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Topic Summary

Posted by: Janoobus
« on: December 05, 2019, 11:45:47 PM »

Done!!! :)
Posted by: Orion
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:19:23 PM »

Loving what I see so far! Reminder that a deadline is coming up. The raid plot is almost over...
Posted by: Janoobus
« on: December 02, 2019, 08:14:30 PM »


• • BASICS • •

Name: Mercede Fallout Callahan
     - simply goes by Mercede Callahan because she feels like it sounds classier
     - Mercede, Spanish origins from “Merced” which means grace and mercy

Gender: cisgender female
     - enjoys her femininity believes it is divinity
     - will learn to harness it to her advantage

Sexuality: to discover and develop
     - will most likely find herself briefly infatuated with whoever will worship her
Age: whatever is decided upon
     - ages realistically 

Group: The Pitt
Rank: Dweller
Titles: none

- -


General Description: who knew two devils would come together to make such a heavenly creature. Although larger than the average fox, standing at 2 feet at the shoulders, she does take after Jervis more in the face and body despite her size. Her fur is dense but not necessarily long, however because of this if it is not properly tended for can easily become matted and disgusting. Although she looks more on the fox side of things there are traits that are undeniably Fourthwall. For example, her movement is too fluid and lithe to belong to a canine. Her eyes also have slitted pupils. Not only that but her body is longer than a foxes should be and is closer to a wolf’s with her longer legs. Even her paws are of the feline nature with their retractable claws, although they’re not large in the least. Also, her teeth will all be larger, another effect of the Fourthwall’s genetics. The very tips of her incisors will poke out the bottom of her mouth. Despite all this, she has a long fluffy fox tail that she has exceptional control over. She is a soft cloud with spots of night and ash across her face, down her back is a dark gray line.
    As a child, she will be quite fluffy and in the thinner side. Her long legs will seem even longer and yet she maintains this sense of fragility and small stature. Her teeth will always poke out but recede a little as she gets older.

     - soft white fur, thicker
     - white with gray patches on her face with spots of black, dark gray stripe down her spine
     - eyes are a misleadingly sweet light honey golden brown with slitting pupils
     - wolf like  like body, nimble paws, retractable claws, fox-like face, long fluffy tail that moves like a lions
     - large teeth, fangs slightly poke out the bottom of her maw

Body Description: small and undeniably feminine frame despite her larger size. Every curve flows exquisitely into another. Her legs aren’t too thick and her body matches her head, partly due to thick fur to smooth it all out.

Movement: her movements are never without grace, she will be fluid and agile. Paws are always sure of where they’re going. When running her back ripples like a cat. Even from a young age she won’t be as clumsy as other children. There is grace in all her endeavors whether they be social or physical.
     - stands at 2 feet at the shoulders
     - weighs 23 pounds

Scent smells leave important impressions and so this is something Mercede will take seriously. After experimenting different aromas, she will eventually settle for a subtle jasmine flower smell. Her natural scent has a refreshing smell of earth and mint.

Posture: her posture will naturally be exceptional, after constantly mimicking and watching Jervis she will default to a good form of posture. Although she may relax this when around others.

Voice: her voice is one of her greatest assets. Be it honey or her venom dripping from her maw, her words have power. Typically her voice is in the middle ground of soprano and husky when fully grown. As a child it will be of the higher pitch and quickly lower as she matures.
     - accent is a mix of fourth and Jervis when with family but puts on a posh British pronunciation around everyone else because it is more impressive in her opinion.

Cleanliness: Highly, this is something very important to her and it will be rare to catch her happily dirty or dirty for long.

Powers: mind manipulation will be present at birth
     - possibly air or earth elementals
     - Clairvoyance in the future, it doesn’t show as visions but rather a strong infusion and gut feeling
     - Possession
     - Telekinesis

Physical Skills: although I’d like to develop this in character, here are a few I plan on her being good at

     - sneaking around
     - flexibility, contorting her body
     - good hearing
     - digging and rooting

Physical Weaknesses: apart from natural fitness, Mercede does not do any training or formal regime

     - strength, heavy lifting
     - endurance
     - climbing

Default expression: when around those she is comfortable with she will have a serious resting b*tch face. But when around strangers or people of power she tends to raise her eyebrows a little and have a soft smile.

Fur texture: her fur is very soft and luxuriously silky. Not coarse in the least, her hair is straight.

- -

• • PERSONA • •

General Description: enjoys power but craves no formal title or position of such. Instead likes to know she has a way over people. Extremely determined, will get what she wants no matter the method or price. She is someone who looks out for herself plain and simple. If she can get away with it she’ll do it. Like Fourth she cares not for people’s emotions but will learn to be wise and pretend she does. Although not a sociopath she does have tendencies of one, for example she could do or say one thing but completely disagree. “I love you” while imagining you dead. Knows the heart is the most secure way to gain someone’s loyalty and trust, will use love to her advantage. She is extremely selfish and knows it but couldn’t care less. A highly social woman, she craves attention from others as well as their company. Where there’s people there’s information. The more she knows the better which is why she thoroughly enjoys reading. She finds it impossible for her to pity or exercise empathy for those who have suffered through things she has not. A true Darwinist, this girl believes only the best and brightest survive and she’s out to make sure she not only survives but excels and thrives. Do her wrong and there will be a relentless enemy after you. It may take days, weeks, hours, years, or even minutes but she will exact her revenge. She never forgets and doesn’t ever truly forgive despite her sweet sentiments and smile.
     Behind that pretty face is a very dark mind. Her actions hardly ever reflect her true thoughts or feelings, Mercede does whatever is necessary to advance herself in life. She is naturally very violent, feeling powerful when she has caused blood spill. Although not the most formidable, Mercede has too much pride to back down from a fight despite the odds. She won’t flee initially but if desperate she’ll do whatever necessary to survive. Her headstrong nature will be very prevalent in her early years. This two faced behavior will quickly follow, should someone ever peep in their mind it is only a matter of time before they see her for what she is. A snake in the bush, enchanting it’s prey with its hypnotic movements.
     In her youth, she will go through two major stages. The first one will be her being on the quieter side, simply observing without interfering regardless of the situation. Some may mistake her secrecy for insecurity or fear but from day one she will be anything but that. During this stage she will develop her opinions, beliefs, and morals. The second phase of development will be where she learns her voice, it will be a rare occasion to hear her not speak her mind. Naturally she will be impulsive resulting in her getting in some amount of trouble with some people. Eventually as she learns and grows, she will find a happy middle ground. Knowing when to speak and when to witness silently. As well as when honesty and deception are necessary.
     - intelligent, patient, analytical, driven, extrovert, assertive, seductive
     - dominant, competitive, controlling, manipulative, self serving, insatiable, vengeful
     - ESTJ-A “The Executive”, Neutral Evil, Slytherin, Erudite

Self Perception: like Jervis, she takes pride in herself. Believes she is perfection incarnate as well as the best looking of her family. While conceited it doesn’t show as externally as her father. Although under close observation one could easily see her arrogance.

Bad Habits: she likes to pry and gossip, needs to stay in the know and fears missing out, can keep a secrets and just as easily spill the beans

Quirks: soft whistle snore when she sleeps deeply, tends to mumble in her sleep, if she laughs too hard she starts to tear up

Hobbies: she loves a good book of any topic since reading is quite fun. Enjoys spending time with others and gossiping
Fears: as of now, she has nothing to fear and may not for a very long time

Pet Peeves: one thing to really irritate her is talk down about her family and their shortcomings. When things don’t go her way her facade nearly fades. Also when someone is stealing the spotlight from her.

Strengths: her diplomatic skills and ability to persuade others whether it be by powers or persuasion, not only that but she simply won’t quit, tenacity is a virtue, her ability to quickly acquire, retain, and recall new information

Weakness: she is very cocky and overly confident in herself. Like her father, if not kept in check, hubris will cause her demise

Opinions: Mercede has a lot and depending the situation she will have no issue speaking her mind.

     - love? it’s a weapon not a blessing and has the power to destroy everyone
     - children? even when a child herself she will be confused and annoyed by the naivety and ignorance of youth. Stupid is as stupid does and this is an opinion she’ll never grow out of
     - to add as she develops

Songs: *music study to be done if accepted
    - “How To Be A Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds
Spoiler: ShowHide

Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun
But baby when you're done, you gotta be the first to run
Rule number two, just don't get attached to
Somebody you could lose
So le-let me tell you
This is how to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like a little danger
We'll get him falling for a stranger
A player, singing I lo-lo-love you
How to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like the look of danger
We'll get him falling for a stranger
A player, singing I lo-lo-love you
At least I think I do
'Cause I lo-lo-lo-love you
Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat
Rule number four, gotta be looking pure
Kiss him goodbye at the door, and leave him wanting more, more

    -“Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac
Spoiler: ShowHide
All your life you've never seen
A woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?
She is like a cat in the dark and then
She is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark and when
The sky is starless
All your life you've never seen
A woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?
Will you ever win?

    -“Disturbia” by Rihanna
Spoiler: ShowHide

It's a thief in the night
To come and grab you
It can creep up inside you
And consume you
A disease of the mind
It can control you
It's too close for comfort
Throw on your break lights
We're in the city of wonder
Ain't gonna play nice
Watch out, you might just go under
Better think twice
Your train of thought will be altered
So if you must falter be wise
Your mind is in Disturbia
It's like the darkness is the light

    -“Secret” by The Pierces
Spoiler: ShowHide

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear, this one you'll save
Better lock it in your pocket
Takin' this one to the grave
If I show you, then I know you
Won't tell what I said
'Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead
Look into my eyes
Now you're getting sleepy
Are you hypnotized
By secrets that you're keeping?
I know what you're keeping
I know what you're keeping

    -“Better Have My Money” by Rihanna
Spoiler: ShowHide

Bitch better have my money!
Y'all should know me well enough
Bitch better have my money!
Please don't call me on my bluff
Pay me what you owe me
Ballin' bigger than LeBron
Bitch, give me your money
Who y'all think y'all frontin' on?
Bitch better have my money!

     - “Easy Lover” Phil Collins
Spoiler: ShowHide

She's the kind of girl you dream of
Dream of keeping hold of
You'd better forget it
You'll never get it
She will play around and leave you
Leave you and deceive you
Better forget it
Oh you'll regret it
No you'll never change her, so leave it, leave it
Get out quick 'cause seeing is believing
It's the only way
You'll ever know
Easy lover
She'll get a hold on you believe it
Like no other
Before you know it you'll be on your knees
She's an easy lover
She'll take your heart but you won't feel it
She's like no other
And I'm just trying to make you see
You're the one that wants to hold her
Hold her and control her
You'd better forget it
You'll never get it
For she'll say there's no other
Till she finds another
Better forget it
Oh you'll regret it
And don't try to change her, just leave it, leave it
You're not the only one, ooh seeing is believing
It's the only way
You'll ever know, oh


Accessories: once she witnesses just how much a little jewelry here and there can truly enhance your appearance, Mercede will never be without a woven flower necklace of Jasmine flowers. If she should be so lucky, she would happily add some fancy rocks to herself.

- -


Origins: Mercede was born to the former Ardent and Marauder of the Pitt. Her two father’s Jervis Callahan and Fourthwall Fallout. Greatness was already in her. The hybrid grew up in the Pitt despite her fathers loss of the throne. (To add as roleplayed)

Significant Moments: None as of now. To add as she is roleplayed

- -


View on Family: she prides herself on who and where she came from as well as what they’ve achieved, loves both of her fathers very much but will happily sacrifice them or her siblings for her own gain but only if absolutely necessary. No one will ever know this but herself. Finds security in her siblings and hopes they have her back. Idolizes Jervis and closely watches and learns from him. On terms of success she pays more attention to Jervis because he gained power but also takes everything he says with a grain of salt because he also lost it.

Parents: Jervis Callahan (father) x Fourthwall Fallout (father)

Siblings: (tbd) , (tbd), (her)

Immediate Family: Glitchop Fallout (aunt)

Friends: more like assets, she’ll have some eventually

Enemies: anyone her fathers consider is her own

Crushes: none

Love interests: may never have one

- -


Canons & Quotes:

     - the prettiest people do the ugliest things
     - “But Daddy I WANT it”
     - “Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy”
     - “Power is power”
     - have the last word, she wants the last laugh
     - mix of Ceresi Lannister and Veruca Salt
     - succeed by any means necessary
     - Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio placements

Things That Remind Me of Her:

     - the soft feeling of someone stroking your hair and face
     - the stab of jealousy and narrowing of eyes
     - a kiss with their eyes open
     - right hand cross your heart and hope to die while crossing fingers behind your back
     - the faintest smell of perfume on the collarbone and neck
     - the feeling of something too good to be true
     - masks and false smiles
     - realizing a plan, sticking with it, and completing it at all costs
     - Queen of the chessboard, the most versatile and arguably most powerful piece in the whole game
     - pride and satisfaction of knowing someone is wrapped around your finger

Aesthetics: To make an “instagram” template if approved

Misc: her opinion on Goldie will be odd to say the least. She absolutely hates her for wrecking her father’s throne but at the time truly idolizes her for her strength and ability to get what she wants.

template by orion
Posted by: Orion
« on: November 26, 2019, 06:50:41 PM »

throwing this WIP mess in here :)

the renegade assassin
- - -
FULL NAME: Marina Callahan
— also can go by 'Shiv/Va/Shi'
— carries the Callahan and Fallout surname, but defaults to Callahan

physical ○


GENDER: Female
AGE: Unborn
BODY: Shiva is a small corsac fox. Like most of her breed, light grey streams down her face while tan pigment lines the edges of her thin body. Multicolored and eccentric, she is bound to blend into many surfaces, but not the greenery.
— Unusually, she formed four ears as a child. It was presumably caused by a genetic mutation. Currently this does not give her any advantage over normal hearing and is only for stylized purposes.
— Compared to her litter mates, she is relatively smaller.
EYE COLOR: Just like Jervis, her father, Shiva's eyes are golden.
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Shiva has no scars or birthmarks currently. Thankfully, she is young and curious. There may be some accidental scars soon enough.
POSTURE: The naive vulpine keeps herself upright and always moving. 
ACCESSORIES: As of right now, Shiva has no accessories. Here are some she will get in the future though.
—  In the future Shiva will obtain a leftover velvet cape from her father's things. It's held together by an intricate golden clasp in the middle. There are also some decorative feathers lining the neckline of it.
— Possibly some golden bracelets?


ACCENT: Shiva holds a generalized accent of various voices around The Pitt, though she notably takes on Fourthwall Fallout's stylized accent and what remains of Jervis' messages.
LANGUAGES: She only speaks English.
VOICE VOLUME: Her voice is often definitive and stern.
LAUGHTER: Light and airy laughs will often leave Shiva. There is very rarely any wheezing, snorting, or hysteric laughter from her.


POWERS: Shiva has no powers. If she has any, they are undiscovered.

mental ○









relations ○

FAMILY NAME: Callahan and Fallout
PARENTS: Jervis Callahan and Fourthwall Fallout
DIRECT FAMILY: Glitchhop Fallout (aunt)


ENEMIES: Unknown and unwilling to share.

history ○







Posted by: Orion
« on: November 24, 2019, 07:37:07 PM »

all these applications are gorgeous!! <333
bumping this... this thread will close as soon as the raid ends for the pitt
Posted by: Janoobus
« on: November 11, 2019, 06:33:58 PM »


— will post when I’m off work around Wednesday
Posted by: Reggan
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:44:55 PM »

guess who came up with a plot idea and is caving...

and they give it all they've got
and you give it all you've got
til you're down

see how the brain plays around
and you fall inside a hole you couldn't see
NAME. aleifr callahan fallout
➼   an old norse name with the meaning of "ancestor's descendant"
➼   also goes by oli
GENDER. non-binary
➼   goes by all pronouns but prefers they / them
➼   assigned male at birth
ORIENTATION. to be developed
➼   will likely end up bisexual / biromantic
GROUP. the pitt
➼   child, no ranks or titles

BIRTH BODY. red fox
➼   melanistic, silver fox variant
DESCRIPTION. perhaps it may be a little disappointing, to see none of jervis' physical traits obviously passed on at their birth, aside from the fact that, of course, they are a red fox, no matter what the coloring may suggest. their eyes, however, are where they hold a reflection of the true red fox. they hold the same sort of honey brown that he so eagerly refers to as golden, and almost seem to give off a slight glowing tint, further extending that golden idea. however, that would be the only vibrant colors one could find on them. their entire body reflects a monochromatic palette. aleifr's pelt remains a mostly consistent dark gray, speckles of silver throughout it with the classic white tipped fox tail and even darker front paws. they keep their fur neat and healthy, caring to thoroughly clean it once every day, disliking the feeling of things caught in their fur. and their fur most certainly remains abundant, the popular fox fuzz apparent on the child. they find themself being quite large for a fox, all throughout their life.
➼   will be a skilled shapeshifter later on, leading to fewer knowing what their true form really is

INTP. wip

- aleifr appears to have the ability to see into the future from a young age, giving out omens and warnings he explains to be receiving from two spirits.
- will have a hatred towards the enemies of their fathers, quick to jump towards the idea of revenge
Posted by: Crackers
« on: November 10, 2019, 12:39:04 AM »

Tracking for Fourth, the bios are amazing!!!
Posted by: Orion
« on: November 06, 2019, 05:57:48 PM »

Everyone's applications look amazing so far! <333
After the plot involving The Typhoon/Tanglewood/Elysium raid of The Pitt ends, this litter will be decided on.
Posted by: Grimm.
« on: November 05, 2019, 04:37:17 AM »

to be a perfect angel, some sin must be done

name juno callahan
- of a latin origin meaning "queen of the heavens"

gender non-binary
- asigned female at birth and presentation is feminine
- prefers feminine titles but interchangeably uses she/her and they/them

age unborn child
- will age upon a realistic ratio

allegiance the pitt
- puts more stock in the ability of her fathers over the group as a whole

i have the stage, you can't turn the page

marble cross fox red fox colour morph

while one may not come to mistake juno as anything but a sub-set of the red fox the complexity of her colouring is an issue in and of itself, rare it until she is a jewel of soft ivory embracing the delicate tracing of ebony and ruby upon select areas of her body

plush the weaving of thickened coat, luxurious its spill about the contours of predator, sedate the frosting about many of its strands. within direct comparison to another of her kind misdemeanor is laid bare, the fashion in which much of her fur is shaded in ivory a stark difference when pondering on the creature she is. not alone is it though feathered the fuzzy edgings of ebony trailing along the ridge of her spine, colouring the plush length of her tail until it's midsection cuts away into pure white once more. up too does it travel, trailing down shoulder blades and along her neck, capping pointed ears and casting a half mask about her features, brazen the blaze of ivory cutting up between though it does not quite reach the midsection of her ears. among the dark shade reprieve is the burnt orange trailing across shoulders and the base of her tail, near perfect the break of mask, the place encircling the base of her ears taken though once more does ebony take hold about eyes and cheeks

for all that sets her apart from the common crowd displeasure is rooted within such aspects, that which leaves her a unique specimen amongst the mundane paled beneath one factor. no matter the accumulation of days she sees, or how what once were limbs long and ropey with muscle as various activities burned away the budding energy humming beneath her skin, aside is left the height achieved in days of her youth. in a way stunted her growth, though well does her thin frame work alongside dainty limbs tipped with delicate paws, dipping below even the average until level is she with the shoulder of another of her skin. a trade off, in a way, the state of her coat distinct and pleasing to the eye, catching in a fashion that she tends to with careful consideration, yet mere glass does she seem to be made from, a tiny, fragile thing no matter her efforts to sway such unflattering opinions

so many experiments, so many mistakes

personality goes here

but i'll go all the way, till i'm in perfect shape

fathers jervis callahan and fourthwall
 - in a manner of speaking it is no far stretch to deem juno as a daddy's girl though it largely hinges upon the father in question. though she harbours an affection and certain level of respect for fourthwall the manner in which he handles her unbringing is not up to her rather lofty standards, a firm hand merely receiving disobedience or rather hostile conformance

upon the other hand a near angel is she for jervis, the seeming root of budding issues as his talk of their family ascending to the heights they are only worthy of have done nought but fill her head with toxic delusions, his status within the pitt a cherry atop her cake

siblings tbd
 - of her blood there is a certain love for all within her but so too is it uprooted and twisted beneath a cruel jealousy, the private moments staged between herself and one of them like to end within a verbal or physical altercation. even with such she is not beyond dirtying her paws, even lacking the desire to do such lowly work herself and finding it simply is easier and more enjoyable to deligate it to another, over protective to a near fault when the well being of her family is put on the line for their downfall may well reflect badly upon her own image

orientation aromantic homosexual
 - a mere child as it were time is what is needed for such secret to be unlocked though from the beginning it is easy to see the twisting vines behind her lacking affection, how she easily uses the falsehood to her advantage. such is not to admit she is incapable of genuine love, and indeed once achieved a place within her heart is one few may lose without a truly heinous crime to sully their name in her eyes, she more finds the very notion of romantic affection alien and rather amusing at times, a trivial little arrow in her quiver she is not fearful of using if push comes to shove

 - if one wishes for the truth sorely disappointed will they be. mere toys within her grasp, things that may be used based upon her whim and then discarded when no further enjoyment or use can be extracted, in a way she has no care nor need for true friendship only followers prepared to live by her rules

 - in a way easier might it be to question how might one remove themself from her shit list. indeed there is no hardship within gaining her animosity, cruel and twisted the jealousy that drives her readily towards cutting others from her life or pursing action that may see them live out their days in torment, but upon the other side she cares not to think any capable of such

first the worst, maybe third's the charm

queen bee everyone will know my name

- though her sway as a child is rather minimal it becomes progressively clear as she ages there is a budding sense of untapped potential locked away within the darkness of vine encased heart. honeyed are her words, a tepid sweetness doled out only when suited is it, the magnatic allure about her not simply atoning to the qualities she has honed from the days she understood what it could get her

in time flaunted this until clear has it grown she may gleam the surface thoughts, with enough focus garner the deep seated desire of those around her and a fiddle in skilled paws are they in time, soothed the beast with the delicate tug on the chaotic mess of their emotions

thorn of a rose they are my play things but oh how easily they break

- though pleased with how she can manipulate and wrap others about her paw with a startling ease tiresome grows the chase, lacklustre outcomes that offer nought. mere scraps those that may be swayed into minimal bidding, of greater favour the creatures that follow her call, broken their very spirit until mere puppet with strings tangled about her paws are they

slow does she begin until, among the retinue that shadow her steps and make easy the chores she has grown weary of, a brown bear deemed hebe

heart encased in vines i will show them i am not to be trifled with

- boredom, fickle and cloying, biting beneath the quiet hush of her own thought permitted the chance to dwell and imagine. indeed dark utterings of disquieted mind some but she knows how they speak, the fashion in which their murmurs mock and jeer, a slight against the family, against her

she had not meant such but seeing her retinue squirm and cry, the desert greedy in its enjoyment, how could she not drench it in crimson. in like is she and hebe adorned with the cluster of living flora preserved, fine the sweep of wood and flower, befit a crown for a queen such as she, knight the bear shadowing her steps, goddess of earth rendered within the fragile shell of mortal being

now all eyes on me

- a rework of another character of mine, jehu, the goddess of life and embodiment of nature, thus the plots focusing on such
- hints of narcissistic personality disorder and possible borderline personality disorder
- as an adult voice claim is malone from cat ghost, as voiced by mooneyedevil / samantha kuntz

a devil made from heaven
Posted by: oblivion
« on: November 04, 2019, 11:09:48 AM »

Tracking... fox girl.. hmm, i will put an app here later as i have class!
Posted by: toboggan
« on: November 04, 2019, 01:09:22 AM »

am do apply !

Spoiler: ShowHide

name. noor callahan
nicknames. none
biological gender. female
age. 0 months physically [0 years]
clan. the pitt
fuckighn baby

future voiceclaim: chloe frazer (from the uncharted series)
☆ entertainer
☆ sociopathic liar
☆ aspirations of grandeur; desires to become a performer
”straw nihilist”

☆ tba

cross fox (partially melanistic red fox) — main and only body 100% health
as a cross fox, noor's pelt teems with charcoal-toned furs among her natural burnt orange fur; the partial melanism, which is the root of her curious coat coloration, seems to be the only mutation found on the vulpine's body. her citrine eyes perch sedately on her noggin, casting off a hauntingly hypnotic glare. proportion-wise, her body is fairly average - save for her somewhat undersized tail.
injuries. none

esfp + slytherin + lawful evil
dangerously carefree, noor gives off the impression that she is unable to consider the consequences of her actions. this births a lack of empathy, as well as a lack of guilt. the femme may very well suffer from sociopathy, though as she is in her early stages of life, telling for certain is impossible. she feels no shame in telling lies or misbehaving, and will attempt to use her parents' statuses as a way to escape punishment. the insensitive behavioral patterns that noor exhibits does not pair well with her aptitude for entertaining, and hearing others laugh at her feats only adds fuel to the ever burning flame within her impish system. lastly, the callahan already realizes at such a young age that there's no point. no meaning. if she's to die, the world wouldn't notice a damn thing. thus, it's in her best interest to leave a lasting imprint.
positive traits fun-loving, energetic, neat, suave
neutral traits physical, dominating, deceptive, unceremonious
negative traits abrasive, manipulative, pretentious, sadistic
disorders. possible aspd (antisocial personality disorder)

parents. jervis callahan x fourthwall fallout
siblings. tba
sexuality. tba
relationship status. i mean she's basically a fetus atm so i'd assume single?
friends. tba
enemies. tba
platonic relationships? as a result of her cruelness, forming platonic relationships is a difficult task. if she can take advantage of someone, then chances are noor will prefer them as a plaything over a friend - but it's still a possibility.
romantic relationships? frankly noor doesn't give a damn about romantic relationships at the moment

— strength [4/10]
— speed [7/10]
— agility [9/10]
— intelligence [8/10]
— endurance [3/10]
— perception [7/10]
physically + mentally. easy + hard
will fight + will kill (but would prefer someone else doing the fighting and killing for her)
self defense. fleeing
no weapons atm
mention subaccount tba or @toboggan when attacking
attacks in #af1313
powers. none

three songs: ShowHide
the tea party - temptation
we exist in a world where the fear of illusion is real / and we cling to the past to deny and confuse the ideal / once inside we conceive and believe in a god we can't feel

ashley macisaac - sleepy maggie
ciamar a ni mi dannsa direach / ciamar a ni mi ruidhle bhoidheach / ciamar a ni mi dannsa direach / dh'fhalbh am prionn as bonn mo chota

death from above 1979 - right on, frankenstein!
right on, frankenstein! / youth is in the door / lazarus push the stone off / where's the way back to bed / i don't wanna die, but i wanna be buried / meet me at the gates of the cemetery
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Tracking and applying!
Posted by: tikki
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at a glance
name Sweeney Callahan Fallout
gender Female
sexuality Homosexual
personality Unstable, shy, liar
appearance Red fox with black markings

deeper into it
personality Sweeney is a risk taker, and is not afraid to speak her mind when she deems it necessary, which is most of the time. Blunt, she doesn't like liars even though she, herself, is one to those she doesn't trust, and will lie about anything. She rarely trusts anyone, and only forms tight bonds with those related to her in some way, otherwise will shove others away in order to keep them at paw's length.

When older, Sweeney becomes something of a flirt, in the hopes that she can get what she wants, when she wants. Although she is gay, she will flirt with anyone in order to manipulate them in any way she hopes. Observant to things around her, she often chooses to listen instead of speak, and does not like speaking to new people.

When filled with strong emotion, she becomes unable to handle herself and hide them away, and will either run off in order to try and hide them, or simply let it all bubble over without realizing it.
    - fears
          - being ignored
          - cryophobia ( due to living in the desert & jungle of the Pitt )
    - loves
          - Plants
          - Bright colors
appearance Sweeney is, in short, a red fox. However, due to the odd nature of which she was born, and the way the world works, she looks like a red fox, but with the black markings of some sort of shepherd dog. Her back is speckled black and dark gray, and her face is mostly red, with a slight bit of white on her lower jaw that goes down to her stomach. Her legs and paws are the same bright red as her face, though her tail is a mixture of the black and red.
    - items Nothing to start off with, though eventually will carry around some sort of bag with her, holding a small sketchbook or sheets of loose leaf paper, and a pencil or small stick of charcoal.
    - references here
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the story ❧
In the midst of the war, Jervis was on the search for fellow allies. Some that he could manipulate, others that he could trust with his life. During his search, Fourthwall arrived before his eyes. Though they had gotten off to a bad start at the beginning of their relationship, the ardent became fond of the hellhound. Eventually, the two decided on a deal. In exchange for Fourthwall's protection and loyalty, Jervis would give free reign and power to him.  Though their deal was strictly business at the beginning of their conversation, it was not long before the two grew closer. They grew devoted to one another and eloped soon enough.

the parents ❧
Jervis is the current ardent [LEADER] of The Pitt. As of right now, he is an Eastern American red fox with right side of his face covered in burn scars. Jervis, though naturally narcissistic, will prominently focus on his children and favor them greatly within The Pitt. His goal is for the Callahan name to be reclaimed and to be seen as powerful, hence he will put in the effort to raise them properly. @JERVIS is played by @Orion .

Fourthwall is a current marauder [HP] of The Pitt. He's a black and gold brindle fox, but is normally seen in a hellhound's body when roaming around The Pitt. This father (who will be carrying the children in a female body) will be a very firm, caring dad, but not the sort to coddle his young. Fourthwall Fallout is played by @Crackers .

the rules ❧
1. All site rules apply.
2. Remember, quality of application over quantity!
3. This litter is not first come, first serve.
4. Please keep your pup active. If you fall inactive, Crackers and Orion have every right to rehome your child.
5. Do not kill off your child early.
6. These babies will carry the Callahan last name. Fallout is optional.
7. There is no naming theme for this litter. You may name your characters whatever you'd like. This includes cruel, loving, strange, or foreign names. Go crazy! The more original, the better.

the litter ❧
The genetics for this litter are free-for-all. Your character can be any kind of fox you'd like. Neither of the parents have any mutations within their fox bodies, but children may have mutations as needed. Along with this, slots for this litter will be added and removed as necessary.

— name / gender
— name / gender
— name / gender

the form ❧
Forms are free-for-all for this litter, but there are some required aspects. Please make sure to note their full name, gender, appearance, and personality in full. The more information, the better. Along with this, feel free to fancyposts and remember that quality over quantity. Aesthetics are a big bonus.

'BEASTS OF BEYOND + an ability-based animal roleplay In Dire Straits: Awoo BIANDRI: fantasy canine rpg RPGfix