley from spiraling into hell's propaganda, and remaining kind.
However, on the other, Hell is. Despite Crowley's .. dislike of the place, he has a firm idea of what a demon should be like. he frequently tries to fill the mold, knowing full well he won't be able to bring himself to.
fuck this let gravity win like

crowley doesn't remember his time as an angel. it was taken in the fall, and he's not even sure who he was. he remembers the fall, however, and everything after. once crowley landed in hell, he took the first opportunity he could to leave, unable to relate to the other demons At All.
his first (clear!) memory is of the fall.
his overall favorite memory is [WIP]
his saddest (most upsetting) overall memory is of [WIP]
his most embarrasing memory is [WIP]
an event/memory that still most affects his life is .. well. the fall.

Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: September 05, 2019, 08:46:50 AM »

❝some days end when i need a few friends❞ — GENERAL
anthony j. crowley | (nicknames)
presents as male, kind of | nonbinary | any pronouns
immortal | 6k+ years
tanglewood member | no titles
❝now and again i could never hope to keep em❞ — PHYSICAL
serval || main form
health: 61% || bruised and scraped. burns on his left paw and cheek. left half of his face is burned, around his eye. his left eye is basically turned to Goo. currently mildly delirious
— Crowley is a tall, very skinny serval. His fur is black, growing lighter the farther it goes down. He has a pair of large black wings, tipped with a darker, ashy black. The top of his head and back is covered with darker fur. Black freckles cover his face. His serval spots are orange-red, growing brighter the farther down. His tail is striped with red. His chest, paws, muzzle and tail-tip are near-white. His right eye is a slitted yellow snake eye. His left eye is a dripping mass of black goo. The area around it is covered with burn wounds and scars. It's generally covered with a gauze eyepatch
TECHNICALLY a snake hybrid,, | black blood
❝thought to give friends what i thought that they wanted❞ — PERSONALITY
paranoid (neg)
(personality overview)
❝never have they needed a good friend as ive been❞ — RELATIONSHIPS
panromantic asexual | single / not interested | shipname / other
friends with aurum & snarl & miller| lowkey .. crushing on aurum
Not too difficult to get along with and befriend, though it varies.
❝dont get me venting on friends who resent you❞ — INTERACTION
conjuration and shapeshifting active. fire elementals and poession inactive.
generally nonviolent | unskilled in combat
passive powerplay allowed | @ crowley when attacking | attack in bold
❝cause all youve ever done is been a noose to hang onto❞ — NOTES
— based on crowley from good omens
— a demon.
— can discorporate/lose his body, but unless killed with like,, something holy, will not Actually Die
Posted by: CROWLEY
« on: September 05, 2019, 08:20:31 AM »

I. tags. / called to the devil
II. bio. / and the devil did come
III. timeline. / said to the devil
IV. art. / "devil do you like drums?
V. icons. / do you like cigarettes, dominoes, rum?"
(c) guppy

'BEASTS OF BEYOND + an ability-based animal roleplay In Dire Straits: Awoo BIANDRI: fantasy canine rpg RPGfix